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Cock Obsessed Mom

by mtnman2003©

It sure as hell did not start this way. I don't even remember it happening. But here it is. "I love cock!" I muttered out loud. I glanced around. My hand trembled against the paper cup. Nobody heard me I noted as I glanced around the coffee shop. I glanced back to the boy behind the counter. He looked to me, his face breaking into a smile. I grinned back, dipping my eyes to give a sultry look.

My mind whirred again. "Cock!" it screamed. Glancing at the clock, 7:43am. Two minutes. He would be available. What had I become. A slut? A fucking, horny, cock slut. My wetness crept into my slit. I could feel it, warm, wet, seeping into my crotch. In 5-minutes, I would have his glorious cock between my cunt lips, holding the bathroom counter, being hammered by his magnificent, beautiful cock. "Oh God," I groaned out loud. I grew flush. Would anyone hear me whimper, hear his hips slam against my flesh? I pulled my legs together hard, pinching my clit. Shifting just right, I could massage my clit. I quickly glanced to the clock. Could I give myself an orgasm in 60-secoonds? I shifted my butt back and forth, my clit pinched just so.

"Mom," Bobby called.

My eyes flashed open. I glanced to him, stepping through the counter. Standing, I walked briskly toward him. We moved toward the restrooms. His pants bulged, I could make out his cock pointing straight forward. He turned to lead me back. I followed, watching his ass. I groaned openly, my mind flashing a mental picture of his ass, hard, hairy, tight. My hands clenched, imaging them cupped around his cheeks, pulling him to me, sliding his cock effortlessly into my face, pushing his man meat down my throat. I loved his monstrous cock. My paper towel cock I laughed to myself. His cock was the size of a paper towel tube. Long, good girth, my cunt throbbed.

"Mother, you ok?" he asked as I stepped into the restroom behind him. He pushed the door closed, locking it. He stepped to me, his cock poking into my ribs. I could not breathe. I grabbed him, both hands wrapping around his cock.

"I just need you to cum for me sweetie. I need to have you fill your momma's cunt with your juices Baby," I whispered softly. "I dressed just for you Baby, just for you to bend me over and slide you big fucking cock into my wet, wet cunt," I continued looking to him.

"God Mom," he breathed through clenched teeth. "Do it," he commanded. I turned quickly, leaned to rip my panties down, pulled up my skirt to my back, and bent over at the waist to lean on the counter top. Germs climbing on my arms passed quickly into my mind. I spread my feet, tilted my ass.

"Please Baby," I muttered. He grabbed my hip, his free hand pulling his cock up and down my slit, the head sliding softly between the wet lips. Dipping his hips, aligning his cock to my wet hole, he pushed gently. The head slid forward as he grabbed the other hip. Pulling, he slid part way into my cunt.

"Oh Jesus yes Mother," he grunted.

My mind wandered. Two months! Two glorious, cock filled months. And a year before that, I was a plump, overweight mother of 3-boys, wife to a corporate executive, entertained constantly, ate rich foods, shopped until I grew tired of it, but supported the men in my life. I did not exercise with any consistency, dieted when I thought it would help, so the weight grew on me. And hubby got a large belly from our pampered lifestyle. And our sex life grew non-existent. I vividly remember him rolling over to me one morning at 5am, rubbing my back as he had done so many times, but his belly hit my fat ass. I so loved his cock to slide into my wet vagina, but our age, our physical shape, and lack of interest had killed our sex lives. That morning, after my wake-up backrub, I rolled over, grabbed his cock, stroked it till it grew semi-hard. With hope, vigor, I started getting wet, knowing I would soon have his large cock between my legs. Then our bellies touched. Absolutely fucking gross! My tits hung like udders, nipples stiff, begging, wanting.

"Time to get up," hubby said, rolled to his back, squared to the edge, and bounded up. My non existent sex life. My cunt throbbed. I so needed an orgasm. But I resigned myself to doing it in a minute, after he headed to the bathroom. I masturbated, bringing myself to a quick, somewhat numbing orgasm. But I was pissed. Never again would I gross myself out with my body, his body. We were going to be on a mission to save our bodies, lives, and most importantly, get fucked often.

For the next week, I researched every diet plan, every eating plan, every nuance of healthy living I could find on the internet, visited my doctor's office, and ate, lived, and breathed our next steps. The following Saturday, I took hubby to breakfast. "Ed, we are going to change our lives," I told him over our last cup of coffee. "Beginning Monday, I will have a new, revised plan for eating, exercising, and living that will drastically change our lives, I continued. Over the next half hour, I explained what I expected, what I wanted, and how we would ultimately welcome the change.

