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Naive Housewives Are Led Astray

by LordRamsay©

"You like it, don't you?"

"Y-yes I do. I didn't think I would but it is strangely arousing.

"Let's continue. I want to see what her tits look outside her bra."

As predicted, Debbie, very slowly and, over a number of pictures, peeled the cups of her bra down to reveal her big white tits. At 36D they were huge and looked marvelous. They were pert and her nipples were a good inch erect.

"My God, her tits are huge." Victoria exclaimed. "They are massive..."

"Yours are just as big." James replied, not wanting his wife to feel inadequate. Although, looking at Debbie's marvelous jugs, he was not sure. Victoria's were very big at 34D but Debbie's may have had the edge in terms of size. James grabbed a handful of Victoria's tit flesh and started to jiggle them up and down.

"Oh yes, that is nice. Oh, and play with my pussy. C-come on, let's see the rest of the picture. I think I am close"

As James continued with the slide show, there were more pictures of Debbie displaying her tits to the cameraman. This time the pictures were much closer, so rather than Debbie appearing to be showing her body off to someone sitting behind a desk, that person was now standing a lot closer. As such, you got a close up of her face and tits. She had spread her shirt very wide and was thrusting her breasts out. And then, with what happened to be the final picture, and the one that sent Victoria over the edge, a big black hand emerged and cupped one of Debbie's big white tits.

Victoria came. The black hand on white tit flesh was totally unexpected and its emergence on this beautiful woman awoke in Victoria her deepest darkest fantasies -- that of a white woman submitting her body to the will and power of a black man. Her cumming had very little to do with James's hand in her pussy -- it was solely down to that black hand.

"Oh my God, a black man is the man who is taking the pictures? Do you suppose it is Charles?" Victoria said after she had recovered from her orgasm.

James, who was equally shocked, by the hands emergence merely shrugged his shoulders. He thought his wife had cum because of him, but what was of more concern, and interest, was what this hand was doing and where this photo shoot was going? Mild erotic pictures was one thing, but this could be leading to something altogether more explicit. James was not sure whether he wanted to go down that road. Unfortunately for him, Victoria almost certainly did want to go down that road.

"Do you think there could be some more pictures? I mean, do you think this story continues?" Victoria enquired, doing very little to hide the desperation in her voice. Despite cumming, she was still oh so horny. She desperately wanted to see what else Debbie got up to with the black man in the photo, whose face they were yet to see.

"Well I suppose there could be. I would have to ask Charles. Are you sure you want to see these? I mean this is not exactly what I was expecting. It is of course very good but..." James was now a little concerned, and not a little surprised at his wife's attitude. He had not expected her to be so keen to see what Debbie would do with another man. And a black man at that! But at the same time, she was aroused. Maybe he could persuade her that erotic modeling was the way forward...

"Ok. I tell you what, I will email him and see what happens."

James, keen not to waste a moment of time, frantically typed away.

"Dear Charles,

Many thanks for your pictures. They were a little more risqué then we had imagined -- although Victoria and I enjoyed them considerably. Debbie is one hot girl, she looked great. We particularly enjoyed the way the photos allowed her to reveal her stunning body in a very slow seductive way. It really added to the whole experience and made it thoroughly enjoyable.

We did have one query though -- the last picture -- the one where a hand comes to rest on her breast, was this supposed to be part of the portfolio? If so, does this particular picture scenario continue? Victoria and I would very much like to see the rest of it, if possible?

Kind regards,


PS -- Victoria might be keen to model for your agency."

When James typed the last sentence, he was not too sure whether his wife would protest, and insist on its deletion, or do nothing. To his delight, she did and said nothing. Indeed, when Victoria read it, as it was being typed, she was initially going to protest; but then she thought to herself, why do that when she might actually be interested? She did not know whether it was the erotic nature of the pictures, the fact that a black man was involved or just the whole weird situation of watching porn with her husband. All she knew was that she wanted to see more Debbie and this black man. However, what she feared the most was that the reason why her pussy was still so wet was because a black man was involved. Had the hand been white, maybe she would have felt differently?

