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The Promotion

by rioesmarex©

Despite being engrossed in watching Roberta and Jake, she was aware of what Greg was doing and she began to feel very damp between her legs.

Roberta pulled away from Jake and danced over towards Greg and Wendy and began to dance right in front of them while Greg continued to fondle and caress Wendy's breasts and stomach. She cupped her breasts and moved to within inches of Wendy's face and began to squeeze them suggestively.

She moved forward some more and pushed one of her nipples right into Wendy's lips before quickly moving back and continuing to dance. She lowered her hands from her breasts to the top of her shorts and slowly began to slide them down over her taught belly. Still only inches from Wendy's face, she slid the shorts down some more until the dark wisps of her pubic hair were visible.

She moved her shorts down more and the soft folds of her pussy were visible with the hooded sheath of her clitoris protruding up from her mound. She reached down with her fingers and rubbed her clitoris, making it even larger and then dipped her fingers deep into the softness of her pussy, before pulling them out and quickly placing them up against Wendy's lips. Wendy smelled the tangy aroma of her juices and without thinking began to suck on Roberta's fingers.

Roberta let her lick for a few seconds and then pulled away smiling and said, "You can have more later." She moved away from Greg and Wendy and danced back over to Jake.

Chapter 4: "Roberta and Jake"

Jake was amazed. He had just watched his wife lick up the juice from another woman's cunt and it had looked like she wanted more. He barely had time to recover from that though when Roberta was in front of him undoing his belt and unzipping the fly of his slacks. In one fluid movement she pulled his slacks and his boxer shorts down over his ankles and left him sitting there stark naked, with a huge hard-on sticking up out of his crotch. All 8 inches of it was pointing skyward and his balls were hard and swollen. Roberta reached down and grasped his cock and stroked it once or twice before spinning away and continuing to dance in just her tight little pink shorts.

Greg and Wendy were watching every move and now Greg's hand had moved down between Wendy's thighs and he was trying to work his fingers under the hem of her shorts. Her shorts were just loose enough that his fingers were able to slip under her shorts and reach her panties. His searching fingers were finally able to move the silky fabric aside and he was able to touch the outer folds of her now soaking wet pussy.

Roberta danced back towards Jake and moved in close to him, but facing away from him. The tight little cheeks of her ass were straining through the fabric of her pink shorts and she wiggled her ass in his face.

"Take then off Jake," she said. "Take them off now!" Jake reached around in front of her and slowly slid down the gold zipper in the front of her pants down and then he hooked his fingers into the waistband in back and began to peel the pants down over the cheeks of her ass.

God her ass was beautiful! She stepped out of the pants and all that remained was a tiny see through pair of thong panties. Greg and Wendy could see the folds of her vagina through the flimsy material but Jake was now looking at a tiny strand of material than ran right up the crack of her ass and was barely covering her little puckered asshole.

"Take the panties off Jake," she told him, and he began to pull them down over her buttocks. Once they were past her butt and heading for the floor, she leaned slightly forward and spread her legs a little, so Jake could get the full view. There just inches from his face was the object of his desires. A soft dusky rose colored asshole was looking right back at him. Roberta clenched the muscles in her buttocks and the little puckered anus started to expand and contract right in front of his eyes. He just about went wild but she quickly stood up and turned around to face him so he could see her pussy in all its' glory. She reached down and spread the lips wide open for him so he could see the soft pink insides of her sex. The clitoris was now fully erect and stood up and out like it had a mind of its' own. Then she leaned forward and whispered to him

"Never mind the pussy Jake; tonight you are going to fuck my ass!"

Jake felt like someone had punched him in the gut. It was unbelievable. He was going to fuck his boss's wife in the ass and Wendy was going to get to watch. He had almost forgotten about Wendy and he glanced over to see what was going on the other couch. Greg had Wendy's pants unzipped and his hand was down under her panties, furiously rubbing her pussy.

She looked like she was stoned. Her legs were spread wide to help him reach her pussy and she had her hands thrown back around his neck. His head was bent over her breasts and he was trying to swallow one of them whole. It looked like she was enjoying it but it was hard to tell because her eyes were riveted on him and Roberta.

