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Confessions Of A Slave Ch. 03

by Hislittlebitch©

seven - the present

The lashes of the whip continue to fall like a drenching rain. My legs tremble, and i feel my knees wanting to buckle, but i keep biting my lip, fighting to stay on my feet. Then my safe-word rushes from my mouth like water from a bursting dam, and i collapse onto my knees. The pulleys on the weight-machine-that-was whir loudly, and my hands dangle limply from my wrists, above my head.

He removes the restraints and lowers the pulleys back into their resting place. i remain kneeling on the floor, head down, hands in my lap, a curtain of hair surrounding my face.

"Give Me your hands."

He helps me to my feet, and holds me against his chest until i am able, again, to stand on my own. His fingers brush through my hair. i breathe in his virility, exhaling my surrender.

"you've done very well," He whispers into my hair. i shiver as he leads me, blindfolded still, into the bedroom. To my reward.

But first: the show.

"On the bed," He commands, "I want you to play for Me."

i crawl across the bed, pushing two pillows into place, my cheeks flushed, burning. i am still very self-conscious about doing this, but hesitation would displease Him, and that is not an option.

"Remove your panties."

i lie back on the pillows, sliding my satin thong down my legs. It feels damp as i toss it aside. My right hand slides across my breast, briefly brushing my still-throbbing nipple. Across my belly, between my legs. i am dripping wet, even though the hand that now brushes my clit is the first actual touch it has received. A soft sigh slips from my throat as my fingers begin to rub my clit in soft, slow circles.

"That looks so good. How does it feel, baby girl?"

"It feels good. Wet."

"I can see that. Your thighs are shining with it."

"Yes, Sir," i moan, rubbing a little faster.

my eyes, beneath the blindfold, are closed; my face is turned to the side, so that my flaming cheek rests on the pillow. i fantasize that my fingers are His tongue. my back arches up off of the bed a little, and my fingers press harder, slipping and sliding in the wetness.

"Harder," He commands.

Rubbing harder still, i begin to moan again. my fingers slide down over my clit and into my pussy. Two fingers tease just around the edge of the oozing hole, then pull the wetness back up around my clit, and back down to slide all the way in.

"Oh, yes. That's My baby girl. Mmmmm. Fuck yourself for me. Fuck it hard."

So i do, rocking my hips, slamming those two shining fingers faster and harder into my cunt. i try to fuck myself the way i want Him to fuck me.

"Three fingers."

Without changing the rhythm, my index finger slides in beside the other two, and i am pounding them even faster, even harder.


my pinky joins the other three fingers. my entire hand is slippery-wet, and my knuckles are slamming loudly into the rim of the opening. my feet have risen off the bed, and my hips rock faster into the thrusts of my hand.

"That's it. That's My good little bitch. Make it feel good."

my left hand slides down to take the place of my right, four fingers sliding effortlessly into my soaking wet pussy, and my right hand, glistening from fingertips to palm, goes back to my clit, rubbing frantically. i writhe beneath my hands on the bed, until my head feels like it is coming apart at the seams.

"Please, Sir......please....." breathless, moaning.

"Please, what?"

"Please, may i come for you now, Sir?"

"Are you ready?" Maddeningly calm.

"Yes, Sir!" nearly screaming.

"Are you sure?"


"Give it to Me!"

The orgasm starts with my clit, radiating outwards until my entire body is shaking, trembling violently, only my head, shoulders and heels touching the bed.

my moan turns into a gasp as He grabs my hands, ripping them away from my pussy, pinning them to the bed with His own as His cock slams into me, over and over. He has turned my simple orgasm into an endless assault, wave after wave of mind-blowing pleasure, until i fall limp beneath Him.

And still He fucks me, pounding into me like a sledgehammer. He releases my right hand, wrapping it into the hair at the nape of my neck. my head is jerked back, exposing my throat. He sinks His teeth into my flesh at the juncture of my neck and my shoulder, and my hips buck wildly into His. It feels like the skin is about to rip as he gnashes His teeth. He pulls His head back slowly, my skin stretching until it cannot stretch any more, then snapping back into place. my head is jerked to the right, and His teeth clamp onto the skin on the other side as i scream and moan and quiver. His head jerks from side to side with my skin still between His teeth, like a lion ripping apart its prey.

Then He pulls His head back, removes His hand from my hair, and sinks His nails into the soft, pale skin of my right breast. No gentle tease this time, as He squeezes and pulls and claws at first one, then the other. His cock is now teasing me, only the head sliding slowly in and out, driving me insane with the need for Him to fill me up, as only He can.

His left hand releases my right, and wraps tightly around my throat, squeezing my windpipe almost shut. my hips rise desperately, my pussy hungering for His cock as He teases me. Behind the blindfold, my eyes are beginning to roll back into my head when His right hand slams across my cheek, and i go completely wild, thrashing violently in His grip. Fireworks explode in my vision from the skillfully delivered bitch-slap as He rams His throbbing, teasing cock deep into me and lets go of my throat. i come uncontrollably, nearly unconscious and jerking like a fish out of water, making sounds somewhere between a gasp, a moan, and a sob. Exquisite. Beautiful. Pain and pleasure indistinguishable from one another.

He pulls his rigid cock out of my still-gushing wetness. Straddling my body, He works His way up until He is kneeling astride my chest. my arms are forced to my sides, between His legs.

"Lick your come off My cock," He commands, "Lick it clean."

i raise my head, and lap my wetness from His shaft, savoring our taste in my mouth. i wrap my lips around the swollen head and flick my tongue rapidly and repeatedly around. He grabs my hair and forces me to take every inch of Him into my mouth. Once, twice, three times, then He slams my head back down on the pillow.

"Do you want My come?"

"Yes, Sir," i breathe.

"Are you ready for it?"

i open my mouth wide in response, and it rushes over my tongue and slides down my throat. A few tiny drops trail glistening down my chin and chest as He falls back onto the bed.

i gather the wayward drops with my fingers and suck each one slowly into my mouth until they are clean. i don't want to waste a single drop.

"That's My nasty little cum-slut.

"Yes, Sir."

"My good baby girl."

"Yes, Sir."

"Mine. ALL MINE."


Once upon a time, i said i did not want a relationship.

Things change.

Now, i belong to Him in every way. my body was His from the very beginning. Now, my heart and mind are His, also.

i am still in charge of my own life, and the direction i choose to take it is just that: my choice.

But at night, or whenever He so chooses, i revel in being whatever He wants me to be.

His whore.

His bitch.

His cum-slut.

His slave.

His baby girl.

And now, His love.

i am proud to serve my Master, to please Him.

i am proud to be His slave.

Written by: Hislittlebitch

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