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First Black Cock

by standingstones©

I get my lawn cut by a neighborhood boy named Teran. He normally come by on the weekend it takes around an hour for him. Teran is a tall, athletic guy who just finished high school. His family is the only black family in the immediate area. He likes to stay busy and he does a good job for me. It was hot the day he came by. Teran wasn't wearing a shirt and I got a good look. His chest was well defined and muscular. He was also sweating hard after he finished with my lawn. I invited him in when he was done and got him a cold drink while I went to get him his money.

As Teran stood there, I couldn't take my eyes off him. I am a straight guy, but his body was turning me on for some reason. I could smell his manly scent as well. Teran noticed I was staring at him and he set his drink down.

"Were you staring at me, Jack?" he asked.

I got embarassed. "Yes I said."

We were standing there, not but a couple of feet apart. Teran stepped closer to me. We were face to face now. No escape was possible. I reached out and put my arm around his waist. Teran didn't fight me. We were touching now, body to body. I opened my mouth and I kiss his lips. Obviously, Teran had done this before. Our bodies were glued together. We were tongue kissing and grinding into each other. I basically lost control of myself. I was fumbling to undo Teran's shorts. Once I unbuttoned them, I pulled them down to the floor. Teran was hung, that was for sure. I am maybe 7 inches in length, but Teran was longer and thicker than me. I let out a gasp when I saw his monster dangling down between his legs.

Teran helped me out of my clothes as well. There we stood, naked together in my kitchen. His cock and mine were rubbing together. We were both hard as could be. Teran placed his hands on my shoulders. He was forcing me to kneel down. I didn't think I was ready for that quite yet, but Teran had other plans. He forcefully shoved me down, until I was staring at his black python. Teran put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me to his groin. There was no use fighting it. I opened my mouth and took his cockhead in.

I could barely surround the head with my lips. He was that big. I was gagging as Teran pushed more black cock down my throat. He tasted like nothing I ever experienced before. Inch by inch I was being fed his throbbing pole. My eyes were watering, but I was slowly getting into the sucking. My lips were making a loud slurping sound as Teran had now forced most of his cock down my throat. It felt huge as it stroked in and out. It didn't take too long until I felt a flood of spunk shooting from tip of Teran's cock. I swallowed as best I could, but there was so much of his cum. It was leaking from the corners of my mouth. Eventually Teran let up and I was able to pull away. His cockhead was stained with white seed. I licked the last few drops from his rod.

We both had to catch our breaths after that experience. Teran told me that was the hottest sex he ever had with a man. He had done it with a couple of guys from school but never with a grown man. I stood up and was still looking at Teran. I couldn't believe how large his cock still was. It didn't look like he had gotten soft in the least. Teran led me over to the counter then lifted me up and sat me on the edge.

Teran took his cock in hand and stroked it a few times. It looked as hard as as diamonds. I should have known what he was going to do, but I was too slow in reacting. Teran pushed my legs up, holding my ankles and then guided his cockhead to my hole. I tried to get free but Teran had me pinned. He slipped his mushroom head past my pucker hole. The hurt was incredible. He wasn't going slow either. Teran was feeding me his cock and not slowing up a bit. I soon had most of it in my channel.

Then Teran began to fuck me like a wild animal. There was no build up. He just pummeled my ass. Skin was hitting skin. He had my legs spread wide and my ass was totally exposed. Teran had me screaming and crying out. I was a whore to him and he treated me like I was his toy. I begged for him to pull it out but that wasn't going to happen. I could feel his snake deep in my belly. With each stroke he split me open and I would never be the same afterwards. I don't remember how long we fucked. It seemed like hours, but it couldn't possibly be that long. I almost passed out at one point. Teran had almost pulled out of my ass when he pushed into me as hard as he could. My head went back and I almost lost it then.

Luckily it wasn't much longer and Teran dumped his hot love oils into me. I felt him erupt and it seemed to go on forever. One load after another splashing my insides. He eventually pulled out with a plopping noise. I collapsed there on the counter. Teran pulled his clothes on and left me to recover as best I could. I finally made it back to the shower and cleaned all his love spunk from my hole. There was a lot of it. I was dumping out cum from my ass for the next few days.

Teran stopped by a few days later. I was so sore when he checked up on me. We talked and Teran said he wanted me to fuck him the next time. It looks like there will be ongoing sex between us both. I have to say, he had been on my mind the days following our adventure. It hurt to be sure, but now I stretched to the point of being able to take his big, black pole. I will let you all know about when I finally fuck Teran's virgin ass.

Written by: standingstones

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