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All About Family Ch. 01

by bumpin_uglies©

Jenny was lying awake in bed waiting for her husband to return home from a late night at work. John, her husband, was partner at a downtown law office and was looking to close up his latest case tonight which meant he and his associates would have a few drinks to celebrate all their hard work. Finally, Jenny heard John close the garage door and enter the house. He was being loud and she was afraid he would wake their three children. She looked over at the clock which read "11:32" in glowing red digitized numbers. She knew that Sean, her oldest at 22, had work in the morning and was fast asleep way at the opposite end of their very large home. Stacey and Nathan, twins, were turning 19 in a couple of weeks and were home for the summer from their university. Jenny thought Stacey should be asleep as she had to get up early for her job as a life guard for the pool at the country club the family belonged to. Nate, on the other hand, did not have a job and was more than likely still up playing Xbox360 or looking at porn. Jenny often heard, and was most nights kept awake, by the gun fire and screams of people dying in the latest war game or, on occasion, the moans and grunts from the porn (if he thought everyone was asleep and he turned up the volume a little).

It wasn't hard for Jenny to hear the noises coming Nate's room as he had a large sound system he bought for school but, like him, was now home for the summer. On top of that Nate's room was the closest to the master bedroom, and though the two rooms did not share a common wall as a they were separated by the vast open area of the foyer and family room area, Nate's door angled towards the master bedroom as a result of the 'lazy "L"' shape of the large house. Jenny wished Nate lived at the opposite end of the house but they have always had these rooms since they built the house and moved in some 15 years earlier.

John had finally made his way to the bedroom and stripped himself of all his clothing minus his boxers and climbed into bed with Jenny. Jenny rolled to face John and both smiled at each other. John had not pulled up the sheets and Jenny saw the large tent in John's boxers.

Jenny could smell the scotch on John's breath when John said, "baby, I love you so much." With that John leaned in and kissed Jenny. Jenny didn't mind John drinking and could tell that he wasn't drunk. Jenny moved closer and kissed John back. As she did she moved her hands down between them and gripped John's near full mast shaft though thin boxer material.

John still thought of his wife as sexy, any man would. She stood about 5'4", weighed no more than 110 pounds, and had shoulder length light brown hair that she almost always kept up in a pony tail which added to her petit, youthful perkiness. That and her firm small C cup breasts made her look more like a college girl than a mother of 4, (Rachel, the youngest at 12, was spending the week with some friends down at Disney World). Jenny and John met at their Catholic high school. John was captain and star pitcher of the high school baseball team, and is just as fit today as he was then. John was a senior and 18 when he met Jenny, who as a sophomore in high school at 15, was on varsity cheerleading. Jenny got pregnant at 16, married John, and right before her 17th birthday had Sean. Her parents help raised Sean until she graduated at which, on her own accord, moved out to be with her husband who was studying law at a prestigious Ivy League school.

John was now on his back as Jenny kissed her way down his stomach to his still covered cock. Jenny bit the waist band of his boxers and pulled her head back violently, tearing John's boxers. She then pulled the torn piece of cloth away with one hand as she massaged his bare cock with her other. Looking up into John's eyes she bent and licked the underside of John's cock. She noticed a different taste than normal. She ignored it and leaned forward to kiss John again passionately as she continued to massage his large 8 inch cock. As she did both were startled as the floor shook from Nate's war game. Both laughed and kissed again before Jenny moved back down to fully engulf John's cock in her hot mouth.

John moaned as he pushed his wife's hair out of her face as to look into both of her beautiful blue eyes which stared back at him with lustful desire. Jenny was well skilled in the art of cock sucking and knew how to make John feel great pleasure while making it last. She enjoyed blow jobs and it showed. She slurped loudly on his wet, thick shaft. John, in his slightly inebriated mind, thought that Nate might be able to hear them as he looked towards the open door.