Roberta now totally naked, danced back over towards Greg and Wendy and asked Greg, "How does she feel my love?"

"Wonderful," he replied, "She's very wet."

"Wendy," Roberta asked, "Did you like the taste of my pussy?"

Wendy couldn't believe her own ears as she heard herself answer, "Yes, I liked it."


Roberta climbed up on the couch and placed her pussy right in front of Wendy's mouth. "Lick it then," she demanded.

Wendy had no control over her actions. She slid her tongue into Roberta's cunt and started to probe the soft folds. Women just know where to lick a pussy and Roberta started to moan as she felt Wendy's tongue flick in and out of her pussy and over her swollen " clit ". She let Wendy lick her for about 30 seconds and then she pulled away.

"Greg," she said. " Get your hand out of her cunt for a minute and let me help you. "

She then kneeled down in front of Wendy and reached up to her shorts and in one swift movement, pulled both the shorts and the panties down her legs and out from around her ankles.

Before Wendy had a chance to protest, Roberta leaned forward and buried her face between Wendy's thighs and began to furiously lick and suck on her pussy. Her talented tongue slid deep down inside Wendy's vagina and then came back out to lash up against her clitoris. Wendy began to howl and clutch at Roberta's head, trying to pull her mouth deeper into her cunt. Wendy cried out again, but this time after licking deep inside her pussy, Roberta's tongue snaked down and found her asshole. Gently she wormed her tongue inside the tight little hole and squirmed it around a little.

Wendy gasped! She wouldn't even let Jake put his tongue in her ass and here was a virtual stranger, and a woman at that, slipping her tongue into that forbidden place. The worst part was that it actually felt good and very erotic. She didn't even try to clench her ass. That warm tongue felt like soft velvet in her butt.

Roberta pulled away and told Greg, "Now you can rub her pussy, cause' she's really wet."

Greg's fingers immediately plunged back into Wendy's pussy and this time she spread her legs wide and snuggled up against him.

Roberta then turned to Wendy and said, "Have you ever seen a really big cock before?"

"Just Jake's," replied Wendy.

"Yes his cock is big, but I'm talking about huge," said Roberta, and she reached over and pulled the folds of the sarong away from Greg's body.

"Shit!" it wasn't a cock; it was a fucking tree trunk. Wendy couldn't believe her eyes. His monster cock was standing straight up and the bulbous head was inflamed to an almost purple color.

"That's 11 inches of meat, and it sure ain't any salami," Roberta said, as she reached down and took Wendy's hand and placed it on her husband's huge cock.

"Now you hang onto that girl, while I go take care of you husband."

With that she whirled away and started to dance on the coffee table in front of Jake.

"Have you ever had a lap dance lover?" she asked him.

When he relied, "No," she hopped off the table and said, "Well you're going to get one now." She wiggled her ass and carefully sat down in his lap, making sure that his cock was trapped under her butt and then she began to move her hips in small circles while at the same time pushing herself down hard against his straining cock. She moved her position slightly so that Greg and Wendy had a good view and then she started to rotate her hips and squirm her ass in earnest.

Jake reached around and held onto her tits tightly. It was excruciatingly sensuous and his cock was throbbing underneath her moving ass. She turned her upper body around and kissed him, sliding her tongue as far into his mouth as she could.

Jake kissed her back and just the intensity of the kiss was enough to make him want to cum but he held on to his self control and contained the urge. While she was grinding away on his cock she spread her legs apart and reached down between her legs and started to furiously masturbate herself.

Her fingers were flying over her clit and suddenly she screamed and spasmed and started to buck her hips as she came, and her warm silky fluid leaked down all over Jake's cock and balls.

"How did you like that Jake?" she asked.

Jake was speechless.

"Well that was just the appetizer, are you ready for the main course?" She smiled and looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I want that big cock of yours deep in my ass. Do you hear me Jake? I want you to fuck my ass! "

Before he could recover from the shock, she had moved up and knelt on the couch with her legs slightly spread, so that her ass and pussy were wide open and exposed to his gaze. He stood behind her and looked in wonderment at that beautiful pit of sex. Her cunt was still wet from her cum and it was slowly leaking down the inside of her legs. Never mind her cunt for now. The realization had finally sunk in. He was actually going to fuck his boss's wife in the ass while his boss and Wendy both watched

This was unbelievable. He glanced across at Wendy and Greg and saw that Greg was bent over and had his head buried between Wendy's thighs, sucking hard on her pussy. She had Greg's cock in both hands and was gently stroking it, but her gaze was still fixed on what he was about to do to Roberta.