As James's email hit Charles's box, poor Katrina, the Albanian sex slave , was still sucking on Charles's giant member. When he saw that he had a new message from James, he realized that he would now discover whether his plan had any mileage or if James was fuming with him and all the repercussions that would follow. Charles had of course deliberately kept in the last picture in order to test the ground. If they had reacted negatively and got all high and mighty, well he could apologise, claim it was a dreadful mistake, one which he was not aware of since the portfolio had come directly from the agency and hope no lasting damage was done. If it was positive, well then it was very much game on!

When he read James's email, he was delighted. He grabbed on to Kaltrina's head and began to fuck her mouth even harder. Soon, he hoped to be doing that to the delicious Victoria. Kaltrina, looked up at him, tears in her eyes, desperate for some recognition for all the work she was putting in, but all she found was that the evil man was looking at the computer and, having removed his hands from her head, was typing away. She redoubled her efforts.

Charles's reply read:

"Dearest James,

Please could you and your wife accept my sincere apologies for the last picture, this should not have been in the portfolio that was sent. I will have to have a word with the agency.

As I mentioned, each portfolio is specifically designed for each of our clients. This particular client had a certain scenario that he wanted acted out. I had only wanted to send you the first stage of pictures so you could see the style and genre that we offer. However, I do not think it is appropriate for me to send you more pictures. These do get more explicit and I am not too sure whether you and your wife would want to see them.

Once again, sincere apologies,


On reading this email, Victoria almost typed out the response herself. Of course they wanted to see the rest of the pictures. How could he possibly leave her hanging like this? Thankfully, the desperate rantings of a horny white wife were avoided, and James managed to type a reasoned response.


Many thanks for your email. No need to apologies. Victoria and I aren't as conservative as you think. We would, subject to your approval, still be very interested to see the remaining pictures. We found the whole thing very arousal and I know my wife would be very disappointed if she could not see what happens to the delightful Debbie.



As soon as he read that Victoria would be disappointed not to see the remaining pictures, he started to cum down the delightful Katrina's mouth. Little did the naïve wife know that the hand that she saw was none other than his. He was the black model in this series, although you would never know. In the POV style of porn, where the male's face is never visible as he fucks his victim, so was the case in the scenario. As the happy couple were about to discover, things were about to get an awful lot more explicit.

"Dear James,

Ok, if you and your wife are happy, I enclose some further pictures of the Boss/Secretary scenario. These are batch 2 of 3. If you enjoy these, please let me know and I will send you the final batch



Charles then sat back and ordered Smith into his room. He wanted to watch him fuck Katrina doggie style. And whilst she was taking Smith's giant 13 inch cock, he ordered her to call her fiancé and explain to him that she would not be home until Monday. She desperately tried to sound normal on the phone and offer a plausible explanation, but the sound of a big black man pounding her from behind, spanking her upturned buttocks and her cumming was just a slight give away. She had some work to do to save her relationship.

Meanwhile, back with James and Victoria, their marriage was still going strong and entering a new strange phase, thanks to the evil machinations of the great Charles Jackson.

They clicked on the file headed "Debbie -- Pictures 2 --A Secretary Gets Punished"

With great eagerness, and both feeling as horny as they ever had, they began the slide show.

The first picture showed Debbie, sitting back in her chair, legs folded, revealing the flesh above her stockings, and she was holding a piece of paper and reading it. Her blouse was still open displaying her tits, which were still out of her flimsy bra.

And there was also another big difference. Under the picture there was now some writing explaining the photo story. As James and Victoria would discover, it was not included in every picture but periodically when an explanation was required. Under this picture was written:

"Samuel, the boss, handed over to Debbie incontrovertible evidence that she had indeed been stealing from the company. If she wanted to keep her job, stop the police and her husband from finding our, she would have to do more than merely show her boss her tits and ass. Samuel wanted a whole lot more. First, he ordered her to strip. Debbie had no choice but to obey"

They read this in silence. For Victoria, this was one of her secret fantasies -- to be at the complete whim of a dominant powerful black man, to be subjugated to his evil will, with no ability to resist or to prevent being cruelly fucked.

