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How I Took My Brother

by Chased©

His hands bit into her ass as he humped her with great enthusiasm. Rick failed to mention that this little love potion number 9 tended to make the user a bit animalistic. Lizzie pulled out of her brother's embrace. She could see his aching cock poking above his shorts and a look on his face that crossed between frustration and desperation.

"Take off your clothes and sit back down." Lizzie ordered, the feeling of control sending her adrenaline pumping. She watched her brother stand on shaky legs and shuck his clothes. He sat naked and raring to go, pre-cum making the purple head of his one eyed monster shine with expectancy.

She looked in his eyes; he was no longer her brother the cool guy, her brother the asshole. He was simply a cock, a breeding stud that she was going to help herself to in his time of defenselessness. Lizzie dropped her own meager clothing to the ground, watching Jay's eyes flare with excitement. His one hand dropping to his cock for a slow jerk, while his other hand brushed against his rock hard abs. Jay focused on her perky chest and licked his lips, eager for a tasting.

"Move over cowboy, so I can lie down." She ordered again, feeling all kinds of power. She placed herself gingerly in the middle of her queen-sized bed, barely getting her legs closed before Jay took the opportunity to start the party early. "Whoa. Gotta lick it before you can stick it." Lizzie opened her legs slowly and watched his dark eyes glance hungrily at her offering.

He dropped to his belly like a dead weight, diving headfirst into her overhead pussy. She arched off the bed at the first contact of his tongue on her clit. The fact her brother was the one giving her the intimate kiss. His tongue darted inside to scoop out her nectar, repeating the act rapidly, causing Lizzie to cry in pleasure. Jay's tongue was soon replaced by a blunt finger, then two as he stretched her passage.

"You better not pop my cherry yet, I want your dick to do that." His lips fastened to her clit as he sucked hard, sawing his fingers in and out, taking care not to pop her cherry. Lizzie could feel herself panting; a pressure was building between her legs like nothing she has ever felt before. "You are so fucking good at this!" She screamed, the tension coiling in her body. "Jayyyyy!" She screamed as she gushed all over his face. Jay continued to lap up her juices as she came torrents into his greedy mouth, vaguely registering that there was some reason this was supposed to be wrong.

Rick looked around the party. It was after 12 and everyone was either drunk, stoned or involved in sex, some were all three. He passed a couple sitting on the entryway bench, her skirt hiked around her hips as the guy drove it home. He hadn't seen Jay in a long time, which was not a real surprise considering the date he had. What surprised him was Lizzie's lack of showing. He never saw her after he handed her the two pills. When she never approached him later it didn't take much to realize he wasn't the guy who she had in mind. He glanced around at the pairs and threesomes in heady acts. "I fucking need a joint." He grumbled as he walked out to the pool, pulling a long white blunt from his pocket. He lit his favorite friend and glanced up at the night sky, ignoring the sounds of sex all around him. Eventually curiosity got to him and he checked out the many humping couples in darkened corners. Rick noticed a girl slouched on a lounger nearby. How she was laying did not look comfortable, and he could only assume she had too much to drink. When he approached her to put her back in a better position he recognized the face of the woman he picked up earlier. Jay's date, out like a light.

Visions of Lizzie's focused eyes popped into his head, gazing directly at her brother, with a look Rick could only describe now as lustful. He dropped his joint into the pool in surprise. "What the fuck did I do?" Rick turned to find Lizzie and Jay before she did something she could not take back.

Lizzie stretched her arms out over her head in a lazy sexual stretch. Her brother still eyed her body hungrily. His ramrod cock making a mess over his taught abs. "Do you still want me brother?" She asked wickedly. Jay nodded, his eyes darting from her pussy to her tits. "Let me hear you say it. No wait beg me, beg me to relieve you, to let you shoot in me." She cackled loudly.

Jay's glazed eyes settled on her wicked smile. "Please let'm fuck you, I need it bad, I'm gonna die, I need your- I need sex." He slurred.

"Do you want to impregnate your little sis?" She egged.

Jay shook his head. "No."

Lizzie crawled up on her knees, so they were kneeling close to each other, her nipples gently scraping his chest. She brought her lips inches from his. "You can only fuck me if you plan to give me a baby. To shoot deep in me, give me your child. You MY stud, you are going to fuck me hard and leave me with a permanent reminder of how good we fuck together." She murmured against her brother's lips, faintly smelling her musk on his lips. "Now I ask you again BIG brother. Are you going to impregnate me?" Lizzie glanced at the camera smiling evilly.

Jay nodded yes, humping his angry dick against her soft tummy. "Yes, please, I'll give you baby, juss let'm fuck you!" He pawed at her, nuzzling her neck.