Jenny was still tasting the odd taste on John's cock. The taste was bothering her. Normally she loved the sweet yet salty taste of John but now it was, on top of that, a hint of bitter taste that made her want to stop. She couldn't though because she had no other option as she was finishing her period and had never had anal and at quarter to mid-night she wasn't about to start. She stopped sucking and got out a bottle of strawberry flavored lubricant she kept in her night stand.

John asked what she was doing and she replied, "Oh nothing honey, my lips are just a little chapped and I thought it might be nice to change it up a little bit". And she continued to suck. She occasionally changed her focus to his balls which would elicit a low groan which always made her smile. Before long she felt him starting to arch his lower back up and his nuts tighten up a little. She knew that soon she would receive a mouthful of hot cum.

"Oh baby, you suck so fucking good. Oh shit, I'm almost there babe, keep going..."

"Yes, baby, cum in my mouth. Fill my slutty stomach with your hot load..."

"Oh, fuck Jen. Oh fuck" and he began to cum, but Jenny was left disappointed. John came maybe half of what his normal load was, which was considerable. Then Jenny began to figure it out. The funny taste, the small load... John had fucked another woman, most likely someone from work.

Jenny sat there on her knees staring blankly at the head board. John lifted his head and said, "Baby, you are so good. I love..." but he stopped when he saw her staring. "You okay, sweetie?"

She snapped out of it, "No, yeah, I am. Just a little tired is all," she smiled faintly and him, "I'm going to go and tell Nate to keep it down. Be back."

Jenny got up and went down the hall. Her mind was racing. On one side she was deeply saddened that he had cheated on her. She was little bit angry but mostly sad that she might somehow be past her prime at 38. However, she was also confused as she felt slightly turned on that she had tasted another woman on her husband's prick.

As Jenny approached Nate's she noticed the blue light from his TV emanating from under the door and that there was no sound. Normally she would take that as a sign Nate was watching a porno and she would either leave him alone or knock but her mind was elsewhere and she opened the door. Sure enough Nate was lying back on his bed, shirt off exposing his well toned torso, with his boxer shorts pulled down, as Nate was frozen staring back at his mom as he held his 8 inch member in his right hand.

Jenny, still foggy about John, looked at Nate's large TV to find a beautiful blond haired, big breasted girl on all fours as she took a cock in her mouth as she was being fucked from behind. Jenny then snapped out of it and began to search for words to apologize, console, and make light of the situation. Instead she said, "Oh, hi Nate, I couldn't sleep. Mind if I watch with you?"

Nate, who was also shocked, "oh, sure mom, I guess" as he scrambled and pulled the sheets up to cover him. Jenny was wearing a see through negligee and forgot to put on a robe. Not only was it cold for Jenny as Nate always kept a ceiling fan on but it allowed Nate to see her entire body. Jenny then climbed on to Nate's bed and covered herself with his sheets to block the wind.

Jenny, trying to break the tension, asked "what's the title of this movie."

Nate, who was blown away that he not only had been caught jerking off by his mother but now shared a bed and was under the sheets nude, with his mother, watching a porn. "Uh, 'Cum Sluts 8'".

"Catchy title, but you know what they say about sequels though..." she sort of giggled.

"Yeah, it's actually pretty good. Nice camera angles," Nate couldn't believe what he was talking about with his mother.

"She's a cute little porn star, isn't she?"

Nate took a second look and realized it reminded him a lot of his mother. He was shocked as he never thought of his mother sexually until five minutes ago, that is. Changing the subject his mind quickly reeled and he blurted out, "speaking of sequels, how do I stack up with dad?" Nate could have killed himself right then. He wished he rather would have talked about how hot the actress was and how much she looked like his mom.

Jenny, not in a right state of mind as is and now as the shock of everything began to wear off and she began to sober up to reality her sadness of John cheating on her turned to anger and was no more than willing to belittle him to anyone at any cost. "Your father? You're much better than your father."

