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Love Thy Neighbor?

by cffreak©

For a good minute Denise and Joy stared each other in the eye just inches from the others face.

Daniel almost creamed his pants as the women confronted each other. His eyes watered as the women's breasts, just a half inch apart competed for Daniel's attention.

Joy could feel Daniel's hot stare and said confidently to Denise, "I'm sure your husband wouldn't last two minutes if I had him in bed."

"I'm know you would rather sleep with my husband than yours. But I doubt you could even keep him interested, let alone make him come."

"Check out your husband checking me out. That bulge in his pants is for me!"

"I asked him to watch. He's comparing our breasts." Denise said, then bumped her breasts to Joy's.

Joy gasped. Then she gave an angry stare at Denise. "I haven't forgotten the other day when we pinched each others boobs."

"Neither have I."

Joy looked at Daniel and then back at Denise. Accepting the challenge, Joy slammed her chest into Denise's chest. Denise stood her ground, but was a little shocked that Joy had the guts to bump back. And Joy's chest was firmer than Denise thought.

It looked to Daniel that these girls would start to fight any second now. He ran out of the house.

Joy smirked and said, "Here comes your husband to rescue you."

Looking over Joy's shoulder, Denise replied, "Looks like you didn't do a very good job putting a leash on your husband. There he is checking me out again. You know he won't stop until he fucks me. Every time you have sex, he's thinking about me."

Jim cautiously stepped out of his house too. It was clear as he walked that he was also sporting a tremendous erection.

Denise said to Joy, "That erection is for me sweets."

"It's time for you to shut up." Joy was turning red.

Jim and Daniel caught sight of each other and immediately noticed the bumps in the other's pants. In the last twenty-four hours, both men had to endure the criticism from their wife that he might not stack up well against the other man. The bragging of each man's wife about how well he was endowed put more stress than confidence on these men. As Jim and Daniel looked at each other, both knew they were sizing each other up.

Jim put his arm around Joy and escorted her into their house.

Denise thrust her hand down Daniel's pants and pulled him into her house. Denise marched up the stairs and into her bedroom as Daniel followed. Once Daniel entered the room, Denise grabbed his pants and pulled them down. Then she threw him on the bed and mounted him.

Just at that moment the familiar sound of banging came from the other side of the wall. Denise started to buck and slam her pussy down on Daniel's cock. Through the wall Denise and Daniel could hear moaning.

A little too loud, Denise said, "They're just faking it."

Then they could clearly hear Joy yell, "I'm fucking Jim so hard that I'm going to make Daniel come!"

"Jim didn't spray is load all over the window again?"

"Fuck you Denise. Your husband is going to come any second now because he's thinking about me. That must really piss you off. I can make your husband come before you can."

"Bullshit!" Denise screamed back. "Jim wouldn't last one minute with me. He comes without me even touching him!"

"You need to put up or shut up!" Joy snapped back.

"Fine! Come over at 6pm tonight and we'll settle this!"

Daniel hardly understood what was happening when Denise jumped off him and started staring at the wall. Then she looked down at Daniel's throbbing erection and grabbed it.

"This is mine. Do you understand?"

"All yours." Daniel replied smiling.

Denise grabbed Daniel's cock tightly at the tip like she knew he liked. "I need you nice and hard tonight. But you only come when I want it, right?" With three stroke of her hand, Daniel's semen started to spray up in the air like a fountain.

Denise marched off into her closet and started throwing clothes at Daniel on the bed.

"Put that on."

Denise practically dragged Daniel out of the house and down to the mall. Daniel was happy to see Denise march into the Fredrick's of Hollywood store. She came out with several bags. She rushed them back home and pushed a bag in Daniel's arms.

"Put this on!"

Daniel pulled out a set of silk boxers and a silk smoking jacket. He set them down and took a shower. When he put on the boxers and jacket he chuckled to himself thinking he looked like a playboy. Then he walked up to the bedroom to find Denise working on her hair and makeup.

Daniel went down to the dining room and looked at the old grandfather clock. He grabbed a beer and started to watch TV. A few hours later he saw the time was reaching 6 o'clock.

His nerves were on end. Half of him wanted another sexual encounter with Joy. The other half of him dreaded it because of Denise's reaction. But Denise was the one arranging this.

