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Freshman Virgin

by MistressMerry©

He shook his head sadly, "Not a very good friend. I got so wrapped up in the new me that I forgot about you. Two months later I went by to see you and discovered you were gone; no forwarding address ... nothing." He was waiting for me to respond.

"I had a ... my parents died suddenly. I had complications and issues to handle. I was alone and had to handle things myself; learn some hard lessons and keep going," I said sadly.

I smiled at him then, "Before ... I did see you a couple of times with your friends; you seemed so confident and outgoing. I was happy that you were happy."

We were both startled by a knock on the door. "That must be room service," said Gary and went to answer the door. The attendant wheeled the cart in. "We'll serve ours," said Gary and signed the bill.

I stood up and stretched for a moment since I'd already been sitting so much. Gary encircled his arms around my waist and nuzzled my neck, "Are you really hungry right now?"

I felt as if a swarm of butterflies had invaded my stomach. I turned to face Gary and he bent down and gave me a warm deep passionate kiss. I felt the same sudden spark I had felt that first night and I melted into his embrace.

I stepped back for a moment and looked into his eyes; that same lust I had seen when he was 18. "Not for food," I said and ran my fingers through his hair and pulled him down for another kiss. Felt him his tongue enter and probe and taste. I did a quick intake as his mouth traveled down my neck; he had remembered each one of my erogenous zones.

His hands were caressing my skin slowly; enticingly. I felt like I was hyperventilating with his every touch. My hands were traveling over his chest and unbuttoning his shirt. He had my dress unzipped and then it lay in a puddle on the floor. We slowly kissed and caressed our clothes off of each other. As his fingers traced my breasts and nipples, I traced his chest and nipples.

Gary suddenly picked me up and carried me to the bed. He rolled in between my legs and laid on top of me pressing my breasts against him and kissed me deeply.

"Gary, Gary ... I'm so close. I need you now." I breathed between kisses.

His need for me was just as great and he slipped his wonderfully hard cock into my throbbing pussy. I moaned upon his entrance and was excited to once again feel his cock fill me up. I came almost instantly floating off into ecstasy and Gary wasn't too far behind me.

We were breathing hard and clutching each other; melding together. "Don't move Gary please, I want to feel you in me as long as possible," I breathed. "It's been so long and I've missed you more than you can know."

Gary kissed my neck with such passion, "and I missed you too."

"Gary? When do you have to leave?" I asked hesitantly preferring to know the bad news in advance.

"I'm not letting you go again. Never again," said Gary in a strangled cry.

My mind went racing; whirling like a leaf caught in a flash flood. "Gary?" He held me tighter; thought he was going to crush my ribs. "Gary, I need to breathe," I gasped.

He lessened his hold and looked at me, "I love you! I've loved only you from the beginning." He rolled over to my side and then held me close to him.

"Gary?" my mind was numb. "Gary, tell me?"

"It took me two months ..." and he stopped.

"Yes, you said you came by to see me in two months. And...?" I was trying to understand what he meant.

He encircled me with his arms again and looked into my eyes, "It took me two months to realize that I loved you so much ... wanted you so much, and then you were gone. I won't lie and tell you I haven't been with other women, but they didn't compare, didn't have that spark that got my blood hot like when I'm with you. Even this afternoon and tonight I felt that spark and I think you felt it too."

Now I understood, "Yes Gary, I felt it too ... the same as I felt that weekend. I've been searching too, but no one ... absolutely no one else gave me that spark I had felt with you, in fact, the same spark as I'm still feeling now."

We kissed deeply, tenderly and then passionately trying to remove the years that had separated us. Now though ... now we have the rest of our lives together.

Written by: MistressMerry

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