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The Wild Time

by petel©

I send you a text message that you get as you reach the over pass that takes you to Albert street. It says: "I'm in room 538 - great view of park - looking forward to even better view of u!"

Shortly you pull into the Hotel Saskatchewan parking lot and enter the lobby. Not realizing that I was waiting for you, out-of-site in the bar, you get on the elevator and just as the door is about to close completely and hand pushes its way in between and pulls the doors open - revealing me with a broad smile on my face.

"Going up baby?" I ask, "Cause now that I see you - I'm up already."

We embrace in a intense passionate French kiss as the doors close behind us - which we continue for several minutes until you finally come up for air and say "Did you press the floor button?"

"No," I laugh, "let me take care of that."

As the elevator starts to move we resume our embrace and I kiss you around your neck while massaging your ass, "You look awesome baby," I say, "you are so beautiful."

As you walk out of the elevator ahead of me, I give your ass a nice slap. You look back at me with your naughtiest look and say "you looking for trouble mister?"

"I've already found it," I laugh, "tonight you are going into the Guinness Book of World Records in the category of badest girl ever!"

You laugh as I open our hotel room door but as I gesture for you to go in, you stand directly in front of me and cup my balls and cock in your hand saying, "I'll break the record alright!"

We then start making out intensely again with you massaging my erection and me massaging your ass and feeling up your tits. We continue for several minutes ignoring the elderly couple that walks by us - pretending to be disgusted - but actually enjoying the scene more than they would ever admit.

Once inside you walk towards the window saying, "that is a great view alright." You then lean forwards over the windowsill so I get a perfect view of your ass. I can't resist saying, "the view is great and I'm not talking about the park."

Laughing you begin shifting your weight back and forth letting me watch as you wiggle your beautiful ass in your so nice and tight jeans. "I love you ass honey," I say appreciatively.

"Prove it!" you tease.

Not needing to be invited twice, I walk up behind you and run my hands up your legs and cup each cheek with a hand, massaging them vigorously and then lean over and kiss you on the back of your neck, running my tongue up to your ear and whispering "I'm going to fuck you good baby."

"Please do," you respond as you grind your ass against my erection.

I move my hands to the front slowly moving upwards until they find your breasts, which I massage while you continue to rub against my cock and kiss and lick you neck, earlobes and face. I unbutton your shirt to reveal your hot animal print bra and then unbutton your jeans to reveal a matching thong. "You know I love this stuff," I say. Then, unexpectedly you turn around and push me back, standing there with your shirt and pants wide open, perfectly revealing you incredibly sexy underwear, and say, "don't get to carried away - don't we have dinner reservations or something."

"I could care less," I say as I lunge towards you again but you push me back enough so that I can't touch you but I am tantalizingly close to your hot body. I push you up against the window and pull down your shirt while starting to suck on our breast that is almost falling out of the bra. "No self-control huh," you laugh as you start undoing my pants and reaching inside. As you grab and massage my cock, I undo your bra and throw it across the room and lift you up on the windowsill so I can pull off your pants. I whip off my own shirt as you pull my pants and shorts down barely ever releasing my cock while you do it. I then resume my attention to your ass - turning you around and leaning you forward. I pull down your thong while gently biting your ass, "aahh" you moan, "and then somewhat panicked add, "No marks, remember no marks aaaaaaaahhhhhhh."

From my vantage point in front of your ass, I reach forward and rub your pussy with my hand, gently playing with it - I can tell that it is soaking wet. My fingers begin to penetrate you and you moan enthusiastically, "yeah that's it fucker - ah yeah - that's good" I stand up, which places my cock between your ass cheeks and I continue to rub your pussy as I move my face towards the back of your head I gently pull on your ear lobe with my teeth and whisper jokingly, "It's so romantic when you call me fucker."

