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Stepmother Fucking

by kid2345©

I sat there on the cool back leather couch watching TV. My stepmother had been nagging my father to get rid of this couch for a couple years now. He always resorted to the answer that it's "too comfortable" to throw away. He was right. It was really comfortable.

I always came over to their apartment on weekends for a couple hours or so, just for a visit, but mainly just to catch up on the HBO shows I missed. I never bothered or really cared to pay for all those cable stations and they did, so why not take advantage of it. After all, nothing is else going on during this lazy winter Sunday.

She was across the room on the large overstuffed chair, sprawled out with a laptop on her stomach checking her email. She was wearing those small post grunge jean shorts again; with rips in the pockets and various other places that revealed a little bit of skin to get your imagination going. Her small white t-shirt wrapped around her breasts and rode up her back a little as she slouched comfortably. I kept staring at her inner thigh, the part closest to her pussy where you could imagine how she flexes her legs around you as she would fuck you to her rhythm.

"How was work this past week? A lot going on?" She asks like she is interested in my 28 year old life, but all she is doing is making small talk just because I'm there.

"Yeah, a lot of hours. Nothing new really, just the same job week after week." I answered.

"Ugg... I know, I want to quit my job so badly." She is a lawyer. I think she just became one so she could call herself something other than "perpetual student."

"Where's dad?" I asked, not taking one eye off the TV and the other off her legs.

"He went to get coffee I think." She adjusted her shorts. I think she felt my eyes crawling all over her soft white skin. I pretty sure she always feels me undressing her with my eyes. She's too sexy not to. Too sexy not to think of tearing off that t-shirt, pulling her long black hair back forcefully, ripping off her shorts and eating her pussy while she tugs at my hair as she cums harder than ever before.

"I'm going to make some breakfast. DO you want some?" I ask as I walk toward the kitchen.

"Umm, yeah, sure..." she says softly from across the room.

I'm almost pretty sure my dad is either cheating on her or trying to. I've checked his history on the Internet browser plenty of times and saw the various postings he's replied to on the local city website for erotic casual encounters. My step mom doesn't know, she would divorce him in a heartbeat if she did, and take everything with her. I thought about using this information to my advantage, but I just couldn't figure out how yet. Didn't matter though, my dad would fuck up one way or the other. I just had to wait. Wait for the perfect moment to fuck his sexy 40-year-old wife.

The months did pass and every Sunday, unless on vacation, I would come over and watch my shows, cook breakfast, drink coffee and have pleasant conversation with my dad and step-mom. Summer was here now and this is usually the time they start inviting family to the city for a small vacation. She has a large family and there is usually someone coming by every other weekend.

I was in the kitchen trying to make the coffee strong enough in the French press like she likes it. I never do make it strong enough for her. I think she would prefer just to eat the beans if she could. "How many tablespoons?!" I yell into the living room.

"Hang on... I'm coming!" I wish she would say that in a different situation. She walks into the kitchen in bare feet, and her slim robe that wraps around her ass so perfectly. All I can think about is bending her over this counter and fucking her hard fast from behind. I can almost feel her hands grab my ass as I squeeze and come inside her as she gasps to catch her breath.

"You need to put six heaping, not level, but heaping tablespoons. Here, let me show you." I hand her the spoon as she begins digging into the bean grinder. "So Sarah is coming next weekend. You remember my niece Sarah don't you?"

"Yeah, little kid right? Eleven years old now, or older?" I ask.

"Older, she's thirteen now. Where do I take a thirteen year old girl who is boy crazy?"

"I would take her shopping by the university. Why not kill two bids with one stone. Shopping and boy watching, there you go!" I say with enthusiasm. "Hey, where's dad?" Just then I hear the elevator door open into the apartment and my father walks into the kitchen.

"Hey, are you making the coffee strong enough?" He says with a smile looking at me?

"I tried again, but I lost again." I say.

"I'm teaching him for the, what? twentieth time?" She smiles and smirks my way flirtatiously, like we had just shared a moment.

"Maybe thirtieth!" with a smirking smile back. " Hey dad, do you have my video camera still? I wanted to go fool around this week and wanted to know if you were done with it?" I was planning on taping me banging my girlfriend so I have something to jerk off to while she goes to see her family in California next weekend.

"Actually, I need it all this week. I need to tape some student's speeches. Is it cool? Do you need it badly?" He says.

"No, I just wanted to take some shots around town. Don't worry about it. Us it for our class."


The next week was pretty hectic. Work was tough and my girlfriend was giving me shit for working long hours before she went out of town. I guess she wanted to fuck a lot too so she could hold herself over for the week she'd be gone. But, Friday evening came and I was putting her on a plane having only fucked her twice the past week. Not nearly enough to keep us cool while apart. Thank god for Internet porn because I would be jerking off a lot this weekend.