"Thank God," he stated after my dissertation. "I thought you were trying to kill us slowly, but early," he laughed. "I'm all yours babe," he finished.

For the next 8-months, we followed a modified plan that resulted in drastic changes in our bodies. I lost 60-lbs slowly, my skin shrinking at is should. I toned, tanned, and did what was necessary. Standing 5'4" tall, I now weighed 135-lbs. He lost 84-lbs over the same period. He cheated slightly, getting some initial liposuction on his belly and love handles, but it was motivation for him to move forward. He is 6'6" tall, weighing in now at 233-lbs.

Now, 8-months later our energy for life had changed drastically. But more importantly, I got fucked once or twice a week. I began to crave it, need it, want it so badly, I would masturbate when needed to relieve the new cravings. But with each orgasm came a need for another. Soon, I was masturbating daily. I bought toys, stuffing my cunt with life like cocks, hammering my soaked cunt often, for hours at a time it seemed. And god, it was a daily need. 48-years old, a smoldering, wet cunt in constant need of relief.

Then my world changed in ways never considered. My two younger boys returned home for summer break from their respective colleges. It was so good to have them home again, I never even considered what an impact it would have on my sex life. Suddenly, I was relegated to have my masturbation play first thing in the morning while they still slept. I would get the hubby off, slip back to bed, and masturbate from about 8am till approximately 9:30am, knowing the boys would not wake before then. I made this schedule work. I would then dress in exercise clothes, and hit our home gym. The boys often joined me in my workouts.

I never really thought about it, but workout clothes for a lady can be sexy. And loose fitting shorts on young studs can be somewhat revealing. Hubby had put up mirrors on the walls of our little home gym, and I used it to watch my workout many times. But when the boys came, I started noticing glances my way in the mirrors. Long, admiring looks at my backside, glancing looks at my chest when I lifted, watching my flexing pecs. My tits stood firm now, a major change since the loss of weight. And the thrill of these glances would harden my nipples. Many in-head discussions took place, my brain telling me to stop enjoying these glances. But my body responded, nipples growing even harder, poking the hard nub into my small sports bra firmly, the nub clearly visible. And the boys knew. Our family had never been shy about sex or our bodies, but these knowing glances, their protruding shorts were now becoming constant mind games for me. I often wondered what they were thinking. I wanted so much to be considered hot for them. "MILF," I chuckled to myself on more than one occasion.

I found myself purposefully moving to the bench press when they lifted. I would straddle the bench, facing them as they leaned back, opened their legs, god, hoping for a glance of upper thigh, a misguided cock head. I grew bolder, starting to stand near their heads, spotting for the bench press. Could they smell my sex? Was I wet enough for the musky smell to drift to their nostrils. I had started wearing tight, short fleece shorts, tight enough to show my camel toe, and watched them constantly glance to my crotch. "Yes," I softly whispered with Jr. on the bench, pushing my hips forward slightly. One day, I had worn a shear pair of panties, hoping for them to see up my loose fitting shorts. Jr. stared at me, pushing the weight up and down several times. Simultaneously, his shorts rose, his cock pushing hard against the material of his shorts. I smiled at him. "Thanks baby," I leaned to whisper softly. I grew flush, my mind now screaming at me in harsh terms. I moved quickly to the sit up mats. "God," I again whispered loudly. I glanced to Jr. He smiled broadly.

I glanced to Bobby. He also looked to me, his eyes smiling. I leaned back, content to do situps. The boys disappeared, leaving me to my routine. But almost instantly, they returned, joining me. Sitting, facing me, cross legged, each one to my side, near my torso they sat with elbows on their knees.

Jr. was the first to talk. "Momma, you are the prettiest woman on the planet," he said softly. I glanced his way, smiling softly as I rose to a sitting position, arms up behind my ears. Dropping my arms, his eyes diverted to my chest. "I can not believe how beautiful you have become," he whispered softly. He reached to touch my arm. Then, arching his back, taking my arm, he placed my hand on his knee. He pulled his arms behind him, leaning back slightly, resting on his hands. Bobby followed suit.

"Thanks," I quipped. "I am working hard to stay in good shape now," I said, sliding my hand on his knee. My eyes glanced up his thigh. There, completely free, his cock lay against his leg. His cock head was beautiful, the crown flared, engorged slightly from his thoughts. I gasped, looking quickly to Bobby. I caught him pulling the leg of his shorts open, letting his cock slide to the opening, it's purplish head flared, engorged as well. My body froze, my glances to these magnificent cocks twisting my head back and forth. They were beautiful, hard, growing at my glances.

