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A Week to Remember

by alone4years©

This story takes place in Montreal about six months and involves six cousins, a grandma and one friend... The main character is called Antoine and he's 18 at that time. Today, he can't stop thinking of that week...

Since the death of my parents, I live with my grandma, Suzan, in her house for six years now. I never thought about having sex with a 65 years old woman until that week. Let me introduce her. She has short grey hair, down to her elbows. She's about 5'6" and 110 pounds. I don't know why my grandpa leaved her, because she looks pretty for a woman of that age. Back in the days, her breast was firm and her pussy shaved every week! By now, she has saggy tits, with dark and round areolas and she hasn't shaved that pussy for years... she still looks cute.

One day, it was my birthday. I turned 18! Around 9 am, Suzan came to wake me up. As usual, I had my daily hard-on and grandma noticed it. I was wearing a pair of boxer and nothing else. In addition, I felt asleep on my cloths and not under. I couldn't hide myself and Suzan knew it. She took about a minute or two to watch the tent in my boxer. Before I woke up, she couldn't resist and placed her hands close to my waist and grabbed the elastic of my boxer. She slowly pulled it down. Pop! My fully erect cock popped out. At this instant, I woke up... Grandma was amazed. "My God, it's been a while since I had a cock right in front of me!" she said.

I was in shock, but at the same time, I wasn't sure if I was dreaming. I don't know if it was the effect of surprise, but she wished me a Happy Birthday, and kissed the tips of my cock. Wow! I was a virgin at this time and my grandma was the first one to touch my dick... except my hand.

Me: "What was that grandma? Why have you did this?"

Suzan: "I'm sorry Antoine. The only dick I've saw in my life was the one of your grandpa... since he's gone, I never touched one."

Me: "Oh!"

Suzan: "Did you enjoy it?"

Me: "Well, you are the first one to kiss me there... yea, it wasn't bad."

Suzan: "I used to kiss your grandpa there every morning... but he wasn't as hard as you are."

Wow! I never heard my grandma talking like this. I was so horny that I forgotten that she is my grandma. Before I could say something, she stood up and walked toward the door. "Bye kid, I'll be doing your breakfast in the kitchen. See you later" she said. I was still naked with my hard-on... it couldn't stay like that.

Me: "Wait a second."

Suzan: "Do you have something to say?"

Me: "Well, I know it's kind of... weird and... I don't know if... it's a good or a bad thing but..."

Suzan: "Hurry up! What do you want?"

Me: "Ok! Ok! Calm down... as you can see, I have a hard-on. Every morning, I use to jack-off in the bathroom, but for today... umm... maybe... you could help me?"

Suzan: "What? Are you serious boy?"

Me: "I mean, you kissed my dick and you talked about sucking grandpa's cock. It makes me horny."

Suzan: "Oh! The young kid's becoming a man... maybe I could help you with that."

Me: "It would be awesome!"

Suzan: "Okey! Fine, it will be your birthday gift. You're better to keep that little «extra» for yourself!"

Me: "Ok! Fine."

Suzan: "So, what do you want me to do?"

Me: "Umm... I'd like you to... give me a blowjob!"

Suzan: "Can I keep my clothes on? Do I have to swallow your cum?"

Me: "Yes for both... please, swallow me."

Suzan: "Well, in this case, don't say it before you come... make a surprise of it!"

Awesome, my grandma knelled between my legs, ready to suck my cock. "Ready son?" she asked. I've waited for this moment to long! She grabbed my dick in her right hand and licked it from the bottom to the top. While her hand was going up and down, her tongue touched the tip of my cock and she began to lick it. It felt so good! She has spit on my dick to stroke it even faster. Suddenly, her mouth ate my cock. I moaned loudly. I was in heaven.

Instead of her hand, it was now her mouth that was going up and down on my dick. Her right hand was still on it while her left hand plays with my balls. To be honest, if I had known that my grandma sucked cock like this, I'm sure I would ask her before. Now, she took out my cock of her mouth and began to stroke it again, making sure to twist very hard on the tip of it.

Suzan: "Do you like it baby?"

Me: "Oh yea grandma! Keep sucking. I like it when you do circles with your tongue!"

