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Daniel and Carrie's Adventures Ch. 01

by shakenmartini55©

When Daniel originally showed Carrie the ad for the Sexpo in their weekly paper, she couldn't believe such an event would be held in their conservative city. All week they talked about whether they should go and they finally decided to attend just because it sounded daring and sexy and might be the perfect way to spice up their twenty year marriage. Carrie and Daniel had gotten into a rut like most couples married that long. While their relationship was definitely good, things were getting a bit predictable and boring.

When Daniel bought their tickets to the Sexpo he kinda giggled to himself as he walked away from the ticket window. An elderly lady had sold him the tickets and she wouldn't even look at him. He hoped that wasn't an omen. He knew that Carrie felt the same way about adding spice to their sex lives and he wished that something way out of the ordinary would happen. In reality, he figured the worst it could be was just an interesting way to spend an evening out.

Finally the day of the Sexpo arrived. Daniel and Carrie went through their normal Saturday routine. Daniel worked in the yard and Carrie went to the grocery and ran a few other errands.

It wasn't until dinner that they talked about their great adventure. Daniel chided Carrie about what she was she going to wear. He reminded her that the Sexpo ad encouraged attendees to "dress to impress" or "dare to bare." Carrie thought all week about what she should wear and still hadn't made a decision. She giggled nervously at Daniel and told him she was just going to have to think about it a bit longer.

Once dishes were done, Daniel and Carrie took their showers and started to get dressed for the event, Daniel fixed them a rum and coke as Cheryl began to put outfits together. Daniel knew whatever his wife wore she'd get her share of looks. She exercised regularly and her body was still in great shape for a being forty-two. The problem that Carrie was wrestling with was just how slutty did she want to dress in public. On one hand, she didn't want to look too slutty but on the other hand she didn't want to waste this opportunity to flaunt her body -- she knew how much it turned Daniel on.

After some discussion, Daniel finally persuaded Carrier to wear a very short white skirt, a sheer red blouse that buttoned in the back and came up high on her neck, and a red bra and panties that matched. She chose a pair of white four inch heels and decided to go without hose. The bra was the push up type with the straps out at the side of the cup so that Carries 34 DD's looked spectacular. The scalloped edges of the lacey bra just barely covered her nipples. Daniel's cock strained against the white thong he was wearing as he watched his wife put the final touches on her makeup. When she was satisfied with her look, she turned to Daniel and smiled. He smiled back and they nodded to each other as they finished their "courage" cocktails and headed out.

Daniel walked Carrie to her side of the car and opened the door for her. As she sat on the leather seat, her skirt slid up her thighs and he could see a peek of her mostly sheer lacey panties. He couldn't see it, but he knew that her shaved pussy was barely hidden behind the wisp of fabric that covered her. Carrie knew where Daniel was looking and smiled impishly at him as she playfully grabbed his semi hard dick. Daniel enjoyed the massage and smiled back at Carrie as he finally stepped back and closed the car door.

The ad for the Sexpo also said there would be presentations on various disciplines of sexuality, demonstrations of the newest sex toys, body painting, strippers and lots of other fun adult stuff. As they rode down the street, Carrie kept asking Daniel questions about what he thought would really go on. How risqué would people be dressed? What kinds of presentations could possibly be made? Would the strippers be nude or just in pasties? She went on and on and on.

Daniel could tell that Carrie was nervous. She always talked a lot when she got that way and it was clear that she was anxious about the evening. Daniel calmed her down by telling her how great she looked and that she would make all the decisions no matter what. Whatever she wanted to do, or whenever she wanted to leave, she would be the decider. Carrie smiled back at her husband and blew him a little kiss and told him thank you. Then she turned seductively, bending forward slightly and thrust her tits out for his enjoyment. As he drove, Daniel kept stealing glances at the deep cleavage created by Carrie's bra. Her tits were naturally big but they bra really pushed them up and out. He loved how she looked; it was a total turn on when she was on display.

When they arrived at the hotel the sun was long set and it was getting dark outside. Daniel parked in the hotel's underground garage. That relaxed Carrie even more because now she didn't have to walk on the sidewalk in her see thru blouse. Daniel parked the car and they headed to the elevator. When the doors opened several couples were in the elevator. They were obviously headed to the Sexpo. The ladies were stunning and dressed similarly to Carrie. One striking blonde near the front smiled invitingly at them. She was wearing a very short black skirt and a tight net top. Her breasts were completely visible and both of her swollen nipples were sticking out through holes in the material. Carrie and Daniel smiled nervously at the strangers and got on the elevator.

