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A Party to Remember Ch. 01

by Amy_82©

This story is about two women of Scandinavian ancestry, in their late twenties experiencing activities that they had not anticipated at the beginning of their quest for some fun and excitement.

In Minnesota, when the winter weather breaks we look forward to getting outdoors as much as we can. We play in softball leagues, tennis and sandlot volleyball.

My cousin Jean and I both like softball and volleyball. This year we signed on to a volleyball team, sponsored by a local neighborhood establishment. I.E. Bar, pub, tavern, watering hole, meat market

Most of you are probably aware of the fact that there are many Scandinavians living in the upper mid-west. Therefore, we have the height, the blond hair, the blue eyes and all the attributes associated with most Scandinavians. It seems the shorter the girl the bustier she is and the taller she is, the less busty. There are exceptions though. My cousin and I are about five foot seven inches and we both weigh about 120 pounds. Here we hear a lot of, "Take a look at that lean and mean f...king machine."

A local bar that we patronize a lot sponsors the team. The team moves between ten bars and this is our league. We play once a week, at a different bars on Thursdays after work. The bar also sponsors two more teams and they play Tuesday and Wednesday. At season end the bar teams play to determine the bar championship and the two teams wins in the league with highest of the season, play to determine league champ.

My cousin Jean and I were at a volleyball game on a hot, 85-degree day (for us hot), on a Thursday, late afternoon, early evening. Most of the times we have bikini style tops (skimpy) and shorts of which some are very short, with lots of cheek showing when the weather is so hot. The clothing makes the game more interesting for the spectators.

Many of the spectators are guys of course but many girls are there also with their girl friends or boy friends.

About half way through the game, on this particular day, at a point of substation, I returned to my table to wipe the sweat, grab a sip of liquid replenishment and noticed two extra drinks placed next to mine. I noticed the same happened at Jean's spot at the table. I asked the waitress where did the drinks come from and she shrugged her shoulders and said, "I have no idea. I did not deliver them."

I scanned the crowd and did not spot anyone that I thought had bought them. It so happened I did not get into the game again so relaxed with a friend and we talked about the buyer of the drinks, wondering whom in the crowd it was. Jean finished the game, came over and said, "Thanks for the drinks. I need them as hot as it is." I said, "We did not buy them. Someone did and they were sitting here when I came out." She responded with, "Who cares? Thanks to them I will enjoy."

Noting more unusual happened and we went about our normal activities the rest of the night.

The next week the same incidence occurred. This put us on edge because we were wondering who was being so generous and why. We could not detect whom the person was that did it. Asking people around led to nothing and the cocktail waitress was at a loss.

The third week resulted in the same thing, drinks showing up, but this time in asking around, we were told that two black guys in business suits dropped them off as they walk by. Now we were curious wondering who the admirers were. We scanned the crowd and could not see any guys in business suits. Immediately I knew what they wanted and the thought of a black pole thrusting into my playpen is all that it takes to arouse me. My nips were pressing against my bikini top showing that I was aroused. My boobs were getting a lot of looks and finger pointing from the guys nudging their friends to look.

When I arrived home that evening, seeing how wet my shorts were and being aroused, the only thing I could do was to get out my black toy and relive the pressure that had built up. When I called Jean later, she told me she had done the same.

I had laid back on the bed, spread my legs apart, lifted my legs so the feet were flat on the bed, inserted the toy to get it lubricated with my left hand, then used my right hand fingers to hold my blood swollen lips apart. I used the toy to rub my clit and build myself while thinking of some strange black guy there teasing me with his monstrous toy.

When I reached my peak, I shoved the toy into the playpen and moaned vocally my orgasm as my pussy locked onto the black toy that was giving me so much pleasure.

I was looking forward to the fourth week and was leaking a lot all week thinking that maybe I would get to see my admirers finally. Unfortunately, no drinks showed up. I began to wonder, is it over?

The same for the fifth week, nothing

On the sixth week, early in the game, I saw two black guys in business suits. I pointed them out to Jean. Because of my interest in those guys, I missed shots and was yelled at by my team members. Jean was doing the same. The coach pulled us and told us we could get back into the game when our minds were focused again on the big ball and not the little ones.

