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The Camping Trip Ch. 01

by jwc10010©

When Gil woke up, he was beyond excited. As a eighteen year old, heading up to the mountains for four days of camping was more than he could take, even if it was going to be with his mother. He would rather be heading out with his friends so they could sneak their porn collections with them. If they were lucky, they would even bring some blackberry brandy and all have a circle jerk like they did at the beach last summer. He had a flash back to the night when he and his three buddies were sitting around the fire, stroking their cocks as they played some hot and hardcore DVDs on their portables. His cock grew under his cargo shorts and he gave it an initial stroke just thinking about how hot it was that everyone came, shooting their sperm and laughing in guilty pleasure. They'd also laughed at him when he came. Not in an evil way, but with awe. He shot a load that almost arched over the fire. But what else did they expect from a cock like his? He never really knew how much larger he was, until they started calling him horse because of the size of his cock. At eighteen, he was already bigger than any of his friends, and so wide around his fingers couldn't touch when he stroked himself.

But hey, the thought, it could be worse. The last time he went camping with his mom, she shared her wine with him. Overall, his mom was cool. Everybody thought so. All the guys also thought she was hot. She was in her late thirties and took great care of herself. With a well-tuned body and ample breasts, she often had his friends stuttering when she came out to the pool in her one-piece bathing suit. He touched himself again thinking of how she would smile and modestly turn away. Also how her suit clung to her curves and showed off the slight shadows of her nipples in the heat. She knew what their minds were doing with all that juvenile testosterone running through their veins.

Which is why she valued her time with her son. She looked at this weekend as one last mother/son weekends before his interests turned toward girls in school. She would let him have a bit of wine and they would hike well into the woods to set up camp. It would be a weekend of fly fishing and hiking and catching up.

When he carried his pack down to the SUV, his mom's pack was already in the back. She was in a pair of khaki shorts and a white wife beater. It was her suburban hiking outfit - cute, but also politely tough. Her bra barely concealed her breasts, stretching the T-shirt and peaking out from behind the fabric. Her T-shirt accentuated every curve and were tucked into her brown hiking shorts. She had folded up the hem to make them less of a hanging bit of clothing and to cling to her body a bit more. She was conservative, but also sexy in her outfit and hiking boots giving her that suburban outdoorsy look. When Gil came out the door, she threw on a white button down shirt to conceal her curves a bit more.

"Hey there kiddo. Did you get breakfast?"

"Morning mom. Not yet."

She smiled at him. "Well hurry up. We've got a long drive to go before we hit the trailhead. And then it's another two hours to hike to Crystal Lake."

Crystal Lake was their destination for the trip. They had never been, but from the maps it was secluded and hidden away in the mountains. With a good hike up to the lake, they knew there wouldn't be a lot of people around which they would both enjoy. From their base camp, they figured they could spend their time hiking the streams and fly fishing for trout. It would be a great three days, she thought, before her son returned to his swimming practice. She smiled as she watched him return to the house. She knew his broad swimmer's shoulders and narrow waist were a hit with the girls. The best part was, he still didn't even know the effect he had on the women in the neighborhood. "Ahhhh, innocence," she thought. After this, he would start to really grow up.


It was two o'clock when they pulled into the ramshackle town of Beadleston. Not much of a town - just a gas station and post office, with a bar in between. There were a few backup trucks and a motorcycle parked outside the bar. A dog rolled around in the dirt and looked up as they drew to a stop outside the pump.

"Well, what did we expect way out here." She smiled as Gil and she pulled up to the pump.

"Just means fewer people are going to be camping." Gil replied.

"And more fish in the streams."

They both laughed.

"Why don't you go in and get us some waters," Susan said, while handing him a twenty. "I'll fill up the tank and we can get to the trails."

Susan opened the tank and began to fuel. She looked up at the window of the bar, seeing some movement behind the glass. She shrugged, barely noticing the eyes that watched her as the gas filled her truck.


Ten miles and half an hour later their SUV pulled up at the end of the dirt road, leaving them at the trailhead. It had been a long day of driving, but from the view, the effort had been worth it. The mountains were heavily wooded, and the lack of other vehicles meant the lake would be all theirs. It was a Monday, so their hunch had paid off. There was absolutely nobody around.

