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Camping with My Wife Ch. 07

by SmithPortinoi©

"Ohhhhh! Ummmmmm, oh yeah!" Kim groaned, "Oh, I need this so badly! Oh! Fuck, I need to bee fucked! Ohhhh! Ummmmmmmm!"

"You like being fucked at work, right next to your kids?" I growled at her.

"Yeah! So good! Ohhhhh! I want your cum in my pussy!" She groaned loudly, her eyes were still tightly shut, her tits still bouncing wildly.

"Fucking someone other then your husband right in the room opposite to where your sons are." I growled again and grunted as my dick continued slicing in and out of her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Ohhhh!" She groaned even louder.

"Ohhh yeah! Yes! Fuck me! Don't ever take your big dick out of me! Oh fuck me sir, I'm your fucking slut!" Kim groaned loudly, almost ending in a scream.

She slammed her ass back hard against my dick and fell onto her elbows; her nipples brushing across the cloth quickly as she was being fucked only made them stand out harder.

Sue couldn't stand it much longer. The sight must have been amazing and the thought of it almost made her cum. The sight of her, with her red hair being pulled so her head went back, her big tits shaking back and forth and wobbling from each thrust, her nipples brushing the cloth of the interrogation table.

She was bent over the table with me fucking her with my long, thick and very hard dick from behind, holding her slim white waist with one hand, and pulling her head back by her hair with the other, with all our clothes discarded on the floor and her sons witnessing it all through the two-way mirror.

The table was shaking and occasionally moving forward under the relentless fucking motions and the room filled with my deep voiced grunts and her moans, groans and now screams.

"Want me to stop, Kim? I can feel you tensing, you cumming on my dick?" I asked still pulling her head back with her hair.

Kim was about to go over the edge. Then what I had said seemed to have registered in her mind.

"No, don't fucking stop! Please! Ohhh! Fuck me sir, fuck me, please! So good! So big! Ohhhh! Ummm! Yeah! You're like having a beer can buried in me! Ohh! Don't stop! Don't stop, please!" She began groaning but ended screaming as I let go of her hair and grabbed her waist again, hammering harder into her, making her big tits jiggle uncontrollably.

"Are you gonna cum for me? Cum for me, do it!" I growled between clenched teeth as I pumped her full of my thick hard manhood.

"Yes! Oh yes! I'm gonna cum for you! Oh, yes!" Kim moaned.

"So good!" She managed to scream. "I can't believe how good you are! You are stretching me! Fuck, this is so hot!"

The table continued to vibrate, the room continued to be filled with her screams of ecstasy and I repeatedly filled Kim with my hard cock. I ruthlessly fucked her making her moan and scream. Kim's orgasm was on its way.

"Oh, fuck yeah! You fuck my pussy so good! Ohhh!" She screamed.

"Ohhhhhh! Ummmm yeah! Fuck me sir, fuck me hard! Oh yeah, I love your big dick! Fucking take me!!" Kim groaned loudly.

I held tightly onto her big soft but firm white tits as I slammed my thick dick into her from behind. Thoughts raced through my mind, from how hot a fuck she was, she was insatiable, to thinking about my vendetta over her moron kids sitting in the next room.

I figured that we had been fucking for about 35 or 40 minutes or so. Kim had already had a violent orgasm again and was working her way up to another one. She just loved to be fucked.

I sank my cock all the way back into her time and time again, bringing either grunts or screams of pleasure now. Surely they must be able to hear their mom being fucked so thoroughly.

"Ohhh, come on, sir, fuck me! Yeah, fuck me! Ohhhh yeah! Your dick is so big and thick! Ohhhh, I'm gonna cum again!" Kim growled through clenched teeth.

I didn't think I would be able to last much longer either. But from the moment my hands grabbed a hold of her firm tits, when my fingers sank into the large globes as my dick sank back into Kim's tight pussy, I knew I was going to cum soon. And even with my large hands, I couldn't cover all of her tits.