Then there was the matter of Jim. While Denise and Joy had been quite public and open with their dislike and competition, on the surface Daniel and Jim had been acting like buddy neighbors luckier than hell to have such sexually adventuresome wives. But under the surface, Jim and Daniel had been engaged in a battle for dominance to demonstrate they were the alpha male. Normally that kind of thing happens under the surface. But the overt claims by the two women and the physical encounters the men had recently had, upped the stakes. A man might wonder to himself whether his dick is bigger than another man's, but now both Jim and Daniel both knew for a certainty that they were both worried about which man had the better cock.

It seemed like a harmless kinky sexual thing, the wife swapping sex romp the day before. Now each man felt he was made a cuckold. Jim felt he got the better of the duel. Daniel was itching for retribution, and Jim was intuitively aware of that.

As Daniel saw the time approach six, he went upstairs. Daniel had never seen this sight before. Denise was dressed to kill.

"You don't get dressed up like that for me." Daniel observed. "Is that for Jim?"

"No! This is for you. I want to show Jim and Joy how sexy your wife is."

But Daniel knew that if it was just him, Denise probably would not have gone to such an effort. But Daniel felt that Denise's tone was sincere. Denise was not dressing up to excite Jim. Denise was dressing up to look sexier than Joy.

As Denise looked in the mirror she imaged Jim looking back at her. Denise wanted Jim to see that she was sexier than Joy. Denise was dressing up for Jim.

The Challenge

The grandfather clock stuck six and the doorbell rang. Jim and Daniel were surprised to see the other wearing the same silk boxers and smoking jackets. Denise had bought the same outfit Jim wore the day before.

Denise appeared from her bedroom, stepping knee in front of knee down the stairs wearing black silk stockings, lace garter, thong and push-up bra. She paused in front of Joy who was wearing a tight red dress, then continued walking into the living room. Denise was happy to feel the eyes of both men on her.

Daniel playing the host asked, "Do you want some wine?"

The was a zipping sound and Daniel turned to see only the silky red of Joy's dress fall on his face.

"Sure." Daniel heard Joy say.

As the dress slid off Daniel, he caught the sight of Joy walking into the living room. Daniel's eye fixed on Joy's ass, hardly covered by a tiny thong, made to look perfect by her high heels and garter straps pulling tight against each buttock.

"Oh my god, you are sexy." Daniel could not control himself.

Both women said, "thank you."

Jim looked at Daniel and said, "Now you have to admit that my wife is sexier than yours."

Daniel noticed that Jim was looking at Denise when he said this.

"It's not too late to back down." Joy said to Denise.

"You ready to have your husband embarrass you?" Denise shot back.

"I'm sexier than you are and my husband is better in bed than yours." Joy said facing Denise.

"That's all subjective," Daniel objected. "You can't be sexier or better in bed than another person."

Joy looked over her shoulder and told Daniel, "Sounds like someone who thinks he's about to lose."

"Sex is not something you can win or lose at!" Daniel declared.

"Definitely something a loser would say," Joy said. "Some men are better in bed than others. And I think Jim is better than you are, and I know I'm better than she is."

"Too bad Jim only lasts five minutes." Denise cut in. "My man can last all night."

"In my hands, Daniel would blow his load in two minutes."

Jim sat down and said, "Come on Dan, you've been comparing our wives all week. You're just playing the good husband by not admitting that Joy is sexier than your wife."

"Bullshit! I admit that Joy is a firecracker, and you are a lucky man to have such a sexy wife, but I'd pick my wife over Joy any day."

Joy challenged, "And we all know that your wife wants to fuck my husband. Coming over to our house last week to offer Jim her pie."

Denise responded, "And your husband will never get it, even though he sits in his room jerking off while he watches me swim."

"Okay then, we can all agree that our own spouse is the best in bed." Daniel said trying to play the diplomat.

"Daniel, you don't get it." Denise said. "Joy knows that we're right and that you are better in bed that Jim. She's putting on this whole show because she wants to fuck you, and frankly she's right, you want to fuck her. And that's not okay with me."

"See, even your wife agrees." Jim said.

"This from the man who sprays his semen all over the place whenever he looks at me."

Daniel was upset by the thought of Jim wanting to fuck Daniel's wife. Daniel, regretting his words the second he said them, asked, "Okay then. How do you prove who is the best lover?"

Daniel's wife quickly corrected him. "Love has nothing to do with this. I am sexier than she is and we are at better having sex than they are. There are ways to prove who is the best."

