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A Family's Sexual Hypnosis

by coolstud422189©

Debbie twisted and humped Michael's face as his tongue made love to her aroused pussy. She screamed, "Fuck me! I am your slut! Fuck me with your tongue!" Michael intensified his movements with his tongue and shoved two fingers deep into Debbie's snatch. Her screams changed to deep, panting moans as his thumb rubbed her clit in small circles. Debbie's guttural moans drowned out the noise that Sandie and Kristyn were making. Michael's fingers were squishing in and out of Debbie's sopping hole as she sucked in her breath; cumming all over Michael's thrusting hand. Michael smiled with satisfaction, now he could really get down and dirty.

His cock had recovered and was hard again, so Michael did not waste any time. He flipped Debbie's limp body over and shoved his stiff rod into her gooey snatch. It slid in with out hesitation, bottoming out on her cervix causing a dull moan from Debbie. Michael was encouraged by her response and pumped his cock in and out of her several times. His strokes were long and powerful, causing a mix of pleasure and pain to his fuck-toy cousin. Michael scooped some of Debbie's juice out of her cunt and used it to lubricate her ass. He continued to pound into her sex as he jabbed one then two fingers up her butt. Debbie gasped at this intrusion to her virgin ass-hole, and then thrust back against Michael's big dick.

Working his fingers in Debbie's asshole, Michael loosened her tight sphincter. Michael slowed down his fucking of Debbie's cum filled quim; he didn't want to shoot his wad until he had enjoyed the hospitality of her tight bung-hole. Soon he felt that she was loose enough, so he pulled out his now dirty fingers and rested the swollen head of his manhood against her loosened rosebud. Debbie moaned at the loss of Michael's shaft in her wet folds.

With a slap on Debbie's firm ass, Michael pushed his member against her tight ass-hole. Her muscles resisted the entry of such a large object until he pushed harder. Michael popped through her abused sphincter and filled part of her tight ass chute. He kept pushing, ignoring her wails of pain, until he was fully in and his balls rested against her soft ass-cheeks. Michael rested for a moment allowing Debbie's ass to become used to his cock's intrusion.

Thinking that Debbie could use some more lubrication in her narrow anal passage, Michael pulled his shaft out of her butt and plunged it into her cum-saturated snatch. A few deep strokes later he switched holes, this time ramming his meaty dick up her Hershey highway. Debbie's anguish was not as apparent, so he began earnestly fucking her tight bung-hole. Every few minutes Michael would relubricate his cock with her hot nectar and then return to plowing her dark passage. Her cries so turned to moans. He felt his fat dick growing even fatter and his climax imminent while on a journey to her womanly folds for more of her natural lube. Michael decided to grace Debbie's cunt with his offering and gave her his final few thrusts hard and fast until he came. His hot, thick spooge shot deep within her coating her already sopping pussy.

Michael pulled his softening tool out of Debbie's messy sex-hole and looked over at Robyn. She met his eyes and then began to get undressed. First off was her black tank top. As Robyn peeled it off she revealed a lacy, white front closure bra. Her shorts went next showing off her matching lacy, white panties. Robyn stood there in just her underwear and smiled at Michael. His cock twitched at the sight and Michael nodded to Robyn. The younger sister loosed her bra and stepped out of her panties. She stood feet spread and twisted her upper body, causing her ripe tits to bounce off each other. They wiggled even after Robyn stopped twisting. Michael stood with his mouth open just staring at her dancing beauties.

Waving Robyn over Michael held his messy, limp cock, so Robyn could suck it back to life. Robyn dropped to her knees and took Michael's dirty dick into her willing mouth. She sucked his shaft until it was almost erect. Then Robyn slid her head forward taking Michael's hardening cock deep down her throat. She kept teasing with her tongue as Michael's shaft fucked her throat. Releasing his large cock, Robyn pulled back so she could take a deep breathe and then swallowed him again. After a moment, Michael backed up pulling his hard dick from her desperate, sucking mouth. He had somewhere else he wanted to leave his load of cum. Michael then told Robyn to climb on the bed on her hands and knees. His cock already wet with Robyn's saliva and her cunt wet with excitement, Michael thrust his swollen shaft deep into Robyn's excited quim. He fucked her with long slow strokes, taking his time, Robyn's jugs bouncing with the rhythm of his cyclic slamming into her from behind.

