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Lourdes The Good Mom

by Erica_Gasca©

Lourdes was married and had her twin boys (Eric and Robert) at a very young age. Her husband and she were pleased by their wonderful children that they decided not to have anymore. A very strange decision given that they were Mexican and Mexicans love large families. She was a dedicated house wife and looked after her family every need. Because of the spare time Lourdes had she became a very active parent in her son's activities; she was the den mom for her little scouts, soccer mom for their little league, volunteer assistant cheer coach at their schools, and many other activities.

Her son's friends loved Lourdes. She always thought it was because of her involvement and support. As the boys grew older, she noticed that many of her son's friends were looking at her in a womanly manner. She was shocked at first but then she was flattered by the attention. The older the boys grew the more she noticed their friends' stares. Also, the coaches, teachers and other parents took notice of Lourdes' ample body. She was thin petite and kept herself in shape. Her little mom outfits showed off her firm round breasts in the right amount of cleavage. Both her shorts and skirts complemented her wide hips and nice round ass perfectly.

After graduating high school, her boys played in a summer football which would help them get ready for college football. Lourdes was the only parent that showed up to every practice and scrimmage game. The team soon adopted her as "Team Mom." She was happy to support the team through fundraising, carpooling and any other way to keep the team's spirit high. Yet the boys started to act strangely when their mom was around. She figured they were embarrassed because mom was around and they wanted their space. What 18 year olds want mom around the when they are hanging out with their friends being boys. They had their drivers' licenses, they were responsible, and overall good boys. Yet, she was so accustom to being with them it was a hard habit to break.

One Sunday afternoon the boys were going to the movies with their friends. The group stopped by the house to pick up her twins. She was wearing a low cut white shirt and a pair of old shorts. Lourdes went to see the boys off and to say hello their friends. Every boy in the car chatting with her told a few jokes and encouraged her to keep talking, expect her sons who seemed annoyed. Half way through the conversation Lourdes noticed that every boy was looking at her ample cleavage. Those dirty boys kept her talking because she had to put her hands on her knees and bend over a little to see inside the car. This gave them the perfect view down her shirt. Lourdes tried to end the conversation but the boys continued. They were very good and keeping the conversation going.

When they sped away she heard them laughing and yelling. No doubt they were giving her boys a hard time about their mom's big tits. She understood why they were reluctant to have her around. She would talk with her boys and straighten things out. Lourdes and her sons were best of friends and could talk about anything. It would be a shame if they drifted apart due to a lack of communication and understanding. As she thought about what to say to her boys, her mind kept picturing the eager young faces of the boys as they looked at her chest. It was very flattering indeed. Lourdes felt a slight tingle between her legs. "I still got it," she smiled to herself.

Loudres' husband was asleep when the boys got home. She waited until she knew they were ready to turn off the lights before she knocked on their door. They were surprise to see her up so late especially when they thought both parents were sleeping. Lourdes assured them that their dad was fast asleep but she needed to talk to them. He boys listened as their mom explain what she knew was happening. Their red faces told Lourdes she was right in her assumptions.

"It's ok boys. I understand. I was your age once too you know, I know boys are curious and need to look. Plenty of guys used to check out your mom. You're dad wasn't the only one after me," she told them with a proud smile.

The boys groaned and rolled in their respective beds. "Ok mom. Thanks for that image. We don't need to know all that. It too much information," said Eric.

Lourdes stood up and cupped her each breast in one hand. "Don't be silly boys. You're mother is 100% natural. I never heard you complaining when I was breast feeding you brats," she mockingly scolded them.

"Mom! That was ages ago. We're grown men now. We don't need to know about your huge, I mean your big, I mean about your breast," stammered Robert.

Lourdes paused for a moment; she looked from one to the other. After 18 years of mothering her sons she knew they were keeping something from her. She gave them the look. The look at said, "I know you're up to something and I'm going to find out one way or another." Over the years she had gotten every secret out of them and this was no different. "If I didn't know any better, I would say your friends are not the only ones looking at my tits," stated Lourdes more than asked. Her twins turned a deep crimson color. Neither spoke. This realization also made Lourdes blush. Looking at the mirror in the boy's room she saw herself in her tiny little see through nitey. Her Boys could see her large half dollar dark brown nipples showing through the tiny fabric. Only view that could have been better is if she was naked.

