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The Decorators

by Fantasymaster©

"Feels good to me," said Billy, his fingers still fiddling with Emma's pussy lips. "Your turn now pretty one," he looked between Janet's thighs, "you've got a bit more of a bush than your Mum, but it will come off just the same."

Emma cringed with the embarrassing thought of touching her girl so intimately while these two brutes watched closely. Ed pinched a few curls of pubic hair and started to pull hard enough to make Janet gasp. "You'd better make a start woman, or I'll pluck 'em out one by one"

Having no choice, Emma soaped her daughter's pussy and started to shave off her pubes while the two men held her legs open and pulled her pussy lips this way and that to enable her to shave her completely. Just as before, they made Janet stand and bend over while they held her cute little ass cheeks apart so the Emma could shave her completely. In order to finally check the two women's work, both of them were bent over the bath and ordered to pull their asses apart whilst Billy and Ed worked their fingers and tongues into every nook and cranny. Ed took his time, pushing his longer tongue into both girls' ass holes and rimming them well.

"Now these bitches are smelling sweet, I think we should be cleaned up too," he said, climbing into the bath. "You can do my back," he told Emma, "while sweet cheeks here does the front." Both women started to soap him down, and he luxuriated in their ministrations. "You make sure my cock, balls and ass are squeaky clean," he told them both. Janet started to rub his stiff cock with soapy hands, whilst Emma's fingers probed his anus. After a while, he let them rinse him off and then said, "Only one way to check you didn't leave any soap behind girls, and that's with your mouths. Mum here can suck my ass and give me a good rimming while you, little miss, can check out my cock and balls."

The two women knelt in the bath as he stood between them. Fearful for her daughter's safety, Emma started to kiss and caress his ass, pulling his cheeks apart to get to his sphincter. She overcame her revulsion and started to lick round his arse hole. Janet, in the meantime, had begun to suck on his cock and then lick round his balls. He looked down at the pretty young woman and began to wank himself off in front of her face, rubbing the sticky tip of his cock over her lips and across her face while her mother continued to add to his pleasure from behind.

Prolonging his enjoyment as long as he could, when he felt near to coming he got Emma to come round to the front and made the two girls kiss with his cock sliding between their wet lips and tongues. His cum shot into both of their mouths and he made them swap it back and forth until they both had swallowed their fair share. Billy took his place in an instant, this time making Janet lick him behind whilst Emma took care of his cock. When he could take no more, he pulled Janet round in front of him and gave Emma a close up view of him cumming in her daughters sweet mouth before he made Janet spit his load into Emma's mouth for her to swallow. When he was done, Ed showered the two down again and the two men ogled them drying off before dragging them back to the bedroom by their hair. Ed disappeared downstairs to fetch his bag which was full of tricks.

Whilst the two men reclined on the bed, the two women were made to stand in front of each other, legs wide apart, hands behind their heads. Billy logged on to a web cam channel on the computer in the corner of the room and plugged in his camera. It seemed like everyone logged on was soon viewing the two girls and the men as they were forced to comply with every direction that came their way. The two men also began filming them as a little souvenir of their day together. They sucked and fucked in just about every combination possible. They got a great response from the watching voyeurs as Ed pulled out of Emma's ass and made her wank him into Janet's open mouth whilst Billy was fucking her from behind until he unloaded all over Emma's tits for Janet to lick up. Ed produced a large vibrator from his bag and the two guys filmed the women putting on a lengthy all girl show for them and the watchers which ended when the batteries in the vibrator started to run down while Janet was pushing it in and out of her mother's cunt. Billy roughly yanked it out and made her finish her off with her tongue. Ed got a big laugh out of giving out the women's telephone number to the eager voyeurs and then got them to talk to the perverts who started to phone up almost immediately, listening in on the speaker phone to all the dirty and perverted comments they received.

Tiring of this diversion, Ed pulled out some clothes pegs from his bag of tricks and started to use them on Janet while Billy forced Emma to watch. Ed started by rolling Janet's sweet little pink nipples between his fingers and then bent his head to suck them to full arousal. Stretching one out, he snapped a peg shut over it. As Janet felt a sharp pain from her mistreated tit, tears flowed anew from her pretty face. Ed stood before her and lewdly licked her tears from her face as they fell. He quickly stretched her other nipple out and pegged it.

"Keep your legs open wide now, bitch," he told her, roughly pushing her thighs apart and to emphasise his command, he pinched a fold of flesh from her inner thigh and snapped a peg on it producing a squeal from the young woman which both men enjoyed.

