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We're Not the Brady Bunch

by AuralSects69©

"We're good friends, aren't we?" Susan asked. I was a bit surprised.

"I thought we were best friends," I replied.

"Well let's see. Could I ask a favor of you?"

"You never asked to ask before. It must be a pretty big favor."

"It is. You know I've been seeing this guy for some time now…"

"And you still haven't even told me him name."

"…and we were talking about sexual fantasies the other day."

"What was your fantasy, Susan?" She hesitated for a moment.

"Mine wasn't important. But his was to be some woman's mystery lover. To make love to a woman who didn't know what he looked like, sounded like, even his name. So I suggested you, Tina."


"I know he's a total stranger to you, that's kinda the point, but I know him. I've dated him for quite a few weeks. And you're not seeing anyone right now. So I know we're best friends, but are we good enough friends that I can ask a favor like this of you?" I didn't say 'no', probably because I was just too stunned. "Just think about it. There's no rush."

She dropped this on me Friday night just before she left. Apparently she wanted to give me the weekend to think about it, which I did, but looking back on it, I should have agreed right away. I don't know how many times I thought to myself that I would trust Susan with my life. So having sex with her boyfriend because she wants to fulfill one of his fantasies seems almost trivial by comparison. And since I hadn't had any in some time and he couldn't be any worse than some of the losers I've had in bed, I thought "Why not?"


"Great!" she said when I called her up. "Any particular night good for you?"

"Whenever you want."

"Then I'll call him now and set it up." She hung up the phone and I waited. I started to feel a little sick almost immediately, but I shouldn't have. Who asks you to have sex with her boyfriend? But you're just doing your best friend a favor. Although it was more like you're doing the boyfriend a favor. But he didn't ask you, she did. But maybe he's controlling and manipulating her. Then again I've never known her to keep seeing a guy who mistreated her. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I needed to get that out of me and I felt better afterwards. I was overanalyzing the situation. Surprisingly only a few moments had passed during all of my mental conflict and agonizing. The phone rang.

"Wednesday night at your place?" Susan asked.

"Fine. Uhhhh…."

"I'll be there first. I'll blindfold you and I'll do most of the talking. If he talks at all it'll only be in a soft whisper in your ear so you won't know what he really sounds like."

"You'll be here too? The whole time?"

"Of course."

"Okay. Wednesday then." She hung up and I felt a million percent better knowing that she would be here also.

At work on Monday I could barely keep my mind on the Peterson account. I was still a bit uneasy but found my excitement level starting to build. What would he be like? I thought about every man Susan had ever dated. Leo was over six feet tall, lean but muscular with a German accent (and a schlong, or so Suzie said) as thick as a knockwurst.

Barry wasn't much taller than me, ill-at-ease around others, quiet and a bit nerdy. But when he spoke Italian, I could close my eyes and be transported to the Old World. I'd feel as if I'd lived my entire life on a mountain vineyard overlooking the sea, the aroma of wine intoxicating my soul and a gentle Mediterranean breeze caressing my scantily clad, sun kissed body.

Then there was Martelli, the magician. Quince, the drummer. Trevor, the photojournalist. Maroc, the professional gambler. Every one of them had at least one beautiful or enticing quality, but none had the complete set. And no two were even remotely similar in appearance.

As Wednesday approached, I found that my initial physical reaction of rapid heartbeat, nervousness and sweating hadn't changed, but the reason for it had. Now I was actually excited, anticipatory, impatient for the night to arrive. A complete stranger was going to use me for his sex toy. Be inside my body! I would be his fantasy woman and then he would leave, never knowing who he was. It might be somebody I see all the time. The security guard in the lobby. That really cute blond guy who gets off on the sixth floor. It would be great if it was him. Maybe he was one of my neighbors. I looked around the office and realized that it could be any one of my coworkers that might be inside my apartment tonight…inside my bed…inside my pussy. My heart started pounding, forcing my tits to strain against my bra, and my thighs started getting wet from the juices that began flowing out of my cunt. I hurried to the restroom, got in a stall and fingered myself to the best orgasm I ever had…with or without a man. It was to set the mood for the entire evening.

"You're alone?" I said to Susan. I looked into the hallway as she came in then closed the door.

