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And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 04

by The Avenger©

"Oh. That hurt!" she gasped. "I hope you are not pissed off."

"No! I am not a jerk, come on. Come here, lets take a break..."

"You are not putting it in again today!" she swore.

Josh laughed and pulled her onto his lap. He lit a blunt and they smoked and kissed. He made sure she smoked most of it, as he played with her nipples and stroked and hugged her affectionately. A while later, he got a tube of lube from his bag and spread it slowly on her pussy, massaging her, making her gaze at his dark fingers working her white pussy, a sight which aroused and excited her so much that she finally raised and parted her thighs for him. Then he gently lubed her hole. She started moaning and fucking his digit. He added another and rolled them round and round her hole. Svenia was getting into it.

Finally, he pushed between her hips and eased his cock into her. She started wincing, as pushed it in all the way. As he was buried deep in her tight, virgin pussy, she moaned with pleasure.

He slowly pulled it out, feeling her walls clutching at his meat. He kept the head lodged deep inside her and they both gazed at his thick, veined, black shaft, all shiny from her sticky juices.

"Look at that baby, isn't that hot, that big, fat black cock in your white pussy?"

"Its an evil, nasty monster!" she pouted, gazing at the sight with fascination and arousal. "Do you think I will ever be able to take it without screaming with pain.

"Of course. Shit, I wanna fuck that white pussy"

"Yes, Josh, fuck me with that big, black dick! But be careful please"

He stroked her hips and started fucking her in slow, smooth, deep strokes. She started moaning as they both gazed mesmerized at his thick, throbbing black manhood sliding deliberately in and out of her contracting, tight, hot pussy, slowly bringing it to boil. As a scorching heat spread in her excited loins, she started moaning and rolling her hips. Josh raised the pace, pushing her back and forth smoothly as his thick meat slid in and out of her twat, filling her up to bursting. The lusty, busty blond tossed and squirmed about, pumping her hips vigorously to meet every deep thrust.

Josh fucked her long and good, then pulled his rigid meat out of her and brought his shiny, wet cock to her lips. She scooped it up eagerly and licked it like it was a tasty chocolate ice cream, lapping up her tasty juices from the gleaming, velvety shaft. Then she gobbled up his dick and blew him ravenously, like she wanted to swallow him and digest his black meat. She pouted as Josh finally pulled it out of her mouth. But only shortly, because as soon as he returned it to her pussy, she was fucking him back lustily.

Josh grabbed her hips and started yanking her onto his cock as he rammed it deep into her hole. Svenia yelped sharply on every deep plunge, her face twisted in a delirious grimace. She was going insane from the hard, thorough fuck! She went wild throwing her tight cunt furiously at his long, fat pole, begging him to fuck her harder.

Josh hammered her tight, hot pussy, feeling it clench and contract around him. This only inspired him to fuck her harder. He hit the pussy like a punching bag, ramming his swollen erection all the way to her womb as his balls slapped loudly into her ass crack.

"Ah fuck!!!! Yes! Yes!!! Yes Josh!!!! Yessssssss!!!!" she cried frenziedly, her face a vicious grimace. She threw her head back and her body started thrashing and jerking violently from her shattering orgasm. She almost threw him off but Josh held onto her hips tenaciously and kept fucking her, pounding her pussy like a jackhammer. It squeezed tight around him like a vice grip and he had to use all his might to ram it into her, again and again.

His cock felt so hot, like a metal rod in a black smith's furnace. His balls began to boil. He gave one mighty shove, burying himself all the way in her. Svenia wrapped her powerful arms and legs around him and then his balls exploded violently. Svenia danced all over his cock, cumming twice before his orgasm finally subsided. He flopped limply on top of her, as a warm, wonderful feeling spread in her womb.

Chapter 11

Sweat dripping down his body, Josh scooped her up easily and carried her onto Marcia's spacious bed. They kissed and smoked a joint, stroking and caressing each other like two young people in love, which they were.

Josh then eased her onto her back and worked her whole body with his mouth, starting at her feet, kissing them, sucking on her toes, making her sink back on the bed, a beautiful expression on her face as she liked and enjoyed. He kissed her legs and worked his way up her thighs, his wet lips and tongue blazing a wet trail, as his nibbling teeth made her giggle and gasp, and left her skin all prickly. He skirted around her excited cunt and worshiped her belly and tits with his hands and mouth. He licked her all the way up to her hair, and then finally descended on her pussy. He opened his jaws wide and engulfed her dripping gash in his mouth. He could taste her blood faintly, but she didn't seem in pain anymore, her pussy melted around his tongue and gave his sucking mouth gallons of juices to drink, quenching his thirst. She leaked into his mouth, rolling her hips and moaning, as she craned her neck to gaze at him eating her, his deep moans making her cunt vibrate so wonderfully.

