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The Reunion

by crimson_skye©

She stood quietly, hands tied behind her back. She wore a slinky black evening gown, which she had put on to impress him. Her hair was up in a sophisticated arrangement, and she looked lovely. He sat contemplating her beauty while she stood nervously wondering what he would decide. She could see his cock pushing against the material of his pants and knew that he was aroused by her body.

"So lovely….yes, you are worth the trouble." His voice came softly, almost to himself.

She knew what he meant instantly and sighed inwardly—there had a been a very real chance that he would send her away, and that she could not have borne.

"But you have been very bad, so I am going to punish you now. Then we will decide how to proceed." His voice was tight with both desire and anger.

He grabbed her by her upper arm and pulled her forcibly with him into the warehouse that adjoined his living quarters. He released her hands from behind her back, and then handcuffed her again with her hands in front of her body. A hook hanging from a chain from the ceiling was looped through the cuffs, and soon her arms were pulled tightly above her head, forcing her to stand on tiptoe. Her large, full breasts strained against the low-cut fabric of her dress, nipples peeking out over the top.

He busied himself behind her for some time. She heard noises of metal parts being moved around and then heard the door open to the outdoors. A muted whooshing sound came to her, and it took a minute for her to place it: the sound of charcoal lighter fluid catching fire!

A small knot of fear began to grown within her. How angry was he with her, she wondered? He wouldn't do anything to maim her would he? Surely not! It would ruin his enjoyment of her beauty, she told herself. But still, the nagging fear worried at her.

He returned and moved to stand in front of her. A gleaming blade caught the light. She whimpered as he raised it to her throat. He carefully inserted the razor sharp blade between her breasts and slit downwards, neatly severing the material of her dress. It fell away from her naked body and pooled at her feet, forming an expensive pile of ruined silk.

He smiled as he viewed her lush naked body. The huge breasts hanging limply to each side of her rib cage, nipples large and light brown and begging to be sucked…or tied and whipped, he thought with a smile. The soft curve of her belly guiding his eyes down to her shaven, velvety cunt. He ached to fuck her, but knew that he must not—not yet anyway—the coals were not ready.

He amused himself while he waited by tying nooses around her huge breasts and then running the ropes over a small pulley above her head. He added weights to the end of the rope until her breasts were stretched nearly straight upwards and a significant amount of her body weight was being supported by their soft, succulent flesh. Her nipples were swollen and purple and he knew that they would ache. He smiled to himself as he wondered whether she thought this was her punishment. It was merely a preview; a mere indulgence. But she didn't know that.

She whimpered as her breasts began to ache. The ropes were so tight! Would he hang her by them, as he had threatened in the past? Or would he flog her now and then forgive her? Her cunt was becoming wet and her clit tingled with excitement—surely he would need to satisfy his raging hard-on soon. She squirmed as she imagined the feel of his big cock inside her again.

He left her hanging by her wrists and tits and went outside again. When he returned, she could smell the familiar odor of charcoal burning. What was it for though?

She heard the sound of coals being shoveled into a metal BBQ pan behind her, and then the pressure of the ropes on her tits eased. She moaned quietly as the circulation began to return to her poor tortured tits. She gasped and cried quietly as he slapped and kneaded her tender tit flesh to help the returning circulation. When they were back to normal color again he released her wrists and spoke to her.

"Now we begin your punishment. Behind you is a wooden frame about waist high. I will tie your ankles to each leg of the frame and then bend you forward at the waist and attach your wrists to the front portion of the frame. You will be bent over the wooden crosspiece, all ready to be fucked from behind. Your big, soft tits will hang down and flop as I fuck you. But, they will also hang down over the barbecue full of coals that I have prepared."

He smiled with anticipation as he saw the fear in her eyes. "No, I am not going to burn these beautiful globes." He stroked them gently, causing a shiver to run down her spine and focus in her crotch. "But they will slowly roast if you aren't careful."

She shivered again and waited, knowing that he would explain to her.

"I am going to fuck you as your tits hang down and slowly roast. At first they will be warm, and then hot, and, if you can't follow instructions, your lovely nipples may actually get cooked, and we don't want that, do we?"

She shook her head, eyes wide with trepidation.

"I'm going to fuck your cunt and your ass, when and how I please. You will not cum and you will not make any noise while I use you. If you do either, I will pull out and let your tits cook for five minutes before I resume. After I cum in you, I will remove the coals. You must relearn obedience and control again, and this is your first lesson. Do you understand?"

She nodded meekly, and said, "Yes Master. Thank you Master."

