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Wife Comes out of Shell on Vacation

by Joe Bob©

He whispered in her ear, "Can that skirt come up again so I can admire your lovely ass?"

She told him, "Alright, but only if you promise not to tell anyone I let you!"

She let him lift her skirt up to her hips and she allowed him to grind his crotch into her, neither of them speaking anymore, one hand came round to play with her tits and the other stroked her upper thigh. She felt his cock pressing into the crack of her butt which made her feel very aroused. She then began to respond by wriggling my butt into him. When she felt his hand covering her pussy and trying to push her thighs wider she was turned on enough to open her legs and let him reach inside her panties to find her clit.

He was so excited he was out of breath. She had unfastened her top enough for him to appreciate her tits but not all the way. He was like a child at Christmas. Now they were away from prying eyes she undid her top and showed him her tits properly and posed far more lewdly.

She didn't care anymore and was totally sexually aroused and open to suggestion and manipulation. He knew just where and how to touch a woman, making her like putty in his hands. His hand had gone down the front of her panties and he pulled up her top dragging her bra over her tits. She let him bend her over side of the bed.

Without a word, Gary slipped up behind her and started massaging her tits. His fingers were deftly pinching and rolling her nipples. Since her big nipples are very sensitive, she let out a moan. She could feel her pussy getting wet. Gary then slid his hands between her legs to feel her damp snatch and then began to squeeze her ass cheeks. The feeling of his hands all over her sent a chill down her spine. This was so FUCKING HOT!! After a few more minutes of groping, he picked her up and turned her over on the bed. As he did she could see that he was very well hung and ROCK HARD!! Now that turned her on even more!!

Gary bent her forward and was fingering her -- and she said she was enjoying the way he was masturbating her, so much so that she worked her pussy against his fingers making it clear to him that she was loving it. It went on a few minutes and she cooed as he squeezed her tits and she held his hand over her breasts.

She turned her head a little bit and Gary's cock slipped into her warm mouth. He let out a huge moan of pleasure as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. He started pumping her face. About then he got on his knees between her legs, lifted her legs up into a V, and inserted his raging boner into her wet twat. He started fucking her slowly, sliding his thick cock all the way in and all the way out each time. "Damn, girl, you are so fucking tight!" he exclaimed.

Jan felt her body moving as she realized she could feel his cock inside her pussy and she was being fucked by him.

She was bucking her hips in rhythm with Gary's thrusts. She could feel him tensing up as though he was really close to shooting a full load off. Gary was speeding up and ramming her fast and hard. She was loving every inch of him! Her orgasm started building up and could tell it was gonna be an earth shattering one just because of her heightened senses from this whole experience!

All it took was one last thrust from Gary, one last pinch of her nipples, one last massage of her clit, one last deep push of his hard member, and she was screaming out loud, "Ooooohhhh, ssshhiiitt!! I am cumming!! Oooohhh ffuuccckkk! FFUUCCKK! That feels so good!!" She was moaning like crazy and thrashing about wildly! It was fucking amazing! She was having waves after waves of orgasms!

Jan turned toward the door to see Bill taking in their activities. She glanced over at Bill, who smiled and said, "Enjoying yourself? Cause I am sure enjoying the show."

Bill walked toward Jan and began to feel her up. He slipped his hand between her legs to rub her pussy. Still feeling a bit nervous as Bill pulled her close and they kissed, hot open mouth kisses, their tongues searching each other's mouths. Then Jan grabbed his thigh and slid her hand up to his crotch and immediately felt that he was a big boy. Jan continued to kiss him and felt his hands on her breasts. Her body was being stroked, and felt his hard cock pressing against her.

Jan then felt Gary press his cock against her face, then slipped it between her lips and took him into her mouth, his cock throbbing and hard. She gently squeezed and stroked him as he began to gently fuck her mouth. Then one of them manhandled her onto her back on the bed.

Bill went straight between her legs and his hands began to work up her thighs as she lay back enjoying his touch. He felt the silky skin of her inner thighs, and then his fingers touched her pussy, pulling it gently apart and began licking her clit.

Jan groaned softly and pushed against him as his tongue began to explore her pussy which was still dripping from Gary. Bill's hands reached around and grasped her thighs, and spread them wider, pushing her onto his tongue. She then pulled her knees up over his shoulders as he moaned between her legs and licked her pussy. Jan then wrapped her legs around him as he continued to suck at her swollen clit.

At this point, they noticed that I had arrived and was now watching from the doorway. Jan's nipples were large and swollen; she had the look of lust in her eyes. My wife directed me to take off my clothes and sit in one of the large chairs as she lowered herself onto Bill's lap. Her her wet pussy was pressing against his cock which was still straining to enter her.

I was stroking my cock as my wife and our friends were making out just a few feet from me, Bill's hands roaming her breasts and ass. Smiling back at me over her shoulder she turned again to face Gary's hard cock just in front of her. This was the large cock my wife had told me about while we fucked. I watched as my wife's lips circled his cockhead, her tongue playing along the ridge of his cock. Jan lowered her head down slowly over his hard shaft until she had just about the whole thing in her mouth and throat. Taking her time she began sucking and licking his cock, moving from the base to the tip, her juices shiny on his dick. Gary had her head in his hands and guided her up and down his long cock as he began telling her how good it felt. I watched my wife's cheeks fill and collapse as she sucked and could hear the slurping noise as she began an all out assault on his cock.

Bill now had my wife by her hips and they began fucking together, both of them grunting and breathing hard. Jan's large tits were bouncing up and down as she demanded Bill fuck her hard and as she let go in an orgasm I could see Bill begin to contract his leg muscles as he pumped his seed into my wife's pussy. With each of the next strokes I could see his cum mixed with her cum around his cock as they continued fucking. I had just about cum in my hand when they slowed their pace and settled to a stop, their naked bodies breathing hard against each other.

As my wife slipped off of Bill's cock a string of cum dripped from her pussy to the tip of his shaft. Jan spread her legs revealing her cum filled cunt. Gary was sucking her right nipple. I had to fuck my wife and instructed her to get on her knees and spread her legs. Jan was on her hands and knees as I spread her ass cheeks and slid my cock into her juicy pussy. Taking my wife by the hips I took long slow strokes in and out of her pussy, feeling the mixture of juices with each stroke. My cock was engulfed by her hot juicy pussy, the feeling of her cum filled pussy was unbelievable as I paused with each stroke into her. While my balls slapped my wife's ass I began shooting my cum into her very wet pussy. It seemed like I was going to cum forever. My cock became flaccid as I sat back on my legs letting it slip from Jan's pussy.

Written by: Joe Bob

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