Reaching back to my cock, you place it at the entrance of your pussy and say, "Shut up and fuck me - you fucker." I push on your back and your brace yourself against the windowpanes and I move myself in position to start fucking you doggie style. As I enter you, you moan in pleasure, while I run my hands up your arms, placing my hands on top of yours as I start to pump you. I take your hand with the wedding ring and squeeze and say, "my that is a nice wedding ring you have on Mrs. Peterson, where is your husband right now?"

"Who fucking cares," you burst out and then I grab your hair from behind and pull your head back saying, "well if you don't care, then I certainly don't!" and with that I pull your hair and head back further while pushing my cock in deeper. You moan, "that's it fucker, make me cum, ah yeah, I'm cumming now!" I feel your soaking wet pussy fill with juices and this get me even hotter. I firmly grab you around the waste and start fucking you harder telling you, "You are so fucking hot Jackie, I love fucking you bareback!"

You moan, "fill me up big guy, I want you to shoot your load in me." After a few more strong thrusts - I cum in you! I lean over and start kissing your back and neck, reaching around to massage your breasts and play with your nipples until I pull out and turn you around. We hug each other and kiss romantically and I keep telling you how beautiful you are. You eventually move away saying, "We need to get ready for supper."

You go into the bathroom to get dressed and freshen up. When you emerge you find a me dressed and ready to go and you find a huge bouquet of flowers on the table with a envelope labeled "Jackie."

You smile and walk up to me and give me a nice kiss on the lips. I tell you, "read the note baby." You curiously open up the envelope and read a card that says: "Thanks for spending time with me - U R the best XXXX Mike" You give me a big hug, kissing me and sticking your tongue in my ear just for fun. I then take you by the hand saying, "we'd better get going our reservation is in 15 minutes."

I hold your hand as we go to the elevator and we get on with a number of other people. On the trip down to the lobby I hold you close and tell you "You look very beautiful tonight - it's great to be with you," which brings a smile to not only you but several other people in the elevator. I open doors for you as we leave the hotel and open your side of the car for you. When I get in the car, I lean over and kiss you on the lips and tell you, "Did I mention how hot you are?" You blush!

Our reservation is at the Mediterranean Bistro, one of Regina's best restaurants. They serve food from all the various Mediterranean nations (Italy, Greece, Morocco etc) and they specialize in sea food. We are seated in the back at a small table, and sit beside you instead of across from you (European style) and throughout the meal I listen intently but my hand seldom leaves your leg. On occasion you reach over and grope by my cock and smile sweetly when you do it.

After eating you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. When you come out you are surprised to see me standing there waiting. I take your hand and say, "follow me." I lead you into the men's bathroom and quickly take you into one of the toilet cubicles where I close the door. I press you up against the door and kiss you intensely saying, "I really haven't got my fill yet tonight - there is something I want to eat that wasn't on the menu." I then undo your pants and unzip them to reveal that you have no underwear on. "Commando eh," I smile, "you naughty girl!"

"You wouldn't want me any other way," you moan as I kiss your neck and rubbing your pussy with my hand. Your pants are soon off and I am on my knees in front of your smooth naked pussy. I lick around the edges of your pussy while firmly gripping you ass with my hands. You spread your legs as widely as you can and I begin playing with your pussy with my tongue. Blowing on your pussy, licking your pussy lips and gently pulling on them with my lips. As I start to lick inside you, your lips spread open reviling a wet pussy still dripping with cum from our early fuck. I lick deep into you tasting the mixture of you pussy and the cum I left in you earlier, wow what a taste I dive in as deep as I can get you spread yourself as I push two finger deep into you draining the last of my cum from you hot pussy.

Your moaning becomes louder and you say "oh yes, god yes, that's so good, don't stop oh yeah," this continues for sometime until you are ready to cum, you grab my hair pushing my face right into your pussy, practically yelling, "there, there yes yes yes yes!" until you cum and I taste our sweet juices.

I step out of the cubicle to see if the coast is clear while you put your pants back on. I give you the all clear and you head back to our table. I wash my face and join you. I then pay the bill and we head back to the car.