Downstairs the wind was picking up and the sky was filling with clouds. Diane climbed the stairs, wanting to make sure that the windows were closed. She moved from room to room closing the open windows. When she got to Debbie's old bedroom she thought she heard voices. Not wanting to disturb anyone, she was careful and quiet as she opened the door. The first thing she saw was the arms and legs of her daughter Sandie wrapped around Sandie's daughter Kristyn. They were both naked, cuddling with their eyes closed. On the bed Diane saw her daughter Debbie also naked with thick, white spooge leaking out of the wide open vagina. Opening the door a little more revealed her third daughter Robyn on her hands and knees being pummeled from behind by her nephew Michael. Diane stood there in shock watching her nephew's large cock move in and out of Robyn's wet snatch. Diane came to her senses a moment later, closed the door, and walked down the stairs thinking of what she had seen.

No one in the room noticed Diane's quick peek, no one in the room were in condition to notice much of anything. Michael was getting close to orgasm and began slapping Robyn on her nice, round ass. Robyn cried aloud as she experienced her second orgasm. Michael didn't let up at all. If anything, he fucked and slapped just that much harder and faster. Michael yelled as he shot his third load of the day. These wads were driven deep into Robyn's cunt causing yet another orgasm in the doggy styled slut.

Michael pulled out when he was finished, leaving the fucked-out Robyn next to her sister on the bed. He picked up Robyn's discarded tank top and wiped his limp member clean on it. "Two down, two to go." Michael stood over the mother and daughter curled up in each others arms. They looked so sexy lying there with dried cum all around their mouths. Michael looked at his watch and saw that it was growing late. He nudged Sandie's bubble butt with his foot. "Wakey, wakey, if you want some of this," he pointed to his cock, "you had better wake up." He nudged Kristyn cute little butt. "You too, little girl; time to rise and fuck."

The eighteen year old vixen untwisted her body from her mother's and stretched. Michael felt his pulse quicken; Kristyn was a gorgeous sex-bomb and his heavy rod started to show its appreciation. She reached over in a stretch that showed off her firm tits and cupped his hanging balls in her small hands. Michael's well-used meat twitched as her soft fingers began to caress his sack. Sandie sat up watching her daughter get Michael ready. The look on her face helped Michael's hardening process; the look was a mixture of pride and lust. Between the look in Sandie's eyes and Kristyn's fondling, Michael was fully erect.

Grinning from ear to ear, Michael took Kristyn's chin in his hand and kissed her with all the passion in him. "Hold on Kristyn, age before beauty, your mom is first, but don't fret. I've got something special planned for you." Looking to Sandie sitting on the floor he said, "Crawl over here bitch, I've been wanting to fuck that big ass of yours for years." Sandie crawled over to Michael on all fours, wiggling her hefty butt all the way.

Michael grabbed Sandie's hips and thrust his hard dick into her wet pussy. He was soon slamming into her from behind causing her plump body to quiver with the impact. Michael liked it when his balls would press up tight against Sandie's bubble-butt. That meant he was all the way up that sloppy pussy of hers. Sandie's fat ass was bouncing back and forth like waves in an ocean with each thrust by Michael. A little cushion for the pushing. Although Sandie gave birth to two boys in addition to the wonderful Kristyn, her cunt was not very stretched out. Obviously she had not been getting fucked like she deserved, that Michael was remedying.

It was so hot taking Sandie from behind, but Michael knew that he couldn't fuck forever. He called Kristyn over and had her lie on her mother's back with her legs spread wide. Michael had an audience by now; both Debbie and Robyn were watching and playing with their pussies. Having them look on was very erotic and gave him renewed strength. Michael fucked both women at once. Sandie would get a bevy of short, fast strokes and then he would switch over to Kristyn's tight cunt and give her the same. Michael had them both moaning and thrusting back when it was her turn.

