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A Party to Remember Ch. 02

by Amy_82©

We must have been sunning an hour when Leon and his wife Becky showed their faces. Leon waved at us as he went into the house. Becky approached us, was smiling from ear to ear and stripping. She was down to a skimpy bikini like us. We noticed she was a tad taller than us and had jugs that most guys love.

"Well ladies I assume since you are both here that you had an wonderful time with the guys. Aren't they awesome? I never get tired of them making me cum and cum and cum."

I asked, "Does your husband know?"

"Of course he does. He encourages me. It gets him ready for me and then our sex is just out of this world when he says, 'God babe you get me so turned on watching another guy fuck you and then letting me top it off for you. You are the best.'"

Jean and I sat their stunned.

We heard then from Becky. "I assume you two get it on together from time to time. Isn't it great to have sex with everyone? I hope we can get together sometime today. Leon is hoping he can sample you both. He is asking Charles and Jack if it is okay by them to approach you. I decided I would ask first. I am not shy. Leon and I discussed it at home and drew cards to see who would get Leon first, that is if you two are interested. It so happened that Leon got Jean in the pick of the cards to go first with him. That means that you and I can get it on Amy if you are in the mood or maybe we just can watch Leon fuck your cousin and then you. I know I will be ready for him if you watch him do Jean.

Jean and I are tongue-tied and neither one of us can speak. Becky then says, "Well girls think it over and after brunch I'd sure love to play."

Becky got up and dove into the pool. Jean and I turned to each other and both said the same, "What are we going to do?"

I said, "Well it looks like they are way ahead of us. It was fun, you and me messing this morning. I guess we are here to enjoy ourselves. At least the guys are not ugly as sin and moan nicely their appreciation of having their cocks buried in us. These people are swingers I think. I don't know how much more of these black snakes my pussy can take."

"You are right Amy. We were hot about these guys. Let's stay hot. If Becky and I get it on it won't be the first time that I did it with another girl. It has been a few years and I'm sure I will get into the flow quickly."

We heard a noise and looked. It was Leon approaching us, grinning from ear to ear. "Well ladies you look just awesome but I bet more so if you did not have those bikini's on."

Jean and I blushed.

"Brunch is ready. Becky come get some food!" came from Leon's mouth.

As we gathered up the towels to wrap in, Leon said, "Leave them there nothing to be shy about." When finishing that statement he stripped out of his shorts and muscle shirt and exposed all of his awesome masculinity. Jean and I starred at his white G-string that was holding his baby maker.

He caught us starring and said, "I bet after last night you'd like to check my tool out. It so happens Chucky and Jack don't mind. Becky and I talked about and even drew cards at home. Jean you are the lucky one to go first if you desire. If you want to pass maybe Amy will go first and you can go second that is if you have any strength left after Becky finishes with you."

He walked over to Becky and whispered something. In his stroll over to her he was laughing.

Jean and I stood frozen until Becky said, "Com'on ladies all kinds of food is waiting for us."

Well over lunch we talked about our past exposure and experiences with black guys.

From mid-way in the brunch break to the end, three more couples showed up and dug into the brunch. Two couples were black and the third couple was a black guy with his white wife. All of the blacks were related. One of the black girls was the sister of Charles. Others were cousins amongst themselves.

Jean and I were getting uncomfortable with all the attention focusing on us with all the third degree questions it seemed.

Charles must have sensed it and said, "Everyone out of the house and enjoy the pool and sun. Some of you need the sun but others don't but get out so I can get this mess cleaned up. By the way, no pressure from any of you on our new friends to sneak off for a quickie piece of their tail. The bar is open and you all know how to use it."

Hearing that I rolled my eyes toward Jean indicating a relief.

"Oh by the way you all know where the bedrooms are so if you want a nap help yourself. The master room is reserved for Jean and Amy if they need to escape from you vultures."

Jean and I headed for the sun lounges and laid out our towels to get more rays.

All the guys walking by us had to say something about nice asses to look at and better yet to be fucking them.

