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Knocked Up!

by Tess_Stevens©

Every time this happened I would gasp and she would pull back a little and then resume feather touching me, lightly flicking my clit as I began to respond openly, thrusting my slippery mound into contact with her maddeningly elusive fingers.

Finally she stopped and then cupped my mound and began to squeeze it rhythmically. She wasn't actually touching me but it felt so good I thought I was going to die.

"Do you think they like that?" she whispered in my ear.

"Oh yes...I think it." I gasped pushing myself against the squeezing fingers.

Why don't you pull your panties back up" she whispered continuing the maddening pressure as she kept squeezing my swollen lips together. I reached down and pulled them back up over her hand, which kept on squeezing my leaking mound.

"Do you like the boys seeing you?"

"I', uh..." I shuddered envisioning both of the boys watching, "I...wish they were in the...same room" I gasped.

"If you want...I to...actually."

She squeezed me again and I sighed, "Go ahead...pretend you're...."

She placed one finger lightly on my clit where it remained motionless.

"Pretend what?" she whispered softly.

"Pretend're...playing with my...pussy." I gasped thrusting against her.

Meadow slipped one finger into my swollen slit directly touching my engorged clit and whispered, "Act like you're humping my hand."

For the next minute or two I'm ashamed to admit that I wasn't acting. Meadow kept touching me until I grabbed her hand and pressed it against my leaking pussy and tried to conceal the fact that I was climaxing.

I don't know who I was trying to fool, even as I creamed all over Meadows fingers I realized that her other hand was busy between her own legs jammed into her panties. I felt her gasp quietly and shudder as she joined me in a silent and unacknowledged climax.

"I'm pretending like...I'm rubbing my own pussy" she gasped in my ear.

"I know" I gasped back, releasing her hand from mine "Go ahead...I like it that you're...doing that...pretend like you're...uh...oh...touching me...some more...please." Her finger began making circles around my clit again. "Oh yes, keep...doing that...and...I'm going to"

"Pretend're...doing it...and I'll...pretend like..., "Oh Sarah"" I heard her rubbing rapidly "Sarah...I'm...oh yes, I'm really doing it...with you".

I was so near and her words sent me over the edge and I couldn't help but gasp back, "Oh Meadow...don't stop...I'm gonna...really do it too."

Her fingering became erratic but it didn't matter at that point, we both went over the edge together.

I straightened up and gasped, "I'm creaming...right now."

I could hear her rapidly rubbing herself as she whimpered in my ear and I climaxed openly, gushing onto her fingers.

We spent the next few moments shuddering silently in each others arms and then gradually subsided and hung on to each other breathing hard.

We came apart like two jellyfish floating away from each other but still entangled. We stood in silence, her arm still around me lightly cupping my mound as the sensations subsided.

Finally we broke entirely apart and I turned to look at her, but Meadow would not meet my gaze.

Eyes still downcast she finally muttered "I guess we'd better get in the shower" and picking up a towel from the floor wrapped it around herself walked slowly from the room shutting the door behind her with a dejected click.

Had we done something wrong?

I just saw it as maybe we got to goofing around carried away.

Did this mean that I was gay?

I didn't know what to do. I felt ashamed of myself and really wanted to be alone for a moment.

I wondered about Meadow and her brother. Did they watch each other regularly?

Did they do other things together?

I was so confused and I sat trying to gather my thoughts when I thought I heard a sound from the other side of the wall. It sounded like a door slamming but I couldn't be sure.

I remembered the hole in the wall and I decided to look in and see if either of the boys had left.

What I saw electrified me.

Tom and Steve stood in the middle of the room facing each other and gently touching each other's erect cocks.

I'm not really sure if erect is the word I was looking for, No actually rigid or rock hard would be a whole lot more accurate. They were both so hard it looked like it might hurt.

Both bright red boners were copiously leaking long ropes of glistening fluid. Both of the boys hands were slick with their respective drippings and they were obviously quite absorbed in what they were in the process of doing to one another.