Wendy was still in a state of shock. Jake was actually going to fuck that woman right in front of her and from the look on his face he was really going to enjoy it. Sure, Greg was licking her pussy right in front of Jake but that was different. Oral sex was great but it just wasn't quite the same emotional bond as actual fucking. She knew it would be strange watching her husband fuck another woman but she totally wasn't prepared for what happened next.

Jake took his cock in his hand and placed it just inside the lips of Roberta's pussy and rubbed it around until the head was all wet and slippery and then he pulled back out and took one last look at that lovely little puckered rosebud before moving his cock tight up against the entrance to her anus.

"Do it Jake!" she cried "fuck me in my ass ... fuck me now!!"

Jake leaned back slightly so he could see better and then with one hard push he started to force his cock into her ass. She screamed once as it passed through her sphincter muscle but then relaxed as it moved through into her rectum in one hard fluid movement. Jake was watching his cock but still couldn't believe it. There had felt like the tiniest bit of resistance at first but then his cock slid deeper and deeper into her ass, inch by glorious inch until it was completely buried and his balls were tight up against the lips of her pussy.

It was gone, his cock had disappeared. Her ass had swallowed it completely. It was the most sensational feeling he had ever felt. Her ass muscles were clenched tight holding his cock firmly but yet it felt like his cock was buried in a tub of hot molten butter. Slowly she relaxed her anal muscles and sighed "Mmmm, that feels good, now fuck me baby...fuck me hard "

Wendy almost squeezed the head of Greg's cock off in shock, as she watched Jake's cock disappear not into Roberta's pussy, but into her ass!! Jake was actually fucking another woman in the ass right in front of Roberta's eyes. Greg had deliberately maneuvered her around so she could get a good view of what was happening across the room. He was busy eating Wendy's pussy and he didn't need to watch. He knew how much Roberta liked being fucked in the ass but he knew that because of his size, unless she was really relaxed and ready, sometimes he hurt her a little. Jake's 8 inches was just right and Roberta could fuck him back with no chance that he would hurt her.

Right now Wendy was so shocked, he knew he wouldn't be able to fuck her ass tonight, but he was confident the time would soon come. "Spread you legs wider baby and let me eat your pussy properly."

Without even thinking, Wendy let her legs fall apart while she continued to watch amazed as Jakes cock sank all the way into Roberta's ass and then she heard Roberta ask him to fuck her harder.

Greg sat up on the couch and slowly pulled Wendy's head down towards his cock.

"Suck it for me baby," he pleaded. As long as Wendy could keep watching Jake and Roberta on the other couch, she would have done anything Greg asked. She closed her lips over the head of his huge cock and began to suck him into her mouth. She could take all of Jake's 8 inches into her mouth but this cock was bigger and thicker. She breathed deeply and started to pull him in with her jaw muscles. She managed to get all but about 2 inches down her throat before she started to gag a little so she had to release him and start again.

Greg was beside himself with lust. "This girl really knew how to suck a cock!" Even Roberta wasn't this good. What he didn't know was that had she not been so preoccupied with watching Jake butt fuck Roberta, she could have sucked him so well that he would have lost his mind. He turned her head slightly as she sucked, so that she could still get a clear view of the action across the room.

Jake was getting into a rhythm now as his cock slid smoothly in and out of Roberta's ass. There were no gentle pushes. He was shoving the whole 8 inches in at a time just as hard and fast as he could and Roberta was pushing back against his strokes trying to suck his cock even deeper into her hungry anus. The harder he pushed the louder she screamed but she kept pushing back even harder against his pounding cock all the while begging him to give her more.