Both Jean and I tried to ignore the guys but would occasionally slip a peek in their direction to see if they were interested in us. We were both disappointed in that there was no interest shown by them in us; not even so much as a glance our way. Then unexpectedly we heard, "Ladies, it looks as though you two could use a drink." It was the business suit guys.

We both looked at them with smiles on our faces and said, "Thanks we sure do need a drink."

Jean then said, "Are you the ghost that have been getting us drinks earlier in the season?"

We heard, "My name is Charles and this is Jack my partner. Yes, we have been the buyers of the earlier drinks. Look, we have a dinner engagement but are hoping that you two will be here later, say eleven so we could buy you a round before you go home. We sure would like to visit and have you get to know us better and we sure would love to get to know you two better."

Jean had that approval look in her eyes and said, "Sure we will let you do that."

"Thanks and enjoy those drinks ladies and see you later."

My nips were hard again and I knew I was getting damp.

Jean and I sat out the rest of the game and talked about them, wondering all sorts of things but knowing one thing for sure and that was that they want to get into our playpens.

We hung around the bar and talked about them following us from bar to bar over the past few weeks. Our friends were kidding us about hanging around to get laid.

At ten-forty five, they came back, dressed in white cut offs and white sleeveless muscle shirts. They sure looked masculine in shape and size in these white clothes. They had on baggy shorts, which hid the particular asset I was interested in viewing. Most of our friends had left but a few were still there. The guys bought a round for everyone, thanked us for staying and told us about themselves.

They were cousins both thirty years old. Jack was never married and Charles was divorced with one boy, seven years old, living with him. They were partners in a machine shop, redoing car and truck engines. Charles solicited the business and Jack worked it into the schedule.

The bar had a dance floor. From time to time, they would ask us to dance as well as asking our girlfriends to dance.

As it was approaching closing time Jack said, "Thanks for hanging around. We are looking forward to seeing you all next week at your next game."

My heart sunk. They did not even ask for our phone number. What's going on was going through my mind.

We all hugged and went our way. Jean and I ride together and we talked about the night. They were nice guys, in fact sweet guys and I would have said yes if they had asked. I guess them not asking and knowing the faces, did not get me aroused enough to play with myself before slipping into slumber land.

The next week they did show up in leisure office attire at our game. Because we knew them and since it led to no hot date the previous week, Jean and I concentrated on the game and helped the team win this time.

After the game, the cocktail waitress indicated the guys had reserved a table and everyone was welcome to gather for appetizers and drinks. It was on them. When we reached the table, it was obvious to everyone that Jack latched onto me and Charles latched onto Jean. We sat around drinking, nibbling, dancing and blah blah. When it came near to closing time, Jack leaned into me and whispered, "Amy, may I have your phone number, please?"

I was pleased hearing that and said, "Of course." He gave me two business cards and asked that I keep one and write my number on the other. He had gotten a pen from somewhere, probably the cocktail waitress.

Again, we all hugged and they indicated they would see us at the next game as we departed the bar for the night.

Jean and I talked about the happenings. She had given her number to Charles. We were wondering why they were not more aggressive in asking us for dates. We also talked about that we would have gone out with them if they had asked. Dating black guys is not high on our list of dating but we do from time to time and enjoy the pleasures and fun times we receive when we do.

The following Tuesday night, the phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, I recognized it was Jack's number. I answered it with "Hi Jack."

"Hi Babe, how are you?"

"Fine and you?"

"I'd be much better if you were here with me."

"How is that, Jack?"

"Well, we could be having fun and enjoying each other's company."

"I see. So what are you trying to tell or ask me?"

"Well babe, ever since Charles and I watched your team playing volleyball we have wanted to get to know you and Jean better. I have had you and your cousin on my mind a lot. You are a big girl. You know what we do when we are horny and alone."

I giggled and said, "Well I have heard and assume it is true what I have heard."

"What have you heard?"

"Can we discuss something else? Why did you call?"

"Because I am here horny thinking of you and wanting to know if you would go out on a date with me. Have you ever dated a black guy?"

"Yes I have."

"Did you have a good time?"


"Did he treat you gently?"


"Did he introduce you to new experiences?"

"Yes I enjoyed myself. I have dated several different black guys and they were all great fun."

