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A Night with Daddy Ch. 03

by KellyJames©

It's been a few weeks since I seduced Daddy for the first time and due to time constraints I haven't been able to go visit him since. Every time I think about his lips on my pussy I get dripping wet. I've had to sneak off to the rest room at work a few times to help myself cum.

It had been one of those days where, try though I might, keeping images of him out of my mind was impossible. He was going to be out at hunting camp for another few days so I planned on going home, soaking in the tub and playing with myself until I couldn't take it any more. I walked in the front door and was immediately hit by a blast of cigar smoke and nearly deafened by the raucous sound of laughter. Standing in the door to my home I turned and looked at the driveway. Was this really my house or did I just walk into someone else's by mistake. But no it was definitely mine. It was then that I noticed all the extra cars parked in the street.

I walked slowly through the foyer and poked my head around the door into the kitchen. There were 4 older men sitting at my kitchen table apparently playing cards. After a moment I realized one of them was my Daddy. I sighed and smiled.

"Daddy," I playfully scolded "what are you doing here smoking and drinking,, what WOULD mother say?" He turned in his chair to face me, his eyes slightly droopy with a big grin on his face. "Shhhhhh," he said with a pronounced slur "We are hiding from the women, they wouldn't let us play cards at the camp so we came over here." He grinned the manic grin of a 5 year old who just snuck an extra cookie after bed time.

I smiled. "Alright y'all can stay but keep it down just a bit please. And, for crying out loud, use coasters, I don't want to have to put any of you on a time out" I playfully scolded. They all laughed and continued their game.

I went up stairs and got into the shower. When I rubbed the soap over my body and found myself lingering on my pussy. Feeling myself getting wet, Feeling my clit filling and throbbing, I moaned softly. I ran my hands over my body, feeling my nipples getting hard under my fingers, feeling the water drip down my face and body. I stopped just before I came. I would wait until the other men fell asleep and then I'd take my now quite drunk Daddy again. I smiled to myself as I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.

I jumped back a step and nearly slipped with I noticed my Daddy standing in the bathroom watching me. He moaned softly as he licked his lips and walked towards my dripping body. Taking me by the hips he moved me to the counter and picked me up, putting my ass on the very edge. Without saying a word or taking his eyes off of mine he moved his hands between my legs and pushed them apart. Kneeling down before me he began gently kissing my mound, teasing my cunt. I leaned back and ran my hands over his head. I knew it wouldn't take me long to cum since I hadn't finished myself earlier.

He used his tongue to spread my lips and began gently kissing my clit,, sucking it lightly. Hearing him moan and feeling his hands spreading my legs farther was all I could take.

"I love you Daddy." I sad as my body shook with ecstasy. He lapped up all my cum and kissed my mound gently again.

He slowly stood up and kissed me while he ran his hands over my still shaking body. Tasting my cunt juice on his lips I licked the rest off his face. He leaned over and whispered "That's just the beginning, I plan on giving you much more later." He gave a sly grin "Much much more."

After another peck on the cheek he left me to finish drying off and went back down stairs. I sat on the counter for a while calming down and then dried off and dressed in a fairly plain white nightie. It wasn't too sexy even though it was slightly sheer, but I didn't feel like bothering with too much. I figured it wouldn't be long until his friends were finding their ways to sofas or my guest room to sleep their evenings beverages off.

I came down stairs and said hello to the crew while I got myself a glass of wine. A nice bunch of men, most of them had been friends with Daddy since he was in grade school. When this group got together you knew they were going to have fun (even if it was the old married man fun of some beers, some cards and lots of stories about the old days).

Bill, good looking but rather round, was like an uncle to me and he sat to my Daddy's left. Steve, who honestly is one of the prettiest men I've ever seen, sat to my Daddy's right and Mark, the funniest of the crew, sat across the table. "Come here Princess, be my lucky charm. Your Daddy isn't doing very well and could use the help." Everyone laughed. I came over and he pushed his chair back for me to sit on his lap. He put his arms around me so I could see all of his cards. I could also feel his swelling cock rub against my ass.

