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My Sister the Tease

by Venus_Lover©

I could not believe the change in my sister, she was actually being nice and said that she was going to give me what I wanted for so long, she was giving me her body. And she had said that she loved me.

This was too good to be true. When I lay down next to her and put my arm around her, she was very warm and affectionate. But at the same time she became nervous and I realized that she wasn't such a loose slut as she made herself out to be.

She was afraid of getting intimate with any guy and didn't have any idea what to do. I could sense this and just lay there holding her and stroking her hair and the side of her face. Then I gently kissed her and told her that she was beautiful and that I loved her very much.

I was actually the first one who ever told her that she was beautiful, even though she acted as if she had so much experience with men and had all sorts of boyfriends. This really touched her. It was just so nice to hear this from me and she cried softly to herself.

Kimberly knew she had to make it up to me, but could never bring herself to get intimate with anyone before. She had promised herself and me, that she would give her body to me, but she wasn't sure anymore that she could do it. Still, she was happy to be held so tightly, it felt so good after the hell of last night.

I didn't rush anything, knowing that might frighten Kimberly, who was still only wearing her thin panties. If she stopped to think about her nakedness she might freak out, so I just held her lovingly. This was just what she needed. She was the one who was shattered now; her self-esteem, which was so low already, was now at rock bottom. She had tortured her brother who loved her. She had to be a demoness, she thought, as she worked herself into a state of moroseness.

But I wouldn't let her be so negative. I wanted to make this time the best of our lives, when everything would work out for both of us. I kept telling her how much I loved her and how beautiful she was.

This helped her greatly and when I kissed her on the lips, she responded with affection, and kissed back with a greater passion than she had known she had. I kissed her with so much love and care that she melted in my arms, gradually forgetting everything else, except that she was embraced by someone so wonderful, so full of love for her.

She started to think that maybe she could actually be intimate with me; I made her feel so good that she was forgetting her fears. She had heard so many stories about sex, but didn't know much at all, having no direct experience herself.

Our parents didn't let her take sex ed and never told her anything, so what she knew was only about twenty percent truth and the rest was just girl talk. Biting her lip, she told me that she wanted me to make love to her, but that this was her first time and that she was really scared.

"Please be gentle," she said.

I was overjoyed to think that it was actually going to happen, I was really going to finally fuck my amazing incredible sister, whom I had been hoping to fuck for so long. It was too much; I couldn't believe my good fortune.

I knew I needed to go slow, so she didn't freak out, and I wanted to give her lots of pleasure before working up to fucking her, to make her experience memorable and also so she would want more sex with me, again and again. At last I was in heaven as I contemplated my extremely good fortune.

I started kissing her deeply, inserting my tongue into her mouth and biting her lips to get her excited. Then I kissed her body all over and licked every inch of her incredible naked body as she sighed deeply, feeling so good.

Later she told me that she was wondering, "Why haven't I done this before, it is so great. I missed so much time, when I could have been having such wonderful sex with my brother."

But this was only the beginning and it got so much better as I licked down her hot body, which was burning with desire.

As I approached her pussy, I pulled her moist panties down, followed by my probing tongue. I licked her swollen pussy lips from between her legs all the way up past her clitoris and back down to her puckered butt hole, then back up to suck on her clit and nibble it with my teeth.

She had an especially sensitive spot just between her legs, between the bottom of her slit and her ass cheeks, and as I licked here slowly, she felt so much erotic pleasure, that it sent her over the edge and she orgasmed intensely. This incredible ecstasy overwhelmed her, as she reveled in this wondrous experience, for her first time.

Oh it was so great, she loved it and wanted to experience more and more of this. By the time I finished my warm up foreplay she had orgasmed three times and was putty in my hands. She told me that I made her feel so good; she was addicted to me. And I was going to fuck her into the next world. I gathered all my expertise and focused on giving her the maximum amount of pleasure. I wanted her to remember and cherish this moment forever, when I took her cherry and pummeled her thoroughly with my incredibly hard cock.

Finally, I had stretched her tight engorged pussy with three fingers and she was ready, dripping honey from her pot. I placed the swollen head of my cock at her opening between her puffy cunt lips and rubbing it all over, coating it with her juices, I pushed it firmly into her tight opening. Her pussy was so tight that my cock ached for days after this intense fuck of my little sister. But the pain was bittersweet, it was ecstacy.

As I pressed more into her depths and reached her cherry I drew back, kissed her passionately and thrust my cock all the way deep into her in one smooth stroke, popping her cherry and stuffing her pussy full to the bottom with my thick meat.

She gasped against my mouth, feeling the intense fullness of sexual pleasure, masking the sharp pain of her hymen's rupture and moaned her appreciation of it. It was fantastic, the best moment of my life until then.

I waited a few moments and as she adjusted to the intensity of my invasion I started stroking in and out with long powerful strokes. I built up the speed of my lovemaking and soon, I was pounding her with all my strength over and over and over again.

She was overwhelmed by this incredible fucking and just awed with the wonderful pleasure surging from he throbbing pussy. Finally, as I felt an amazing orgasm building in my balls I fucked her at an even greater pace, until finally we both came together in a wonderful display of intense erotic excitement and collapsed together, still coupled tightly.

"Oh, brother, that was wonderful. You can have me any time you want and that won't be enough.

"I want you to fuck me forever and ever. I love it. I love you and I love your big cock. And I love getting fucked by you. Please fuck me again now! I want more, right now."

Kimberly leaned over and sucked my limp prick into her mouth and slurped it in, running her tongue all over it's tip and down the underside.

Soon I was hard again and Kimberly pulled herself on top of me and lowered her just fucked, still very tight, wet pussy down slowly onto my cock, relishing every second as she slid ever so slowly down my love pole. The pleasure of tight friction sent jolts of intense pleasure through our hot bodies as she pumped her pussy on my meat cowgirl style.

I was in total ecstasy and relished every second and every sensation of my sister's incredible tight pussy. This made up for all the teasing she had ever done and I was happier than I had ever been.

I fucked her furiously for almost an hour, relishing the greatest pleasure that only comes when you keep yourself at the peak for such a long time, just before coming. Finally I filled her with a giant load of semen. It was my most intense orgasm ever.

Still, she wasn't satisfied and wanted more, so I started licking her sloppy pussy, sucking my semen from her with gusto. This drove her crazy with passion. I was definitely crazy with passion for her.

It was so hot and so amazing. I hoped that that day would never end and that I could just replay this scene over and over again, it was the best.

I threw everything I had into my pussy sucking and soon had her writhing in orgasm after orgasm. Not letting up, I kept sucking and licking until she screamed many times over for me to please stop. She was too sensitive and could not come any more.

Then we went to sleep, dreaming of our future together, dreaming of fucking each other unlimitedly. And we did. Life is good sometimes.

Let the world go to hell, we have all we could ever want. We have each other.

Written by: Venus_Lover

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