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Daddy's Little Whore Ch. 03

by bbw4youngercocks1©

NOTE: This is the latest installment from 2005's "Daddy's Little Whore"


I'm not sure how many of you have read the first two parts of my story, the first chapter being the first sexual encounter between me and my daughter, Kendall (also known as Kenny.

The second chapter took place when she and my son, Paul Jr., got together for some bedroom fun of their own.

And just as we left off before, Kenny still is that "good girl" in the public eye, but once the bedroom lights go out, she can fuck like a brazen hussy, sometimes two or three times a night.

And I still love it; I haven't had another woman since Kenny and I started having sex two years ago.

Who needed other women when my own daughter was giving me everything I needed sexually, and then some?

My son has a girlfriend, but his getting laid by her is few and far between, which is usually why Junior is always so damn horny every time he comes home from college.

When he did come home on his breaks, he and Kenny usually end up fucking like wild animals in order to ease his own sexual frustration.

Not that she minds; if it's anything Kenny loves, it's giving both me and her sex-starved brother all the mouth, ass and pussy we need and want.

But the last time we had left off, I had been thinking about arranging a good threesome between me, Junior and Kenny.

My son was a bit hesitant about it at first, until I told him there would be no "gay action" involved

The important thing was giving Kenny a good fuck or two and getting her off from her first experience of having two men at the same time.

Kenny had already been fucking both of us anyway; why not have her take us on at once?

And it wasn't like I neither watched her and Junior go at it before nor he hadn't seen me and Kenny fuck now and again.

"Look, Dad," he said. "I know Kenny can be a hot bitch in bed, but what makes you think she'll go for fucking both of us at the same time?"

"Junior, you should know by now when it comes to sex, our girl is open to just about anything."

"Yeah, but two guys at once? I don't think Kenny is THAT wild in she?"

"Now we'll never know if we don't at least try, will we?" I asked.

"I don't know, Dad. Twenty bucks says she won't fuck both of us at once."

"You're on, Junior. I say she will take on both of us. She's Daddy's little whore, remember?"

"Right on. Hey, Junior, ready to pay Daddy his twenty bucks," Kenny said with a sexy grin as she came into the room.

"What were listening the WHOLE time?" Junior asked.

She sat between us and nodded, one of her hands making its way to the crotch of my sweats as her spare hand rubbed the tent in Junior's own pants.

"You know, this may shock both of you, but I've always wanted to know what it was like to fuck two men at once."

"I guess today is your lucky day then, baby," Junior grinned.

"Indeed it is. So when can we get started? "

"Mmmm...." I said. "I love a woman that never waits to be asked."

"And I don't like waiting," Kenny said, giving me and then Junior deep, passionate kisses, still rubbing both our crotches.

She then stood up and peeled off her clothes, seating herself on the heavy coffee table in front of us, legs spread wide and revealing her shaved pussy.

"Now before I take both your cocks," she said sexily, "I could use a good eating. Think both of you can eat my pussy at once?"

The look on Junior's face was priceless; I was surprised he hadn't cum in his pants at that moment.

I went first, diving my head between her legs, spreading the lips open and running my tongue up and down her moist slit as I pushed a sneaky finger into her ass.

"That's it, Daddy," she panted. "Give your little whore a good eating."

While I tongue fucked her, then going down further to eat out her ass, Junior joined in, rubbing and licking her clit.

"Oh, God!" she squealed. "You both are so good! I love it when you eat me!"

I then slid my tongue back up to her pussy, going back to tongue fucking her, as I saw Junior flick her nub with the tip of his tongue, and then swirling it slowly over her clit.

Kenny had begun to cum, letting out a long screech as she exploded over both of us.

Junior and I took turns lapping up her nectar until she stopped shuddering.

"I want to fuck you," she said huskily after she came down from her orgasm. "Both of you. Let's go into the bedroom."

She didn't need to ask a second time; Junior and I were both tearing off our clothes as we followed my nude, sexy and horny daughter upstairs.

When we all got to the bedroom, Junior flopped onto the bed, laying back and his cock standing straight up.

"Look what I got for you, Sis," he leered. "Now, suck my cock and then sit on it while Dad watches."

I watched Kenny go down on her brother as she engulfed the head into her mouth as if she had been a common street whore getting him off and not his sister.

It hadn't taken long for my own prick to stand at attention, aching to be serviced while the hot scene between my two kids unfolded in front of me.

