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In the Basement with My Sister

by alone4years©

First of all, it's my first time on Literotica. So, I wish you will enjoy my story. By the way, English is my second languages... give me a chance (sorry for the verb tense). Finally, this is fiction, but I wish it was true...! Leave comments PLEASE...! it would be great.


As usual for a Saturday night, I'm watching a movie on television. At this time, I'm in the basement, next to my sister's bedroom. My brother is working until next morning, and my parents are in the kitchen on the main floor. My 23 years old sister is not a beauty queen, but she has some nice features. She is 5 foot 4, 110 pounds, brown eyes and hair. She also have big saggy breast, just like those of my mother. I saw them twice when she came out of the bathroom. It was for about five seconds each time, but it was long enough to picture them in my mind and jack off in my bedroom thinking of my mom's tits.

It's now 10:30 pm, my sister come out of her bedroom and sat next to me on the couch. We often watch movies together and sometimes, she put her head on my leg. But this time, her head was much closer from my waist. Today, the weather is so hot outdoor, that the basement is like an oven. Due to this, I took of my t-shirt about an hour earlier. My sister is only wearing her bikini top and a tight pant which allowed me to see that she had no panties on.

Without saying a word, we are watching the movie. And now, it is the scene where Eva Mendes is naked in her movie ''Training Day''. This girl is so hot that I knew I was going to have a reaction under my belly... unfortunately, I'm wearing my swimsuit, and nothing else. My sister hasn't moved her head too. I try so hard to think about something else, but it's too late: Eva Mendes + Nude scene = Hard dick! So, I said to my sister that I was a little uncountable and moved a little bit. Ouff... she didn't noticed my erection. Two minutes later, the scene is over and my dad comes in the basement. It didn't take long before my dick came limp.

The movie is now done, my parents still in the kitchen and my sister and I are bored. I give her the remote control and she begins to switch channels. While she is looking for a good channel, I go upstairs and took two glass of water, then, I went back downstairs. By the position she is sit, it gives me the greatest look I've ever had on her boobs. I barely saw her right nipple, because her bikini top has moved a little bit. I immediately had a hard-on. At the same time, she took her glass of water and her arm touched the tip of my dick. I'm so scared, but she didn't say anything.

Meanwhile, my mother called me upstairs. Without hesitation, I walked in frot of my sister, but I forgotten about the tent in my swimsuit. Half an hour later, I came back on the couch with my sister. She is smiling at me and I tried to do like nothing had happened earlier. Then, she turns off the television and started to ask a lot of questions. None of them were about sex or about what she saw earlier. It was like: ''Why don't we talk more often?'', ''I'd like to hang out with you this weekend, would you?'', ''Do you have a girlfriend?''. At this point, I turned red. I hate to talk about my relations... well, I shouldn't put a ''s''! She knew I was uncountable and she hasn't take care.

Sis: ''Have you ever kissed a girl?''

Me: ''Of course... everybody did it!''

Sis: ''I don't believe you. I'm sure you're still a virgin!''

Damn! How does she know that?! At this time, my hard-on was gone and I knew I couldn't leave the basement now. ''Answer to my question'' she said! The words didn't come out, and I looked at the floor. She is now laughing at me.

''How is it possible to be a virgin at your age?'' She added that she had already fuck a lot of men when she was 19. Ah! Ah! Ah! I can't believe it! In case you didn't know, I suck your friends sometimes. Last Monday, when two of them were waiting in the living room for you, I sucked them. Every time they come here and wait for you, I suck their big cocks. Yummy!

I never heard my sister talk like this and I didn't hated it. Despite the fact she is laughing at me right now, I'm getting really horny. I said: ''Ok! Fine, I'm a virgin... but, then... what does it change in your life?'' No answer. Then, with her nasty smile, she said: ''I can't wait to suck your friends one more time''. ''No fucking way, you won't see them again'' I said to myself.

Trough her bikini top, I can see her fully erect nipples. I decided to ask few questions. I told her that I wanted to know where, when and with whom she gave her first blowjob. ''I know you liked sex little pervert!'' she said, and she answered. It was in her friend's backyard. Her brother paid my sister to suck him near the pool area. Right now, my dick is hurting so much! My sister noticed that.

Sis: ''Take off your swimsuit!''

Me: ''What?''

Sis: ''Get naked idiot, I want to see what you look like.''

Me: ''No way! Mom and dad are upstairs. They can come downstairs anytime.''

Sis: ''So what? I'll let you touch one of my tits!'' She added: ''Let's the fun begin.''

I'm so horny that I didn't care about my parents anymore. I reach my swimsuit and begin to pull it down slowly. My dick finally pops out. The skin covers the tip of my cock, so, I pull it back to reveal the head. My sister is now looking right at it and said: ''Bro, you got the smallest dick I've ever saw!''... 6'' is the average, but your friends are over 8'' each! I just lost my erection and my dick is limp one more time.

Now, it was my turn. I'll finally touch her boobs. The moment I was close to touch it, she stretch her top on each side to reveal her big and dark areolas. They are beautiful. Her saggy tits amaze me. I get an instant hard-on and my dick is touching her left nipple. ''What are you waiting for, touch it'' she said. In fact, it was the deal. So, I grab one tit on each hand. My first pair of tits! I started to massage them making her moan a little bit. My sister saw pre-cum leaking out of my cock.

Sis: ''Would you like to see my pussy?'

Me: ''Of course.'' I added: ''What will I have to do if you let me touch it?''