My dick went back in her mouth. She was sucking very fast and I couldn't keep all that cum inside me for a long time. She was working on it for the last 15 minutes. I couldn't believe I haven't cum yet. Dring! Dring! The phone rang... By instinct, I answered while grandma was sucking me. It was my cousin.

Me: "Hello. Who is it?"

Brian: "Hey Antoine! It's me, Brian. Did I disturb you?"

Me: "Well... umm... no! Oh yea... keep going!"

Brian: "What? What's going on over there? What are you doing?"

At this point, grandma was sucking so hard, it felt incredibly good! I was breathing faster than usual and my cousin noticed it.

Brian: "Are you alone? Tell me... what's going on?"

Me: "No way, I can't tell you."

Brian: "Why not? Are you jacking-off? Ah! Ah!"

Me: "Well..."

Brian: "What «well»? You fucking bastard, you're jacking-off while you're talking to me!"

Me: "Wait! I'm not jacking-off... someone is there to... give me pleasure."

Brian: "Uh?"

Me: "I'm getting a blowjob dumbass!"

Brian: "What? Right now? Who is it? Does she suck good?"

Me: "Be in a competition, she probably wins! But I'm not telling who is it"

Brian: "Why not? Is it grandma? Ah! Ah! Ah!" he told me by joking.

Oups! Grandma's mouth was now full of sperm. One or two loads went also directly on her lips and around her mouth. She was still working on it, even if my dick became limp. She plays with it in her mouth like if it was a toy. Then, I came back to reality...

Brian: "Hey! Hello? I heard you moan... is it done? Did you come?"

Me: "Oh yea! And she swallowed all."

Brian: "God! You're so lucky. I wish I could get suck off me too... I've never been."

Me: "This was my first time... you missed something!"

Brian: "Ok! Any way, would you like to play hockey tomorrow?"

Me: "Oh yea! All the cousins will be there?"

Brian: "Yea! Well, see you tomorrow bastard!"

Me: "Ok! Bye! See you tomorrow at grandma's house."

Now, my grandma leaved my sticky and limp dick alone, and came to give me a kiss. She still had sperm all over her face but I didn't upset me. I tasted my own cum for the first time. "Go take a shower" she said. "I'll be downstairs with your breakfast" she added. I gave her a hug and said thanks for the gift and went in the shower.

At the table, none of us said something. It was like that until her friend, Martha, knocked at the door and took her out. She told me she had fun this morning and blew me a kiss. "Bye grandma, see you later!" I said.

When she came back, I was sleeping and dreaming about the day I had. Obliviously, I had a hard-on. As she entered in my room to say good night, I woke up.

Suzan: "Sorry kid, I didn't want to wake you."

Me: "That's ok."

Suzan: "I'm sorry, but I told to Martha what happened earlier..."

Me: "Oh... what does she said?"

Suzan: "She was shocked at first, but she asked a lot of questions...I think she was horny too, because she told me she hasn't had sex for the last 10 years!"

Me: "Wow! That's a long time!"

Suzan: "Would you like to meet her tomorrow? Maybe we could do something together."

Me: "Like a threesome?"

Suzan: "Yea... kind of. We could suck you together."

Me: "Cool!"

Suzan: "Ok! I'll call her right now."

Me: "Oh! Grandma... would who like to... suck me again... right now? I can't stop thinking of what you did this morning and my dick is really hard right now and..."

I haven't finished speaking and my dick was already in her mouth! She mostly worked on the tip of my cock. She was so intense that I filled her mouth in five minutes. Grandma said she was tired and went immediately in her bedroom.

The next morning, around 10 am, I heard noise coming from downstairs. Martha was here! I went back in my bed wearing only my boxer. Knowing exactly what was going to happen, I got an instant hard-on. While I simulated that I was sleeping, I heard grandma and Martha's voices. They knocked at the door... then opened it.

Suddenly, I felt one, then two, three and four hands on my cock. I woke up with a surprised face... but I knew they were going to do this. "Good morning" Martha said. "May we make you come this morning?" grandma added.

Me: "Of course you can!" and I pulled off my boxer.

Martha: "Nice cock boy! Let me taste it."

This 63 years old lady knows how to suck a cock! She was working on it like a pro and grandma began to touch Martha's ass. Slowly, her hands went between her friend's legs. Five minutes later, Martha stood up and took off her t-shirt. Wow! She wasn't wearing a bra her I finally saw my first pair of tits! They are 34DD. "Play with them while you grandma take off my pant and panties" she told me.

