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Florida Swing

by mughalpunjabi©

For a long time we had been playfully talking about the possibilities of swinging if the opportunity presented itself. Much of our bedroom banter and indeed bed time talk included fantasies of what it would be like to involve others into our intimacies. Yet for all the talk, the potential to swing in our environment was apparently next to zero.

After all, we live in Pakistan, a rather conservative country, though having its share of amorous opportunities. My wife, Aliya, and I have been married for more than a dozen years, have lived all over the world, and have a happy family including our lovely kids.

But routine and day to day drudgery had taken over our sex lives, and it was rare that "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" was not the norm. When one day we began to talk about our fantasies, things decidedly perked up and the sex was marvelous. Since then we had progressed on to vivid fantasies, including exotic locations, sexy dresses, and yes, other partners.

Unlikely as we were to break the sexual exploration taboo in Pakistan, our opportunity arrived when we planned a trip to the United States, with the very innocent idea of taking the children to Disneyworld. With the summer holidays started, kids in tow, we arrived at Orlando on a lovely July day. We were going to enjoy the parks for nearly two weeks. Aliya and I were given a double bedroom; the kids were given an adjoining twin room.

I am a few years past 35, but most people who meet and know me think I am many years younger. Though putting on some weight and losing some hair, I am fairly active and sporty. Aliya is in her early-30's, with a figure she has worked on despite bearing our lovely kids, pert breasts, long hair, a curvy behind and legs that she loves to tightly bind around my waist in her throes of passion, and a relatively tight cunt.


The first couple of days in Florida passed in simple park related enjoyment. Between tiredness from the long flight and the full day's endeavors, we were hardly in shape to do much intimately. But on day 3 changed things quite nicely. While at one of the theater performances in the park, we happened to get seated next to another family. The wife, in her early-30's was sitting next to me, wearing a pink skirt and floral clogs. She was blonde, very attractive and with a very light perfume. Her husband, in his mid-30's was about 6 feet tall, also blonde haired, and friendly looking. Along with them were their two daughters, both well under 10 years of age. During the show, she opened her bag to get something and her lipstick fell out, right into my lap. Without thinking she reached across and picked it right off my crotch, giving my blood an immediate rush. Quick apologies followed and nothing much was expected.

That night, after another long day in the park, we put the kids to bed and headed out to Disney downtown, an adult oriented area with restaurants, bars, discos and so on. Aliya looked sharp in white hot pants, topped with a white blouse with black zippers. To complete the outfit she wore fancy white clogs with long laces tied all the way up to her knees. Cheekily, she left the zipper on her shirt open about a third of the way down from her neck, allowing anyone a nice globular view whenever she bent over, turned around or raised her arms over her head. She certainly gave a few of the other patrons in the resort bus a hard on while driving to the venue.

After grabbing a quick bite at one of the bistros, we went into a comedy club, and were seated at a table towards one side just as the show started. As the show unfolded others joined at the table and the room was full to capacity. Imagine my surprise, during the break when lights came on, to discover the lady from the morning again sitting next to me, alongside her husband. I made a joke about being careful that her drink did not end up in my lap like her lipstick did. This was a great icebreaker and the four of us started chatting and getting to know each other. Erica was a teacher from Oklahoma, and her husband, Alec, worked in a food company.

After the comedy club, we proceeded to the disco, where we began to dance on a revolving floor. As no waiters were about, I took drinks orders and went to the bar, leaving Aliya dancing with Erica and Alec. When the drinks were delivered, I could only carry two at a time. As I was wondering what to do, I found Erica coming over to help with the other two drinks. We went over to our table as the music slowed significantly. A pregnant pause followed on the dance floor, when Alec asked Aliya if she would grant him the next dance. Surprised, but reluctant, she agreed and brought her body close to his, their arms going around each other. After the initial shock, I found myself pleasantly aroused, and asked Erica if she was up to dance. She told me her thing was pulsating salsa, not boring waltzes. This certainly left me deflated. Yet just about 5 minutes later, after Aliya and Alec had rejoined us, a real hot Spanish tune kicked up. Without a thought, Erica grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. Luckily, I had some experience in Latin dancing and gladly let her grind and gyrate her body into mine. After a good 15 minutes, we returned to the table, with my raging hard on making every step difficult. For the next hour, we continued to dance, with partners frequently changing. Finally well past midnight we called it a day.