In no time the doors opened and everybody walked into the hotel lobby. A sign pointed the way to the Sexpo. After walking several steps, Carrie turned to Daniel with wide eyes and said, "Honey, can you believe this? I've never seen so many people with so little on. Daniel, I'm way overdressed. Duh, if I only had some idea I wouldn't have worried so much all week."

Daniel smiled at his wife and gave her a big hug as he whispered to her how much he loved her. As they stood and looked at the crowd, they couldn't believe what they saw. One couple was dressed totally in leather. She wore chaps, a teeny, tiny g-string and a cupless bra. Her big torpedo tits were sticking straight out. Her partner was wearing chaps too and a sheer black thong. The guy was really hung and Carrie pointed out how nice his big dick looked. He was also wearing a leather collar with a leash attached it. The lady in leather was leading him through the crowd by the leash She wore five inch granny boots and her tight little ass twitched nicely as the couple walked away from them.

Carrie hugged Daniel again and told him that this was a great idea. She laughed giddily and grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the Sexpo entrance. Two really good looking, sexy blondes were taking tickets at the entrance. They suggested to start at the bar inside and have a drink to mellow out and get the lay of the land. Carrie and Daniel thought it sounded like good advice and headed to the bar. Once inside, they saw an empty stool at the bar and headed for it. Carrie sat down and her short skirt slid way up her thighs. She did nothing to pull it down. Even standing, Daniel could see her red panties. He smiled at his nasty wife and they ordered drinks. As they waited they looked around the bar.

It was like a sexual smorgasbord in the bar. Daniel couldn't remember ever seeing so many tits on display in public. As they sipped their drinks, Daniel and Carrie pointed out the kinkier people and outfits moving around in the bar. They were having a great time and Daniel could tell that Carrie was really turned on. Her nipples were hard as rocks and poking against her bra. She saw that Daniel was looking at her nipples and started giggling as she reached out and playfully pinched his.

They continued to touch each and Carrie turned to put her drink on the bar. As she did, she and the lady sitting next to her bumped into each other and almost spilled their drinks. They both turned to each other to apologize. Daniel couldn't hear what the ladies were talking about, but they we very animated and giggling. Carrie finally turned back to Daniel and told her that Gwen, her new friend, had told her that she was with her husband and three other couples and we've been invited to join them. Daniel smiled and gave Carrie a thumb's up. Carrie turned back to Gwen and the two continued to gab away. Finally, Daniel moved and stood between the two girl's stools.

Carrie smiled at Daniel and then introduced him to Gwen. Right away Daniel liked what he saw. Not only could he see Carrie's panties, but he could see the barely covered pussy of her new friend. He tried to maintain eye contact with Gwen, but it was really difficult. Gwen was a gorgeous brunette with really nice tits, probably 38 C. She was dressed like Carrie except her black bra was completely sheer and her hard nipples were poking out against the fabric. Gwen's skirt was shorter than Carrie's and the sheer black panties did nothing to hide her sex. Daniel tried to maintain eye contact and tried his best not to be distracted as they went through introductions. Gwen smiled at both of them and giggled, and very casually told Daniel to go ahead and look at her tits and her pussy all he wanted. Gwen smiled impishly and said, "My husband says I'm an exhibitionist. All I know is that I'm proud of my body; especially my tits and I dressed so I could show them off.

Daniel and Carrie didn't know what to say but grinned broadly at their sexy new friend. Daniel thanked her and explained he wasn't sure how much longer he could remain a gentleman. He looked at Gwen and then her tits and said, "Those are really beautiful."

Gwen thanked him and then put one arm around Daniel and one around Carrie and the three of them hugged playfully. The way they were positioned Gwen rubbed her breast into Daniels arm. As they hugged, Gwen smiled coyly at Carrie and then blew a kiss at Daniel, and then she started telling them how much fun the Sexpo is and how much fun everybody was going to have before the night was over. Daniel wasn't sure what Gwen meant, but there was a glint in her eye that made his cock start to twitch. Gwen constantly touched Carrie and Daniel as she spoke. Each time she touched them, her hand lingered just a second longer than she needed to and several times she rubbed Carrie's thigh.

