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A Fun Chick from Craigslist Ch. 01

by jake_in_cincy©

The email arrived early one Thursday evening. It was a bit cryptic, but it directed me to meet this girl, Allison, that I had been trading email messages with at a local "quick stop" the coming Saturday evening.

It told me to arrive looking presentable. Shorts were preferable, but they should be nice, and I was to wear a nice shirt, not a t-shirt. I was supposed to be freshly showered and my hair was to be combed. Ok, no problem, that's how I usually leave the house.

There was also a supply list, but I didn't see it at first because she had attached a picture. When I saw the picture, I gasped. It was a close up picture of her face. She was obviously laughing in the picture, but what was so shocking was that her face was covered in cum.

I grinned. This was going to be fun.

Then I looked at the supply list.

1 dozen donuts -- mix of chocolate and glazed.

1 dozen bottles of water, chilled.

Lots of cans of cold beer and pop.

2 baby pacifiers

Money for pizza

100 foot of soft but strong rope

3 rolls of paper towels

3 painter's drop cloths -- enough to cover 40 sq feet

5 different colors of paint -- paint brushes not required

2 cans of whipped cream (ok, now we're getting somewhere)

$200 for additional supplies that Allison was bringing

What an odd list. I had no idea whether we were going to paint a house or what. And what kinky idea did she have for the pacifiers. Thankfully, she didn't ask me to get diapers. Now that would have been just too much. I've always had a thing for girls who can smile and laugh when they have cum on their faces, so the picture pushed aside all doubts in my head.

When Saturday rolled around, I spent the afternoon gathering the supplies that Allison had requested. I arrived at the quick stop promptly at 9pm. I was supposed to meet her in the ice cream section, where she would be searching for Neapolitan ice cream.

There were a few people in the store. It wasn't crowded, but there were still enough people to heighten my nervousness. I walked over to where the ice cream was and saw her right away. The first thing I noticed was that she was barefoot, and, apparently, hadn't worn shoes all day. The tops of her feet were clean, with freshly painted toes, but her soles were practically black. Sweet, I love a woman who isn't afraid to dispense with the normal convention.

The next thing I noticed was her shorts. I had hoped she was going to wear a mini-skirt, but she had opted for too short, frayed cutoff jeans. The quarter-sized hole in the middle of the right cheek told everyone that she either wasn't wearing any underwear or it was just a tiny g-string. She turned around to face me and that's when I noticed just how threadbare her shirt was. It just a plain white t-shirt, that had been washed hundreds of times and left little to the imagination.

I was rock hard.

When she saw me, she smiled and said simply, "Hi."

I just stood there and stared.

She said something about wanting to buy some ice cream, but she had walked to the store and was afraid it would melt before she got back home. I continued to stare at her nipples, which were visible beneath her shirt. As if on cue, they began to react to the draft of cold air escaping the freezer.

She laughed seductively and asked if I would be willing to give her a ride home.

I didn't know if she was serious, but I meekly nodded and uttered a single word answer, "Sure."

Although she acted a bit surprised, she just smiled and said, "Damn, must be my lucky day. Let me go pay for this and then I'm ready whenever."

I stood there and watched her shuffle up to the counter. She had to have known I was watching her as she walked away, but, then again, I think she craved the attention.

As we exited the store, she walked behind me and playfully patted my rear. I just about came at that moment. She just giggled and said, "Sorry, I just couldn't resist".

We got into the car and began to pull out of the parking lot. I asked her where she lived, but she just smiled coyly at me. She then said, "I bet I know what you're thinking."

I responded "Do you now?"

She confidently stated, "Yup, you're dying to see me naked."

I blushed, but I still managed to respond, "Well, do you blame me?"

She continued, "Well aren't you?"

I stammered, "Of course I am."

She smiled even more broadly and said, "Good. All you have to do is ask nicely."

After thanking my lucky stars, karma, the rabbit's foot on my key chain (don't ask) and anything else I could think of, I softly blurted out, "Allison, would you please take your top off?"

She smiled and said, "Of course." And with that she pulled her shirt over her head and deposited it in my lap.

Not only was there now a half naked chick in my car, she didn't appear to be in any hurry to get dressed again, either. In a husky voice, she then asked, "You want to touch don't you?"

I didn't trust myself to speak, so I just nodded enthusiastically.

She smiled as if I'd been had. "Ok, I'll let you touch...but first I want you to unzip your pants, pull your dick out, and slowly stroke it for me."

This wasn't the easiest thing to do while driving, but I immediately began complying.

She cooed, "Oh yeah, keep going."

She unbuckled her seat belt, leaned over and touched her tongue lightly to my ear. God was I turned on. Then she replaced my hand with her hand and whispered in my ear.

To this day, I can't believe what she whispered, "This is going to be the time of your life. I know you just thought you were going to pick me up and we were going back to my place for dinner, but I've changed my mind. I'm all yours until tomorrow at noon. You can do whatever you want. Whatever."

I sat there stunned.

She continued, "I know you're a little frightened by how forward I am, but the way I see it, you're cute, you're nice, and I'm horny... But there are two catches."

Yeah, these had to be some big ones.

"I have a ¼ ounce of weed and half a dozen tablets of ecstasy with me. I want you to share both with me."

Okay, this was a bit more than I had bargained for, but a hot, naked woman was asking so I heard myself say, "Ok, you said you had two catches, what's the second?"

This elicited a mischievous grin and she began stroking a little faster.

"Out of the next 15 hours, I get two hours where I am allowed to be dominant and tell you to do whatever I want. This may or may not include me using my strap-on on you, tying you up, blindfolding you, forcing you to lick me wherever I want, etc. And fair warning, I don't plan to exercise this option until we are both really fucked up. You'll get a safe word, just in case you're really in distress, but, trust me, you won't want to use it. If you do use the safe word, I'll leave immediately and won't ever talk to you again."

I was speechless.

"So do we have a deal?" she asked.

I stuttered and asked, "I can do anything I want?"

She replied with a smile, "Yes, anything. You can fuck me however, wherever, as often as you want. You can come on my tits, my face, in my hair, wherever. If you fuck me, you must use a condom. You can tie me up, blindfold me, spank me, or whatever. You cannot beat me or leave any marks, except on my ass when you spank me."

She smirked and continued, "Since I AM going to fuck you in the ass, I think it's only fair that you be allowed to spank me until I start to cry. You may also take any pictures you want, provided you promise not to show them to anyone else. I KNOW you want a picture of me smiling with your cum on my face. So do we have a deal?"

I cynically responded, "So what's in it for you?"

She replied," After tonight, you're going be hooked on me. You'll be calling all the time, begging to see me."

In retrospect, I should have realized that she would become more addictive than any drug, and that she would be a hard habit to kick, but at the time, there was no way I could resist, so I simply said, "Deal."

With that, she stripped off her shorts and handed them to me as well. I just got a glimpse, but I was pretty sure she was completely waxed, not just shaved. Then she shocked me one more time.

"Find the nearest trash can and throw my clothing away," she said, "and then take me to your place."

I wasn't scared until then. Anyone who was brave enough to ride naked in a stranger's car with no hope of covering up had much bigger balls than me. And I had just agreed to let this person tie me up. And so began the wildest, most fun night of my life ever. Even if I were permitted to show anyone the pictures, they wouldn't believe what happened that night...

Written by: jake_in_cincy

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