"I bet you love to have those nice tits sucked, don't you?" I growled to her, my balls stirring.

"Ohh, yeah! Play with my big tits, sir! Ohhhh! Look at how your hands are on my white tits! Ohhhh! Fuck me! Yeah!" She growled back at me.

I continued to grope and maul at Kim's tits as I fucked her hard, her hands stretched out on the edge of the table, holding tightly, as she begged me to fuck her. Squeezing her big mounds and feeling her soft tits mould themselves around my fingers was so hot.

I rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger quickly before returning to just squeezing and squashing her tits together in my palms, feeling her nipples press hard against my palms and fingers. Using her large fleshy globes, I repeatedly pulled Kim back onto my hard cock, loving the feel and loving the sound of her passionate cries.

"Ohhh, I can't take anymore! So good! Ohhh, yeah!" Sue began to moan as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock again. She was going to cum.

Reluctantly, I let go of my grip on her big tits and instead I took a hold of the edge of the table, so that he had better grip.

With the added hold I had, I fucked Kim for all I was worth. I knew my balls were going to explode soon and I wanted to get the most out of this I could.

Harder and harder, I slammed into the woman bent over the table, impaled on my hard dick. Slamming into her so hard the table began to move forward and Kim's orgasmic screams began to rise into incomprehensible screams of pleasure.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Was all she made from her mouth, now permanently open.

Harder and faster I penetrated into the redhair mom, tipping her over the edge. Louder and louder, the table shook from the force of my thrusts. Kim's tits shaking back and forth as she shook from her orgasm and from the rough fucking she was receiving.

Finally, I felt my balls beginning to tighten and the head of my dick begin to grow, I was ready to cum. Kim collapsed onto the table as her own climax began to lessen, her tits pressed hard into the blue fabric of the table top.

I slowed my pace down before I started to cum and with great willpower; my cum filled balls pressed against her ass smashing it against the outside of my legs. My bloated balls exploded, shooting thick liquid through my pulsating cock, causing it to become bloated inside her.

Aside from the chaotic movement of her eyes, crossing, than rolling backwards until only the whites could be seen, she laid perfectly still. Semen that seemed to boil every nerve in her body came bursting out of my engorged cock-head into the deepest depths of her belly.

My cock had stuffed her cunt full, the thick loads of sperm churning in her trembling stomach. My jerking cumming cock was like an insane fuck upon itself. I did not move, did not have to. I pointed at the two-way mirror and yelled "Film this fuckers!" while my cock continued its unending torrent of sperm release.

Kim finally felt my jerking cock calm down, sweat covered her body, her hair laid spread out on the other side of the table while I remained motionless behind her, my cock lying in her like a log. It did not become soft; her juices completely soaked my entire groin. I fell forward; my hot breath seemed to scorch the side of her face. My arms slid beneath her, wrapping around her waist and tummy. Slowly I stood bringing her up with me. My cock remained as hard as ever, as I pulled my dick from out of Kim's well-fucked pussy.

There was nothing else to be said nor done, so I just grabbed my clothes, got dressed and left the room. As I passed in front of the watch room, I could hear some muffled sounds of banging against the door, mixed with what seemed like crying.

I just ignored the two fuckers inside and headed to the front desk, proceeding with the bureaucracy needed to release my car. Eventually, they gave me the keys and I took off, heading to our camping.

I heard the familiar buzz of my cell phone. I realized that the person sending these messages knew they were at the station, and probably guessed I would take the darker path if I had the chance. 'Get ready for the showdown', this one read...


Took me quite some time to write this chapter, the one I had originally written was about three times longer and I thought the story didn't evolve well so I started from scratch, better detailing the scenes and events. Sorry for any eventual grammar mistakes on the way.

I had planned for the story to unravel through several more chapters, and I intended to invite a willing female writer to contribute in a chapter based on Sue's point of view. But, since I sense there is not enough demand, next chapter is probably going to be the last, unless the readers that are patiently following the series request otherwise.

Thanks for reading.

Written by: SmithPortinoi

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