We had rested about and hour, turning and rubbing each other with sun block. Charles shows up between us and says, "Look, anytime it gets to heavy for you and you want to go home let me know. My friends will get into swapping later and it will go on until the wee hours. They belong to a tight circle and between them will not use condoms. Since you are strangers you might say, the wives will force the guys to use them. Occasionally one will break. Jack and I assumed you both are on the pill otherwise; you would have stopped us last night. Just relax, enjoy and say no thanks if your heart is not into it or you are exhausted and need recovery time. About seven I will fire up the BAR-B. We can eat the food at eight and then the night is yours to do as you please. Incidentally the guys will be in shorts during dinner so you don't have to be looking at their playthings. Some of the ladies leave their bikini tops on, other do not, it's a personal choice thing."

"Charles will you and Jack be having girlfriends over this evening?" I asked.

"No Amy, you two are our dates for tonight."

"Thanks Charles."

"Why don't you two call me, Chuck. Charles is too formal after what we have done together."

Both Jean and I said, "Okay Chuck."

"Oh by the way. The master bedroom and one of the guest rooms is set up with a video camera. We can record as well as broadcast to the TV's in the house. It is a matter between the couples in action, just in case you are interested."

Jean and I look at each other grinning.

Chuck excused himself and I needed to potty so headed to the house.

Coming out of the bathroom, Becky was standing at the door when I opened it. She had this grin on her face, placed her hands on my shoulders, pushed me back into the bathroom gently and said, "Shall we make each other feel good?"

I grinned back at her as she wrapped her arms around me and moved her lips to mine. She softly kissed me on the lips as her hands untied the bikini top with deliberate slow motion. I reciprocated. We were both the same height so our nipples touched instantly sending sparks to my pussy lips, causing blood to rush there and making them swell. Her breasts are nice for guys. They had to be 34D with nipples three-quarters of an inch long when hard as I was looking at them. Her areolas were pink and the size of a US quarter. The anticipation of sucking on them was overcoming me. I wish I could reach mine to suck on them. I lowered my mouth to suckle them each for a few minutes.

I stopped the suckling, lifted my face to hers. Our mouths locked for some French kissing as our hands roamed each other's back and buttocks. We broke for air and she said, "Let's finish each other in the shower with our fingers, then crawl on the bed and 69."

I nodded my agreement as I slipped my bottoms off. I noticed that Becky had a landing strip from her gash straight up, no wider that a finger width when I look at her privates. We adjusted the water to a comfortable temperature and embraced again, using the liquid soap to lather up good and let our hands and fingers roam. Our nipples stood out like hard cocks. I leaned down and sucked on her breasts again, alternating between them after the suds had rinsed off. A finger of mine found Becky's clit while sucking her nipple. Her fingers found my clit and we both began to hump the fingers as we let ourselves build to go over the edge.

The orgasm overtook Becky first then me. We both opened our mouths for air as we pulled each other closer, holding on tighter, while our bodies vibrated against each other as the waves of pleasure were surging through us.

When we recovered we wrapped in towels and headed for the master bedroom. She hopped on the bed on her back. She said, "Amy I am so horny, let's eat each other if it's okay by you; forget the foreplay. I want to taste your juices now."

I hopped on the bed, straddled her face, and lowered my hairless pussy to her eagerly waiting lips as my lips went for her clit, which was protruding, noticeably from its normal residence.

She prevented me from lowering myself all the way with her hands. She lifted her head to take quick tongue licks in the gash and then said, "You are horny Amy. Your clit is yelling for attention."

She then removed her hands and let me complete the lowering of my body.

We spread each other's lips apart with our fingers to get better access to the target and went at each other. We started slow with tongue trails up and down the gash. Since we are girls we can sense where we are in the building up. From time to time, we would flick the clit. Then there is a point in the foreplay where you concentrate on the hard nub and suck it, nibble gently and flick it with a steady tempo, beginning slow and then increasing the rate.

When I sensed she was going over the top by her thrusting and moaning, I rammed two fingers of my right hand deep into her. She arched her back off the bed, pulled me down tight to her mouth with her hands on my butt cheeks, moaned and thrashed as the wave overtook her. That sent me on my way as I was moaning into her pussy. Both of us moaning our pleasure kept the waves of cums continuing. We both finally collapsed. Her arms dropped to the bed like a wet washcloth and I was careful not to smother her. I rolled over on my back and heard her and myself panting for air.