"Give her loads," urged Billy while he roughly squeezed Emma's more ample tits, and Ed did his bidding. He managed to get three pegs on each of Janet's little lips by pulling them taut and then put a few more randomly along her inner thighs. Her young body quivered each time a new peg went on until Ed capped his painful work by licking on her clit and sucking it until it stood proud enough to take a peg. When he was done, he started to flick the pegs on her nipples, each touch making a gasp of pain escape from Janet's lips. He even made her stick her tongue out and pegged her there. Running his hand across the pegs on her pussy made her sob with pain, a fact that Ed enjoyed several times.

Leaving her stood there, Ed told Billy it was time he set about Emma. Billy started to look through the bag whilst Ed pulled her to her feet and stood her opposite her daughter, using the brief lull in proceedings to fondle her tits and rub his semi- hard cock up and down her pussy lips while occasionally flicking one or more of the pegs hanging from Janet's pussy lips. Billy soon joined them with a big grin on his face that truly scared Emma.

Billy had Emma unclip the pegs from Janet's nipples first. As the springs released, her blood rushed back to the deadened flesh bringing fresh pain with it. Billy grabbed her nipples hard and pulled and twisted until she screamed out. He had Emma kneel down between Janet's legs and release the pegs lining her pussy lips. When they were all off, he pulled at her lips making her wriggle with hurt. He stood the two of them side by side and ran his hands over their abused bodies before fingering each of them at the same time.

" Your little girl's cunt feels real good Mum," he leered in Emma's face. "Don't worry sweetie," he said into Janet's ear, I've got my other hand in Mummy's cunt too." He stood there fingering them both for a while, and as he pulled his fingers out, he got the other to lick them clean.

The first toy he used on Janet was a kind of butt plug. It differed to others by the two strong elastic cords attached to the narrow waist of the plug, each ending in a small but well sprung clip. He got Emma to push the plug into Janet's ass hole, leaving just the base protruding. Then, kneeling in front of her, he got Emma to pull Janet's pussy lips wide open and he pulled the clips around from her ass and attached them to those bruised flaps of skin, instantly pulling them wide, leaving her cunt held open. He next had Emma suck on Janet's clit and when it started to stick out from under its little pink hood, he pushed his stiffening cock between Emma's lips and Janet's clit and had Emma lick the both of them at once.

Ed came off the bed to admire Billy's work. While Billy dragged Emma to the bed to spread eagle her, he sat on the floor and had Janet walk towards him, all the time staring at her pussy, held wide open by her clips. When she was nearly standing over him, he stopped her and ran his hands up her smooth, lean legs and just when she thought he was going to put his fingers inside her, he pinched her clit making her scream out and him laugh.

Billy, meantime, had tied Emma to each leg of the bed. He started amusing himself by lighting a candle and letting the hot wax drop onto her body. He let out a satisfied yell each time he scored a direct hit on one of her nipples and then moved down her body to drip some on her clit hood and then he got Ed to hold her cunt open while he let a hot stream pour inside her. Emma was sobbing with the pain by now and the two men lay down beside her at each side and licked the tears from her face. They had Janet pick the now solidified wax out of Emma's vagina and then tied her over her mother so that her mouth was as close to Emma's pussy as possible.

Ed started by rubbing his cock all over Janet's face, pushing it into her mouth as he stiffened. When he was stiff enough he just rammed himself into Emma's cunt and fucked her. After a short while, he pulled out and shoved himself into Janet's mouth, making her nearly sick as he hit the back of her throat. After the day's excesses, he was able to keep alternating between mouth and pussy for what seemed like hours until he suddenly pulled out of Emma's cunt and hit Janet in the face with his spunk. It stung as it went in her eyes and started to feel cold and sticky as it slid down her cheek onto her neck.

At the other end, Emma was forced again to look straight into her daughter's pussy while Billy fiddled with Janet's cunt, still held wide open by the clips running around her from the butt plug. He forced a pillow under her head so her mouth was practically touching her girl's cunt and pushed his cock inside Janet having Emma lick his shaft as he ploughed in and out. He too let go of his cum right on Emma's face, just on her forehead, and wached as it slid either side of her nose, over her lips and off her chin.

As a parting gesture, the two men each stuffed a vibrator in both girls pussies and turned them on full before firmly sticking them in place with duct tape. For good measure, Ed found a very long, thin candle and getting Billy to spread her ass cheeks, inserted it deep into Janet's back passage and lit it. Laughing at the site, Billy said he was going to put it out and pissed over Janet's ass, watching as his stream ran off her rounded cheeks, over her pussy and onto Emma's face. Feeling the urge himself, Ed emptied his bladder over Janet's face, watching it flow down over Emma's cunt.

They fetched their overalls from downstairs and, making sure the two women were securely tied together with rope and tape, had one last leering look and left.

"Any time you need some more decorating done," shouted Billy laughing as he went.

"Our bill will be in the post," added Ed, sniggering.

They climbed into their white van and drove off. "Where next mate?" asked Billy.

Ed stuck a pin in the map as he drove. "Right there!"

Written by: Fantasymaster

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