The three finished their drinks and refills were ordered. Gwen decided to take the opportunity to introduce Daniel and Carrie to the rest of the group. Everyone was very friendly and very easy on the eyes. The ladies were gorgeous and followed all the Sexpo's suggestions for dressing. Most of the other wives were dressed like Carrie; sheer blouses with or without bras. Cheryl was the most blatant though. She wore shiny thigh high patent leather boots with five inch heels and a matching cupless bustier with a sheer pair of black panties. Garters extended from the bustier to her stocking tops. Her full, pierced titties hung voluptuously over the form fitting leather and her short spiky black hair and patent leather collar set off her outfit perfectly. She was smoking hot and she knew it. She had her arm around one of the other wives, Mandy, and her hand was under her blouse playing with her tit. Mandy and Cheryl were definitely enjoying themselves and seemed to like having the group watch them. Daniel loved every minute.

One of wives said that she wanted to go check out the body painting and the girls decided they would go and report back. They took their drinks and headed out saying they'd be back in a jiffy. As they left, Daniel noticed that Gwen grabbed Carrie and the two left the bar hand in hand. Daniel thought how hot the two of them looked together and imagined what it would be like watching the two of them having sex. He felt certain that Gwen was very attracted to Carrie and would take full advantage of any opportunity that came along. He wondered if Carrie had picked up on Gwen's interest.

Mitch, Gwen's husband motioned for Daniel to join the other husbands at the other end of the bar. Mitch reintroduced Daniel to everybody and told Daniel that this was one of their favorite outings of the year. He explained that damned near anything might happen and advised Daniel to pace himself with the alcohol because you never know what kinds of opportunities might arise. Daniel liked this group and felt very comfortable around them. It felt like his wish might come true.

As the chit chat and bullshit continued, Daniel felt at ease with all the men. The guys were dressed pretty much the same except for Cheryl's husband John. He had on black biker boots, a black and yellow bandana, a short black sleeveless sweatshirt, and spandex running pants. John had definitely dressed to impress. The outline of his huge cock was clearly visible through his pants. His package bulged impressively and the large head of his cock was hanging seven or eight inches down his pant leg. Daniel wondered how big it would get when hard. He secretly hoped he'd get the chance to see that sometime later tonight.

Daniel was having a great time with the guys and didn't notice the girls were back until he heard all the laughing and giggling. The ladies were having a great time. Gwen and Carrie came in together and Gwen joined Mitch and gave him a quick hug and kiss. Carrie walked over to Daniel. Right away Daniel noticed that Carrie was no longer wearing her bra and her hair was a little mussed up. Her double D titties looked awesome and Daniel loved the way her nipples stuck out. Daniel smiled at her and told Carrie that he liked the new look.

Carrie looked a bit flushed and dreamy eyed as she hugged Daniel and kissed him. At first it was a soft, tender kiss, but it developed into a torrid tongue kiss as Carrie held his head and fucked his mouth with her tongue. As Carrie slid her tongue in and out of Daniel's mouth he could taste something different on Carrie's lips and there was a faint scent of a familiar perfume.

When Carrie pulled her head back from Daniel, she looked directly in his eyes and started talking. "I can't believe what just happened to me. It was so fucking hot and exciting and naughty. Gwen and I went to the restroom on the way back. When I came out of the stall, she was standing right there waiting for me and she took me in her arms and pulled me close to her. Our tits were mashed against each other and my brain was spinning. Then she looked into my eyes and slowly leaned in and kissed me. Daniel, at first it was slow and soft, but then she slid her tongue in my mouth. I haven't done that since college. I loved being in her arms and I was breathing really hard and I wanted her to do other things to me and I started kissing her back and rubbing her ass."

Daniel made her slow down and take a drink before she continued. "Gwen started rubbing my ass while we kissed and I loved having her tits rubbing against mine. She is so sexy Daniel. Then one of her hands slid from my ass to under my skirt. She pulled down my panties and started fingering my sopping pussy right there in the john. In no time I was having an orgasm right there as people were walking in and out. Gawd, it was so hot Daniel."