Susan and Gil smiled at each other, jumping out of the truck and breathing in the fresh air. They filled out the ranger's folder to let the officials know when they would return from their camping. In minutes their packs were on their backs and the truck was locked up tight.

"See you in four days," Gil cried as they both headed up the trail.

Neither noticed the dusty pickup creeping up the road behind them, watching closely as they disappeared behind the canopy of green.


Three hours later, they were both exhausted as they dropped their packs at the edge of Crystal Lake. It took them longer because of the steep climb up, but the view was well worth their efforts.

"No rest for the weary kiddo," Susan exclaimed. "Let's get our tent set up before the sun starts dropping."

"Why don't I get some firewood?"

Susan smiled, boy job/girl job. "That's great."

An hour later, they had their camp set up and their hiking boots off. A pile of firewood had been set against one tree. Their shared tent was zipped up with both their sleeping bags lined up. Their food was hanging from a tree and their packs safely stowed. It was the perfect looking campsite, one that would have made the cover of the Cub Scout's annual.

All they could do now was rest and enjoy the smells of the food coming out of their cookware. They were both famished, tired, and taking in the view of their home for the next few days. They planned to get an early night's sleep and start the day early to enjoy the solitude.

What they didn't know was ten miles away, their SUV had been moved to an old barn, well off the beaten path and hidden.


It was almost midnight when the heavy boots snapped a twig. It was the only sound that came from their camp except the wind blowing through the trees. There were eight boots attached to four heavy bodies that moved quickly for their size. But neither Susan nor Gil heard them until their tent was slashed open and the bright flashlights were shined in their faces. They didn't even have a chance to move before their sleeping bags were tied over their heads, creating two neat cocoons. Inside, both Gil and Susan shouted, kicked and struggled.

Then, wham! Their heads were struck and they heard the voice that would stay with them for quite a while.

"Shut the fuck up!" It came in a harsh, hillbilly tone. "Shut the fuck up raight now!" You done poached on our land, so the best thing you can both do is just keep quiet and stop fidgetin' till we done."

"Gil!" Susan shouted before a hand slapped her head again.

"Mom, are you okay!" Gill shouted back. He too was given a sound smack on his head with the back of a hand.

"I said shut up! Ain't nobody gonna get hurt, as long as you just shut up, keep calm, and enjoy the ride!"

They were carried in their sleeping bags down the hill and to a four-wheel drive, where they were tossed in the back. When the cab doors slammed, Susan called out. "Gil, Gil – are you alright?"


"Gil – are you all right?"

"I'm okay." Gil whispered. "Mom, are you alright?"

"I'm okay honey. Don't worry. We'll get this sorted out. Just do what they say. We'll be okay." She half whispered in half hopes.


Susan blinked as the knot on top of her sleeping bag was opened. The light from a bare bulb shining in her face. She tried to shield her face from the brightness, but her hand was pulled down roughly and held behind her back. Her breasts straining against the T-shirt that she slept in.

She looked around, seeing two rough faces staring at her and grinning. She tried her best to be tough. "I demand to know what you're doing." She stared back, her strength already failing. "Where's my son?"

"Oh, your son's alright for now. Don't you worry about that for now. You see, you were trespassing on our land. Now, that might be alright where you're from, but up here, it's just not okay."

"Your land? It's public land. It's state land. We were camping out on state land. What is this?"

The one rough looking hillbilly grinned. "You hear that Cy, she says it ain't even our land. This upstart city folk says it ain't even our land." His smile faded. "We been on this land for four generations. It's ours. And it's time we had some recreation on it."

She was about to speak but she couldn't open her mouth. Her hair was yanked quickly, sending her to her knees and turning her head. Jake, the large man pulled her over to a rough wall of barn wood where her face was pressed up against the wall and her eye positioned near a knot hole. She could see Gil sitting in a chair. His arms tied behind him and a piece of greasy cloth stuffed in his mouth. His eyes were moving quickly in an angry glare, and his voice was seeping through the cloth as he screamed at the two men in front of him. In a swift second, one of the men hit him on the side of his head, sending him to the floor.