"Of course," she said, walking into my bedroom. "You can't see what he looks like." She started taking off her clothes. "Now get naked, put the blindfold on…" She took a black, velvet blindfold out of her purse and tossed it on the bed. "…then I'll call him and tell him to come up. He's waiting in the lobby." I did as she instructed and lied on the bed while she made the call. My heart pounded in my ears as my thoughts raced over what was going to happen. Certainly nothing I hadn't done before, I assumed. Then again, everything in my sex life up until now hadn't exactly been spectacular, so hopefully it will be different.

"I see you bought the hair remover," she said as she placed her hand on my bare pussy. Her fingers slowly danced all over my naked snatch, then she easily slipped two of them into my quickly dampening cunt. "Much better than shaving, isn't it?"

"Yes!" I blurted out. This was the first time I'd ever felt a woman's touch on that part of my body, and I liked it! Maybe it was the build up to the whole evening that made her touch so exhilarating, or maybe some lesbian tendencies were beginning to surface. Either way, I was enjoying it so much that I had momentarily forgotten about her boyfriend. To my slight annoyance, Susan abandoned my little girl when the doorbell rang, let her boyfriend in and led him to my bedroom. A few seconds passed.

"He says you have a very sexy body."

"Thank you," I said appreciatively.

"He also says he'll enjoy making you cum so hard, you'll feel as if every molecule in your pussy exploded."

I smiled. "Not as much as I would enjoy it."

"Lie on your stomach." I did as she said. Then I heard the rustling of clothes as he obviously got undressed. I also heard a zipper purring, but it sounded too heavy and long for a pair of pants. He must have brought in a satchel of some kind which contained…what I was soon to find out.

"How do you feel?" Susan asked.


"Just fine? You say that as if you do this every other day. How do you really feel?"

I collected my thoughts for a moment then said "Scared…excited…nervous."

"Turned on? Horny?"

"Yes, but now that it's all happening, I'm more nervous than horny."

"That's okay. You can leave it up to us to make you horny." She got on the bed and whispered right into my ear. "The absolutely most important thing is for you to be relaxed. Not your body. We'll take care of that. But relax your mind. Free yourself from stress. Take a few, slow deep breaths while emptying your mind of everything. Work, family, neighbors. Everything. Then imagine you're floating in a black void and focus all your senses on touch. Don't focus by straining your mind. Just clear your mind. Feel nothing but our touch. Hear nothing but my voice."

I did as she instructed. It was a little difficult shutting out all the problems of the world, but soon I was drifting in my own carefree universe. A moment later I felt each of them bend one leg back at the knee and put cotton socks on my feet. Then each of them took one foot and started to massage it. She said that they were going to relax my body…well…go ahead. I do a lot for others. This time I'll let somebody do for me.

I had gotten a total body massage on my last vacation, but for some reason the softness of the cotton felt better against my feet than a pair of bare hands. And having both massaged at the same time was also more enjoyable. They gently kneaded and squeezed a lifetime's worth of standing, walking and running out of my tootsies in only a few minutes. Then they went to work on my calves and upper legs. They were both very good at relieving any tension. I wasn't the least bit nervous any more. I was just enjoying it. Then Susan said "Get on your knees and lift your ass up into the air." 'Was it time for a butt fuck already?' I thought to myself, but I did as she asked. She continued caressing my legs while the stranger gently pulled my ass cheeks apart. Then a bolt of sexual energy shot up from my asshole all the way to my head. Now I know why Susan wanted me to wash my sphincter.

It wasn't his dick but his wet tongue that entered my ass crack. He bathed my puckered hole in his saliva and my head started swimming. Getting fucked in the ass was alright, but I didn't know that place could be made to feel so good. It was like I discovered a whole new part of my body that never existed before. My heart rate must have immediately jumped to 200.