"Oh god! "He thought, if only Wendy would let him fuck her like this. He glanced over and saw that Wendy was sucking on Greg's cock for all she was worth but that she was watching every thrust he made into Roberta with wide open eyes. It was hard to fathom what she was thinking but he hoped she was learning something by watching him fuck Roberta. She was really giving Greg one hell of a blow job and he could see that she couldn't get all of Greg's cock into her mouth at once but she had Greg's balls in her hands and was squeezing them and Greg looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

Roberta had also reached back and was fondling his balls while he was fucking her. It felt so good but he was getting dangerously close to coming and he wasn't sure whether he should cum in her ass or not.

Suddenly Roberta whispered, "Keep it hard baby, but take it out for a minute "

Jake pulled it out and quickly Roberta turned over onto her back on the couch and lifted her legs high in the air, while holding her ankles together. Her soft hairy pussy was open to his gaze but her ass was high enough off the couch that her now partially open asshole was still beckoning him. He moved forward and placed the head of his cock up against her waiting rosebud and in one long slow delicious movement he gently slid it all the way into her ass again. She let go her ankles and spread her legs again so that her heels were hooked around his neck.

What a view! His cock was sliding in and out of her tight little ass and her gorgeous little pussy was staring up at him and opening and closing slightly every time he moved his cock into her ass. He reached forward with one hand and fondled one of her breasts, while with his other hand he spread her cunt lips apart and began to rub on her engorged clitoris.

They were getting close now. He could feel his balls beginning to churn and her pussy was leaking copiously onto his hand. Her ass started to tighten up and grip his cock harder and harder as she flexed the muscles in her rectum.

"I'm cumming" she screamed. "Fuck me harder.......cum in my ass, I want to feel you," she shouted.

Jake began to pump his cock like a madman and then with a tremendous surge his balls tightened, his asshole contracted and he started to shoot a huge load of hot cum deep inside her ass and down into her bowels. She screamed once more like a wild animal then grabbed him by the hips and forced her crotch up against him as hard as she could. He felt her whole body shudder in the throes of orgasm and then her pussy got all wet and sticky and she collapsed in an exhausted heap. Jakes cock slipped out of her ass and she tenderly took it in her hands and milked the last few drops of his cum out onto her belly and then she smeared it around with her own juices until her belly was all slick and shiny. She pulled him to her and kissed him deeply.

"How did you like that fuck my darling?"

Over on the other couch, as Wendy saw Jake cum and then collapse to kiss Roberta, she thought, " Well he sure seems to have made her happy so I guess I should give Greg something to remember, " so she grabbed his balls in both hands and started to really suck his cock hard and fast and deep. He started to moan loudly and as Jake glanced over to see what was happening, he saw Greg begin to buck wildly as he came in Wendy's waiting mouth. Soon he collapsed and huge amounts of milky white cum started to dribble out of Wendy's mouth. She swallowed a little but most of it just dribbled out down over Greg's balls and stomach.

"Maybe not as good as being fucked in the ass," Greg thought, but at least she had satisfied him and made Jake look at her in surprise. It wasn't all one sided after all.

Chapter 5: "While the Cat's Away"

Later that night when they were home in bed, Jake asked Wendy what she had though about the evening and whether she was sorry they had done it.

She had been thinking about it since they got home and she replied, "No," she wasn't sorry but she wasn't sure whether they should do it again.

They didn't try to have sex again, but were just content to lay there holding each other.

Finally Wendy turned to Jake and said, "Don't try to fuck me Jake but just fondle my ass a little."

Happily Jake reached over and slipped his hand under her panties and slid a finger down into the crack of her ass. When he found her asshole he just rubbed it gently and cupped the cheek of her ass with the rest of his hand.

"I love you baby," he whispered.

She replied, "I love you too," and snuggled her ass into his hand as they fell asleep.

The next morning at work, Greg almost acted like nothing had happened but told Jake the promotion was his if he wanted it. However Jake would have to fly to Denver for a few days on his own to oversee the move in and meet his new staff. He would then come home and they would start to arrange the move.

Jake went home at noon and told Wendy the good news. She wasn't so happy that she didn't get to go with him but was still thrilled that he had got the job. His flight was a red-eye so he slept most of the afternoon and then after a long dinner they decided to take a shower together before he left for the airport.

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