The thing that absolutely took my breath away was the sight of Meadow sitting a chair and languidly masturbating as she watched the boys.

Apparently she had decided against taking a shower after all.

As I stood with my eye pressed to the wall tingling all over. I felt something in the pit of my stomach like an elevator descending rapidly and realized that once again my clit was so swollen and engorged that it was sticking out and sliding against the soaking material of my panties.

My nipples were so hard they actually ached a little and my breathing went up a notch as I continued to observe the little show going on in the next room.

Apparently Meadow was occasionally offering the boys advice on how they should pleasure each other.

I couldn't make out exactly what she was saying because she was kind of whispering to them both. While I couldn't make out what I was saying I could hear how unsteady her voice was.

While she was talking she'd masturbate faster as if she was excited by what she was whispering to them.

Then they'd change what they were doing a little bit like sliding each others hands up and down their shining cocks instead of just gently bouncing them as they'd been doing when I first started looking.

I had begun cupping my mound through my panties for a little while and became aware that the repetitive squishing sounds I had been hearing for the last few minutes was me squeezing myself through my underpants.

On the other side of the wall Tom had fallen to his knees in response to something Meadow had said and appeared to be preparing to suck my brother's dick.

At this point, the fact that I was watching my brother with another guy hardly made any difference. I was watching Tom mostly and, of course Meadow as she sat there openly diddling her clit and issuing instructions.

Can you blame me at this point if I started gently flicking my own clit through my underwear? While I teased at my hard nipple with the other hand I continued pressing my face against the wall.

Tom was giving his first blowjob.

He opened his mouth and my brother immediately filled it. For a moment it looked like he wouldn't be able to get the head in there but he opened a little wider and my brother slid the head of his cock into Tom's mouth.

I continued to play with my clit as I watched him begin to slide it in and out a little as Tom's aching boner bounced and dripped forlornly as he set about giving my brother head.

I wondered why Meadow didn't at least jack him off a little but in my heart I liked the sight of Tom being so excited while he was sucking another guy's boner.

My brother didn't last long.

I finally reached inside of my panties and started seriously masturbating when my brother disgorged an apparently gigantic load of warm cream into Tom's mouth.

Tom swallowed rapidly but apparently not quite fast enough because sperm started running down his chin and dripping onto his chest and bouncing erection.

Suddenly I realized that Meadow was no longer seated in the chair.

Panicking I backed away from the wall, my heart thundering.

After a few moments it became apparent that wherever Meadow had gone she wasn't coming here and I prepared to go back to the hole in the wall.

Just then I heard paper rustling and saw the poster under the hole move. I stopped dead in my tracks and saw that something was pushing the poster out from the wall.

I pulled the tack from one side and saw that there was a larger hole in the wall.

The cock that was sticking out of it had to be Tom's.

I stood looking at it for a long time and as if in a trance reached out and squeezed it gently with my hand.

This caused him to deliver a long shiny stream of pre-come that landed on the floor with a barely perceptible spatter.

I squeezed again and again it delivered a gentle little drizzle of fluid.

With the flat of my palm I began smearing his cock with this slippery fluid while I resumed masturbating myself with the other hand.

I realized that we were both equally slippery and for some reason that I will never understand, I got on my knees, still masturbating and opened my mouth preparing to do to Tom what he had just finished doing to my brother.

I couldn't quite make it fit inside my mouth no matter how wide I tried to open up.

After a couple tries I started kissing along the underside.

I kissed his rigid member all over and after a minute or two I realized that a string of fluid from his cock was running down my cheek and onto my shoulder.

In all my life I have never been so hot and bothered or felt so absolutely nasty as I did that night as his rod stiffened even as I kissed along the slippery shaft and began to lazily discharge long ropes of cream.

They landed on the floor with a soft spattering sound.

As if in a dream I moved around and positioned myself so his erupting dick would continue to discharge jet after jet of warm spume onto my breasts as I continued to masturbate like a lunatic feeling my orgasm overtake me even before I knew I was coming.