Jr. fisted his cock, pulling his shorts up, freeing his substantial cock. He offered it to me, opening his hand, the cock resting across his palm. "Please Momma," he whispered, pleading with me. I moved so slowly, so deliberately that I was unsure of myself.

"Baby," I groaned as my hand covered the head, sliding to the side, my fingers wrapping gently around the shaft. "Oh Jesus," I muttered. I froze, my mouth instantly dry, my mind searching for something to say. "It's so big," I stammered, stroking down the shaft. His balls hung heavy beneath his hard cock. Bobby scrambled to sit beside Jr., watching me.

"Momma," Bobby whispered. I glanced to him. He was fisting his cock, pulling the skin towards the head. I reached my free hand to him, grabbing his long, slender cock softly.

"Boys, they are so beautiful," I whispered, my cunt throbbing. "Boys," I started to say, expecting to deliver a talk that would blister our moment, but Jr. had reached around my head, pulling me down quickly as he arched his hips. His cock shot toward my mouth. I opened wide instinctively, the head exploding into my mouth. Cognizant thought gone, rational thought a distant memory, my cunts' needs filled my brain with desire for these beautiful cocks. I opened wider, shoving my head down, sucking his cock into my throat. I grabbed his hanging, hairy balls, squeezing firmly to force his milk into my mouth. As I clamped my mouth tightly over his shaft, pulling up, sucking hard, I heard him groaning, a deep guttural groan that comes with orgasm. At that instant, I dove down his cock, pushed him deep into my mouth and throat, grinding my lips to his pelvis. I bucked my mouth up and down hard, hammering his rigid flesh, teeth raking the sensitive skin. Literally, seconds passed, his hips jumped up, shoving his hard cock deep into my throat. He pulled my head down, almost savagely as his cock expanded, exploded, his balls sending the sweet nectar into his waiting shaft, its muscles squeezing, jettisoning the juices up his rigid shaft, exploding into my mouth and throat. I pulled off his cock, opened my mouth, and caught his next rope on my face and lips. I dove back to him, sucking his big cock deep again. I swallowed spurt after spurt of his cum, his sweet, glorious, salty cum.

My brain flashed colors as my body erupted in orgasm. I groaned deeply, squeezing my legs together. I sucked him as his cock deflated in my mouth.

"Mom," Bobby whispered. "Do me," he asked so innocently. I glanced his way. He was pounding his hard cock. "Quick Momma," he whispered, pleading me to move fast. I gave Jr. a hard tug, let his cock pop from my lips. Turning quickly, I moved to Bobby, pushing his hand away, grasped the base of his cock, and shoved my face into his lap. I devoured his cock to the base. In that instant, his body exploded, his hand grabbed the back of my head, holding me firmly impaled on his pulsating cock. "Fuck Mom," Bobby screamed as his juices squirted into my mouth. I sucked him hungrily, swallowing every drop of his liquids. As his cock deflated, my mind started running 100-mph, every argument, every reason why this was so inherently wrong. Tears started forming in my eyes as I pulled back, looked to each boys face.

"Boys," I again started. I glanced to them, looked to their cocks, their magnificent, semi hard cocks. Jr. had more length, more girth, his cock growing quickly. I shook my head in wonderment. "Oh God," I groaned, another spasm ripping through my body. "Your turn," I whispered, leaning back, pulling my shorts aside, pulling the panties away. I ran my finger up and down my soaked slit. "Momma needs her cunt licked Boys," I growled. Jr. moved very quickly, his lips locked into my wet slit. He bit down hard on my clit as I yelped. "Jr.," I blurted. He pulled back. "Easy Baby," I offered him my cunt. "Make Momma cum," I groaned. I laid back on the mat. I pulled the sports bra up off my tits. "Bobby," I offered. "Come here Bobby," said, glancing his way. Both boys took turns on me for the next hour. I had 4-earth rocking orgasms on my son's mouths. I was a limp rag, but both boys had rigid, standing cocks again. "Bobby first this time," I whispered. "Come fuck Momma Baby," I whispered. I pulled my knees up, spread my legs, and offered my sex to him. Bobby pulled his shorts off, pulled my legs down, stripped off my shorts and panties, and slowly moved between my legs.

"I love you so much Momma," he groaned as he moved to place his cock at my soaked hole. He pushed forward, slipping his cock into my body. Lights flashed, sirens screamed, my mind exploded as his penetration ripped into my body. God he was big! After several thrusts, he was buried deep in my body. I rocked my hips against each thrust. He hammered me, his power invading my core. Our bodies slapped hard, flesh on flesh pounding the gym. My body lurched upwards with every thrust, my body willingly accepting his cock, his lust. "Momma," he growled.