"You make me feel like the most beautiful woman on earth, she gasped. "Josh ate her out until she came all over his mouth. Then she suddenly grabbed the back of his head and fucked his face lustily, like she wanted to stuff her cunt down his throat and never, ever wanted it back. He even feared she might break his nose, but he ate her voraciously, till she threw her head back and arched her back, her hips jerking sharply as she cried,

"Yes Josh! Eat my white pussy! Eat it all up honey! Its all yours darling!"

Finally, she leaped and dropped hard on the mattress, then she didn't move anymore, for a while.

"Shit Svenia, I never knew you were such a freak," Josh teased.

"I am not! I am a shy girl. I have only had one boyfriend, and I never would have done any of what we just did with him. I don't know, something comes over me when I am with you. Do you think I am a dirty little white slut?"

"Yeah, but mine. My very own, dirty, little white slut!" he chuckled, smacked her ass and stroked it fondly.

"And you are my big, hard, nasty, big dicked Nigga!" she giggled, her hand wrapping around his cumm smeared cock. Her mouth watered at the thought of licking it clean. She slid down the large bed, and pushed his thighs apart. She lay between them, on her belly, and placed her elbows on his big, muscular thighs, as she scooped up his cock and gazed at it, with fascination and affection.

"Its this big Nigga dick here that's got me out of my mind," she rasped. My dad warned me about dangerous Niggaz like you!"

She chuckled, and reached for the blunt. She inhaled deeply, her eyes fixed on his thick cock she was stroking.

"Hi hi hi. I adore your cock Josh. I love to please it, and please you, make you happy... I have never felt like that about any man." She suddenly looked up in his eyes, with fear. "I think I would let you do whatever you want with me Josh. Will you take good care of your sweet lil baby?"

"Yeah. You can trust me baby!" he said earnestly.

"I love you, Josh" she rasped and kissed him languidly. Then she wriggled her way down to his hips. She took another puff and draped her lips over his cock. She exhaled through her nostrils, as her mouth worked his cock. She would pause to smoke, then suck and jerk him, slowly, leisurely. Then when she had him fully hard, she climbed on top of Josh and claimed his mouth with hers. She feasted lazily on his lips, as she dry humped in, loving the way his cock was pressing urgently into her belly. She kissed his lips, his cheeks, his chin, his eyes, forehead and nose, licking him like a sweet cat, and purring like one.

Then she crouched over him and picked up his hard meat. She rubbed the thick head all over her slit. She teased her clit with it and nearly came. She put him in her opening, and winced as he pushed through. But her lust blotted out her pain and she looked down into his dark eyes as she bore down and swallowed his meat up in her hot, tight pussy. She planted her hands on his chest, grabbing handfuls of hard, black muscles, then she started riding his dick. Her hips rose and descended in smooth, fluid motions, sending his thick cock in and out of her tight fuck hole. She squeezed her pussy around him as tight as she could, grinding her hips to rub her clit onto his cock.

"Oh yes-s-s-s-s-s! Yes Josh! Gimme that big, black dick! You wonderful man. Fuck me please darling..." she begged in a quavering, prolonged moan.

Josh grabbed her hips and started thrusting up to meet her, his dick hitting her pussy like a punching bag. She went wild, biting her lower lip as she fucked his cock hard and fast. Her pussy beat his dick to an incensing staccato as her hips slapped loudly into his with ever growing speed till they were moving in a blur. Their bodies were soon drenched in sweat.

Josh went so wild with lust that he sat up and picked her up by the ass, then he started slamming and yanking her onto his cock, sending it plunging deep into her guts. Svenia stared at him with frenzied, disbelieving eyes, her breath locked up in her chest for ages. Then she suddenly exhaled and started cumming violently.

She threw her head back, her eyes rolling in their sockets and started screaming for him to fuck her with his black cock and never stop. Josh fucked her till her orgasm subsided. But he didn't let himself cum. Instead, he scooped her up, carried her to Marcia's bedroom and laid her on the bed on her back. He slid on top of the gasping, cooing girl and hooked her feet over his shoulders. He rammed his dick deep into her cunt and she gave a prolonged, delirious moan. He raised himself up on his elbows and glared into her face.