We got off the bus at our resort, a few blocks away from our new acquaintances' hotel. As we entered the elevator, on a very silent lobby floor, Aliya suddenly ran her blouse's zipper all the way down, and at the same time, unzipped my fly and gathered my penis. This wild surge in my wife was both unexpected and most welcome. We came to our floor. Our room was about 15 doors down the corridor. With total brazenness, Aliya dropped her shirt on the floor. As I grabbed for it, I found her bra on the ground and her orbs bouncing freely. She hopped further and deliberately lost one sandal and then the other. Halfway down the corridor, her shorts were discarded. Just then we heard voices and ducked red faced into the ice machine room. Luckily for us, the door shut and silence ensued almost immediately. I looked out to see if all was clear and felt Aliya whoosh past me with a wispy material landing on my face. Her panties were off, and she was standing nude a few doors from our room. I ran to the door, somehow managed to open it, and at the same time grab Aliya around the waist, pick her onto my shoulder and carry her into the bedroom.

Without hesitation, I went to pull out my dick, found it already hanging out of the trousers, and simply rammed it home, clothes and all. Aliya moaned with ecstasy, and thrashed around the bed. In no time at all, my load was shot into her deep recesses and she shuddered into orgasm. Withdrawing, I began to undress and noted we had not even shut the door in our passion.

In a teasing mood, I asked her to come over to the door. When she did, I handed her the ice bucket, pushed her out and asked her to not return till she had plenty of ice. Shocked, she first begged to be let in. But soon she realized, I was not averse to her giving an exhibition, and slowly and deliberately sashayed over to the ice room in all her nude glory. She certainly took her time returning, but came and knocked.

I pulled her inside and this time she pushed me back on the bed, came atop my midsection, held my dick in her hand and shoved it into her pussy. Another shock followed, as instead of a warm hole, my cock encountered a nearly frozen environment. Somehow she had secreted a handful of ice cubes into herself. While the cold caused the dick to retract, the overall kinkiness aroused me even more, and I dove into her Arctic weather down south and all. Another massive orgasm racked us both and we fell back, both hot and cold.

As we recuperated from our hard work, we began to share a drink and to talk about the day. Before long, we started to discuss Erica and Alec. The talk turned to how Aliya thought Erica was turning me on. I retorted that she did not seem to object to being with Alec either. Finally deep sleep overtook us and the promise of a new day revived our energies.


We decided to spend the day at the Wet 'n Wild water park. As we were preparing to leave, our phone rang. Erica was wondering about our plans and thought it would be great to meet up, kids and all. We met them at the water slides and the kids were soon well into getting wet. Aliya had bought a nice blue one piece swimsuit at the hotel shop, which had a scarf folding around her neck, coming down her front and covering the breasts and cuffing like hot pants around her hips and bottom. Her back was totally bare till the midsection, and she caught many appreciative stares. Erica took off her outer clothing to reveal a white bikini with light yellow flowers on it. Her body was that of an athlete. With the two ladies lounging next to each other, getting the sun, there was much male traffic in the area around us.

As the day progressed we chatted about the good things on our trip. Somehow the discussion turned to holidays improving sexual prowess. Erica ribbed Aliya about what we did the night before. Surprise of surprises, Aliya blurted out nearly the entire blow by blow account. Erica chimed in that they had not made it past the parking lot either and Alec had bent her over a parked vehicle and taken her from behind, not 50 feet away from a group in a pool on their block. This juicy chat, and increased number of drinks, further loosened lips and talk became increasingly intimate. At one point, Erica announced she was getting too turned on and was going in the water to cool off. She pulled Aliya along with her into the pool.

As the ladies cooled off, the temperature rose further at my end as Alec complimented Aliya's form and looks and appreciated our endurances of the prior night. He loudly wondered what it would be like to do the same. I suggested that he should try the same with Erica tonight, when he dropped a real bombshell. Very directly, he said he was wondering about what sex with Aliya would be like, since on one hand she seemed pert and demure and on the other demonstrated such animal lust. As my mind raced to reconcile with this information, Erica came over and handed me her suntan lotion, asking if I would rub it over her as Alec was allergic to the particular brand. I complied while Aliya watched from the pool without much surprise. Apparently Erica had explained the allergy to her, so Aliya did not take things much out of context.