It was Victoria who first broke the silence.

"Why do you think we get words now, not in the previous pictured?" Victoria enquired

"Well, Charles is clearly a clever bastard. Had he included the story in the first set of pictures, well that may have put us off. Now he knows we are game, he is confident of giving is the whole bang." James was no fool, he was spot on in his thinking. Charles's overriding concern in all this was to ensure that he did not scare the happy couple off too soon. Having ascertained that they were turned on by what they saw, he decided to ratchet things up a little by including the story. He was hoping that it would add to things and lure young Victoria in to the trap he was setting. As in most things, Charles would not be disappointed.

"Well, I am not bothered, are you? I think it spices things up." Victoria was almost in her own little world, a world where her husband was not there and she was alone with this picture story. She was now masturbating herself off and had two of her own fingers up her pussy. Her legs were spread as wide as possible and both of her tits were out of her baby doll. She felt as horny as she had ever felt, largely because she wished that it was her rather than Debbie who was being blackmailed. The only thing that was a constant reminder of her husband was the fact that she was being forced to rub his dick. She would rather use her other hand to play with her tits, but though this was a tad unfair to the poor chap. God, was she really this much of a whore, she wondered? The coming days would answer that question for her in the affirmative.

James, not to be outdone by his horny wife, was also turned on by this. Not only by the story, but also at the obvious affect it was having on his hitherto conservative wife. The transformation was remarkable. "No, I am not bothered, let's crack on. God yes, rub my cock..."

There then followed a series of very seductive pictures as young Debbie was forced to undress in front of her boss. First, she removed her jacket. She then turned around so her back was facing the camera. Her skirt was still raised showing the tops of her stockings and garters.

Slowly she removed her skirt. She bent forward so her arse, framed by her black garters and g-string, was now facing out in front of the camera. There were several pictures of this delightful pose.

Both Victoria and James were breathing heavily, immersed in their own private world.

Debbie then stood up and turned around to face the camera/her boss. She was still wearing her shirt, which, other than the last button, was unbuttoned and was spread open to reveal her tits, which were still hanging out of her half cut black bra. She still had on her heels, stockings, suspenders and g-string. She looked every bit like a subservient slut.

The next picture showed her looking back at the desk where her boss would have been sitting and was again holding the same piece of paper and was looking down at it.

"The Evidence was damming. Debbie had no choice but to obey. If she did not want to lose her job, the generous money and benefits that came with it, she would have to do what her boss ordered. Next, the bra and the g-string had to come off. For the first time, Debbie would be displaying her pussy to a man other than her husband."

The next picture showed Debbie turning around so her arse was once more facing the camera and then, she very slowly removed her g-string. All the time she kept her legs straight (as no doubt as she was ordered) thus revealing her shaved pussy. Then she turned around and removed her bra. It seemed to burst open so big were her tits and so flimsy her bra. They were magnificent - at least 36D -- with large brown nipples which unashamedly pointed out.

The story then moved quickly on with the next picture which showed poor Debbie kneeling between the legs of her blackmailer and further pictures showed her unzipping the man's pants. As she did, she had a look of shock and bewilderment at what she was being forced to do. Whilst her pretty face may have had a look of fear, her nipples on her enormous white tits betrayed the excitement she undeniably felt at being forced to become a black man's slut.

And then finally they got to the part that Victoria was craving to see, the part where Debbie took out her Master's enormous 12 inch black cock. A picture showed the fully erect cock out of Charles's black pinstripe pants. Debbie's left hand held it at the base, she was unable to hold it fully it was so big. Her dainty little hand made it look even bigger (if that was possible), and her big diamond engagement ring, no doubt given to her by some poor fool of a husband, shone brightly up against the coal black dick that she was being forced to hold. Her other hand was up against her mouth, that was open in shock. She genuinely looked terrified at what she was looking at.