Nate was surprised at how bitter she sounded. He always thought his parents were so very loving as he at least once a week heard them fucking in one way or another. However, since the ice had been broken he asked, "I was talking about my cock, mom." He couldn't believe he just used 'cock' and 'mom' in the same sentence. Everything seemed so surreal.

"Oh, well, I actually didn't get that good of a look at you." With that she reached over under the covers and to Nate's surprise she grabbed him and at first she squeezed, then she began feeling it all around. "I think I need to actually see it to make a proper comparison." She threw back the covers and found Nate hard as steel, with a purple head with a small dollop of precum at the tip. She knelt next to him and began observing and feeling all over it. It looked much like his father's in terms of size but Nate's had larger veins and was more rigid. She heard Nate moan. "Does that feel good, baby?" she asked to which Nate moaned again.

Jenny looked at the TV which now showed the same busty blond laying on her back, pressing her tits together as a big black cock slid in between them. "I'm sorry for interrupting you, well, you know. I tell you what, to make it up to you would you like to do that to me? "She said pointing at the TV.

"Of course," was all Nate could say.

They shifted around and Jenny pulled down her negligee and she soon found herself on her back with her naked son straddling her. He looked much larger and muscular from this angle. Nate was about to lay his dick between her mounds before Jenny said, "Wait, honey, you need some lube for this to work. Lick my tits a little and get them wet."

Nate did just that. As he bent down Jenny felt his cock press into her stomach. She felt it pulse and shift as he worked her tits. "Alright, honey, now bring your, well, let me suck you for second to help make it nice and slick for you, baby."

Nate eagerly complied. He took a deep breath and placed his cock at Jenny's mouth. She hesitated for a second then opened up to receive him. She gave him a couple long sucks before telling him to place his dick between her tits. In those few brief moments she realized that as good as John normally tastes, Nate was even better.

Jenny pushed together her breasts and Nate began humping himself on her chest. She lifted her head to see the pistoning of his cock come up and nearly poke her face each time. Nate became more eager with his strokes and was soon about to come. As he neared he began poking his mother in the chin and mouth. Jenny then opened her mouth so with every stroke Nate was rewarded with a brief penetration of his mother's hot, wet mouth. Before long he groaned and announced he was close.

"Mom, mom," Nate asked in a panic. "Should I stop? Should I finish myself?"

"What? No of course not, let mommy help you."

"Where can I cum, mommy. Hurry," he said still stroking between her perfect breasts.

"Just keep going, baby. You can shoot your load all over me. I deserve it for barging in on you honey. That's it stroke it hard, cum all over your whorish mother." It turned Jenny on to refer to herself in slutty terms.

"Oh yes, mommy. Ughh, I'm cumming, mom. Fuck." Nate stroked as the first rope flew across her face and landed on her right eye and up to her hair. Again, and again he shot his cream, all over her face and tits. Still coming, Jenny instinctively opened her mouth and leaned up and took the head in her mouth as his hot, sweet seed filled her mouth.

Eventually he stopped and slumped back, pulling out of his mother's mouth. He sat on his heel, straddling his mother. He looked down to see his cum covered mum open his mouth, show his spunk on her tongue, close her mouth and watch as her throat muscles swallowed his cum. "I love, Nate." She said as she showed him her empty mouth.

She began scooping his cum up off her eye and into her mouth, swallowing. "Night, Nate," she said, getting up from under him, his hot, sticky cream sliding down her body.

She closed the door and returned to her room. John leaned over and turned on his light, "what happened? What is that all over you, Jenny?"

"It's your son. I helped him cum. I took him in my mouth and I swallowed him. This is how much a man is supposed to cum," Jenny said angrily, "don't ever cheat on me again or I go elsewhere for good, hard cock."

"Baby, you have no idea how hot you look. I promise, I'll never cheat on you again, unless, you want in? Maybe one day I'll bring you down to the firm for one of our celebrations," said John. With that she gave a naughty smile and climbed in bed with her husband and his stiffening cock.

...more on the way...

Written by: bumpin_uglies

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