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Brother Sister Ch. 01

by nikki_2021©

Josh stood up in the middle of the spa and slipped his shorts down, revealing a semi-erect penis. He even made a show of turning slowly so that his mates had to look away if they didn't want to see it. Bec clapped her hands and congratulated him, kissing him deeply as her hand grabbed his cock.

"That wasn't hard was it?" she asked.

"Huh," was Josh's only response."

"Well it wasn't hard then," Bec said, grinning as she tugged his cock some more, feeling it stiffen in her grasp, "but it is now! Come on, your turn guys, let's see what you're packing.

John stood up slowly, trying not to look too eager as he took the centre position in the spa and dropped his boxers, turning as Josh had, his cock clearly erect. Mark then did the same. All three boys were now sitting in the nude and Bec was only too aware of her proximity to three cocks.

She slipped her panties down her legs under the water and then whilst the boys chatted, waved them slowly before their eyes and flung them away from the spa so that it meant that when she got out, she couldn't do so without either waiting for someone to retrieve them for her or stepping out at least bottomless.

Josh's hand crept down to her pussy and played with her gently as they sat side by side and Bec took every opportunity she could to touch the other two guy's cocks with her naked feet. Her pussy was on fire. If she wasn't in the spa, she'd be soaked anyway.

When it was time for more beers, Bec sent Josh again, who complained bitterly about the fact that he was being ripped off.

"That's what being the host is all about, Josh, or do you want me to go get them for you?" she laughed, guessing that he wouldn't want her parading about naked.

"No no, I'll go," he said.

As he disappeared inside, Bec said to John and Mark, "Stand up, I want to see your cocks again." John and Mark looked at each other. Nothing was said, but then John stood up, closely followed by Mark.

"Such lovely cocks you have," Bec said and reached out a hand to each of them. They both watched her as she stroked them briefly, but Bec wasn't satisfied with just that. She moved quickly forward and enveloped John's cock in her mouth, sucking it hard before turning and doing the same to Mark. The both stared at her in disbelief as she quickly sat back in her seat, indicating they should sit down too.

They both sat down rather hurriedly as Josh came back outside carrying more beers. When he was comfortably back in the spa, Bec moved to the centre of the spa, facing him. Then she moved in to kiss him. He was clearly feeling a bit uncomfortable about the fact that she was doing this in front of their friends, but she was persistent. When she straddled his lap and ground her pussy against his cock, he started to protest. "Not here Bec, not now," he whispered.

"Yes here and now," Bec said, guiding the head of his cock to her pussy and wriggling around so that it started to slide inside her.

"Fuck Bec, what's got into you?" he asked, glancing over her shoulder and noting that both of the other guys were watching her move.

"You have silly, I can feel you in me," she replied.

"That's not what I mean and you know it," he said a little testily.

"Well just enjoy it while it lasts," she countered, burying his cock completely within her. She sat grinding on him for a few minutes before sliding off, noting a look of relief on his face. But she wasn't about to let it go that easily, she simply turned around and sat down on his cock facing away from him, her position on his lap keeping her high enough that her breasts were exposed to his two friends.

"Bec, I really don't think that you should be doing this," Josh said.

"Well I am, so you can either enjoy it or leave," she retorted. Josh shut up. He didn't know what to think. He really didn't know what had happened to Bec. She was always fun, but she'd never been this brazenly open about sex before.

Bec was thinking hard. She knew what she wanted, but she was also sure that it would be the end of her relationship with Josh. She just wondered how much she could get away with before that was the case. She placed her hands on her breasts and started to play with them, enjoying the reactions that she saw on Mark and John's faces as they watched her caress herself and pull her own nipples.

She wiggled a finger at John where Josh wouldn't be able to see it and he slid around so that her body blocked Josh's view. Then he moved his butt closer to Bec and she reached out and took his cock in her hand, wanking him as she ground herself down on Josh's cock.

Mark was watching as well and Bec could tell that he was masturbating under the cover of the bubbles. She winked at him and he too moved a little closer so that she could hold his cock in her other hand.