Now Aliya came out and stretched out on the chair. Alec and I went into the pool. Alec came by and slowly said, "Erica is quite turned on by you." I replied that she was a very pretty lady and that Alec was lucky to have her. At this point, Alec said, "listen buddy, we are on holiday and to have wonderful experiences we do not have at home, right, Erica is keen on you and I think Aliya is wonderful. Would you consider a holiday swap?" This straightforward comment hit me like a thunderbolt, yet one of our biggest fantasies was looking like coming to reality. I told him I had to get Aliya's point of view as we had never done anything of this sort before. Alec told me that their first time was also awkward, but they had been swinging for some time, enjoying the variety that spiced up their lives.

Shortly after, I stretched out by the pool, next to Aliya. Suddenly she turned around, gave me a deep kiss, put a towel over my crotch and ran her hand over my dick. "Erica wants to fuck you," she matter of fact stated. "Well dear, Alec wants to do the same to you," I responded. She went red in the face, as this part was apparently not brought up by her counterpart. I pushed her down, deep kissed her and said, "We have been thinking about something like this for a long time. I will go along with whatever you decide." For quite a while, she remained lost in thought. Meanwhile our friends stayed in the pool. After what seemed hours, but was probably no more than five minutes, she said, "let's do it, but the condition is that if there is something I do not want to do, Alec has to agree with me and not force himself."

This seemed like a great solution, and as we sat for lunch, we nodded agreement all around. Here we encountered a logistical problem. While we had agreed to swap partners, both groups had children, who could not be left alone. Neither would it be a good idea to bed someone else next to one's kids. After much thought, we worked out a plan. Tonight, Alec would go out with Aliya and they would have their date elsewhere. Erica would remain with her kids, while I would be with mine. Two nights later, I would take Erica out, leaving Alec and Aliya to respectively baby-sit.


As the kids were put to bed, on cue Alec arrived for Aliya at half past nine. Aliya was dressed in tight designer jeans, with a blouse that came about two inches above her knees. She had tied a scarf around her waist and put nice black heels on. She went out and Alec gave her a kiss on her cheek. I watched them enter the elevator, exit to the car park and reach his vehicle. They paused to talk for a few moments. Just then, Alec bent down to his knees, put his hands under Aliya's shirt and pulled down her jeans. She stepped out of them and sat in the car, now with the blouse acting as a short skirt. Alec got into the driver's seat and I returned to my room. Two minutes later the bell rang. I was surprised to see Alec standing outside. He gave me a wink and handed over Aliya's folded jeans saying, "it's a bit warm for jeans and she has such nice legs to hide them."

That was a long night. I could not believe I had sent my wife gladly off with a near total stranger. And here I was alone, not fucking the other guy's wife. At times, I felt like a complete wanker. "What if Erica does not follow through?" my mind worried. The next 11 hours or so went very fitfully for me. Yet at the same time I was very aroused at how Aliya might be enjoying the service that Alec would undoubtedly be providing to her.

I had dozed off, and was awakened by Aliya around 9 am. She had entered via the kids' room, showered there and then come over to change. She looked radiant and fresh, with only a towel about her. I reached for her, but she playfully left the towel with me and went into the bathroom. Dressed up, she came out and reminded me the kids were up for breakfast. I was dying to know what had happened, but she kept things matter of fact all the way to lunch at one of the parks. I grabbed her near an alcove, pulled her into an empty space, kissed her deeply and blurted, "tell me." She returned the kiss, patted my hand off and went out. This hide and seek continued till dinner was done and the kids put to bed.

"Get ready to go out," she said, and went to the bathroom. She came out dressed in jeans with another medium length blouse and heels. Figuring downtown Disney was our destination, I followed her to our car. "Remove my pants," she ordered, standing there. I complied immediately and flung them into the back seat. "Drive over to the restaurant row," she suggested and I followed again. We stopped at a rustic looking American restaurant, with tree covered parking towards the end of the lot farthest away from the door. "Open my shirt," she said, then, "remove my bra." Without hesitation, I did as she said. She was sitting topless and asked me to massage her breasts. I kissed and fondled them for some time till they were perked up. While I was getting a serious erection, she was glowing from the action. She pushed me back and stepped out braless, fixing her shirt, but leaving the top buttons undone.

The restaurant had rounded tables with plush booth seats going around. She snuggled in close and asked me to put my hand on her legs and massage. As dinner progressed, she had my hands on her legs, her back, in her hair, and even once on her breasts. Her hands she kept to herself, surprisingly. After dinner concluded, we walked back to the car, where she wanted me to kiss her deeply. She then sat up on the hood of the car, stuck her legs out and asked me to remove her panties, and slowly. I did as told, taking quite a few quality moments in the process, and would definitely have gone farther if other diners had not started to exit. All Aliya had on now were the shirt and her sandals. In the car, her shirt rode up her torso and her bottom half was totally bare for the view. I prayed we would not be pulled over by a cop as my driving was certainly erratic because of the ample distraction.