After he spent an all too little amount of time enjoying my most vulnerable spot, although an hour wouldn't have been enough time, he went down to the edge of my pussy. With his tongue flat up against my body to cover as much area as possible, he slowly worked his way up the crevice of my posterior until he was almost to my waist. Then he slid the underside of his tongue back down the same way. He swabbed my crack up and down, up and down, occasionally licking or kissing my cheeks and, best of all, forcing the tip of his tongue ever so slightly into my asshole. A thin layer of sweat began to envelop my body as my sexual engine went into overdrive. I was hot, sweaty, my breath was hard and fast, and my legs still tingled from where Susan was caressing them. He deposited a little glob of saliva on my puckered hole, as well as above and below it. Then he sent a thin stream of air through his lips onto the wetness and again I felt that same bolt of sexual energy shoot through my body. He'd just spent the past few minutes overheating my ass, and now he was doing an instant cool down. The contrasting sensations were mind blowing. At this point I would have paid him to ram his dick straight up into my over activated ass. I think I'd gotten more stimulation from that part of my body in the past few minutes than from my pussy in my entire life. And I wanted more. I wanted his meat stick all the way up inside me. I wanted every nerve ending in my asshole to be pulsating from the pressure of his cock. But it was not to be.

He stopped and moved away. I felt disappointed, frustrated, even angry as he left my butt alone and exposed, the sweat and saliva cooling my hot cheeks as the liquids evaporated, but my sadness was short-lived. As his fingers started to travel over my legs, I felt her hands pull my ass cheeks apart. Then she began to anoint my shithole with her oral juices. But whereas he was more delicate and controlled, she dove right in to my chasm and didn't come up for air. She sounded like a four-year-old diving into a banana split as she licked and slurped at my shit chute. We had both expressed some curiosity about the idea of being with another woman, but obviously she already had a lot of experience in that area. I don't know why she didn't tell me before. Maybe she didn't think I could accept it. Perhaps her parents gave her a lot of grief over it. At this point, the thing that pissed me off the most was the fact that she didn't tell me sooner. I could have been enjoying the sensation of her lips on my ass for years.

When she'd gotten her fill, she instructed me to lie flat again and I reluctantly did. I'd never felt this relaxed yet aroused before. Looking back, they were right to stop kissing my ass. I was getting too hot and too horny too fast. They got me back down to a slow boil by massaging my back. The stranger molded my neck and shoulder muscles like an artist sculpting a clay statue. Each gentle squeeze and stroke replaced any remaining stiffness or anxiety with serenity and bodily bliss. All the while Susan's palms attended to the needs and desires of my lower back, exerting just the right amount of pressure on my sides and spine while occasionally slipping her fingers between my cheeks, tickling my wet, wrinkled sphincter, and rekindling the inferno they had ignited earlier in my ass crack.

When they were finished I turned over and the front half of my body began to receive my friends' precious sexual offerings. They affably shared my lower regions, both sets of hands roaming up and down, not allowing a single square inch of flesh to go unattended. But my human leg warmers took special care not to indulge my pussy. Not just yet. Her time would cum soon enough.

They pulled my feet towards either side, spreading me apart for easy access. The stranger got onto the bed between my legs and began to kiss and lick my inner thighs. He drenched the crease between my leg and torso with his saliva and blew on it with the same thin stream of air that sent my ass into a state of orgiastic bliss. I instinctively began rubbing my clit, but Susan quickly took me by the wrists and put my hands near my head.

"We'll decide when you get to cum," she said firmly. Then she began to cover my face with kisses. For years I envied those soft, pouty lips of hers, wishing they were on my face, and now they were. After she had made sure that every part of my face and neck got some of her attention, she placed her lips on mine and invaded my panting mouth with her tongue. It quickly discovered mine and I didn't resist in the least. On the contrary, my tongue was delighted to have a new playmate.

And my lower orifice was doing even better. The stranger's tongue plunged deep into my pussy and was painting the inside of it with his saliva. He devoured my labia and kissed all the flesh around my smooth, hairless pussy, leaving my clit virtually untouched. I was starting to get pissed. I'd been more than ready to cum by now but these two fuckers wouldn't fuck me. My tummy tingled as his kissed his way up to my cleavage then licked his way through the valley of my tits until he reached my mouth where all three of our tongues became entangled.

They both got up and each took an arm, gently caressing my skin. I tried to pull away once or twice to give my clit the attention it so desperately wanted, but I was helpless against the two of them. They even sucked my fingers, one by one, and finished by licking my palms. The foreplay was great but how about some fuckin'? He held both my arms while Susan fumbled around in the satchel for something. Then she put, what I later found out to be, a Velcro handcuff around my wrist and tied it to the bedpost.