All the while I was recovering I had my eyes closed and was residing in Blissville. I was startled by, "Hey babe, do you want to eat Amy again while I fuck her if she lets me?"

My eyes popped open and it was Leon.

"Sorry I startled you Amy but Jean is chatting with some friends, I needed to take a leak and heard you and my wife getting it on which naturally has me hard."

I looked over at him and he had to be ten or eleven inches with the eye looking at the ceiling. His body was all muscle. It was obvious he worked on it a lot. He must have weighed 190 pounds and God his biceps were as thick as my waist. Internally I giggled at the hairless body I was looking at. My eyes also focused on the largest family jewel pack I had ever seen. I was wondering how much sperm the guy delivered after a few days rest.

I heard, "Sure honey if Amy is game for it. You know I love watching your cock splitting a white tail as I'm eating it."

Did I hear right? Leon is going to fuck me while Becky and I are 69'ing. Blood rushed to my pussy picturing the scene.

"Com'on Amy you tasted delicious. Oh by the way should Leon use a raincoat? I'm okay with it if he doesn't. I don't think you do much bed hopping and the rest of us do not either. We keep it in the family. I love drinking pussy cocktails mixed with my man's cum."

"It's okay by me Becky since you guys seem to be close knit. To tell the truth it's more erotic knowing a guy is dumping his nut juice deep into me without the condom and knowing I have him turned on. You know that raw lust feeling. I guess we have the inventor of the pill to thank."

"Okay then same as before, no foreplay let's play."

I repositioned myself. Becky and I started fresh. It was then that I felt some fingers slip into me and back out; then in and out again. It was Leon lubricating himself. I was wondering how much of his cock he would get into me. He was not thick. I then felt the head of his cock at the entrance. He shoved to pop it in with his hands gripping my hipbones. It then crawled like a snake into my depths.

I went about eating Becky and felt myself building quickly with her eating me, making slurping sounds and Leon doing some serious thrusting back and forth. I relaxed not knowing if he was all the way in but he was not hurting me.

The pace of the thrusting was picking up. I sensed Leon was loading his weapon. He was holding my hips bones and the grip was getting tighter and tighter. He was pulling me back further onto his cock to reach deeper depths. Soon there was so much juice leaking that you could hear our bodies slamming into each other. He must have been all the way in. He stiffened and pulled me as tight to his body as he could.

I heard, "Amy I'm going to fire, oh babe, it's on its way. Ugghh...uggghhhhhh...uggghhh...ughhh! Oh Babe, oh babe, oh babe."

I could feel the warm sperm spraying and coating the depths of my pussy as his cock fired volleys of semen deep into me. Maybe it was my imagination but I loved it. My orgasm started when his cock flexed in the process of depositing his nut juice. My pussy clamped onto his cock and it was milking it for more of his baby making stuff. Just before going over the edge myself, I had shoved three fingers into Becky's hot pussy this time and not two as before.

I felt her spasm, as she was cumming while I was cumming.

When we had recovered our air, Leon said, "Amy I will reach around and place my hands on your breast. I will then pull out and lift you to a kneeling position so that the cocktail can drain into Becky's hungry mouth. Have you ever had that kind of cocktail, Amy?"

As he was pulling out and lifting me upright I said, "No Leon I never had that kind of cocktail."

"You should try it sometime. Becky says it is so erotic for her and it makes her hornier. She thinks it is an aphrodisiac."

Leon was playing with my boobs and kissing my neck while I was kneeling and leaking the mixture into Becky's eager slurping mouth. Leon left his right hand drop to my mound and his finger went searching for the trigger. He found it. Massaging the clit had me sailing again. He was nibbling at my neck and pinching my left nipple at the same time.

The orgasm hit me and I know the pulsing of my pussy forced more juice out for Becky's pleasure.

"Awesome Amy, that was just awesome. Becky will love you forever. She will be ready for me now. Please stick around and watch us. Lift off gently and please stay."

"My God Amy that was awesome. I need Leon's cock now. Please lay back and let me eat you while Leon fucks me. I am so horny, please. Watch in the mirror how erotic a scene it is."

I was speechless and did as she requested. She wasted no time in getting into kneeling and her face to my mound, moaning into it as Leon was burying his cock into her. It was her third time in an over an hour that she was eating me again.