Lizzie reached down between them. "This is my dick now isn't it? I own you and you're going to screw me."

Jay nodded.

Lizzie satisfied by the response lay back down on the bed. Her brother's bleary stare gazing at her gaping snatch as he angled his knees between hers. His previous experiences assisting in making the positioning easy despite the drugs. Soon he lay down fully on top of her, his arms bracketing her head. A cry ripped from her throat when he ground his heated flesh over her sensitive clit. "Put it in." Lizzie heard a knock at the door. She ignored it, nothing was coming between them. "Put it in!" She repeated. Lizzie could feel the blunt tip of her brother's dick pentrated her virgin opening. She felt as if he were ripping her in two as her body stretched to accommodate a man of his size. She could feel him butt up against her hymen. "Do it!" She grabbed his ass and pushed him through, crying in pain as her brother tore through and rested his groin against hers.

Suddenly there was a loud crash. Looking up Lizzie could see Rick bust into the room, he did not look surprised but he sure looked angry. She cast him a deadly stare as Jay began humping into her unaware of the intrusion.

"He's mine, leave." Her voice chilly despite the fire Jay was igniting in her pussy.

"He's your brother." Rick growled.

"Close the door before everyone sees." She barked, smoothing her hands down Jay's back, relishing in his grunts of pleasure as he sawed into his sis lazily.

"I can't believe you did this." Rick shook his head as he closed the door behind him, so they were the only three in the room.

Lizzie's eyes rolled back in pleasure, finally understanding why they did not talk in porn.

"Either leave or you can pick up the camera and get a few extra angles." Lizzie glared.

Rick stared at the newly deflowered virgin. Her eyes mixed with pleasure of getting dicked and the fact she was calling the shots. He knew he should leave, or break them up, but Rick new better, if he tried to break up someone on the Super X they were likely to take it out on him in blind frustration. But he also knew that Lizzie did not know what she was getting into, and if Jay started screwing too hard he could hurt her. So he did the only thing he could do, he picked up her camera and watched the satisfaction splash over her aroused face. Rick started to shoot down the path of their bodies. Hers mainly covered by Jays larger frame. When he got to where they were connected he noticed something very obvious. "Lizzie he doesn't have a condom on."

She glanced up at Rick, forgetting he was in the room. "Leave it alone. Just shut up and film it." Lizzie turned her attention back to her breeding stud, her brother. His mouth was fastened to her right tit, licking and sucking while he worked on making her a baby. She pulled his head back from her chest and pulled him up to her face, giving him a searing kiss. Their lips tangled as Lizzie wrapped her legs around her brother's slim waist. She moved her head to his ear.

"Fuck me hard, do it, rape me hard for the camera." She hissed. At hearing the word camera Jay's rutting increased in speed. Soon his ass was a blur as he jack hammered into his sister.

Lizzie's nails clinched into the muscles of his back as his animalistic pace made her hold on for life. The pleasure was too intense. Her cries increased, the louder she screamed the harder his cock banged into her cervix.

"Oh you fuck me soooo good!" She screamed. The tension drawing her tight as a bow, she arched into her brother's sweaty chest, creating more delicious friction. "Cum in me!" She screamed into her brother's ear, he grunted in agreement. She could vaguely hear the voice of a man cautioning her against it. But she didn't care, she had her brother right where she wanted him, fucking her fast and furious, about to give her his seed, to create a life in her.

Lizzie bit into his shoulder, her walls contracting around Jay's exploding dick as he came deep inside his sister. His hips pumped in a few more times until he settled with their groins locked, heaving all his weight onto her body. Lizzie rolled her brother off to the side as he began to instantly sleep. She gazed up at Rick, whose eyes were now locked on her slimy pussy. "Did you get it all?"

Rick nodded his face pale. "Please tell me you're on the pill."

"Why would a virgin need a pill?" Lizzie stared him down, letting him draw the obvious conclusion.

"Lizzie, what the fuck did you just do?" Rick's eyes widened in horror.

"I took what was mine." Lizzie's cold stare penetrated Rick's own steely gaze.

"He's your brother. What do you think is going to happen now? Super X doesn't keep them from remembering." Rick cautioned. His gaze still darting around her nude form. She looked like a sex goddess.

"I am going to leave, with my baby and my camera. Thank you for the pills, and for taping." Lizzie sauntered over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "None of this would have happened if it weren't for you." She smiled wickedly. She noticed how his gaze kept zinging down to the apex between her thighs. Her eyebrow arched in curiosity. "See anything you like?"

Rick gulped.

Written by: Chased

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