"I am going to fuck the shit out of your pussy!" he growled. "I'm gonna tear up your white pussy in two!"

"Do it!" she grunted. He grunted back, pulled his dick almost all the way out of her stretched pussy and rolled his hips, teasing her opening with his fat dick head. "Give it to me Josh. Fuck me dead! Please! Kill me with your big, black dick!"

Josh said no more. He bit his lower lip and started ramming his thick meat into the soggy depths of her vagina like he wanted to dislocate her hips. She grabbed his cheeks, sinking her sharp talons into them as he rode her brutally They fucked like frenzied beasts, sending the bed creaking and jarring under them. Josh fucked her with all his might and she fucked him back with all her power. She came so hard and so often she lost count; each orgasm more intense that the last. She felt his cock growing larger and harder and she clenched her pussy as tightly around him as she could, till they both felt like their genitals were on fire, glowing red hot. Josh shoved his dick into her like an African spear and he cried into her face like a mad man as his balls exploded violently, in a searing blast that shattered his senses.

"Yes Josh. Fill me up with your black babies. Make me pregnant. I want your beautiful brown baby!!!" Svenia cried, surprising him and herself. She did not know where the desire came from. It was a primal instinct in her, the same one that had made her fuck him lustily the first time he had cum in her.

It now made her push her hips at him as he exploded deep in her vagina. Her pussy sucked up his cum yet again.

As Josh sank down on her, gasping and groaning, she stroked his sweaty muscles lovingly and showered his face with kisses.

Later, as they rested in each other's arms, kissing and cuddling, stroking their sweat covered bodies, Josh asked her if she was on the pill.

"No. I want to have your children!"

"Don't be stupid. You don't know me."

"I know who I want to father my kids."

"I thought you wanted to study biology and work with whales."

"I dream of it. But the reality is, I want you to be my children's father. Even if it doesn't work out with us, whenever I want another child, I will come and beg you for it."

Josh wanted to tell her she was being silly, she had her life ahead of her. There were so many wise things he could say to her. Instead he hugged her, kissed her and stroked her belly lovingly. Some primal instinct in him made him feel like making sure she got pregnant. He wanted his kids to drink from her full, ripe breasts.

The thought got him so horny. He kissed her violently and told her he would pump her full of his black babies and make her have triplets. She trembled and moaned and begged him to fuck her again.

Marcia returned home after three hours to find the living room littered with their clothes. The sounds of heavy snores were coming from her bedroom. She peeped in and saw that they were both out cold, hugging each other sweetly in their sleep. Her lips broke into a wide smile. She thought her friend, Svenia deserved to be happy. And she had such a happy smile on her face. The two lay on top of the bed covers. Marcia's eyes strayed to Svenia's genitals. Her legs were parted wide and pussy was gaping wide open like a dollar. The lips were puffed up and swollen, and seemed red, from extra wear. Thick gooey cumm was licking out of her well fucked hole, onto her inner thighs. Josh's cock was smeared and caked with cum.

Marcia felt sizzling sensations in her pussy, as she tip toed to a closet, grabbed a blanket and went and slept on her mom's bed, hoping Svenia would share that big, dark black cock with her, and allow Josh to damage and tear up her tiny, tight hole.

Chapter 12

Josh and Svenia parted in the morning, as Josh dropped her near the house of a friend of hers who was covering up for her, thinking Svenia was spending the night with a white guy who liked her and had been trying to get her panties for ages. Svenia sneaked into the house and she told her friend all about the wonderful night of her deflowering, leaving out that the huge cock that had turned her into a certified, fucking woman and fucked her crazy was black. If she had told her so, her friend, Candice, would have freaked out and called the Sheriff.

Svenia and Josh spent the whole morning fantasizing about each other. She called him as soon as she got out of class. They chatted about this and that, and Josh found it funny that American women were all the same, despite their ethnicities, in some points. Stress with teachers, stress with friends, stress with the hair, shopping, whatever. When he asked her when they would be meeting again, she laughed and said she needed time to recover.

"What you mean, you need time to recover, from that little sex you had with my tiny little cock. Don't be weak on me, white girl."

"Little sex? Tiny cock? Please! Josh, my jaw is sore, my pussy and my ass are aching! You nearly killed me."