They played on, Daddy wasn't kidding, he really wasn't doing well, but it was a friendly game and no one ever ended up being out more than $5 so he wasn't too worried.

"Here, hold these cards for me." he whispered in my ear

I held the cards and he sat back a bit looking over my shoulder. I jumped when I felt his hands on my bare legs. I tried to subtly squirm to indicate that he should stop. I liked him touching me but the way we were sitting I knew Bill and Steve would be able to see if they looked over. He didn't stop,, gently he ran his rough fingers over my legs and moved closer to the bottom of my night shirt. He slipped his fingers under the hem and continued up. Even with everyone there I was very turned on by his gentleness. The game and conversation continued as Daddy slowly felt up to the curve of my ass.

"Oh man that's right I forgot to tell you guys." said Bill. "I saw this chick up on campus the other day, oh my god she was so fucking hot I had to go jack off after watching her just walk by."

While they all laughed, I was a little surprised by this comment but good friends after a few beers are apt to share such things I suppose.

"Yea well a guy like you is only going to get to enjoy the memory of a girl like that and your hand." said Steve, more laughter

"See now what your problem is guys is that you never go for it These girls wouldn't know what hit them having any of us take care of them. I say we should find a hottie and show them that it's not only wine that gets better with age. Oh that's right, you are all married." said Mark mocked them in good humor. Being the only single man at the table he seemed to take enjoyment out of reminding the others that he was the only one with that option.

"Oh yea dream on. Even without a wife you couldn't get some young cutie." They all laughed some more.

Daddy coughed lightly, "Actually guys," He stood me up. "What about a cutie like this?" He stood me there in front of these men I'd known since I was born and I was just dumb struck.

Daddy stood up behind me and started to hike my dress up

"Honestly men, you ever seen a cuter pussy than my little girl's here?" He had my dress up to my waist, my bare shaved cunt for all to see. I was scared but I didn't want him to stop. Everyone else just sat there, looking hard at my cunt. Their mouths slightly open, Bill actually licked his lips.

"And look at this pretty little belly," he said slowly pulling my dress up more. "and this ass." he said as he turned me around. Smacking my bare ass hard in front of his friends he leaned in and kissed me. As he pulled my dress up over my head I heard the men get up from their chairs. He turned me around with my arms still raised.

I stood there, breasts and pussy exposed to my Daddy's friends. Daddy held my arms up and kissed the back of my sholder. His friends stood there looking at my exposed body like a pack of hungry wolves moving in for the kill.

Daddy released my arms and reached around to play with my titties. I moaned softy at the feel of his hands on me. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back at his touch. Soon there were other hands on me, running up and down my waist, caressing my arms, sliding over my belly.

"Come on, let's take this cutie upstairs." Daddy said to his friends, taking me by the hand and leading me up to my bed, his friends followed with out question.

He sat me down on the edge of my bed as everyone came in. I could see all of their pants bulging and begging for release. "What do you think men? You like my little baby's body?" There was a murmur of ascent amongst the group as Daddy spread my legs for everyone to see.

He leaned over and kissed me, putting his arm behind my back and laying me down. His hands holding my head and his lips on mine left my body exposed to all of these men. It wasn't long before I felt many hands on my legs pressing them farther apart. "Oh man, your little girl has the hottest pussy I've ever seen,, all clean and shaved,, and look how wet she's getting."

"Well go on men, why don't you show her how real men fuck." My Daddy said as he stopped kissing my mouth and started down my neck and onto my tits.

He was sucking one tittie and when I looked down I saw that it was Bill playing with my other,, twisting it, getting it hard. Looking down I saw Steve and Mark between my legs, slowly rubbing their fingers over my mound. Steve leaned in fist and I gasped as I felt his lips on me. They each slowly worked around my body. While slowly undressing themselves they ran their fingers over my body and planted delicated kisses on every part of me. The feeling of such softness from such rough men was making me wet. Daddy could see I wanted more.