Daniel envisioned the women pulling out a ruler and measuring erection lengths.

"Like which man can satisfy his woman better." Joy declared.

"Like which woman gives the best blow job." Jim added.

"That's all subjective." Daniel objected. "How in heaven's name can you tell that?"

"By seeing which woman can make her man come faster," Joy replied.

"A real man can keep his hard-on all night to satisfy his woman." Denise added.

Joy turned to glare at Denise. "Fine, you keep saying that honey and you have no idea!"

Denise looked back at Joy. "What? That Jim blows his wad when the wind blows, and you can't get him up again because he spent the whole day jerking off while thinking of me!"

"Okay girl. You have no clue. I know that Jim can get it up at least four times per night."

Daniel looked worried. But then he saw that Jim looked worried too. Daniel realized that Joy was lying. Sure after resting a few minutes a guy could get it up again, but not four times in a night.

Denise returned with, "Sure if a man is really turned on by his woman he'll get it up any time she wants him to."

"And he comes only when she wants him to." Joy added.

Denise stepped right into Joy's face. "We both know I have a better body than you do sweetie. The only reason I couldn't get Jim to come yesterday was because he didn't have any bullets left to shoot."

"You have such an ego!"

"Little girls with little boobs are always so sensitive." Denise said and stuck out her chest.

Joy did not back down and thrust out her chest at Denise.

It seemed to Daniel that Joy and Denise were about the same height and chest size. Seeing these two women in thongs, stockings and lacey bras was making Daniel dizzy with sexual lust. Jim eyes were watering at the sight. The women knew that the men had been comparing their bodies, and both women were confident she was in better shape and most shapely than the other.

"Okay then, let's do it." Joy said looking at Jim then at Daniel. "I'll show you I can make Daniel come before you can make Jim come."

Denise saw that Jim was actually drooling.

"I can make your man come faster than you can." Denise proclaimed. "In fact, I can make him come, then get him hard again before you even get Daniel's attention."

Joy turned to look at Denise and Denise stared back.

Jim stood up and said, "No offense Denise, but Joy knows my body better than any woman. You might be good, but Joy knows how to satisfy me."

Denise snapped back to Jim, "Fine, it's a challenge. No fake orgasm sounds through the wall tonight."

Daniel sat up and asked, "What do you mean, a challenge?"

Joy stepped up to Daniel. "I'm going to fuck your brains out in front of your wife, while she watches."

"Blow jobs only!" Denise objected. "I don't want your cunt anywhere near my husband. I'll make your husband come faster than you can. But hands and mouths only! I probably can make Jim cum without touching him."

Jim stepped up to Denise with a happy expression. Looking down at her he asked, "So if my wife can make Daniel come before you can make me come, then we win?"

Daniel looked over at Jim and saw his cock bulging out again. "Who wins?" Daniel asked. "I don't get it. How does that prove anything?"

Joy stepped over Daniel giving him a nice view of her body. "If you're a real man, you would never come into another woman; especially while your wife watched. You wife and I are going to have a little contest. I'm going to make you come and she's going to try to make Jim come. The woman who can make the other woman's man come first wins. It proves that you can't uphold the honor of your wife, and that I have better sexual skills than she does."

"And if you love me," Denise said sternly, bringing love back into it. "You won't let another woman make you come! That's how you win and lose at sex!"

Jim placed his hands on Denise's hips. "So what do I win?"

Denise was please with the expression on Joy's face when Jim touched her. Looking up at Jim, Denise finally revealed her primary motivation. "The winning couple gets to keep their bedroom. The loser has to move their bedroom downstairs to the guest room."

"Deal!" Joy quickly agreed

The men couldn't help being excited by the lingerie-clad vixen in front of him and thinking of their impending blowjob.

Daniel snapped back to reality when he heard Denise said to him, "Daniel, I have to have my bedroom back. Do not come into that woman!"

And Joy conveyed the same sentiment to Jim when she slowly told him, "Sweetie. Your manhood is on the line here. I'm going to let her touch you again. And you are going to prove to me that you don't really think she's sexy." Then still addressing Jim, Joy grabbed the bump in Daniel's pants and continued, "And if you let Denise make you come then Danny here is more of man than you are."

Denise grabbed Jim's cock and added, "It also means I'm better than you are."

"So there it is," Joy said as she watched another woman handle her husband's dick. "The women have to prove they are sexier and our men have to defend our honor. If you let another woman make you come, you dishonor your wife."