Susan gasped as she was pulled from the wall and thrown like a rag doll onto the floor.

"Oh yeah, he's a mean one. B-bob. He don't like city folk. Likes 'em even less when they trespass." Jake said in a low tone. "He's also done a little stint upstate, and he sho do like that pretty mouth on that boy out there."

Susan's eyes grew wide as she heard the pure evil coming from this man.

"So here's what we's gonna do. You gonna take off that shirt, and slide them beaver patches off your legs, and we's gonna all have some fun."

"You're crazy," Susan stammered.

"Oh, I'm crazy alright. Crazy horny. And wantin to enjoy a bit of a vacation - just like you." Jake's face was almost to hers. "But if you don't want to, well, we'll just follow B-bob's lead and enjoy that pretty little boy's mouth. Don't matter to us – long as we cum."

Susan was horrified, but she saw her predicament. She knew what would happen in this barn. And she knew she had to protect her son, no matter what.

"Okay, I'll give you what you want, just promise you wouln't hurt Gil."

"Oh, I promise. Ain't nobody gonna get hurt less you hold back." He said, looking up at Cy. "We got a deal?"

Susan took his hand without looking at him. Then she was on her feet as Cy pulled her up.

She glared at them as she lifted her T-shirt over her head, leaving her large breasts to bounce down to her chest. Both men grinned and Jake motioned to her panties.

They were soft, white cotton, and they slid over her thighs tightly rolling up into a crumpled pile on the floor. She pushed her shoulders back to show she wasn't afraid, which only accentuated her breasts and the well-trimmed patch of brown hair above her pussy.

Cy spoke up "That's one fine pussy you got there," as he smelled her panties. His hand already moving across her ass. She flinched from his touch.

"Alright, now git." Jake motioned to the door that connected to the next room.

Susan was aghast. "That's the room Gil's in."

"That's right. Seems like the boy should know what's goin on, shouldn't he?"

"I can't. I'll do what you want, but in here. He can't know."

"T'ain't part of the deal. Side's, we got a nice big mattress out there that can fit us all. So you just get out there and get ready to have some fun. Who knows, but the boy may just enjoy this. You might too..."


When the door opened, he watched in horror as his naked mother walked through the door. Her body swaying sexily as she walked over to the mattress.

"It's okay Gil. Just know that I love you." Her voice was cut off as she was roughly pushed onto the bed's uncovered mattress. Gil tried to get up and protest, but was knocked down by another blow to his head. He started to struggle as b-Bob moved his foot back to kick him hard.

Susan screamed and ran over to protect Gil. She caressed his head on the floor, her breasts falling into his body. "Gil, don't honey. It's okay. I made a deal. We're going to be fine." She looked around in panic. "Just know that I love you honey. I love you and it's going to be alright."

Gil's chair was lifted upright as Susan walked back over to the bed. He struggled a bit, but the fight had obviously gone out of him.

She stood at the edge of the bed's mattress, a graying lump of cotton and turned to face the men in front of her. She could see Gil's eyes on her and averted her gaze. Jake was the first one to approach her. His rough hands coming from behind her to cup her breasts and knead them.

"You one right nice bit of pussy you know that?" He said.

"Oh, she sure is a fine one." Cy said while he unbuttoned his shirt. His chest was broad and muscular. A brick shit house as the saying went. Susan watched in disgust as he removed his jeans to reveal a cock that had already hardened and jumped out past his buckle. Susan jumped a bit as the nine-inch monster held level, pointing straight at her.

"Yeah, that runs in the family girl. Go ahead and touch it," Jake whispered in her ear as he continued to massage her breasts, pulling at her nipples.

Her hand hesitated but she reached forward, taking hold of the cock in front of her. It was rock hard and felt like a tree branch. As she took a hold of it the other brothers stripped down, revealing tanned, well muscled bodies of men who worked. It also revealed a family trait of long, hard cocks. She felt her pussy unfold ever so slightly as she knew what was going to happen. She was at once disgusted at her body for betraying her, and trying to catch up to the lump in her throat.

Her hand moved involuntarily, stroking Cy's cock back and forth, as Jake edged her legs further apart, opening her pussy further than before.