"Who wants her first cum tonight?" he said with a big grin on his face. With out hesitation, Bill leaned in to my cunt and began licking hard, then as suddenly as he had started he stopped, I looked down and saw him grab his throbbing cock. Bracing myself I closed my eyes as he slammed his cock all the way into my dripping pussy. He moaned and I screamed at his brutality of my cunt but as soon as he entered me my cunt locked down on his cock sucking it in ecstasy as I came hard. Daddy and Steve were sucking my titties as their buddy pounded my cunt. He pulled out as quickly as he had started and shot his load all over my belly.

"That's right Bill." said Daddy "Cover all over my little girl with cum, she's a dirty little cum slut."

Bill moved off and came to lay next to me, we gently kissed and touched as the other men began to spread my legs again. "It's ok little girl, I told you I'd give you more tonight and Daddy likes seeing his little girl's cunt get used by his friends. Now you just relax and let these nice men show you what a good fucking really is."

Steve stood between my legs watching Bills cum drip off my waist, he rubbed my ass. "Turn her over." He said to the group in general. All the hands of the group turned me over and bent me over the bed. Steve began rubbing my ass and my Daddy slid on the bed before me, thrusting his waiting cock at my mouth. I eagerly took it and sucked gently as Steve took his fingers from my pussy to my ass getting it good and wet for his entry. I looked up and saw Daddy watching his friend prepare to violate his little girls ass. He throbbed in my mouth as I felt Steve's cock push against my tight ass. "Don't be gentle." My dad ordered. Daddy shoved my head down on his cock and Steve slammed his full length into my ass up to his balls. I tried to cry out but gagged on my Daddy's cock. Both of them used me and fucked me hard until I heard Steve moan as his cock shot his load into my ass. He smacked it several times as he pushed his last few drops up into my bowls.

Daddy eased up on my head and slid me up so my pussy was above his cock. I slid it down onto him with his friends cum on my belly and dripping out of my ass. I lowerd myself slowly but took him all the way in.

"Ok princess Daddy is going to show you how to take it like a bad little girl." He smacked my ass as I began to ride his thick cock.

He motioned to Mark who came up behind me. I felt Mark's cock against my still dripping ass. He shoved it in as hard as he could. With both my holes filled I couldn't help but cum hard all over my Daddy's waiting cock "That's right sweetie,, take it,, take all of us." He kissed me deeply "I want my seed to be the only one in your pretty little pussy, I'm going to fill your little cunnie." Both men rocked me up and down on their cocks. Mark pushing faster and faster into my ass. Both men moaned as they abused my holes.

Having recovered Bill came over and turned my head to face his waiting cock which he shoved in my mouth. Steve kneeled on the other side stroking his cock hard again.

Daddy and Mark pounded my pussy and ass as hard as they could as Bill and Steve took turns shoving their cocks down my neck. Gagging on two cocks, my pussy and ass filled I began to cum hard again. I heard Mark moan as he thrust himself deep in me and emptied his load. Bill grabbed my face and pulled it towards his cock as he shot his load all over my face. I licked up the cum on my lips but hadn't gotten it all when Steve grabbed me and shot his load too. "Daddy's little girl is a good little cum slut." Daddy moaned as he looked up at my face

Grabbing my hips he thrust himself deep inside me and let himself go "You like Daddy's seed in your pussy baby? You like feeling Daddy squirt his load deep in his baby girl's pussy?"

"OH Daddy fill me." I screamed. I came all over his pulsing cock as he shot his seed deep into my waiting womb. He wiped the cum off my mouth and kissed me, his tongue dancing inside my mouth as he shot his final load into me. "That's Daddy's little girl." he whispered gently in my ear as he held me tight. The other men, worn out were finding their way to quiet places to sleep. I lay with my Daddy all night, naked in his arms as I slept.

Written by: KellyJames

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