Sunday morning was here again and I did my weekly stroll over to their apartment. This time I picked up some eggs, ham and various other products for a coule omelets. I brought my laptop too. Maybe I could do some work while I watched my shows.

When I entered the apartment though, there was no one there. Weird. I called my father on the cell phone to see what was up.

"Hey dad! Where are you guys?" I ask.

"We are by the university, shopping." He sounds like he's in hell.

"That's right, her niece is in town. Sarah, right?"

"Yeah, we're gonna be out and about for a few hours. Make yourself at home."

"Sounds good. Have fun! Tell Sarah I said hi!" I was really looking forward to seeing my step mother in another casual outfit so I could imagine pulling it off and fucking her. Oh well, HBO awaits. However, I did need my video camera this week for sure. Since my girl is out of town I have a lot of free time to kick around the city and film some cool stuff.

I went into my father's office to grab it and pack it up so I didn't forget before I left. As I set it in its bag I accidentally popped open the tape holder and realized my father had left a tape in. Oh well, Ill just leave it on his desk... or play it and see if there really are student speeches on there. Maybe it's hot footage of him banging his wife. I wonder if he had the same idea I did.

I put the camera on play mode, rewind a little, and then press play. What I saw was even more unusual than I could imagine. The camera looked like it was hidden behind some pillows. Then I saw little Sarah walk in the room and put on make-up in the bedroom mirror. Someone had hid the camera in the spare bedroom to catch Sarah undressing! Who would do that?

I rewinded the tape and thankfully Sarah was not undressed at all on it, however I did see the camera being placed in the beginning of the tape. I rewinded all the way to the beginning and pressed play. What I saw was my father hiding the camera so Sarah couldn't see it in hope that he would end up with some child porn. Man!

My dad? A pedophile?! There was nothing on the tape but a girl putting on makeup, but the intent was obviously there.

I quickly hooked the camera up to my laptop and uploaded to footage into the hard drive. This might come in handy one day. I don't know how, but it will. I'll just sit on it and let opportunity present itself.

A couple weeks had passed. I decided to pop over on a Wednesday evening unannounced. My father was away on business and I knew this, but I had an idea. I don't know if I could go through with it, but I had to see the lay of the land, so to speak. My stepmother was home alone and bored. Probably watching working on her laptop to pass the time away.

I rang the buzzer below and my step mom answered. She said she would send to elevator down for me. My palms were sweaty and I could feel myself shake inside like I had already done something bad. I tried to calm myself with a couple deep breaths before the doors opened into the apartment. "Hello?!"

"Hey, I'm in the kitchen! Do you want a glass of wine or a beer?!"

"Sure, a beer is fine!"

"Here." She walks into the living room professionally dressed in a black skirt and a white button down top. She was wearing black stockings, pulled tight around her legs and black high-heeled shoes. I imagined fucking her with just the shoes on. "What are you up to tonight?" She asks with a smile, like she's had a couple of glasses of wine already.

"Nothing really, just in the neighborhood and thought I would stop by and see how you were. With dad being out of town and all" I said with a nonchalant voice. I couldn't look her in the eyes. Not after concocting a plan to black mail her into fucking me. Well, not only fucking me, but to have a long affair with me.

"That's nice. How's work?" She doesn't usually smile this much. Maybe she's happy to see me. Doubtful though. I think she always resented her husband having a kid that just pops by from time to time. I'm pretty sure she thinks that if "I wanted kids I would have had them myself." Thinking like this just made me want to do this even more.

"Work's fine. Have you got a minute for something serious?" I ask her as I sit down on the comfy black leather couch.

"Umm, sure. I guess. Why? What's up?" Her smile was fading into a look of concern. I don't know what she thought at that minute. Maybe she thought I was about to hit her up for money or something. I will give her this though; she did look concerned for me, which is unusual.

"Ok, I have this video footage I want you to take a look at." I pulled my laptop from my bag, opened it and clicked on the mpg file. The hidden camera footage popped up with Sarah putting on makeup.

"Who is... is that Sarah?! Is this a hidden camera?! Are you some kind of pervert or something? Why are you hiding a camera in my niece's room?!" She started shouting.

"No no no, not me!" She looked confused now. Almost knowing what I was about to say next. "Look." I rewound to footage to let her see for herself. When my father popped up on the screen she just gasped and sat back in the sofa. Speechless. "I'm sorry, but I had to show you." I said, looking her in the eyes now.

"I... I don't know what to do." she says, staring off in thought.

"Well, what I'm about to say may or may not make you more angry, but you have to take it seriously. She looked at me as if she were awaiting an impending doom. "I was going to send this to your brother so he knows that his sister's husband is a pedophile with his eyes set on his daughter because that seems like the right thing to do.