"Well, you begged for it, didn't you?" he chuckled.

"When are you going to come and kill me again?" she chuckled.

They made an appointment for the following evening and took nearly ten minutes saying bye because neither wanted to hang up first.

Josh picked Svenia up near her home a few evenings later and they drove to another wood and picnicked in splendid tranquility.

Josh pulled Svenia onto his lap and held her affectionately as they shared a joint, puffing and exhaling into each other's mouth as they affectionately stroked each other. Svenia purred like a happy cat as he stroked her hair. She was so happy to be with him that her face was radiant.

Josh eased her short skirt around her hips and cupped her cunt, caressing her softly. She was wearing a tiny, flimsy, skin tight thong and her cunt was dripping wet. Josh eased his fingers under her thong and they dabbled in her pink wetness, as he stroked her casually. Svenia moaned at the beautiful sensations and feasted on his mouth. Her itching hands grabbed his cock through his pants and then she fished it out. It was long, hot and hard. She wanked it as he finger fucked her. Then Josh told her to put it in. She was careful, remembering the pain of their first fuck, but he slid in smoothly into her tight hole.

"Fuck, you so tight baby!" Josh moaned, pulling her tits out of her top. He feasted on the thick, bouncy orbs as he grabbed her ass cheeks and worked her up and down his cock. Svenia loved it and she got so horny. She planted her feet on the blanket and riding up and down his thick, long meat, slowly, relishing feeling him slide almost all the way out and then slide back up in, filling up her stretched, happy, dripping hole.

"Oh Josh, I love the way you fuck me baby!" she moaned into his mouth, her green eyes sparkling with affection. Slowly, she started fucking him with ever growing urgency, till her hips were whipping lustily, skewering her young, white cunt on the big, black dick. Josh started grunting and his dark eyes blazed ferociously into hers as he yanked her harder and harder onto his meat, jamming it so deep inside her tight hole she thought he would touch her heart and kill her sweetly.

"Oh yes baby! Fuck me Josh! Tear my white pussy up with that big black cock!"

"Yeah, take this Nigga dick! Take it, you horny lil slut!"

"Yes!!!! Split my lil white pussy in two with your big Nigga cock!" Svenia cried frenziedly and exploded all over his dick. As he felt her cunt gripping his cock in tremors, Josh rolled her onto her back and hooked her feet over his shoulders. Then he started sloughing his meat into her and the horny teen ager cried aloud, cumming harder and harder.

Josh hammered his cock mercilessly into Svenia and her screams of joy shattered the evening peace of the forest. She wrapped her strong legs around him and begged him to fuck her so hard his dick would burst through her back. He didn't quite manage that, but the brutal pounding his big, black cock subjected her to sent her tumbling into a series of shattering orgasms.

"I am gonna pump you full of my black babies and knock you up! Your white pussy is gonna bear my black babies!" he snarled at her, fucking her like a beast.

"Yes darling, fill me up and knock me up! Make my white pussy pregnant Josh!" she begged.

As Josh reared and growled like a beast, the king of the jungle, with his swollen meat buried deep in her hole, Svenia sank her fingers into his ass cheeks and yanked him deep in her vagina. Josh exploded deep inside her, pouring his cum straight to her womb. She ground her hips fiercely into his as he vagina drank his cum hungrily.

Afterwards, they got dressed and went for a walk through the forest, smiling dreamily, their arms wrapped affectionately around each other. Svenia tripped and hurt her leg. She said she couldn't walk anymore and he told her to climb onto his back and let him carry her. Her arms and legs wrapped around him, she sucked on his neck and whispered sweet nothings in his ear, making him laugh as he took her back to the car. He laid her down on the picnic blanket.

"Thanks honey," she said, sliding astride him and wrapping her arms around him and kissing him. "I have never been this happy with a man. What can I do to make you happy? Anything and everything Jim."

She said it with such honesty and such passion that he stared at her. Then he finally said,

"Love me."

"Oh, I do already. I do. Anything else?"

"Come here," he said and they kissed. She stared dry humping his cock eagerly. "Hey, what's up with the knee?"

"I lied," she giggled, burying her face into his neck. "I wanted to see if you would carry me."

"If I hadn't?"

"I would have known I am in love with an ass-hole. But you ain't. And I am so glad," she kissed his face. "Lemme serve you baby. Don't laugh at me Josh, but I wanna serve my Nigga and make him happy. Tell me what you want done and I will do it gladly."

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