This continued for a few moments until Bec said, "Hey John, stand up for me?" John did as he requested and Bec leaned forward, away from Josh and took his cock in her mouth.

"What the fuck Bec?" Josh cried out, pushing her off of his cock. "That's it, get out of here and you can fuck off too John."

"Sorry you feel that way Josh, but it's probably for the best. I'd hoped that you'd be cool and able to share so that I could have some fun, but that obviously won't work. I'm really sorry that its ended this way, I know I should have just ended it."

"I don't care Bec, you've changed, you're fucking crazy and I don't know you anymore. Just leave. And take those two with you; I don't want anything to do with you."

Bec grabbed her bra and then left the spa, walking naked to get her panties and use a towel. Josh stormed past her, dripping water, stalking into the house, not even looking back.

"You guys still up from some fun?" Bec asked the other two as they got out of the spa, their eyes drinking greedily of the sight that was her nakedness.

"I don't know Bec," Mark said, "maybe another time, right now I think I should get going."

"What about you John?"

"Bec I want you, I won't deny that, but I don't think tonight is the right time."

"Fuck. Well alright then, maybe some other time," Bec sighed. She grabbed her mobile phone from her purse and called a taxi. Then she pulled on her skirt and top, stuffing her wet underwear into her handbag. The guys also dressed and both made sure that Bec was going to be ok getting home, offering to share the cab with her.

"Ok, come with me and then you guys can take the cab on," she relented.

Through the whole cab ride home, Bec teased both guys, stroking their cocks in the back seat, knowing they had no underwear on. They might have said no in the wake of the spa incident, but neither was willing to ask her to stop playing with his cock in the back of the cab.

When they arrived back at her house, Bec gave John some money towards to cab fare. "It may not be tonight, but I will fuck you both," she said as a parting jibe, enjoying the look not only on the two boy's faces, but that of the cab driver as well.


The following night, Matt waited for his sister in the bathroom. She'd been out with friends the night before and so Matt had missed out on his nightly wank. He was certainly looking forward to making up for it tonight.

When Bec walked into the bathroom, he barred up immediately. She was only wearing a pair of panties. Not even a bikini bottom, but a pair of low-rise briefs that he thought must have only just barely covered any pubic hair that she must have. And her breasts stood proudly before her, her nipples stiff and erect.

She set about running the water and soon Matt was standing beneath the cascading flow, his hands wrapped in plastic bags. Bec stood outside the shower until he was ready for her to enter and then to her brother's complete and utter surprise, she slid the panties off and stepped into the shower, naked.

"I think we're past the need for them," she said by simple way of explanation as Matt struggled to find the words to ask the question that he clearly wanted to get out.

Bec set about washing her brother, acutely aware of how it seemed a step naughtier now that she was naked as well. Her brother's massive erection felt good in her hands as she slid them up and down its length. She washed him several times, letting the shower wash all the soap off each time before lathering up and starting again. Bec had been thinking hard about this and was enjoying building him up and then letting him ease off slightly. She started washing his legs and dropped down to her knees to wash around his ankles and feet. When she was finished, she reached out and grabbed his cock while her head was level with it. Matt looked down at the contact and at that point, Bec opened her mouth and sucked her brother's cock into her mouth.

Matt didn't react. He was too stunned. He stared down past his chest to where his little sister's mouth was sliding up and down his stiff cock. He had never felt so horny in his life. Each time she did something new to him, it was as if he had never experienced it before, nor felt anything quite so spectacular.

He knew that he should stop her. There was no way she should be sucking her brother's cock. But it felt so amazing that he couldn't bring himself to do it. He just watched her mouth working on him and when she glanced up at him with her mouth full of his cock, he grinned; and came.

His cock erupted, spurting its seed into his sister's mouth, pumping his seed to the back of her throat.

Bec swallowed. She took her brother's cum in her mouth and then she swallowed it. She felt dirty and horny and alive. Then she stood up and rubbed her naked body against his and Matt marvelled at the feel of his sister's firm wet breasts against his chest and stomach.

"Fuck Bec," he said when she finally stepped away from him a little.