By know my nips were hard and I was damp between my legs talking with Jack.

"When are you free to go out? Do you have any particular date in mind?"

"Let me get back to you when a good time might be, probably a week from this coming Friday or Saturday."

"Incidentally Charles is supposed to be asking Jean now. If she agrees is there any chance we could double date?"

"That might be possible Jack."

"Has Jean ever dated a black guy?"

"Yes she has."

"What does she say about them?"

"Well she enjoys their company like I do."

"Does she ever discuss what they do together on a date?"

"Yes she does, Jack"

"Care to tell me more of what she says?"

"What do you want me to say?"

"Does she ever discuss their assets and how they use them?"

I giggled and said, "Yes she does."

"Does it turn you on when she talks about it?"

"Yes it does Jack."

"Nice to hear you say that Amy. I am sitting here really hard now if you know what I mean."

"I know what you mean Jack. Can I assume you are stroking and partially naked?

"I am completely naked, Amy. I wish it was your hand messing instead of mine."

"I see, well I mean I heard you. I will get back to you on a date."

"Wait Amy, please don't hang up. I want to talk more and ask you more questions."

"I assume your questions will have to do with sex since you are there stroking, thinking of me."

"Don't get mad at me Amy but yes. I am so horny."

"Well I would hate to be the one not to let you have a nice finish to what you are doing so go ahead and ask."

"Thanks Amy. Amy, picture me here with nine hard inches and leaking."


"Does that do anything for you?"

"Well picturing you leaning back with the phone in one hand, the other hand pumping your cock and your brain focused on me has my nips hard."

"My brain is picturing you naked, staring at perfect mouth filling breast, blond hair in pony tail like when you are playing volleyball and you desiring for me to bury my cock into that hot, tight, pussy, dripping with love juices and sending you to pleasure land."

"Well your imagination is sure working."

"Amy, what are you wearing?"

I laughed as I respond, "Well just a mid-thigh silk white robe. I just got out of the shower."

"Mmmm, awesome, that just made me get a tad harder."

"Amy, open your robe and suck a nipple if you can. If not play with one and then tell me how it feels."

"Where is this going to lead Jack?"

"Just do I ask, please, Amy?"

"Okay Jack, just for you."

I open my robe and roll my left nipple between fingers. The fingering sends desire to my pussy wanting more.

"Jack that feels good, you are getting me worked up. Is that your plan?"

"Let's play babe, let's make ourselves feel good. Pretend that it is my mouth on your breast. Can you cradle the phone and use your finger on your clit imagining it's my tongue?"

"Let me get comfortable Jack and I will try your suggestion."

"Okay babe, I will wait."

"Ok Jack, I am on my back, robe gone using my left hand on my left breast and my right hand at my hot wet gash just as you desired."

"Awesome babe, just awesome."

"Amy do you have a toy?

I blushed at the question and answered, "Yes I do."

"What kind of toy is it?

I blushed deeper and said, "A realistic black vibrating cock with balls."

"How many inches is it?"

I blushed more and answered with, "Ten inches."

"Awesome, just awesome. Are you still playing with your nip and clit?"

"Yes, Jack I am."

"Tell me how you feel."

"I want to cum. I want a cock pounding me."

"Take your toy Amy and make yourself feel good and be vocal as you are doing it, please."

"Ok, give me a few seconds to get it."

"Okay babe."

I am so horny as I reach into the drawer of the night stand, grab my toy and slowly insert it going, "mmmmm...mmm...mmm" as it slips in so Jack can hear my soft moan.

"Oh God Jack it feels so good to be filled up. I wish it was you here on top of me and it was your cock there."

"Go for it babe. Make your mind think it is my cock pleasing you."

I focused on pleasuring myself and go, "Oh yes,", as I was climbing to an orgasm thrusting that imitation deep and faster with my hips lifting off the bed to meet it and to get it deeper. I was using my left hand to hold the toy and my right hand fingers massing the clit.

I thrust the imitation faster and harder to make myself go over the edge.

"I'm building, it feels so good. Oh yes, yes, yes! Jack I am getting close. Oh, I am going Jack. I'm cuuuuuuuuuummmmiiinnngggg, Ahhhhh, ohooooooo God, Jack, ohooooo!"