I began stroking my shaft as my daughter took in my son's cock, sucking him slowly and then faster, licking his shaft up and down, licking and sucking his balls before gulping down his entire length again.

After a several minutes of sucking, she straddled him, easing herself onto the hard pole, feeling the length of him slide in and out of her pussy.

Kenny leaned down to kiss him, their tongues entwining, as she began to bounce on his large tool.

"Is this what you wanted, big brother?" she growled. "You love me being on top, huh? Does it turn you on seeing Daddy watching us fuck? Does my pussy feel better than your girlfriend's? I'm better in bed than that uptight bitch, aren't I?"

"God, yes, baby; you are the hottest piece of ass I ever had!" he said. "Now suck Dad's cock while you fuck me. Show us what a dirty whore you can really be."

Happily complying, Kenny came up and took me in her mouth. I took both of her full tits in my hands as she suctioned in my entire dick.

I had been in my daughter's mouth many times before, but not at the same time she had another guy's cock inside her pussy, and the whole scenario was incredibly hot!

"Does that feel good, Daddy...does your little whore sucking you while she fucks Junior turn you on?" she asked before she down my cock again in one gulp.

"Oh, God, baby, you're the best little cocksucker I've ever had," I groaned.

She moaned gently as she continued doing incredible things to my cock with her well-trained mouth.

Kenny may have been my daughter, but she always gave me the best blow jobs since her mother, who had died years ago.

By this time, I was so horny, I couldn't take it any more. I needed to fuck her. I had to be inside her.

But she was already having a wild time riding my son, his own pole sliding in and out of her experienced snatch while her round ass was in the air, teasing me.

That left only one give it to her anally; Kenny loved getting it up there as much as she did in her cunt.

"I want to fuck your ass, baby, while Junior takes your pussy," I said as I pulled my tool out of her mouth.

"Yes," she said, nodding eagerly. "Take it, Daddy. Fuck me back there while I'm doing Junior."

I positioned myself behind Kenny as she continued fucking her brother, milking him for all it was worth, both of them sighing and grunting in pleasure.

I placed the knob of my cock against the pucker of her ass and then slowly sank it in past her anal ring until my prick was buried in her back door.

I began fucking her slowly at first, letting her chute get used to the length and girth of my cock.

"That's it, Daddy," Kenny panted. "Ohhhh, you feel so good in me too!"

With that, I began thrusting in and out of her tight ass at a faster pace while she squealed with delight as each of her holes were getting filled.

The two cocks my daughter had inside her moved at different tempos. Kenny was getting lost in the feelings as my son began to raise his hips, pushing his wood into her deeper.

She responded by moving up and down on his cock as I leaned over and put my hands on her beautiful tits and played with the nipples.

Soon, it was all we could stand of the sexual stimulation that was coming from so many places; Junior sliding in and out of Kenny's wet cunt while I pumped her ass furiously.

"Oh hell yeah, my little whore, you have a great ass for fucking. I'm going to fill your ass with cum, just as Junior is going to shoot his in that little pussy of yours. That's what you want isn't it? You want to be our little cum whore?"

"Yessssssssssss," she hissed. "Cum inside me, both of you! I want to feel both of my holes fill up with your cum!"

I felt myself getting close; my cock felt so good in Kenny's ass, I knew I could shoot my load at any given time.

But I wanted to wait for Junior. I wanted to cum with him, which would really get Kenny off.

I slowed my strokes for a few moments before Junior's breaths became more labored and he stiffened, a sign that he was definitely ready to cum in my daughter's cunt.

Finally, Junior let out a loud howl, blasting a large load of his spunk into his sister's pussy.

Seconds later, I followed, shooting my own cum into her ass as Kenny screamed out in orgasm, her pussy and anal muscles gripping both of our cocks, suctioning as much jism from them as both of her well-fucked holes could take.

Her orgasm never subsided as we shot our loads into her.

While my final thrust pushed my cock into her ass all the way, my son arched up and buried his entire dick into her pussy.

All of us drained from our respective climaxes, Kenny slowly let her body down to the bed off of Junior's body.

I followed, pulling my now-soft dick slowly out of her ass and collapsing on the other side of her on the bed.

"Remember, Junior," I grinned at him. "You owe me twenty bucks."

"You sure do, big brother," Kenny agreed, beginning to play with our cocks again. "And you owe me a good ass fucking while Daddy gets a turn at my pussy. Get ready; I'm not finished with either of you yet."

It was going to be a long night. Not that any of us cared....

Written by: bbw4youngercocks1

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