We then drove back to the hotel and made for our room. In the elevator up she wanted me to pull her rear up against my front and to caress her breasts. From the episode a few nights back, I figured she was going to perform another strip show before entering the room. Instead, she smiled, removed her sandals, handed them over to me and ran straight to the door, still in her shirt.

In the room she lay down in the bed and had me kiss her all over. Slowly I stripped off my clothes and disrobed her totally. She put my mouth over one nipple and I sucked. She moved my mouth to the other nipple. This alternating rhythm continued for about 10 minutes, by which time her nipples were rock hard and erect.

As I opened her legs to enter her cunt, she asked me to stop. Instead she turned over and said, "do it in my ass." While we had indulged in anal sex before, the way she asked for it really sent me into overdrive. I rubbed cream into her hole and on my dick and forced myself into her rear orifice. She let out a scream and I stopped midway. "What's wrong, I said?" concerned at this. "Alec has a big cock and it hurt to take him in my rear, and it is still hurting," was her reply.

We finished off and went to sleep. Around 6 am, she turned me over and asked me to kiss her everywhere. I gladly complied. She then took my cock in her mouth and began to lick it all over. I shot to attention in no time as she worked her hands, fingers and mouth on my organ. Aliya gave me a massive blow job, culminating with her swallowing down most of my semen. Too move things forward, she took my hand and shoved my fingers inside her inviting cavern. I moved my fingers in her moist pussy till she was racked by orgasms. She then put my mouth on her cunt and had me suck for a while, till she spasmed, thrashed and then lay still as in a stupor.

As we lay exhausted she asked if I had liked the action replay of what had taken place with Alec. "I was not comfortable with him fucking my vagina unprotected, but the backup option appeared to work just fine." Apparently, Aliya and Alec had faced an awkward situation. In the heat of the moment, Alec had forgotten to fetch condoms and Aliya was not going to allow unprotected sex, despite his pleading. Anal sex was the ready answer, but his 9 inch weapon was considerably longer and thicker than my 7 inch pistol. Extremely turned on by her creativity in recreating her date I considered more sex, but let things go as tonight was my chance to enjoy some extra curricular activity.

Aliya had certainly relished the attention she received from the two men she had now been intimate with in her life, one via wedlock and one through temptation. Alec had been a thorough gentleman, leading her slowly, step by step towards releasing her inhibitions and making the experience unforgettable. She had been left speechless when Alec had come close to her in the elevator and whispered, "what a shame to hide those lovely legs." She was still fumbling for words while walking to the car park, when he said, "someone is looking down from your room, let's give him a surprise." With that he had gone to his knees, put his hands under her shirt, and undoing her clasps, removed the jeans in a single motion, while she had looked up at me. In a daze she had simply complied and then seated herself in his car. From that point and through to the restaurant, he kept her thinking about his next move, while ensuring he was not doing anything to unexpectedly scare her from going forward. At the restaurant parking, he wondered if she would not mind removing her bra, as the free look went well with her skirt. Aliya was turning around in her seat to comply, when he brought her close, kissed her mouth, undid her buttons, letting the shirt almost totally down, and bending her snapped the clasp. She wiggled out of her bra, and he took the opportunity to advance things by kissing her ample bosoms for some time. During dinner, he had casually kept a hand on her legs, slowly caressing them. He had accidentally dropped his napkin and while retrieving it from the floor had brought his hand over her open buttons and squeezed one breast, while getting back up to his seat. None of the other patrons or restaurant staff was any wiser about the foreplay in progress. By the time dinner had ended, Aliya could not wait for Alec to undo the rest of her clothes and when he asked her to get up on the car hood, she put her legs up willingly so he could remove her panties. Aliya's total submission to the experience continued, and through the night, except for the small problem with the condom, she did not have any occasion to stop him from doing what he was to her. Rather the process had moved in a way that she became the leader rather than follower as things kept going. She smiled inwardly as she remembered the look on Alec's face as she stepped out of the elevator and gave him her shoes rather than performing the anticipated strip tease. His large cock had certainly made an impression and she wondered whether another chance would come whereby she could have him filling her cunt to the brim. She made a mental note to carry some condoms in her handbag just in case.

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