As we go to the car, I have my hand on your ass and I give you a big French kiss before you get in. This gets the attention of a number of teenage boys who are skateboarding in the restaurant parking lot. Once inside the car, you grab the keys, as I am about to start the car saying, "fair is fair - we aren't going anywhere until I get some too!" You slide my seat backwards so I am laying on my back and start undoing my pants - I help by pulling my shorts and pants to my ankles. You grab my cock, throw your hair back and make a licking motion with your tongue, partly for me and partly for the teenage boys who have stopped skateboarding and are trying to look inconspicuous as they watch what is going on in the car.

You start licking my head and playing with the tip with your tongue before slowly moving down my shaft taking up the whole thing in your mouth. You repeat this motion as I shudder with enjoyment and groan with pleasure. I undo your shirt and bra while you suck on me and you occasionally sit up, to throw back your hair, but each time you do it you make sure the skateboarders get a good view of your beautiful breasts and you make sure they know exactly what you are doing each time you go down.

At one point when you are sitting up, I reach up and fondle your breast giving the boys a great show. You say, "I think people are watching," but you don't cover anything up - instead you put your arms behind your head providing an even more unrestricted view of your tits. Gradually you focus on the job at hand and get me to the point of cumming. As I shoot my load into your eager mouth, you lean back and give me a good view and then sit up and lick your lips so that the boys know what you have accomplished. We pull our clothes back on - but you keep the cum into your mouth so that as we drive by the boys, you give them a naughty wave, opening your mouth so they can see the cum. They stand stunned with their mouths wide open as we drive by. I then turn to you and swallow you full load, excepted for a drop that runs down from my corner lips down my cheek. It hangers there a moment then drips in to my cleavage where I let it dry, hmmm yummy

From the restaurant we head out to JD's one of Regina's popular night spots/bars. This is one of the more notorious pick-up/dance bars in the city. You hadn't bothered to put your bra back on in the car and you now had only a thin tight t-shirt between you and your large hard nipples, which got you plenty of attention when we walked in the door. We sit at the bar for a moment and kiss a little before you lead me to the dance floor.

It happens to be 80s night and they play a non-stop hit-list of some of your favorite songs. As you dance, you let your unrestrained breasts bounce around much to my an every other guy there's enjoyment. I start to move closer to you and put my hands on your waste as we dance, gradually moving my hands upwards until I am feeling you up right on the dance floor. You laugh, throwing your hair back and pushing your chest forward so everyone gets a good view of what we are doing. You turn around wiggling your ass into position behind my cock while my hands continue to explore your breasts.

After a few songs I lead you to a little dark corner that I noticed when we came in. Although not hidden entirely the area can't be seen unless you are walking by a certain part of the bar. Once there, I press you up against the wall and try to kiss you but you keep on pulling your mouth away saying, "what do you think you are doing, people will see us," but I can tell by your smile you want it and I persist. Eventually you welcome my lips and as we make out and again fondle your breasts, now reaching underneath your shirt and then pulling it off leaving you topless. I begin sucking your tits and playing with your nipples and every so often someone walks by and sees us. Unfortunately one of the people saw us was a chick with small tits who was very jealous - so she reported us to the manager. Shortly after a young business type the manager come over and talk to us.

This is unacceptable behavior for our club I'm sorry I will have to asked you to leave.

Well we are still in this dark corner, as I have to walk by him I grab his crotch as I walk by sorta falling and catching myself. Opps sorry but at the same time I go down on my knees in one quick jerk I have his pants around hi knees and is soft but Harding cock in my mouth. I give you a evil smile as the young man stands there in shook at my cock sucking abilities. With in minuets he is rock hard and I'm sucking him with all I got

He moans and says " I cumming '

I stop sucking him asks asked is it ok if we say for a few more dance maybe?

I hold his throbbing cock just to my lips and smile as I look at you. You are jealous of the treat this man is getting but totally turned on you own cock is bulging in you pants.