I looked up at the mirror and it was erotic site all right. I was watching a black guy holding a white chick's hips and fucking her as if was going to be his last piece of whitetail. She was moaning onto my clit with every forward thrust. As the tempo increased so did the timing of the moans. I closed my eyes and let the storm roll over me. I was humping my hips fast to meet Becky's tongue-lashing. Then it happened. She shoved three of her fingers deep into me and pushed me over. All I saw were stars in color. Then I felt her lift her face and yell, "God Leon now, now, Oh yes, Leon now. Oh fuck, I'm...Ahhhhhhh...!" She lowered her head onto my stomach and convulsed as her body was being consumed in an orgasm. I opened my eyes and looked at Leon's face, which was in grimace as he was dumping the little juice he had left deep into his wife hot, hungry pussy. I lay there thinking what else will happen tonight.

When we recovered we hit the shower together and just did some feeling around and soft kissing.

I decided to slip on a flared, red skirt, mid-calf length and a red bikini top with no underwear. If guys wanted to slip their hands up my skirt, there would be a treat there.

We walked over to the bar and I had Jack make me a Long Island tea. Jack handed me the tea and "It must have been good with that smile you have, Amy."

"Guess you will never know, Jack."

Several of the others guys walked over to me and we did the getting acquainted chat. They all hinted that they would like to get it on with me sometime before morning. On of the guys named Nick ran his hand up my skirt and ran his hands over my cheeks. He whispered very nice Amy, very nice indeed.

I saw Chuck, walked over to him and said, "Chuck, does Harry get to party or is he always on duty?"

"Why do you ask, Amy?"

"Well it seems it would be very frustrating to be around all this sexual activity and have to remain on the sidelines."

"Well Amy it depends. Most of the times when Harry is on duty it is because of guest like you and Jean. When we don't have guest he is not here and has the time off. Most of the people here know that it is hard on him to know what is going on and not be part of it, so they slip off with him to relieve some of the tension when there are guest."

"That's nice of your friends to be considerate. When they slip off to relieve him of his stress where does that happen?"

"In a guesthouse, attached to this one. It looks as if it is part of this house out by the drive. Are you thinking of slipping off?'

I grinned and Chuck responded, "Amy if you desire he can join us here tonight for the Bar-B but promise you will get it on with him some time tonight. That's what he will expect from an invitation."

"Chuck, I think maybe I will take a walk and accidentally find the guest house."

"Be cautious Amy, he may already have company. Don't let yourself in for a disappointment."

"Thanks Chuck. If he is occupied you can always invite him then to the Bar-B, right?"

"Yes Amy, that is possible."

"Thanks Chuck."

"Oh by the way Amy, if you do get it on with Harry, bring him back for the Bar-B; he is welcome to join the festivities then as your guest."

"Thanks Chuck."

I went out the front door and saw Harry and Jean chatting by the limo. Jean spotted me and called me over. She said, that her billfold had fallen out of her purse and that Harry helped her find it and he was curious as to how we felt about the weekend so far. "I told him that it was hot and I also told him about you and me getting friendly for the first time."

As I was blushing, I took a glance at Harry's privates and he was at half-mast or so it appeared in his cut off shorts.

"She's right Harry, a lot of new stuff and very erotic."

"What about it between you and her? Was that erotic?"

"God yes Harry."

"Hey guys, I have a date with Leon; sorry to rush off. The guy probably thinks I got cold feet and am hiding. Remember Amy your next on his list."

"Okay Jean have fun. Catch up with you later."

I did not tell her that Leon already got a piece of my whitetail.

"So Harry where do you park your ass when you are here on duty?"

"Com'on I will show you if you have some free time."

"Free as a bird. Give me a tour."

He locked arms with me and we headed for his place, the guesthouse. I could feel liquids accumulating on the inside of my thigh. This was working out better than I had hoped for.

We strolled around the place. It was about the size of my apartment. He avoided showing me the bedroom. He then asked, "Something to drink?"

I responded with tomato juice or V-8 or orange, what ever is handy.

As he was getting the drink I thought that maybe he would not make the first move because I was the guest and he would be afraid. I decided on a plan. When he returned with the drink I wrapped my free hand around the back of his neck, stared him in the eyes and said, "Kiss me Harry."

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