Carrie took Daniel's hand and slowly moved it under her skirt. Daniel was surprised to find her panties gone too and her pussy was soaking wet. He kept his fingers in her pussy and started playing with her clitty. Carrie said hoarsely, "Daniel, that feels so good. Gwen told me to take my panties and bra off."

Daniel liked the way Gwen thought and told Carrie the idea was awesome. Carrie looked hot and she moaned softly and closed her eyes as Daniel moved his fingers in and out of her soaking twat. Her pussy was drenched and his fingers made slurping noise as he worked them in and out. Daniel smiled at Gwen and she smiled devilishly back at him. She watched what he was doing and then moved toward them. Daniel was tracing small circles on Carrie's clit and she moaned softly. Gwen stopped behind Carrie and reached around her and began playing with her tits. Daniel caught a whiff of that familiar perfume. It was Gwen's just like he thought. She leaned in and began to kiss Carrie's neck and ear. That's all it took. Carrie started to buck her bare pussy against Daniel's fingers and she leaned back into Gwen and let herself go. Carrie closed her eyes as her orgasm started. She continued to moan as her body quivered to one orgasm after another. Finally Carrie's clit was too sensitive for any more. She placed her hand over Daniel's to make him stop. She was exhausted and couldn't take anymore. She was breathing hard and her thighs were shaking.

When Carrie slowly opened her eyes, the group was gathered all around. Everybody was smiling at the three of them. Cheryl moved toward the center of the group and lifted Carrie's blouse and took her right nipple into her mouth as she squeezed the left one with her free hand. Cheryl's hand was too small to even begin to cover Carrie's big tit. Carrie held onto Cheryl's head tightly as the bare titted hottie continued to suck on her nipples. Gwen and Carrie were kissing passionately as Gwen played with Cheryl and Carrie's tits. The ladies were lost in their on little world and the group was really into watching them do each other.

Mitch walked to the where the ladies were doing their three way and whispered into his wife's ear. She broke her kiss and smiled at her husband. She then kissed Carrie lightly on the lips and leaned down and whispered something into Cheryl's ear. Cheryl looked up and smiled back. Whatever was going on, Daniel knew it would be good. Slowly the three ladies broke their clench and gave little kisses all around. The action was over for the time being and the group started softly clapping their hands to let the ladies know they enjoyed the action.

Mitch seemed to be the leader of the group and told everybody that the night was still early and there was plenty of time for fun and games, but first they should enjoy the Sexpo. Everybody agreed. Part wanted to go see the strippers and the rest wanted to go to the demonstration area. Mitch and Gwen were going to the demonstration area, so Carrie and Daniel went with them.

As they walked through the crowd, Carrie and Gwen walked together and Mitch and Daniel followed behind them. Gwen continuously pointed things out to Carrie and was always touching her. Daniel could tell that Carrie loved the attention. Gwen led the group to the BDSM demo and they stopped at the edge of a group of people watching. A really striking, short haired platinum blonde was flogging a nearly nude man shackled to a giant wooden X. The chic was in tight, low slung leather pants that barely covered her pussy, high heels and a leather collar. Her nipples were very hard and stuck out like pencil erasers.

The guy being flogged was a tall muscular guy wearing a black leather hood. Other than the hood and leather restraints on his wrists and ankles he was naked except for some sort of leather device around his cock and balls. The group watched as the blonde explained in great detail how to properly deliver the flogging so that the cat-o-nine tails would make contact with the guy's balls as well as his ass. Apparently it was very important to include whipping the balls if you're into this kind of thing. Every time she landed a blow her bare tits swayed deliciously back and forth. The guy getting flogged was clearly enjoying the lashing he was getting. He was sporting a fairly large erection, probably seven inches long and at least two inches thick. Every time the whip landed on his ass his cock bobbed provocatively in the air.

After watching for a bit, Gwen wanted to get a better view of the leather thing the guy had on his cock. They moved and managed to get within two or three feet of the stage. From this close the guy's cock looked even bigger. Finally Gwen asked the lady with the whip what was on the guy's cock. She explained that it was called a cock and ball spreader. She told them that it's designed to keep a cock rock hard by keeping the blood in the cock and ball spreader was supposed to delay orgasm by keeping the balls from getting close to the body.

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