The manager says with a pained look on his face sure just a few. I smile back and finish him off. Several road of cum burst from his cock into my mouth filling it I aim his dick at my cleavage where he shoots the remainder of his cum, hmmm good.

Let get out of here I'm done.

We return to the hotel, where I treat you like a princess as we walk through the lobby and back to our room. I hold your hand and give you little kisses telling you how great you look tonight but I always finish each little compliment with, "but you are a very bad bad bad girl - and that is the best thing."

Once behind our closed door we embrace and lock lips as we rip each others clothes off and we are soon buck naked on our bed. I am sucking on your nipples and massaging your pussy with my hand while you grab my cock and play with my hair. Each of us groaning with pleasure and the excitement of the moment. I start off on top of you - pushing my cock into your eager pussy.

"You are one hot fuck," I tell you.

You run your fingernails down my back and grab my ass saying, "fuck me hard sweetie - no mercy!"

You wrap your legs around me as I pump you while we French kiss with an intensity that the smoke detector should have gone off. Then I say, "hold on" and I flip us so you are on top, "ride me cowgirl," I say. You immediately take up the new position with enthusiasm. You lean down and I am about to start sucking on your tits and you suddenly pull back, "nope," you laugh, these are off limits from now on. I try to reach out feel them but you slap my hands down.

"What kind of girl do you think I am?" you laugh.

Not willing to be toyed with like this, I reach for your arms and pull you forward putting your tits right in my face and I proceed to suck on them with gusto. You pretend to be upset, saying "oh you are so bad," but your groans tell the real story. You love it! Just then, your cell phone rings. You can see the number from your position on top of my cock.

"It's my husband," you reveal.

The table is close enough I can reach the phone and I pick it up and pass it to you saying, "Take the call."

"You are one naughty fucker," you exclaim, as you take the phone from me. You try to compose yourself and answer, "hello, yessss I got here ok, yessss I am checked in, yessss I am feeling ok, Yes I mean no, I don't sound funny - must be the phone, I feel great actually, yessss, I am already in bed, pretty tired though, thanks for checking in bye . . ."

You drop the phone on the bed, "happy now fucker, I talked to my husband while riding your cock, is that hot enough cheating sex for you?"

"Well," I say, "I'd still like to fuck you while you are looking at your wedding picture."

You look down at me, and roughly run your fingernails over my chest saying "you won't be happy to you fuck me in our bedroom will you? Or better yet in your wedding dress you Evil fucking bastard."

The sensation and dirty talk was all it took and I exploded my load into your pussy. We both groan in pleasure, and I say, "I'm pretty happy right now."

You get off me and lay down beside me and we cuddle. After a few minutes of gentle kissing and hugging I sit up and say: "Well the night is still young, let's go!"

"What," you exclaim, "its two o'clock in the morning - where the hell are we going to go?"

We throw on some clothes and take off out of the hotel. I drive us to Rotary Waterfall Park located at the corner of Elphinestone and Regina Avenues. The park is a small grotto that is nestled into a hill. The hill has a waterfall and pool and laid out in front of this is a lovely grassy green surrounded by trees. The area cannot be seen from any of the surrounding roads or buildings and is often used for wedding pictures.

I take a blanket out of the back seat and lead you down the path to right in front of the waterfall. The melodic flowing water in the totally silent night had a calming effect on both us and we fell into each others arms and starting kissing and embracing on the blanket I had laid out on the grass. We gradually get naked and begin to make love. As you look up you can see me framed by the stars of the night sky and you say, "Mike, it is so wonderful to be with you."

"Thanks honey," I say, "I love our time together too."

As we continue you moan, as you get ready to cum saying, "this is amazing, oh baby."

As you cum I also start to feel myself close, so, I increase my pumping telling you, "Jackie you are a beautiful woman and a great friend!"

We continue to lay out under the stars for a half-hour before getting dressed and returning to the hotel. We sleep in until noon and make love once more before saying good-bye.

As you leave Regina, you get a text message from me, "The Guinness book called - you have broken the record - congratulations bad girl!"

Written by: petel

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