"No, don't... I have to think." she interrupts

"No, wait, I already have something in mind." I say. She doesn't look like she knows what's coming. "Look, if you don't want this tape getting out and making your life a mess, well, you're going to have to make sure that it stays a secret.

"What? What do you mean?" She knows what I mean, but she doesn't want me to say it.

"You are going to have to fuck me to make sure it stays a secret, because if you don't, I'm going to send this tape to you while family and ruin everything." I can't believe I am saying this so bluntly and so matter of fact. She is either going to do it or not, and the repercussions of the not are still to be determined.

I watch her ponder this for a moment. Then, she looked at me without a single emotion on her face. I felt her hands go right for my belt, and start unbuttoning my jeans. All the while staring at me strait in the eyes. My dick was so hard just from the rush of telling her that she had to fuck me and that was it.

She pulled it from my pants and started jerking with a soft but firm grip. She kept staring at me, almost for guidance. I leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away without breaking her stare into my eyes, almost as if she said I could have her, but not all of her. Then, I thought, "Fuck this!" I want all of her, but first I'll play her game and take what I can get.

I grabbed her softly but firmly, and lowered her head onto my cock. Without hesitation she opened wide and took it all in. "Get on your knees. Suck my cock on your knees." I commanded matter of factly. She did without taking her mouth off my cock. "Now look at me, look at me like you hate because I know you do." What the hell was coming from my mouth?

"She sucked harder and faster, the sounds of her lips on my cock was music. She licked my balls, up and down my shaft, and then swallowed my cock whole again and again. "You're going to come?" she said with her mouth dripping with spit. She was sweating and the whisps of her hair were suck to her face.

"No. I'm going to fuck you before I cum." I said calmly as I put my thumb in her mouth just to watch her lap her tongue around it. " Now stand up." Her professional look was almost that of a naughty teacher. She stood there, still in her high heels and staring he in the eyes waiting for my next order. As if to say my body is yours, but my heart isn't. "Take everything off, slowly." As she did my dick got harder than ever waiting for her to lower her body onto mine. I pulled off my clothes in anticipation and stroked my cock as I awaited her.

She began slowly with the blouse, then the bra. Her long black hair draped across her tits and fell in front of her eyes. When her black skirt came off, I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me. The quick movement made fall over my legs on top of me. I couldn't take it anymore. I tore her black g-string aside and guided her commandingly over my cock, held her by her shoulders and pressed her down until she consumed all of me into her wet pussy.

"Uhhhhhh" she let out a solid groan as all nines inched worked its way inside her.

"Now fuck me, and I want you to fuck me hard. You needed this! And now you're going to take advantage of this cock!" I said to her as I grabbed her ass to lift her up, then dropping her back down on my cock.

"Uhhhhh" she groaned again, almost in denial.

"You better fuck me like you've been wanting to all these years or I'll make sure everything comes to an end" I lifted her ass again and slammed her back down.

"Uhhhhh" She groaned. "Fuck you!" she said as she began to ride my cock as hard as I demanded. "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! God! Fuck me! Hmmm... Hmmm...." She started to whimper as she rode my dick like a good mother should"

My hands reached to the back of her head and grabbed her hair while she fucked. Her eyes where closed and her mouth was hanging open in euphoric ecstasy. I pulled her head close to mine and kissed her. Her tongue launched down my throat as she whimpered her breaths into my mouth.

"hmmm, mmmm hmmmm, mmmm" She panted rhythmically as she grinded her ass harder and harder. I could feel her cumming on me. I then lifted her up, threw her against the arm of the couch and bent her over as she shook from as orgasm and started fucking her hard and fast from behind. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Hmmmm.... hmmmm... Cum! Please... hmmmm... cum inside... hmmmm... me!"

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as I released my load in her soaking pussy. Her hands reached back and clenched into my ass to make sure I didn't pull out. To make sure she got every drop of me inside her. I didn't stop thrusting until I was completely dry. She collapsed in exhaustion and I collapsed on top of her. We were both covered in sweat and panting like we just ran a marathon.

I waited for something to say, something that sounded like the right thing to say. But the only thing that came out was "I better get dressed." I stood up, my limp dick falling out of her cooling pussy. She didn't say a thing. She just curled up and looked off into the distance as I stood over her putting my jeans on.

"He's not coming back until tomorrow" she said quietly, still staring off.

"Yeah?" was all I could say, knowing full well what she meant.

"Yeah." She looked into my eyes, and then crawled onto the floor. Unzipped my jeans and started to suck my cock. "I don't want this to stop." she said as she sheepishly looked up at me with her hand wrapped around my hardening dick.

"Keep going, it won't" I whisp the hair from in front of her eyes as she gazed into my eyes, then lowering my mouth back down and began to suck me off.

Written by: kid2345

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