I massaged them... pinched her nipple... sucked them! Then, her hairy pussy came to view. My grandma rubbed it and it made Martha even hotter.

Martha: "Would you like to suck it Antoine?"

Me: "Oh yea!"

Martha: "Ok! Then, put your back on your bed, I'll sit on your face while Suzan is sucking your cock."

It was awesome! My grandma was sucking me and I had my first pussy right in my face. Grandma was working on my cock as usual... licking the tip, playing with my ball...! I had to take care of Martha's pussy. I wasn't sure of what to do. At first, I licked her pussy lips... they were huge. I never saw pussy lips that huge in my favourite porno movie! I also sucked her clit. She moaned and she putted more pressure on my face. My tongue went directly inside her pussy. "Oh yea! That's feels good... keep going" she said.

Meanwhile, my cousins, Brian (18 years old), Charles (also 18), Derek (19)... all virgin, and Eric and Fred, both 19... and more experienced in sex, knocked at the door downstairs. I totally forgot the hockey game today! The door was unlocked, so, they decided to come in. "Hello! Antoine? Grandma? Are you there?" Derek said. All of them started to look around and go in every room to find us. Martha, grandma and I never heard them, so, we continued to have sex. I still had Martha's pussy on my face and grandma was still sucking my cock.

"Holly shit! Guys, come over here! Hurry up!" Charles said. He stood in front of my bedroom's door with his mouth wild open. Damn, he saw us! The two ladies and I stood up, one next to each other... Martha and I are fully naked. My dick was now limp scared as well. Now, my five cousins were looking at us.

Fred: "What are you doing here?"

Derek: "What do you think dumbass... they were fucking."

Brian: "Yea... without us!"

Charles: "That's not fair! I want my dick sucked too!"

Brian: "Me too!"

Derek: "Don't forget mine."

Eric: "I can't wait!"

Fred: "Getting sucked? Why don't we fuck grandma and her friend? I'm sure they did Antoine..."

Me: "Hey! They just sucked me, we didn't fuck!"

Eric: "Well, there's a first time for everything!"

Suzan: "I'm not sure if we should do this..."

Martha looked at her and whispered in her ear. She told her that wasn't a bad idea. They both haven't had sex for a long time and we were six young men ready to fuck... "I can take two virgin plus Eric... and you take Antoine, Fred and Derek" Martha said to my grandma.

My dick got hard again and Brian saw it. Then, he said: "Looks like Antoine is ready for it!" "Me too" said Charles while he pulled down his pant and boxer. His dick wasn't erect yet and it was longer than mine... Martha immediately knelled in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. She took it out and began to stroke it. We saw his huge dick growing in front of us.

Meanwhile, Fred and Derek took off grandma's clothes. She did the same with them. She was beautiful with her hairy pussy! There were six erect cocks in the room and two old ladies...

"I thought my cock was big... but Charles's one is much bigger" said Fred. "Well, look at mine, I'm not big as you are..." added Brian. At this point, we all looked at each other cock. Then, Derek, who has the smallest cock, said to Charles: "Can I touch your dick? Martha seems to have fun with it..."

Suzan: "I have an idea! Charles, sit down on this chair... Then, each of us will suck his dick for about two minutes each."

Martha: "Sounds good to me!"

My cousins and I didn't enjoy that proposition at first... we wanted pussies, not dicks! "Come on guys" said Martha. "I thought it would be great... we all look amazed in front of his cock. Then, it will be our turn on the chair... one by one" added grandma.

Fred: "Grandma, can I fuck you after?"

Suzan: "Yea!"

So, Charles sat down on the chair and I was the first to go. Martha sat next to him to teach us how to suck. It was weird at first, but I said to myself that I was next on this chair... Charles's cock was too big for my mouth, so, I just suck the tip of it. After me, Martha, Fred, Eric, grandma, Derek and Brian sucked Charles's cock. Brian had a surprise when he was working on it. Charles jerked in his mouth. Brian wasn't shocked... he enjoy it!

Fred: "You little slut! You almost swallowed all!"

Brian: "Well, I used to eat my own cum... it taste different."

