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Cunt Mouth Whore

by RawHumor©

You are on your knees before me, paying homage to my semi-erect cock. Holding it gently in your fingers, you kiss along the length, and then hold it up to lick my balls. You know I enjoy having attention paid to my balls, so you take your time, kissing them, licking them, sucking them gently, even just rubbing your face in them. The whole time you worship my balls with your mouth and face, your hand is gently stroking my cock, feeling it grow for you, getting harder, longer, thicker.

You pull away from my balls and smile as you see how hard I am for you. The drop of pre-cum at the tip of my cock attracts you like a bee to honey. You can't resist running your tongue over my cock slit, tasting the pre-cum and smearing it over the head of my cock.

You wrap your lips around my cock and take me deeper into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down as my fingers comb through your hair. Your eyes are closed as you concentrate and take contentment in suckling the cock that you adore so much. Your lips make tight suction as you take my cock as deep as you can, over and over again, running your tongue around the shaft as your mouth moves up and down. I feel your hands move to my ass, as you pull me all the way into your throat, forcing my cock all the way down. Unbelievably, you push your tongue out and lap at my balls, with my cock still buried.

Unfortunately, you can't hold that position long, and pull back to get some air into your lungs. You take my cock in your hand and look up at me as you kiss the tip once more, and then slap your face with it. With puppy dog eyes you look up at me and ask: "Would you please fuck my throat, Sir? Would you fuck my face? I want you to use me, to take pleasure from my body... this body that belongs to you. Please, Sir?"

I grin down at you, so beautiful, such a temptress, sexy beyond words. You know I wouldn't deny you this request, but you also know that I like to surprise you sometimes.

"Stand up, slut, and turn around. Hands at your sides."

You obey me eagerly, and are soon standing in the required position. I move behind you, and you feel the cold steel of a hand cuff close around your right wrist. I pull both wrists behind your back and cuff them together. I lean forward, and kiss your back, right between the shoulder blades... the small bit of physical reassurance helping you to trust me completely.

I order you back to your knees, and you lean forward to kiss my cock head one more time, a small gesture to assure me that I am welcome to use you as I please. My fingers grip your hair, and I push my cock into your mouth.

You relax as much as you can, ready for the pound-fucking of your throat that you know is coming. I begin slowly, easing my cock as far in as I can get it, feeling it just barely press into your throat. Like before, your tongue is quite active, trying to give me as much pleasure as you can as I use you.

I start to fuck your mouth more forcefully now, building up to a faster and faster pace. Now gripping your hair as tightly as I can, literally fucking your face like I fuck your cunt, thrusting into your throat as hard as I can, not holding back at all. Your mascara is running now from your eyes watering, a result of my cock repeatedly banging into the back of your throat. I continue to pound-fuck your throat, my cock seeming to reach new depths into your throat with each thrust. I know you are having trouble keeping your breath now, and to make it even more difficult for you, I pinch your nostrils closed, cutting off your easiest access to oxygen.

I fuck your face a few more thrusts, then, pressing my hand against the back of your head, I bury myself completely in your throat. Your air is now completely cut off, your breathing completely in my control. I hold you there... holding you... each second taking hours in your brain as you try to keep yourself from panicking. Finally, your throat begins to constrict around my cock, trying to force me out as your body fights to get oxygen. That's when you feel my cock swell up to its thickest, and the first jet of cum sprays directly down your throat, denying you the pleasure of tasting your reward. Of course, tasting my cum is the last thing going through your mind right now, as you're trying to keep yourself from going into full-on panic mode, or even passing out.

Finally, I pull my cock out of your throat and release your nostrils. I pump my cock with my fist, now ejaculating on your face as you gasp for breath. Tears are running down your beautiful face, mixing with the cum that splatters your cheeks. You truly look used and abused. I press my cock back into your mouth, letting you suck the last few drops of my cum from the source, and I feel you moaning hard into my cock, and I know your orgasm has hit you. Without even touching yourself, without any contact at all on your cunt, you have an exquisite orgasm for me.

As you suckle my cock, nursing the last of my cum from inside, you look up at me, adoringly, feeling extreme arousal still, but also feeling a deep sense of contentment at being owned so completely by me... my beautiful cunt-mouth whore.

Written by: RawHumor

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