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Whole Famn Damily Ch. 04

by oedipal©

Before long, my mother fell forward, letting go the banana, and slapping her hands atop the table. Her hips bucked backwards, impaling herself deeper on both my fat cock and the even fatter cucumber. "Fuck!" she yelled, as all her muscles locked up, then spasmed wildly, before finally relaxing.

"Good, wasn't it?" Aunt Liz asked. "That kid of yours definitely knows what he's doing. He knows just when to push things further, and when to ease off a bit and let you recover. Amazing."

"You're telling me," my mother said. "Good Lord, that was unlike anything I've ever experienced. I think I only used to think I knew what an orgasm was."

I slowly pulled out of my mother's ass, careful not to do it so fast as to shock her. Than I gave her ass a playful but firm tap. "I'm nowhere near done, ladies. I hope you're not getting ready to quit on me."

Liz looked at my mom, pleading clear in her eyes. Aunt Liz was hungry, starving even, for more, and she was hoping my mother was as well. My mom looked numb as she nodded. "Yeah, I'm ready for more," mom said. "Just give me a second to recover."

In the meanwhile, Aunt Liz grabbed my cock and walked me over to the sink. She pumped a few squirts of soap into her hands and gave me a sensual rinse. "Just want to make sure that thing is clean before I put it back in my mouth," she said. She started to go to her knees, but before she lowered herself far, she held up a finger. "Hold on a moment." She opened the refrigerator and got out an aerosol can of whipped cream. "That's what we were missing."

She covered my helmet and placed a few puffs on my balls before dropping to her knees to polish me off. I held the back of her head with one hand and the kitchen counter with the other. My balls had little left to give, but I couldn't endure this level of pleasure forever without reacting. By the time my mother finished wiping herself off and recovered her breath, I had spunked inside Aunt Liz's mouth once more. It was a meager load, but the orgasm that produced it made my head spin.

"Ready?" Aunt Liz asked her sister.

Mom nodded, her eyes barely open. "God, this is overwhelming. I might die of sensory overload."

"Please don't," I said.

"We've still got use for your body," my aunt added.

My mom laughed. "I'll try not to."

"Now then," Aunt Liz said. She applied a hasty whipped cream bikini to her "just right" figure. "Lay down. I'm going to sit on your face and your mother is going to ride your cock. Think you can handle that?"

I scoffed. "I think I'll manage. Would you like to grab one of the vegetables? I've only got just the one tongue."

Aunt Liz raised her eyebrows at me. "Okay, smartass. Why don't you eat my pussy while fucking my ass with that monster of a cucumber."

"You sure it will fit?" I asked. I had a little bit easier of a time fitting my dick inside my aunt's ass than my mother's, but neither was easy. And the cucumber had me beat by a considerable amount.

"You'll make it, but be careful," she said.

She placed whipped cream on my mother's heavy breasts, eliciting a soft gasp at the sudden cold, while I oiled up the cucumber and myself for good measure. There was no sense in putting whipped cream on my mother's pussy, as my dick and not a tongue was headed there. Then I laid down on the cold tile floor and waited for the two sex fiends to sit on top of me.

My chin was covered in half-eaten whipped cream and vaginal secretion. I had an awkward time of fucking my aunt's ass with the cucumber while she was sitting on my face, but after a few fumbled tries, I managed it. Only after I slid the bulk of its length deep into her body did it work though, as until that point I had a half a cucumber trying to dig into my forehead.

The women alternated between making out with each other while fondling the other's breasts and sucking each other's nipples. My mother bounced vigorously up and down on my pole, which was somehow still rock hard even after three intense orgasms.

I bent my knees and aimed my cock a bit towards my head, since my mother was leaning forward to play with my aunt and I wanted to make sure she felt my thrusts against her G-spot. At one point, I managed enough air to tell my mother to lean back. She took a few moments to get the hang of aiming her hips away from Aunt Liz while bending forward with her upper back enough to still reach her sister's lips. But once she did, I could feel the spongy tissue of her G-spot quite distinctly with my dick, and I thought every thrust would be the one to give her another orgasm. Maybe more than a few of them did. Her vaginal walls went crazy, tensing up and relaxing in rapid and sporadic cycles.

When we all agreed we'd finally had enough, the three of us were covered in sweat. Not one of us could walk straight. It was the most thorough fucking I'd ever experienced. I suspect they felt the same. No one was even able to say anything afterwards. We just smiled at each other with fatigue and ecstasy, cleaned up the mess we'd made, and then headed towards the showers. Aunt Liz decided to join my mom in the downstairs shower while I dragged my weary and used body up the stairs towards the other one.

Ted would be quite jealous when I told him. For that matter, so would Anthony. I might as well rub it in his face as well.

What were brothers for?

Written by: oedipal

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