Three months later we started going out together.

I can't remember exactly when we became an official couple but for some reason Tom wanted to go out with me pretty badly. He asked me several times before I agreed to go out with him.

I think the memory of that night weighed pretty heavily on both our minds so we came to an unspoken agreement.

There was no acknowledgement of the events that had transpired between the four of us. I think there were things that happened that night that neither of us really cared to discuss with the other.

We admitted nothing and stood on the fifth. It was just something that we didn't talk about.

I will admit that the events of that night changed me basically and I was much more aware of my own sexuality. I liked the secret knowledge that my boyfriend was really a cock-sucker and his unspoken awareness that I was one too.

Or, at least trying to become one.

So like I said, we started going out.

We went to movies, we went out to eat and we took long walks together.

We found that we actually liked one another and developed a friendship.

Gradually we became physically involved and for the first time in my life I permitted a boy some access to my nether regions but mainly we kissed and touched each other through our clothes.

When I finally let Tom stroke my pussy a little I was encouraged that he wasn't freaked out by how nearly naked my mound was.

Of course, he had already seen...that night.

It was the one thing that we didn't discuss openly, we were both too shy to bring it up again.

I must admit that I thought about it frequently and often wondered when I sent him home with a raging boner if he wound up sticking it through that hole that opened into his sister's room.

Thinking about this should have made me a little jealous but it actually made me kind of hot and I must admit that I thought about it at night while my hand moved under the covers stroking my slippery pussy.

PART 2 The Doctor's Exam

After we had been going out for nearly a year my mother called me into the den.

"Sarah", she said, "Your father and I have been talking and we think that you and Tom might be considering going all the way."

I didn't say anything but my deep blush, well that must have spoken volumes for me.

My mom continued, "Your father and I have set an appointment with a gynecologist for a physical exam."

My mother hesitated and I just stared at her.

Finally she continued, saying, "We've set this appointment so he can see if you are healthy remove your maidenhead."

"What?" I stammered.

"We want your first experience with sexual intercourse to be as nice as possible and getting rid of your hymen will help this happen."

"What about...birth control?"

"Your father and I don't believe in birth control."

I didn't say anything more but I couldn't help but reflect that I had nine brothers and sisters five of them younger than me.

My older sister who was just barely twenty years old already had three kids...and a very hot husband I must admit.

My mom must have taken my silence for consent because she continued, "This is the same doctor who removed my hymen when your father and I first started going together, I guess it's kind of a family tradition."

Despite my parent's somewhat advanced sexual viewpoint, I had been raised to be a relatively submissive daughter so when my mom handed me the slip of paper with the appointment time and place, I took it.

It was a warm summer day when I walked to the office for my appointment. I was wearing a short light one-piece summer dress that I felt was really pretty. It had an elastic band that wrapped under my breasts and really showed their shape with a neckline that showed enough cleavage to be hot but not so much as to be really immodest.

I hadn't told Tom about the appointment and was pretty nervous about the whole thing.

After a few minutes in a nondescript waiting room I was called into the examination room, handed a cotton hospital gown and told to change into it before the doctor came.

I left my panties on and sat in a surpassingly comfortable leather chair with the gown gaping in the back, as those kinds of gowns tend to do.

After a few minutes of the People magazine I had carried in with me from the waiting room, the door opened and the doctor came into the room accompanied by Tom, my boyfriend.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

I gasped, "Uh...Tom..?"

The doctor spoke, saying, "Let me explain".

I turned my eyes towards him.

"Your parents have a, shall we say, unique outlook on sex and marriage. I'm not sure that I agree with every single thing involved but your parents have a marriage that's been going strong for thirty years."

The doctor paused to take a breath and then continued.

"Apparently your mother was talking with Tom and he mentioned that he'd never been in the same room naked with you."

At this point Tom spoke up, grinning bashfully, "I was trying to avoid getting you in trouble, I didn't think she wanted me to see you naked."

The doctor resumed.