When Lourdes looked back her boys, she noticed each had a tent under his blanket. They had noticed mom's tits but were too embarrassed to say anything. Lourdes looked at her two boys who could not look up at her. She felt sad. It was her fault she felt. Sitting down in a chair between their beds Lourdes patted both on the head with each of her hands. "I'm sorry for embarrassing you. I had no idea. But, like I said before I understand. You're growing boys and growing boys are full of hormones. If you're like your mom, they're raging none stop 24/7," she told them.

"Are you mad?" asked Robert.

"No honey, I'm not mad. I totally understand," she assured them. Lourdes looked back and forth from one boy to the next. The mirror caught her eye again. She noticed as her gaze left one of the boys his eyes went straight to her cleavage. Then when her eyes returned to that boy his brother did the same. She was shocked. They were hard because they were looking at her tits and she was talking about sex.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" she asked them.

"No," they said in unison.

Lourdes arched her back as if she was stretching feigning a yawn. Her tits popped out of her tiny body, her nipples hard grown hard, and the tiny nitey let half of her tits come out. She could see in the mirror the boys eyes pop out. She was giving them a good show. Standing up she bent over Eric's bed and gave him a long kiss on his forehead. In the mirror she saw him looking down her nitey and Robert was looking up it. He even moved to get a better view of her ass. Then she went to Robert and did the same and Eric repeated his brother's actions.

"Are you sure you don't want to talk about anything? Is there anything on your mind you want to tell me?" She asked again.

"No," they said in unison again.

"Come on boys I'm your mother. You can tell me. You know I love to help you out," she continued. Neither one said a word. They took their turn ogling their mother.

Lourdes then sat on Eric's bed and placed her hand on his thigh. "Look boys I may be your mother but I've been around. I know what's on your minds and it might help if we talk about it." This made the boys blush more. "Do you masturbate," she asked candidly.

"MOM!" they both shouted.

"SSSHHH. You're dad is sleeping. And besides if you said no I know you're lying. Every man masturbates. Those who say they don't are just liars," she told them.

"We can't be talking about this with our mom," said Robert.

"Why not? Who will teach you about the birds and the bees?" she retorted.

"Dad will," said Eric.

"Well your dad is not here and I am. And I want to talk about it," she told them. "Now answer the question, do you masturbate?" she asked sternly. The boys shook their heads yes. "Do you jerk off each other," she asked. The boys looked horrified at her and shouted and emphatic NO! "Ok I was just making sure," Lourdes added. "Do you know how to do it right?" she asked. They gave her a puzzled looked.

"What do you mean?" they asked.

"Well if you're going to play with it you have to know how to make it enjoyable," she told them.

"Show me what you do," she asked.

"Oh my god mom," we can't do that they both protested.

Lourdes pulled down both their sheets. "Come on don't be shy. I can tell you are stiff as a board," she told them.

The boys tried to cover up but after a few minutes of struggling they both agreed. Lourdes told them to lay back and show her how they jerked off. They hesitantly laid back and pulled down their underwear. Lourdes was very surprised and very proud at the size of their manhood. "Oh god, their way bigger than their dad," she thought. She watched them as they put their hands around their massive member and began to stroke it up and down. After a few minutes of watching very closely Lourdes told them to stop. They were doing it all wrong.

Lourdes went to the bath room and soon returned with some lotion and wash clothes. She poured some lotion on each of their cocks and told them to rub it into their skin. The boys' reactions told her it was a new and exciting experience for them. Again they went back to stroking their cocks. "You're still doing it wrong," she told them.

Lourdes sat down next to her naked son Eric and took his cock in her hands. He almost exploded when his mom's tiny little smooth cool hands touched his cock. She began stroking his cock in long slow twisting motions paying a lot of attention to the head of Eric's dick. Lourdes used her thumb on the head in short little circles. One hand was on his shaft and the other one Lourdes gently massaged his balls. Eric put his head back on his pillow and moaned as his mother worked his cock and balls with her two little hands. After playing with her son's member for a few minutes, Lourdes moved her hand to the base right under the head and began to stroke it in faster in short little strokes. Faster and faster she jerked off her son. Eric grabbed each side of his bed and held on tight. He closed his eyes and his body went ridged. Soon his cock exploded and sprayed cum all over the room. When he was cumming his mom slowed to nice steady short strokes milking her son's cock like an expert.

"How was that?" she said with a smile.

In between his heavy breathing, Eric smiled and shook his head in approval. He couldn't talk. Eric had never had such an intense orgasm. Lourdes smiled at her son; she loved to please her boys. She took the wash cloth and cleaned up her son.