"I know," she said. "I can't believe it, but I wanted to more than anything, so I did. Is that ok?"

"Probably not," he replied and her face soured, "But then I didn't stop you because nothing that I've ever done ever felt so good as that. I wanted it Bec." She smiled at him.

"Good. Just don't tell anyone." Matt insisted that there was no way in hell that he was about to do that as Bec dried them both with a towel. Then she went into her room to spend some quality time with her hairbrush, the lingering taste of her brother's cum reminding her exactly what she had just done.


Bec left the uni bar smiling. She had managed to arrange something she'd been toying with in her mind. She had a third. George was a guy that she'd met a couple of times that had made it patently clear that he wanted to get into her pants. Today Bec had told him that she was going to let him ... as long as he was prepared to share her with two other guys. He was good looking enough and though not quite Bec's type, he was a good third to go with Mark and John.

Then she rang Mark and John, inviting each of them over tomorrow afternoon, telling them that that was when she was going to fuck them and they were going to help her fulfil a fantasy. She was relieved when neither of them said no. But there was one thing that she'd decided she needed to do before she fulfilled that fantasy.


She walked naked into the bathroom where her brother was waiting, also naked. Rather than start the water of the shower, she dropped to her knees in front of him and started to suck his cock.

Matt couldn't believe his little sister. He had loved their last shower, especially the ending, but he'd really been expecting that that would have been the end of it. Now he was watching her suck on his cock again.

After several minutes of doing this, she took his hand and led him in to her bedroom.

"What's going on Bec?" he asked as she turned him around and pushed him back towards her bed.

"We're going to have sex Matt. I want my brother's enormous cock inside me. I've been dreaming about it ever since I saw it and I want it now." Matt was already stiff and hearing her say this so confidently did nothing to assuage the tension in his penis.

"Do you really think that's a good idea Bec?" He asked.

"Yes I do. You have the biggest cock I've seen, I love you and I want to fuck you," she said, climbing on top of him. She slipped two fingers into her pussy as he watched. "See how wet I am? It's because I want you Matt, I want to fuck you. Will you let me do this?"

Matt could see his sister's juices on her fingers. She certainly looked plenty wet. He started to think about the ramifications of saying yes, but then closed his mind.

"Fuck me Bec," he said. She grinned at him and grabbed his cock with her hand before moving forward so that her hips were in front of his cock. Then she slid herself backwards, feeling her pussy filled with more cock that she had ever had before. He felt so big and it felt good as it stretched her wide apart, piercing inside her.

Matt reached up with a thumb and fore finger and felt the breast that he'd wanted to touch ever since Bec had started washing him. His sister's pussy was so tight and wet on his cock; he felt every movement that she made on his rock hard shaft.

If he thought he'd had trouble holding back his orgasm when she first wanked him, this was just as bad. In not time at all he was ready to cum. He warned his sister and she smiled at him, riding him some more before allowing him to slip from her pussy. She grabbed his slick erection and pumped it with her hand until it exploded, shooting an arc of warm cum up over her hand to land with an audible splat on his stomach.

"Mmm that was great," Bec said to her brother.

"It was amazing," Matt replied, eyeing off his naked sister as she grabbed some tissues and cleaned up the mess that she'd left on him. "But what about you, don't you want to cum too?"

"I knew I loved you Matt," she grinned at him, "Will you lick my pussy for me?"

"There's nothing I'd like better just now Bec,' he said. Bec climbed off of him and lay herself down on the bed while Matt set about getting himself into a position where he could use his tongue on her pussy. Bec spread her legs and even spread her pussy with her fingers, urging him to lick her.

Matt ran his tongue up the slit of Bec's pussy, marvelling at the fact that he was getting to taste his own sister. He could see her clit standing ready, wanting attention and he decided not to disappoint it, lapping gently at it, loving the pleasured sounds that it drew forth from his sister as she felt the contact.

"Fuck that is so good Matt, lick me harder," Bec said, leaning forward to see her brother's tongue making contact with her pussy. Matt applied more pressure to her clit with his tongue, rubbing back and forth, listening for the little vocal cues she gave when he was getting it right.