"And lose your bedroom." Denise said as he pushed Jim on the sofa next to Daniel.

Comparative Criticism

For a few moments the two men sat side by side with tent poles poking their boxer shorts up in the air pointing at the other man's wife. Denise stood in front of Jim, and Joy stood over Denise's husband Daniel. Presenting quiet a view for the men, the women, dressed in silk stockings, garters and push up bras, each tried to command the most attention, measuring which woman received the most attention.

The men enjoyed the view, but in the back of their minds they were also taking measurement. Since they first met, the women had made inadvertent comments about the size of the men's dicks. The men had either taken pride in their size or felt deficient. No matter how many times a woman says it's not length but the skill, men still think bigger is better. And now both men knew they were seconds from the moment of truth.

As the clock struck on the bottom of the hour, as if that was a starting gun, Joy pulled off Daniel's boxers and Denise pulled off Jim's. The women immediately noticed that the men were comparing cock length.

Joy laughed at the sight of Daniel's measly five-inch erection.

Jim proudly sported a huge, perhaps seven incher. With both men sitting next to each other there was no denying that Jim was bigger than Daniel. Daniel was mortified and Jim was beaming.

And at the sight of Jim's superior erection Daniel lost his erection completely. It was like a primal force. As if in the ape mind, Jim had displayed that he was the dominant male, Daniel's cock became submissive.

Joy protested as Denise started to give Jim a hand job.

"This is completely unfair! Your wimpy man can't even get it up!"

"That's because you're so ugly, you're repulsive to him!"

"Jim!" Joy yelled. "Don't you fucking come on that woman!"

Daniel was completely humiliated as he faded to a flaccid half inch. He grabbed his stub of a penis and started to pull on it. Denise took no notice as she licked Jim's marvelous erection.

Joy threw her hands in the air in protest. "Shit, he can't even find his dick, it's smaller than your tits. No wonder you can have sex all night, it probably takes you all night to find his dick!"

Denise made eye contact with Jim and said softly, "You like this don't you." Then she took his dick into her mouth as she gave a devilish look at Joy.

Daniel was in a panic. It was like a nightmare. He grabbed is limp dick and tried to pump himself up.

Finally, Denise noticed Daniel's pained look. That Daniel was in such a pathetic state took away from Denise's victory. It didn't say much that Denise could beat Joy by proving that Joy's husband was more of a man that Daniel. Denise gave Daniel a stern look as if to order him to get an erection.

Denise did not see Joy behind her. Joy grabbed Denise's shoulder and upper arms, pulling Denise back and to her feet.

"You're cheating!" Joy cried. "You lose! This is a contest to see who has the better husband. My man is hard, and yours is spaghetti limp"

Denise stepped up to face Joy and didn't say a thing. The women looked deep into each other's eyes with menacing expressions.

"Face it Joy, you're too ugly to excite my husband."

"Your husband has a microscopic limp dick! I win."

"You just can't get him hard. It's those tiny lumps you call breasts. Daniel needs a woman with a real rack. You aren't fooling anyone with that push up bra!"

Joy looked very nervous. Joy had always been very proud of her breasts. Like all women, she used them to compete against other women for the attention of men. Joy understood their power. But this had always been a subtle, visual contest of persuasion, not such an overt physical challenge. Joy still had her breast-pinching encounter with Denise on her mind.

To settle the point, Denise proudly removed her bra. "You're afraid of comparing my breasts to yours! Show us what you got!"

Joy blinked and for the first time looked afraid. Joy was quite aware that the men had spent the last week comparing the women's tits. And Joy and Denise both were the kind of women who used their breasts to subtly assert dominance over other women. Now that Denise was making it far less than subtle. Denise's chest looked formidable.

"See, she's afraid. Women with little tits are always intimidated by women with bigger breasts."

Making eye contact with Daniel, Joy tentatively removed her bra. Daniel could see she was scared and nervous as she exposed her breasts. In Denise's mind, she had just won a tremendous victory. Both Denise and Joy had internalized the idea that smaller breasts made her less of a woman. But as the men's eyes danced back and forth Denise's confidence waned. Daniel and Jim did not see or even care about any difference in size. Joy's small nipples stuck out defiantly pointing at Denise's larger areola. Joy was not backing down. The men could see no difference in size. To Denise's surprise Joy looked bigger than Denise had thought. But Denise still felt superior.

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