"Yes Baby, cum in Momma," I whispered. "Fill Momma with your juices honey," I groaned. Thrusting hard to me, his body froze, his cock enlarged slightly, cocked, and fired his load into my waiting body. I could feel each spurt, each muscle spasm to spit his juices into my body. I lost thought, enjoying his penetration, his dominance of my body. Finished, his deflating cock slipped from my hole. Leaning to me, I hugged him close. "God yes baby, Momma loves you so much sweetie," I whispered in his ear. I squeezed my cunt muscles again, tugging on his deflating cock. "Let Jr. have his turn honey," I whispered.

"Baby, how do you want Momma," I asked, turning to glance at him. "Do you want Momma doggy," I asked, knowing how I loved being taken savagely from behind.

"Oh fuck yes," growled Jr. "Put your tits on the mat, offer me your ass," growled Jr. He know what I wanted. "Now Momma, put your arms up," he whispered. As I scrambled to my knees, Jr. moved quickly behind me, fisted his truly magnificent cock, shoved it into my wet slit, found the hole, pushed softly, and grabbed my hips. "Ready Momma," he asked, not really caring. With his fingers digging into my hip bones, Jr. slammed his body forward, his cock thicker than Bobby's, tearing into my cunt. My eyes flashed open, my body absorbed his penetration. My mind exploded as Jr.'s hand cracked down on my hip flesh, his thrust deep at the same time. He hammered me, pulling me hard to his big body. His hips smacked off my ass, his cock buried deep with each thrust. He thrashed my body, hammering my cunt so hard I would be sore tomorrow morning. I groaned with happiness.

"Yes Jr.," I howled. "Oh shit Jr., fuck Momma hard," I growled. He pounded me, fast, hard, and repeatedly. My body reacted, growing hot, sweat started glistening on our bodies. "Cum for Momma," I shouted at him. "Cum for Momma," I groaned hard, my body erupting again into orgasm. My cunt squirted more juices, our noises filling the room.

"I'm cumming Momma," Jr. shouted, grinding his hips to my backside. Thrusting back, I ground my hips to him, stuffing every inch of his cock into my body. Hesitating, I felt his cock expand, convulse, and shot his salty liquids into my body. Spasm after spasm ripped through our bodies. As we finished, I slid forward, Jr. falling on my back. He nibbled on my naked shoulder. "Momma," he whispered, too tired to continue. Rolling to my right side, I had Jr. to my backside. Patting the mat, I coaxed Bobby to my front. I wrapped my right arm around him,

"Thank you boys," I whispered softly.

Nothing said, we rested for nearly 30-minutes. I drifted in and out of sleep between my two young studs. Waking slowly, I felt the soft head of a cock at my lips. Parting my eyes slightly, Jr. was fisting his cock, aiming to my dry lips. Sticking my tongue out quickly, I moistened my lips, opened my mouth, and stretched my head forward, taking his cock into my mouth. I growled deeply, my body feeling Bobby laying behind me, pushing his hard cock toward my wet slit. I arched my back, pulling my arm back, grabbing my ass and lifting to open my access to him. His cock found my wet, needing hole. Softly, but quickly, Bobby pushed forward, sliding several inches into my cunt. I opened my mouth wider, locked my jaw, and pulled Jr. to my face, sucking his beautiful cock into my mouth and throat. This time, we took our time, no frenzied fucking, but a deliberate, slow lovemaking. As the boys neared their orgasms, I started instructing them softly.

"Good boys, cum in me, fill me, fill both holes at once," I encouraged between dives on Jr.'s cock. I could feel Bobby, his need growing. Grabbing my hips, he pulled his crotch flush to me, grinding his hips hard to my ass, arching hard. Growling, his hips convulsed against me, each thrust spitting his cum into my cunt. "God yes Bobby," I shouted. Opening my mouth, I devoured Jr., sucking his cock deep, chewing on his sensitive flesh. He grabbed my head, pulling back and thrusting hard over and over. He was fucking my face with abandon.

"Oh fuck mother," he screamed as his cock exploded in my mouth, his salty cum filling my mouth and throat. I swallowed every drop, sucking his shaft clear of any remaining fluids. Tired, well fucked, and in need of a shower, I lay limp on the mat following our last round.

"Boys, that was incredible," I whispered softly. "Can I expect that tomorrow?" I asked. The boys looked to each other, grinned ear to ear, and nodded enthusiastically. I grabbed each limp dick, lifted it to my lips, kissed the head softly, nipping at the crown. I pulled myself up, grabbed my strewn clothes, and headed to my bedroom. Turning to face them, I stood, accepting their stares. "This is between us," I instructed. Turning quickly, I headed up the stairs.

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