Bec was surprised at how quickly she reached the point where she knew that she was going to cum. She could feel the electric tension building in her body and urged Matt to keep going, to bring her to the point of elation that she craved. Matt continued pushing with his tongue, rubbing it back and forth until he heard Bec cry out as her body shuddered and she came.

"Oh God, thank you Matt, that was so good," she said to him a few minutes later when her body had calmed down again.

"Oh you're welcome Bec, I have to thank you for letting me help you cum!"

"Good, then you're not going to get all squeamish and tell me that because I'm your sister, we won't be doing it again?" she asked.

"I don't think so. I know we shouldn't, but I doubt I'd be able to say no to you, you're so fucking hot Bec."

"Good, because if you try and stop me from fucking you again, I'll be reminding you that you said that," she laughed.


The following day Matt was out with some friends and Bec was waiting for friends of her own to show up.

John was the first to arrive and she greeted him at the door, bestowing him with a lingering, tongue-curling kiss.

"Hey John, I'm so glad that you came," she told him as she led him into the living room. "I know that this is a big ask of you, but I wanted you to be part of it."

"Well it wasn't an easy decision Bec, I've wanted to ask you out for a long time, but you were seeing Josh. And I don't know if its even a good decision to do this with you, but I'm kinda hoping that if you do it and get it out of your system, maybe there's a chance that I can see you in the near future in a less busy way."

"Are you asking me out John?" Bec asked him, smiling.

"Not really just yet," John replied, "I guess I just want to put the thought there so that it might leave the door open for the possibility."

"Ok, well thanks anyway John, I really do like you," she said, stepping in to kiss him again. As they kissed the doorbell rang. Bec went to answer it and found both George and Mark there waiting.

"Come on in guys," she said. She led them into the room where John was waiting and let them all greet each other.

"So, what I want is to fuck all of you," Bec said once they were all settled on couches, "because I've got this fantasy and I've decided that I really want to fulfil it. But I want to be clear that I don't want anyone saying anything after the fact. If you don't there s a chance it could happen again. But if word gets out, I can guarantee that I will find a way to make your life a living hell, yeah?"

"No problem Bec," John quickly said.

"Sure," Mark said. George just shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal.

"Sure you understand George?" Bec asked, attempting to be 100% sure that she had control over the situation.

"Yeah, no problem," George replied. "How do you want to do this?"

"Well I think to start with I want you all to strip off and stand around me so that I can suck on your cocks," Bec said. She knelt back on the floor away from the couch and watched as the three guys stripped out of their clothes and then moved to stand around her, their cocks in varying states of erection.

Bec went to John's first, taking it in her mouth, her hand wrapped around the shaft as she licked and sucked at it. Then she reached out with her free hand to grab Mark's cock, pulling him in closer to her. Removing her hand from John, but keeping his cock in her mouth, she then reached out and grabbed George as well, revelling in how slutty she felt to be playing with three cocks at once.

After a little while, she turned her head to the left and started sucking Mark's cock, getting it as hard as she had just managed to make John's before then turning her back to the right and sucking George to maximum size as well.

"This would be a lot better if we could see you naked Bec," George commented as she slid her mouth down over his cock, her tongue gliding along the sensitive underside.

"You're probably right, but I was in a hurry to get started," Bec laughed. She released the two cocks that she had in her hand and stood up, "please undress me guys," she said, glancing from one to the other.

Mark knelt down and started to undo her shoes, John started to undo her shorts and George brought his hands to the front of the blouse that she was wearing. She expected him to start undoing the buttons, but instead he gripped one side with each hand and tore them apart, popping the buttons from the front as she went.

"George!" Bec called out as her bra was so quickly exposed and her blouse destroyed.

"Sorry, its something I've always wanted to try," he said with a wry smile. "It probably won't happen again." Bec glared at him, but he just grinned and walked around behind her so that he could undo her bra, releasing her tits as she stepped out of first her shoes and then her shorts. As she looked down to watch John sliding her pink thong down her legs, she felt George's hands snake around from behind her and grab at her breasts somewhat roughly.

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