"That's exactly what she wants. She wants me to give Tom here a sort of guided tour of your body while I do the examination and maybe a few pointers that will increase the quality of your first experience together."

By this time I was blushing bright red.

Have you ever heard someone say that they didn't know whether to shit or go blind?

That was me; I was flabbergasted to say the least.

My thoughts were still tumbling like laundry in a dryer as the doctor took my elbow and prepared to help me onto the table.

Sometimes I tell myself that I didn't have time to think and if the doctor had waited even thirty seconds longer, I'd have never gotten on that table.

That is when I am lying to myself.

This is really difficult to admit; really hard to talk about but I was already feeling kind of excited and tingly when I climbed onto the examination table and sat there looking at the doctor and Tom.

He had me lie on my back and place my feet into the stirrups and then the table moved so I was kind of sitting up.

"Please slip your arms out of the gown"

The gown slid onto my stomach exposing my breasts.

My nipples began to pucker slightly getting ready to stand up on their own,

"I must look like a total slut," I thought to myself regarding my treacherous nipples as they continued, against my best intentions, to redden and grow hard while the doctor looked on.

The doctor did the usual breast examination and when he was finished, called Tom over.

Taking my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger he began rolling and squeezing it lightly as he spoke in a conversational tome of voice with Tom.

"Your girlfriend is already sexually excited but I doubt that she will admit it to anyone right now, least of all; herself."

As he continued to gently pull on my nipple, he lectured Tom.

"Most girls like to show off and as you can see, her nipples are erect and she's flushed mostly as a response to being naked in front of both of us."

"Look how she responds to this little bit of stimulation I'm providing."

He gave my nipple a light squeeze and I shivered despite myself.

"Here," he released my now rigid nipple, "Have a try" and gestured for Tom to step up.

Tom gently began to squeeze the same nipple the doctor had and the doctor told him to start on the other one, so he reached over and began to tease my other nipple, which was already standing up and tingling before he even touched it. I sometimes believe that my eyes were closed because I didn't want to see the kind of things that were happening to me.

I guess I was kind of trying to pretend that I was above this kind of thing and by closing my eyes I could hide how excited I was becoming.

This did not work.

The doctor kept giving Tom little pointers about how to touch me until I thought I was going to jump out of my skin.

I was so embarrassed by what was happening I was almost grateful when the doctor removed the gown leaving me entirely naked with my legs spread before both of them.

"Please step over here" the doctor said to Tom picking a speculum off the table.

"Most women find this procedure very unpleasant but because of her degree of arousal Sarah may actually enjoy what I'm about to do."

The doctor gradually inserted the speculum with surprising ease as he commented to Tom, "You can see how lubricated she is, now step over here and I'll point out her cervix to you.

Tom said, "I didn't think you could use something like that on a virgin."

The doctor replied, "Actually nowadays virginity is mostly a misnomer. Most girls have ruptured the hymen through athletic programs and other activities but you can see how tight the entrance still is. Clearly Sarah has never had a baby and if she's been fucked, she hasn't been with many partners."

After taking Tom on a walking tour of my reproductive system the doctor finally removed the instrument and started to touch and identify my various girl parts.

Actually despite maintaining a conversational tome as he lectured Tom, he was mainly playing with my clitoris which was causing me to become more and more aroused despite myself.

"You can see that Sarah really can't help being aroused even though I am a complete stranger, now I want you to resume teasing her nipples while I go down on her for a few moments; just watch her reaction and tell me what you see."

Tom followed the doctor's instructions and I didn't know what to say when without another word the doctor got down and started licking my most intimate area.

I shook my head, mutely indicating my unease with what was happening.

Tom said, "I don't think she wants you to be...eating her, she's shaking her head...I think she wants you to stop." But Tom didn't stop teasing my nipples.

The doctor stopped long enough to say, "Pay no attention, she just doesn't want you to think she's some kind of slut but the fact of the matter is that she is very aroused. Her clitoris is very rigid, her labia is swollen and she is lubricating very nicely which will make the removal of her maidenhead go much more smoothly."

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