Under the picture, there was another caption:

"Debbie was then told by her boss to suck his big black cock and if she did not suck him dry and swallow his spunk, she would be sacked and the police called. Despite pleading with him that she was a faithful wife, a mother of two children, and someone who had never sucked a cock in her life before. Her boss informed her that this was all irrelevant to him. She was now going to become his fuck toy and she would learn how to suck cock and to suck it properly. The alternative was jail.

"Debbie had no choice. She removed her boss's cock from his pants and was shocked at its length and girth. She had never seen such a big cock in her life before. The only cock she had ever seen was her husband's and his was a pitiful 5 inches in length. What she realized was that finally she was holding a real cock."

Victoria silently wondered what it would be like to hold a real cock. The only one she had ever held was her husband's and his was also small -- it maxed out at 6 inches. In disgust at what life had forced her to miss out on, she removed her hand from his cock. She felt that whilst she was paying homage to the power of black dick, she should not pleasure a small white penis. Instead, she grabbed a hair brush from the nearby dresser and plunged it into sopping wet pussy. She spread her legs as wide as possible in order to gain maximum entry. Both her beautiful big tits were now out of her flimsy babydoll nightie and her other hand was playing with them, flicking her big sensitive nipples. .

Indeed she now no longer even acknowledged that her husband was even in the same room as her, so immersed was she in her own perverted world. a world where she was the poor abused wife in the story and where it was Victoria who was being forced to become a fuck toy for her black master.

James noticing the change in his wife said and did nothing. Instead he masturbated himself, aware that his wife was ignoring him.

The story continued.

It now showed Debbie with her mouth open as wide as possible, hovering over the top of the head Charles's cock. Her innocent blue eyes were looking up at him, in submission and in fear. You then saw her take the head into her mouth and there then followed a series of pictures where Debbie took more and more of Charles's cock into her mouth. His hands also emerged into the frame, one went behind her head to push it further down his cock whilst the other played with her big tits. It was not long before Debbie had 12 inches forced down her throat. As she dutifully looked up at Charles, tears were swelling up in her eyes.

"G-god she is sucking his cock. She is really sucking all of his big black cock." Victoria screamed out, and she was not screaming out to her husband, but rather to herself. She was screaming out in pleasure at seeing her darkest fantasies being played out in front of her very own eyes.

"God it is so big. I did not realise they ever got to be so big. And she is sucking it all, the filthy whore. Oh God, yes..."

James was shocked at this and looked over at his wife. She ignored him and carried on looking at the computer screen which was showing more pictures of Debbie moving her head up and down the giant cock. Charles's hands were no longer in the frame and Debbie was clearly sucking of her own accord and one of her hands could be seen massaging his giant balls.

James had never heard his prim proper wife use such language before, nor had he ever seen her look so aroused, well not when he had sex with her at least. Her legs were wide open and she was vigorously thrusting the brush in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were glazed over and she was licking her lips.

She was clearly turned on by seeing such a big black cock and by the fact that a poor wife was being forced to suck it.

James should have felt angry at this. Angry that his wife could be turned on by such disgusting porn, angry with himself that it was he who had been tricked into bringing such filth in to their hitherto dull suburban lives. But he did not feel this, instead he felt similar to how his wife felt - utterly turned on. However, he was not turned on by the porn per se, although that was undeniably arousing, he was more turned on by the reaction of his wife: he found it a complete turn on that she was aroused by black men and their big black cocks. He was also smart enough to realize that what was driving his wife wild was her imagining that it was her instead of Debbie being fucked in the mouth by a giant black cock. That should have disgusted him. Instead all he could imagine was his wife being pounded by big black dick and him loving it. Before he could dwell on this forbidden fantasy, which caused him great unease, his wife was screaming out again.

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