"Ride me babe, ride me, oh babe I am going to shoot my load deep into that hot box of yours, here it comes, Ugghh...ohoo...mmm...mmm...!"

We were both silent except for the heavy breathing while we recovered from the orgasm we induced in ourselves.

"Thanks babe for helping me feel really good tonight. I hope you have nice dreams when you replay it in your mind. I am really looking forward more than ever to our date. I hope I will be the best yet that you have dated. I will try my best."

"I will Jack and thank you. That was a first for me getting off over the phone but a real cock would have been much better."

"I can relate babe. A real hot tight pussy would have been better than my hand. Well Amy, maybe when we have our date we can have our wish become realistic. It seems like I already know you intimately."

"I think so Jack. Well I need to shower again and will get back to you."

In the shower as the warm water was cascading over me, my fingers went to work again thinking of Jack and the anticipation of having his cock visit my playpen. Knowing he wanted to double date suggest that maybe Charles would play there also while Jack played in Jean's playpen.

As I was drying off , the phone rang and it was Jean. "Hi cous, what's new?" I asked.

"Well a first for me. Charles and I were talking and it led to us both getting off together on the phone."

I started to roar in laughter.

"What's so funny?"

"Jack and I did the same thing. He started out buy asking for a date and ending up both of us cumming. He got me hot and bothered. I wanted to feel his cock banging me."

"Yeah, Charles did the same with me. Jeez, he sounded so sexy. When do you want to double date with them? Charles indicated that Jack was talking with you at the same time he was talking to me and suggested the double date thing."

"I can't this weekend but next is open."

"Okay lets plan on Friday night. If things go like I think they will, we will be staying over Saturday night also."

"I hope they do. I think they want to swap and I am game for it. Are you?

"Of course Amy you know me."

Okay. I will call Jack tomorrow and tell him if he does not call me."

When I arrived home, Wednesday evening there was a message from Jack asking if we had selected a date.

I called him and told him a week from Friday we both are free.

"Thanks Amy and by the way between now and then if you wanna..."

"Thanks Jack, I think I know what you were going to say. Save it up for our date. I want to feel a nice gush of your love juice."

"I don't know if I can last that long without taking the stress off once or twice. I promise I will deliver what you want. By the way do you do bare back?"

"Sometimes Jack, depends, but most of the time not. I hope you understand."

"Sure do babe. I just need to bring condoms with extra large reservoirs then. Oh, saying that, how about you and Jean spending that Friday night at Charles place or mine? Both of us have lots of room. If it's Charles place he will have his mom baby sit his son so no problem. Think on it and suggest it to Jean will you please. Incidentally, if you have no plans for that Saturday after and want to spend Saturday with us, you both sure are welcome and we would love to have you spend the weekend with us."

"Sure Jack, I will talk to Jean and thanks for the offer. Talk to you later then, bye."

I immediately called Jean and told her to pack her overnight bag for the weekend. We both giggled and laughed as to how we had the guys figured out. We decided to stay at Charles place thinking with a boy possibly showing up might keeps things a tad quieter and more subdued.

Thursday came and the guys showed up in their suits, bought us drinks and visited for a while then they left. We did manage to find out where they both lived. They said, they would call us later.

Saturday afternoon Jean and I went looking for their homes. We found gorgeous homes in the suburbs near were we had our apartments. They both lived in the same area. The houses were all situated on a huge lake. We were excited about staying with the guys because we did not have that many chances to be in these types of homes that are in the high six figure numbers.

Jack and I talked almost every night before the big date. The Thursday before our date, they showed up at the game but this time there was a white girl and another black guy with them. Jack introduced the guy as his brother Leon and his wife Becky. Becky had to be our age, late 20's and very hot looking, like us with blond hair, blue eyes and a perfect ten figure. I was a tad jealous she had the perfect genes.

After the game, we sat around and drank with my friends. About eleven o'clock, Charles, Jack, Leon and Becky excused themselves. We all hugged and Jack whispered in my ears, "We are looking forward to tomorrow. We will give you a call and pick you both up." The good-bye hugs were extra tight from Jack and Charles accompanied this time with a soft kiss on the cheek.

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