We were all amazed to hear that. "What does it taste?" asked Derek. Before Brian answered, grandma said: "To know it, each of you will have to come in one of your cousin's mouth... then, you'll try our pussies!".

We were so horny that we agreed. I sat on the chair and seven mouths passed on my dick. I finally came in Fred's mouth. Eric came in Derek's mouth. He came in mine and Brian came in Charles's mouth. Then, Fred came in Eric's mouth.

Our dicks were now limp, but we wanted to fuck so much! "Ok! Take Antoine, Derek and Fred and I'll take the others" said Martha. It's time to fuck! We sat in groups of three on each side of my bed. Grandma was sucking my cock to get it hard while I was masturbating my cousin's cocks in both hands. Martha was doing the same thing on the other side.

Derek got hard before Fred and I. Grandma decided to let him fuck her at first. She bended over, placing her ass in the air, and sucking Fred's cock. Meanwhile, she was working mine.

Derek played a little bit with his dick by rubbing it on grandma's pussy lips. "Go ahead or you'll lose your turn!" she said. In one shot, he put his dick as deep as he could. He worked her pussy like this about five minutes. I decided to place my face close to my grandma pussy to have a better view while she was now sucking my cock. Derek took me by surprise. He pulled out of the pussy his dick and putted it in my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could and he pulled it back in grandma's pussy. Five minutes later, he loaded her pussy with his cum.

Meanwhile, Eric and Charles were fucking Martha's pussy and ass. At the same time, Brian got his cock sucked. He was so excited, that he stopped sucking Martha's nipples and began to play with Charles and Eric's balls.

At the same time, Eric, Charles and Martha had an orgasm. Both guys filled her holes with their cum and it was now leaking on Brian's hands. He licked one and gave the other to Martha.

Meanwhile, I was fucking grandma's pussy. I didn't needed lub because of Derek's cum. It was warm inside and I loved it. I often put my dick out of grandma's pussy to see it full of my cousin's cum. I took it in my hand and lick my fingers to eat it. When grandma had her tits sucked by Fred and Derek, Fred decided to fuck her in the ass. It was awesome because we were going in and out at the same time. We could fell each other's cock! That gave me an incredible orgasm and I filled grandma's pussy with my cum.

Fred passed from grandma's pussy to her ass. Then, went back in it, etc. Derek and I did a 69. "Derek, why don't you fuck you cousin's ass?" grandma asked. He immediately put my dick out of his mouth and putted his cock in my ass. It hurts so badly the first time... but it was cool. While she had her ass and pussy fucked by Fred, grandma sucked me.

Brian saw Derek on me and he decided to fuck Charles's ass while Eric was working on Martha. They were doing a 69. Both of grandma and Martha have been filled with three young cocks. Derek fucked my ass and Brian did Charles's one.

"Let's switch. Take my boys and I'll take yours" said grandma. My cousins and I fucked our "new lady" like we did to the other. In their ass, pussy and mouth! It was awesome to fell all the cum in every holes. I came for the third time of the day... in Martha's ass. Now, she looked us and said to my cousins and me:

Martha: "Why don't you get your ass fucked by all your cousins?"

Suzan: "It would be great to see."

Martha: "Meanwhile, your grandma and I will do a 69 do suck all the cum from our pussies to clean them."

Charles: "Why not! I'm fucking horny and I'd like to try your ass once!"

Me: "Fine! Derek did me and it was cool... right Charles, you enjoy it too?"

Charles: "Yea!"

One after one, we fucked our cousins' ass until we jerked in it. This is a crazy sensation. We got our ass fucked for over an hour! After they finished their 69, grandma and Martha watched us... playing with their pussies and with the limp cocks of those who already came.

After that wild orgy, we went downstairs, all naked, and laughing of what has just happened. We were full of cum and very tired. "Thanks grandma, thanks Martha!" we all said. It was really hot to fuck with grannies.

"Will we do it again?" asked Eric. It will probably happen again we agreed. In my case, grandma and I have sex every morning. Sometimes, it's just a blowjob, a cunni or a 69, but sometimes, we fuck all day long. I also sucked Derek and Brian at the same time and Charles and Eric individually. I also heard that my cousins fucked sometimes together...

But we are all waiting for that new orgy!

Written by: alone4years

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