"Very well. Now we begin."

It took only a minute to secure her to the frame, spread-eagled and completely vulnerable. Her huge breast hung down like twin melons, soft and succulent and vulnerable. Her nipples squirmed from excitement and her cunt was nearly drooling—just being naked in front of him and at his mercy was incredibly erotic to her. Her eyes were wide with nervous fear as he slid the pan of coals under her breasts and she felt the first hint of the heat that would soon be a constant companion. Her large nipples pointed straight down at the coals; they felt the heat the most. She squirmed as the heat on her tits built slowly. It wasn't unpleasant at first; it was reminiscent of the feel of hot sunlight on her breasts at a topless beach. But it continued to build until it became slightly painful. She looked down between her arms and watched as her nipples squirmed, becoming erect and then limp again, almost as though trying to escape. She shook her chest to make her pendulous boobs flop around, hoping to escape the direct heat on her nipples. It seemed to work, offering a brief respite.

She almost gasped when she felt his cock open her cunt and plunge roughly into her. He was big, and he intentionally rammed his cock into her, using his manhood to punish her softest part. She muted her cry though, remembering his words. Once her cunt had relaxed and accommodated his seven-inch cock, she could enjoy the feeling of him inside her again. His balls slapped at her cunt as he fucked her, stimulating her clit with each stroke. It felt so good! He groaned with pleasure as he fucked her and for an instant she wondered whether he would spew his load of seed into her cunt quickly and her punishment would be over.

He paused his stroking, letting his cock rest inside her silky cunt, luxuriating in her slippery hotness. Instantly Viv became aware of the heat on her boobs. She stifled a moan as she desperately flopped her tits to reduce the direct heat on her nipples. "My God," she thought, "they must be roasting!" She squeezed his cock inside her cunt, trying to suck the cum from him quickly. He laughed gently, mocking her efforts.

"They are hot, aren't they? Look at them! Your big nipples are getting quite red. Perhaps I will fuck your ass now—the motion will help to keep those big tits flopping. Would you like that?"

She nodded, unsure of whether she could speak or if he would take that as breaking the rules.

He laughed quietly. "Very good my little slut. You did pay attention. No speaking. No whimpering. And no orgasms!"

He reached around on both sides of her chest and pulled a breast out to each side so he could inspect her nipples. His hands felt cool after the heat of the coals. He felt each nipple, kneading it and testing it. Her nipples responded and squirmed and became tight and hard.

"Hmmmm… they are still doing fine. Nothing burned… yet. Just hot and slowly cooking. Maybe I should let them roast and then have a delicious meal of boob roast?"

She knew he was teasing her, but it still filled her with anxiety. He let her breasts drop heavily down over the coals once more. She shook them and flopped them from side to side to reduce the heat on her nipples. It wasn't a pain like being burned—rather it was a steady aching pain, almost like sunburn.

She felt his cock slide from her cunt and waited. A cock hadn't violated her ass since the last time he had disciplined her. The head of his cock pushed against her asshole and she nearly cried out. She tried to relax as he entered her, accepting his cock as he thrust it steadily into her. Her own cunt juices lubricated it, so there was no great resistance as he filled her ass with his manhood.

"You are my fuck toy, my cunt, my ass, my mouth, to use as I desire! This cock makes me the boss. You are here only to satisfy my cock and balls, to take their cum and to be filled and used. You will obey me from now on instantly or I will roast those big tits and cut them off! Do you understand?"

She nodded, desperately trying not to whimper. The pain in her ass from his big cock fought with the pain in her tits. He fucked her hard, making her tits flop back and forth over the coals. She felt her clit begin to ache with that familiar pre-cum sensation. If she came, he would know and her poor tits would really roast! Her cunt juices flowed from her cunt, running down her legs and filling the air with her musky scent. His cock pounded into her ass, fucking her, using her, filling her with its heat and incredibly masculinity.

She felt his balls pull up tight, and prayed that he would fill her with his seed before she lost control and came.

His voice came dimly to her in her ecstasy of pain and sexual arousal.

"Alright you slut, you can cum with me. Cum now!"

His words removed the only shred of restraint still left in her and she moaned and thrashed under him as she felt his cock spew cum into her ass. Her clit was on fire, aching for the feel of a cock or tongue or finger, but having none of them. It made her orgasm even more intense. Her cunt spasmed and wave after wave of orgasm overtook her. Her tits were on fire it seemed, but the pain only added to her excitement. She screamed as they came together, once more united and happy.

Written by: crimson_skye

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