Michael was getting tired switching between Kristyn and her mom, so the next time he was in Kristyn he pulled her up onto him and her legs automatically wrapped around his waist. Michael bounced her on his dick, sending her into orgasm after orgasm. Kristyn was light as a feather and made a great sex-yoyo. He felt his own orgasm approaching, which he wanted to hold off as long as possible, so he set Kristyn down next to her mom. Michael sat down in the chair to catch his breath.

After a few short minutes, Debbie climbed onto the chair and lowered herself down on Michael's still hard, but rested cock. The soft, wet folds of Debbie's pussy surrounded Michael's big cock as his shaft disappeared in her 'Tunnel of Love.' Debbie started slow, but built up to a fast, hard bounce on Michael's lap, more specifically on his swollen shaft. She enjoyed her ride moaning and climaxing until Michael lifted her off and set her on the floor with the other naked women.

"I've only got one load left and I wanted to share it with all of you. So please gather close to each other." His cousins cuddled with each other, arms and legs joined in a massive human puzzle. "Good job girls, a little closer together." The naked women snuggled as close as they could, cheek to cheek and tit to tit. "Perfect, now smile big and get ready." They look so hot together like that. Michael pumped his cock merrily as it swelled. He kept it trained on the women as he came. It was like an accident in slow motion. His first shot anchored itself in Robyn's dark hair, the main stream of jizz swooping in a tight arc to land on her forehead and trailing between her eyes and down her nose. Debbie shared a similar fate, his second stream squirted across her face from right temple to left cheek. Sandie and Kristen's first deposits from Michael also hit their faces then pooled together where their faces were pressed hard against one another. Michael's last spurts painted Debbie's, Robyn's, Sandie's and Kristyn's breasts as he emptied all the spooge he had left. With their obvious family appearances, they look like sisters at a Bukakke festival. He fell back into the chair getting his strength back.

The women were giggling and slurping as they cleaned the cum off of each other with their tongues and fingers. Michael waited until they were finished, "OK, we've been gone a long time, let's get dressed. Robyn was about to put her panties back on when Michael said, "Don't worry about your underwear, just shove them under Debbie's bed." The four cousins shoved their bras and panties under the bed. Then they finished getting dressed as the rain began to pound on the roof.

Michael stood in front of his delicious cousins and shook his head. "There is no way we can all troop downstairs without raising a lot of suspicion, besides you all looked well fucked, some more than others.' Michael listened to the rain landing on the roof while he tried to think of a plan. "I've got it! You ladies go down the back outside stairs and get good and cleaned off by the rain. It will cool you and wash all the sweat and cum from your bodies. You can then seek shelter from the rain. I'll 'just having woken up from a nap', go down the inner stairs and no one will be the wiser." The ladies nodded in agreement then went down the back stairs.

Michael got dressed and walked downstairs, yawning. Little did he know it, but Dr. Claiborne's plan had gone perfectly. A fine, upstanding Jehovah's Witness family had taken the first step towards destruction through blatant incest. All Michael knew was that his dreams had started to come true and four of his beautiful cousins were ready to fuck him at the drop of a hat.

- - - - -

The girls got totally soaked, and cleaned, and then went inside the house or to shelter in the yard and out buildings. Unfortunately, their wet tops clung to their bra-less boobs causing at least one raised eyebrow. The ladies, of course, just acted as if everything was normal. Kristyn spotted her dad and brothers sitting together at a covered picnic table. She sat next to them and asked with an innocent expression on her face, "Hey boys, I'll be needed some help changing and drying once we get home, do ya think you can help?"

When Michael entered the kitchen he was pulled aside by his Aunt Diane. She spoke to him in a soft voice, "Next weekend I have a project for you, OK? Your skills are required to attend to something near and dear to my heart." Michael would not of made anything of the request, but Aunt Diane's hand squeezing his butt cheek before she moved off made it all too clear. He resolved to make some time for her next weekend. She may be in her sixties, but she had passed on her fabulous tits to her daughters and he really wanted to enjoy them.

Thus another family picnic went by, but things among the relatives in this family would never be the same.

Written by: coolstud422189

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