Sis: ''Well, I want to make fun of you tonight. You'll have to grab a bottle of water... upstairs and naked!''

Me: ''Mom and dad aren't sleeping yet!''

Sis: ''Well, to bad. If you don't do it, forget my pussy... and I'm going back in my bedroom.''

I finally went upstairs. My parents were in the living room. Fortunately, they haven't seen me naked. When I came back, my sister has already spread her legs wild open. She hasn't shaved her pussy for a while. It doesn't matter... a pussy is a pussy, trimmed or not!

She said: ''Go ahead, eat my pussy! Let's see what you can do. I'm glad to be your first woman!''

I can't believe what I'm going to do. With my fingers, I spread her hairy lips and put my tongue on her clit. I begin to lick it very slowly. I put my tongue deeper inside her... it tasted weird at first. She's now looking at me and begins one more time to laugh. What a slut! She had sex with her friend few hours ago and didn't clean her pussy! She had cum in her pussy and I'm licking it... she knew it and didn't told me before. She pushed my head back to her pussy and it didn't annoy me. I'm licking my sister's pussy. I don't care of what she's done before! It might not happen again.

She told me that I'm that good to lick pussy. She asks me to sit on the couch and she went on the floor. ''Thanks for the try'' she said. ''Now, it's my turn... I'll suck your little dick.'' I'm so happy right now. After all these years! She grabs my rock hard dick in her hand and start to stroke it. She goes up and down and plays with my balls at the same time. She mostly plays with the tip of my cock and sometimes, she licks it. Now, she put the head of my cock in her mouth and pulls it out immediately. ''I'll suck you like I did to your friends!'' she told me. She now begins to work on my cock. While she sucks, she plays with her pussy.

Her fingers go in and out of her hairy pussy and I can see that she's all wet. She sucks so hard that makes sloppy sounds. My dick is going in and out of her mouth and she sucks like a pro! She makes circle with her tongue, that's fell so good! I'm in heaven.

Me: ''Oh! I can't hold like this anymore... keep going sis, I'm gonna cum!''

Sis: ''Umm, you taste so good bro!''

At this point, she begins to stroke my cock as fast as she can. Few more seconds like this and I'll shot my load. The first one goes on her boobs, then the second and the third went on her face and the rest is leaking out of my dick and on her hand.

Sis: ''How was your first blowjob?''

Me: ''It felt so good! You look very sexy with my cum all around your mouth.''

Sis: ''Really? Would you like me to keep it here while we watch TV?''

Me: ''Yea!''

My dick is now limp and my sister full of cum. We are naked and I can't stop looking at her pussy. Upstairs, we heard someone coming. ''It is mom'' I said. Then, we heard: ''Good night kids! Don't make to much noise'' my mom said. ''Good night mom, good night dad'' we answered together.

It's now 1:10 am. We are still naked watching TV. Suddenly, my sister says: ''Would you like to stick you cock inside of me?'' ''Of course I would like to!'' She takes my cock in her hand to make it hard... one minute, two minutes, three minutes... and still limp. ''Get on your back'' she said. I'll make contacts with my pussy. When my boyfriend is limp, I do this trick, and he gets an instant hard-on.

It was true, I'm now hard, and my dick went straight inside her pussy. It is warm and sticky, but I like that! She goes up and down on the full length of my cock making her moan. It fells so good! After few minutes, I said: ''I can't hold it'' and my cum filled her pussy. I can't believe it took less than 15 minutes to cum! I fell like a loser... ''It doesn't matter bro! It's your first fuck, give you a chance.'' I can't believe my sister told me that. Two hours ago she was laughing at me!

Now, instead of laughing, she took my cock in her mouth once again. She's now trying to make it hard again. And it works!

Sis: ''Hey bro! You filled my mouth once and my pussy once. There's one hole left!''

Me: ''Are you serious? In your ass?''

Sis: ''Yea! Why not? I remind you that your dick is not that big... my ex already did it and they were almost twice your size.''

Me: ''Okey! But stop to talk about my size... I'm not below the average!''

Sis: ''Ah! Ah! Okey bro, I'm sorry... let's do it.''

She bends over on the couch, exposing her beautiful ass to me. I hold my dick to position it right behind her ass. I've always thought it was hard to put a dick in an ass... but I didn't have to force to put my ''average'' dick deep down in her ass. I'm now moving very fast in her ass. It fells so good again! For the next 30 minutes, we fucked in many positions. In doggy style, she sits on me, me going down...

Then, she said: ''Keep going faster, cuz' I'm really tired and I want to go in bed!'' Before the end, I'm getting semi-hard... that doesn't help. I can see on her face that my sister don't have fun now, and if she let me fuck her until the end, it's to make me happy. Finally, I'm now cumming in her ass... two little loads.

At this time, she pushes me away, took all her clothes and goes in her bedroom. I stay in the basement, naked on the floor with my sticky dick, thinking about the wonderful night I just had. I finally moved to my bedroom.

The next morning, at the breakfast, my sister and I are facing each other. Then, mom said: ''Your father and I heard noise last night... someone was screaming...!'' Oups, we got caught! But my sister replies: ''We felt asleep on the movie... then it was a porno movie. I've heard it, and I closed the television... that's it.''... good job sis!

Finally, before I leave the kitchen, my sister grabs my arm and says in my ear: ''Sorry for last night, I was pissed off. We can do it again anytime if you want. I liked it... maybe you could bring your friends someday!'' I had an instant hard-on!

Written by: alone4years

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