"Go ahead slut, why not touch them all," Jake almost laughed as he watched her hands move from cock to cock. "Get used to them you little whore," he spat out, "you gonna be tasting them soon enough."

Susan shuddered. She was by no means loose. She was faithful to her husband. But she was no prude either. And she could feel herself losing her body to these cocks. She could feel the resistance fade as Jake moved her hands from cock to cock, and moved his own finger in and out of her now damp pussy.

She looked up and saw Gil watching in horror as the backs of the three men blocked his view. But he did see when her head dipped down out of view.

Jake had pushed her shoulders down so that her ass rested on the edge of the bed and her mouth was now at cock level. She held her lips tightly closed, moving her head away from the cocks as they tried to press against her mouth. She could hear the men laugh as they pushed their hips forward like it was a game. "Awwww, come on there. You know you want this cock in your lips." "May as well start sugar – you gonna be drinkin your fill soon enough."

She kept dodging until something slapped against her face. It almost hurt her, and made her turn her head. The slap stung her cheek. She thought it was a hand, until she realized it was Jake's cock - a monster by any standard. It looked like ten inches and as wide as a man's wrist. He reached down and pinched her nose, cutting off her air until she had to open her mouth to breath. When she did, he shoved the sweaty cock into her mouth, forcing it past her lips. She couldn't breathe as her lips stretched around it. She pushed back, trying to get away, involuntarily losing her balance and falling back onto the bed.

Then it really started. It scared her. She felt the bed move as two of the brothers crawled up to her, pushing their cocks into her mouth. She also felt her legs being raised and a tongue start to work her pussy. She lost track as the cocks alternately fucked her mouth. One pulling out as the next pushed in. She could feel her pussy open up as the tongue forced its way in, leaving only to be replaced by fingers pushing in and out. She could feel her ass being raised as the tongue moved down to push against her virgin asshole.

It was too much for her. Especially when a moan started to seep out from around the cocks. It was a muffled sound that made Jake smile. He urged his brother on with her pussy. "Come on there – make her moan and cum. She may look uptight, but she's a slut like the rest of em."

He turned to look at Jake who was watching his mother assaulted. "Yeah, that's right boy – yo mamma's a wet and willing slut. Just wait till she begs for our cocks."

Gil tried to speak around the gag, but couldn't. Instead he sat and continued to watch, regretting all those fantasies he had ever had about his own mother.

"Unghhhhhhh," the moan was now louder as two fingers fucked in and out of her pussy. Her hips raised up to increase some of the pleasure. The tongue on her pussy sending her over the edge and making her lips wet with their lubrication. Cy took his cock out of her mouth, instead moving his balls to her lips. She turned her head, trying to avoid them, moving right into the second cock. Her eyes rolled at her clit exploded in an orgasm.

Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she cursed herself and her body. "I can't. I can't do this." She cried.

"Cy, go ahead and bring the boy over. Seems he's got some suckin to do." Jake grinned. Susan's eyes lit up when she heard this. "Noooooo, no, no." She moved quickly, grabbing the first cock she could reach and sucking it hard, before grabbing another. "No, I want to suck your cocks. Please don't do that." Her face was shining from her tears as she crawled on all fours. She felt the hands on her hips before she even knew what was going on and the cock pushed the lips of her pussy wide apart. She didn't know whether to scream or cry as the cock spread her pussy out.

"Oh god," was all she could manage as she bore down on another cock, sucking it's head deep into her throat to cover the pain.

It was more cock than she had ever had and it both hurt and excited. Her face dropped into the mattress but her hands held onto the cocks in their possession. She gasped as b-Bob pulled back out, then thrust in again. Her head sliding against the mattress with each push into her.

She didn't want to enjoy this, but in a dark, sick way, she did.

Her lips opened to accommodate the shaft and she could feel her body letting go to the pleasures. Her eyes rolled as she felt the monster push into her and a finger push into her ass. She barely even registered what was going on, but she started to push back against it, fucking against the cock that was raping her.

When she next opened her eyes, two fingers had spread her anus a bit, lubricated with her own juices, and the cock was now freely fucking her hard. She reached up as if instinctively for another cock to put her mouth on. Somewhere in the back of her head, she needed a cock in her mouth.

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