Robert had been watching the scene in front of him with utter shock and lust. He was watching his mom stroke his brother's cock. She was doing and expert job. Her hands looked so good on his cock and the jerking movement made her tits jiggle up and down. Lourdes' tiny top was moving down and soon Robert saw her areolas. Robert had never been so hard in his life.

Lourdes looked over to her other son and smile. "Would you like mommy to show you too?" she asked. Robert didn't wait he shook his head, laid back and looked at her as she walked over to his bed. She took his hard cock into her hand and repeated what she had done with Eric. Robert was already too worked up to last long. He too sprayed his cum all over the room. She also cleaned him up.

"See that wasn't so bad," she told her boys.

"Now make sure you do it like mommy showed you," she added.

Robert pointed at Lourdes' tits and said, "Mom I think you got some." As she looked down she saw splotches of cum on her nitey. The stains made it transparent. She took a wash cloth and began to clean it up.

"Boy I haven't had cum on my tits in ages," she blurted out. She spoke before she thought. Her face went a deep red when they boys asked her to repeat her statement. Lourdes looked at her boys and they were stiff once again. The advantages of being young she thought; always hard.

"You two are too much," she giggled.

"Are you ready again?" she asked. They shook their heads yes.

"Well it's getting late and your father," she started to say.

"Please mom one more time. Just so we can be sure," said Eric.

"We promise to be fast," added Robert.

Lourdes agreed. This time she put the boys on one bed next to each other. She got on her between them. One hand was placed on each cock and she began to work her magic. The boys were looking down at their mother who was stroking two fat cocks. They could see down her top at her full firm tits. The areolas looked so tempting. Being twins they could almost read each other's mind. Looking at each other they nodded. Robert grabbed some material from Lourdes's left shoulder and Eric grabbed some material from her right shoulder. Together they pulled the top off her shoulder and let it fall.

Lourdes was caught off guard when her sons exposed her tits. In split second her emotions went from anger to shock to embarrassment to excitement. She knew the boys looked at her cleavage but now they were looking at her bare tits as she stroked them. Lourdes decided to let them look they might cum faster if they were looking. The boys smiled when she looked at them in the eyes and continued to jerk them off. They could see her long dark nipples get hard as she kept playing with their cocks.

The boys moved their hips closer to the edge of the bed. Lourdes' face was now inches from her sons' cocks. She could smell their musk and that made her very excited.

"Have you ever sucked cock," asked Eric.

Lourdes was shocked at the questions and became very embarrassed. Did they know she thinking of sucking cock as she stroked them? Her mouth was dry and she had a hard time replying. After a few seconds she said, "Well son that's a personal question. I don't think I can really answer that. Why do you ask?"

Robert didn't wait for Eric to answer. He moved the head of his cock right his mom's mouth. Lourdes looked up at her son. She knew what he wanted and she wanted it just as bad. But what would her boys think if they knew she was a cock sucker? How would they act with her? She contemplated this and many more questions. Lourdes opened her mouth to speak but instead took her son's cock into her mouth. Robert shivered with delight. His mother's hot wet hungry mouth felt so good around his cock.

Lourdes had half of her son's cock in her mouth before she realized what she had done. She looked up at both boys as she continued to suck dick. "I'm sorry son," she said as she pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"It's ok mom I like it," replied Robert.

Eric then pushed his cock in her face. She sucked it deep. Lourdes took turns sucking each cock. The boys moaned every time she swallowed their cocks. They heard her slurping and sucking their cocks. She stroked their cocks into her mouth and deep throated them like a pro. Her head was bobbing up and down as she worked their hug cocks. Lourdes rubbed their cocks all over her face and licked their long thick shafts with her tongue. It had been a long time since she acted this slutty and she loved it. She put both their cock heads in her mouth and used her tongue on both of them.

They could not last long against their mother's blow job skills. They held onto her head as she stroked their cocks into another big orgasm. She pointed the head to her face and opened her mouth. Lourdes was sprayed by both her boys. Her hair, face, tits and mouth were covered in cum. She had never had this much cum in all her life. The boys were breathing hard as they finished painting their mom with their white cream. Lourdes swallowed and licked their cocks as she continued to milk them dry. After they were done, Lourdes licked every drop of cum from their cocks.

"Well boys mom had to go shower now. You have a good night. I'll be in tomorrow night to tuck you in again," she told them. She tucked each on into their bed like when they were little. Lourdes kissed each one on the forehead before she turned off the lights and closed the door behind her.

Written by: Erica_Gasca

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