"What are you doing?" I asked with more curiosity than concern.

"It's all part of the fantasy," she replied matter-of-factly. He did the same to my other wrist, then they both did my ankles. I was spread eagle on my bed, loosely tied but still barely able to move more than an inch. I hoped that they were going to finally finish my pussy off. No such luck. I don't know how often I wished a guy would spend more time on foreplay, but now I just wanted the sex. Starting at the base of my tits, each one softly placed one of their fingers on my flesh and slowly began to trace a circle around my mounds. They slowly spiraled their way up and around towards my nipples. At least that was what they planned. The sensation was like the opposite of a mosquito bite. Instead of wanting to stop an annoying itch, I wanted to stop the exhilarating stimulation. So I moved my chest around to rub up against their hands.

"We didn't give you permission to do that," she said with a slight chuckle. "Now we'll have to start all over." And they both went back to the bottom. Again, slowly, agonizingly they wound their way around my tits. Occasionally a finger would slip a little on the sweat escaping from my body. I was horny as hell and furious.

"Fuck me! Why don't you fuck me!?" This time I was sure one of them laughed. I didn't know if I was going to pass out from being overheated, from my soaring blood pressure or from exhaustion. I just prayed that they would let me cum first. When, after an eternity, their fingers finally arrived at their destination, they instead used the tips of their tongues to circle around my areolas. Again, around and around spiraling in. My nipples were hard enough to cut glass when they started chewing on them. Chewing, nibbling, taking them in their teeth and pulling them away until they released them and my tits bounced back, knocking against each other and splashing some of my sweat. Susan cruelly ran the tips of her fingers softly around my areolas while the sadistic stranger gently ran a feather over my swollen clit. I moved my pelvis up but it was no good. A feather was too soft. I could feel it but I could never exert enough pressure against it in order to cum. And they knew it. I felt like a race car being floored but my chassis was up on the blocks with no wheels. My engine was doing 300 mph but I was getting absolutely nowhere. My blindfold was getting damp from my tears. I was beginning to think that their real fantasy was to torture me. Both of them.

"Fuck me," I whimpered. "Please fuck me."

"You're a horny little slut, aren't you? And you need to be fucked really bad, don't you?" Susan asked.

"Yes," I sobbed.

"Say it."

"I'm a horny little slut and I need to be fucked really bad."



"Alright, we'll let you cum but on one condition. From now on, you are our slave. We own you, and you will obey our every command. Agreed?"

"Yes! Anything! Just fuck me! Please!"

"Please fuck me, Master."

"Please fuck me, Master! Now! Hard!"

My new Master put his palm flat on my pussy and held my clit firmly between two of his fingers. With his other hand he furiously rubbed my clit. Within seconds my pussy felt as if every molecule in it had just exploded. My entire body convulsed and shook like I was having a seizure. The bed even got banged…up against the wall. My orgasm burst out of my cunt and waves of sexual energy radiated throughout my entire body. I gasped for air as I quivered and pulled against my bonds, fortunate that they were there to restrain me otherwise I might have seriously injured myself. I managed to catch my breath after a few moments.

"Oh, God! That was incredible!" Helpless and spent, I just laid there while my Mistress went back to over stimulating the sweaty flesh and softening nipples of my tits. My Master just slowly rubbed his fingers over my clit, very gently, very casually. Even though I'd had my orgasm, my body still tingled from their extended foreplay. And because I was still charged up, it took their very talented hands only a few moments to get my pussy going again. Then my Master quickened his fingers over my swollen nub.

"I'm gonna cum again! I'm gonna…!" Again my cunt pulsated and more of my juices flowed from my hole. My second orgasm wasn't anything like the first, but it was still better than most of the fucking I've had in my entire life. Then they started in again. Slowly caressing my clit and tits for a few moments then furiously rubbing my clit. Time after time after time they did this. I must have had a dozen orgasms in the space of ten minutes. I don't know. I lost count. My head was swimming and my body was exhausted from the sexual marathon they were putting me through.

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