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Gym Jerk Off

by wred222000©

It was any other normal day at the gym. I was determined to get a good workout as I pulled my gym shorts over my grey boxer briefs. I concluded that a good swim after my lifts would suffice.

I set off on my usual sets of leg presses, military presses, and other lifts. Compared to everyone else I'm much smaller only about 5'8 and mostly lean muscle. Being on the swim team in high school slimmed me down so now that I was in college I continued to swim 3 days a week and do some strength training about twice a week.

I called it quits after doing my usual sit ups with the yoga ball. My abs tightened as I crunched up to finish my last rep. I headed to the locker room of the gym to change into my Speedo. The locker room was empty as I opened my box and pulled out my swimsuit. No ones around, I thought. I quickly pulled off my shorts and boxer briefs in one quick pull down. I picked up my first Speedo, which was loose and worn. I liked the challenge of wearing two suits for the increased drag. As I slowly slipped on the suit I felt a presence behind me. I quickly pulled up and looked behind me. Without looking, I pulled on the second suit and tied the elastic string.

I turned around and met eyes with a middle-aged man, He nodded and stepped back so I can pass through. I hopped into the pool and attempted to swim for at least 15 minutes. My arms succumbed at 5 minutes. I massaged my shoulders, as they were not used to swimming after an hour and a half of lifting. I hopped out of the pool and headed back into the locker room for a quick shower.

I heard the sounds of the water as I entered the shower. It was a small rectangular room with 3 showers each lined on two opposite sides. I remember I would used to take the corner showers to easily hide my hard ons. I surveyed the room and found that one of the middle showers were already occupied by the middle aged man I met earlier. He poked his head out of the frosted partitions separating the showers and took a quick look. I set my towel and goggles on the opposite side of the entrance and took the last shower in the back opposite from the occupied shower.

As I turned on the water I could feel the gaze of the middle-aged man behind my back. At 20, I was pretty proud of my lean body that was cut in some places and fully tanned except for the obvious Speedo tan. The excitement of someone watching me shower tickled my penis as I continued to rub my body underneath the warm water. I began to feel my penis grow erect as I instinctively turned the knob to make the shower cooler.

I would usually get a hard on in the shower especially if I would notice another guy sneak a peek at the corner of their eye especially when I would turn around to wash my back and expose my member to the opposite 3 shower stalls. But I perfected the trick of showering with cold water to temporarily subdue my cock. I was still a virgin and dated a few girls in high school and college. It never got as far as heavy petting and long make out sessions. But I suppose I had a fetish for exhibitionism, as I would find myself washing my cock in a fashion that other guys in the shower would take a quick look at what was going on.

By now, my cock had ignored the sting of the cold water and was standing almost fully erect. I've seen other guys have hard ons in the gym shower and most just kept showering like nothing. I felt a bit embarrassed and began to lather soap on my front side to play it off. I turned around and saw the middle aged man turned around causally looking at me. This sealed the deal as my cock perked up and I quickly turned around. I shut my thoughts and tried to subdue my erection. The frosted glass hid nothing as it was obvious that I had a raging hard on.

Without thinking I turned around to reveal my hard on to the middle-aged man who slowly started to soap his penis. I glanced down to see an uncut cock surrounded by curly black pubic hair. The man was tall, but a little chubby. He looked Latino and smiled as I glanced at his face.

"What the hell am I doing?" I thought.

I was into girls, but why am I so freaking horny. I turned around and started to lather my front side again. I felt stupid so I began to wash my back and soap my butt. My hand rubbed circles around my cheeks as I slowly began to wash into my crack. I was giving the man a show, I thought. I turned to wash my ass and the man gazed down to study my now erect 6-inch cock sticking straight out. He lurched forward but I turned and he stepped back.

What?!? I thought to myself what is this guy doing.

My heart beat faster that ever. Was he going to approach me? I turned my head to look at him and realized he was standing in the middle aisle looking at me questionably. I turned my body and he quickly stepped into my stall.

My heart beat faster as I was unsure about what was happening. My head reached at about his chest as stood next to me, his eyes watching the shower entrances. He reached down at my cock and began quickly jerk off my fully erect circumcised cock.

I stood in shock as I watched his hand jerk my dick up and down. He reached down to my left hand and picked it up. I yielded and he placed it on his semi-flaccid uncut cock. I studied it and squeezed it in my hands. The feeling of another mans cock in my hand pulsated my body. I felt its warmth and began to slowly jerk it up and down as I angled his cock vertically. He gasped a little as I began to quicken the pace.

His cock was only semi-hard as I began to pull his skin up and down his shaft. He reciprocated by furiously jerking my cock. My dick surprisingly felt little pleasure but my mind was racing. I felt him gasp for air as he pushed backward and cum began to slowly erupt from his cock. I angled his cock down and watched it fall onto the gray tile. He let go off my cock and began to massage my balls. My dick still hard pulsated and was red from the heavy jerking. He moved his hand back to my ass as he squeezed the cheek and played with my nipple with his other hand. I began to explore his balls and softly squeezed them. He looked up and headed back into his stall as I could see flesh figures moving to the showers through the frosted partition.

Disappointed that I didn't cum I turned around to give a full view of my cock from the opposite showers. He turned slightly to get a better view. I furiously wanked at my cock until I came over my belly shooting large spurts of sum onto my chest, belly, and into my belly button. He looked up and gave a small nod.

I showered off the sum and quickly walked out wondering what just happened. I changed back into my gym shorts at lighting speed embarrassed to meet eyes with the man I just jerked off.

It was my first same-sex jerk off and it was definitely one to remember.

Written by: wred222000

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