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Daddy, I Know You Want To Ch. 01

by Sararamslut©

Sara read the message two times. Poor girl. How can I help her? She thought. There were two pics attached with the PM. In the first, a good looking mature lady was sitting on a couch. A blonde girl was kneeling in front of her, eating her pussy. Another blonde girl was sitting besides the lady sucking on her erect nipple. All three of them were holding lit cigarettes in their hands. The name of the pic was. "My angels taking care of mommy." Sara couldn't decide who was the the younger sister. In the second pic, the girls were dressed as twins. Black leather bras and the tiniest leather mini skirts Sara had ever seen. Along with the outfit they wore thigh high leather boots. Both girls were smoking big fat cigars. The name of that pic was. "Mommy's angels ready to find themselves some good cocks." Sara looked at the pics fora long time. Whoever was "Mummy's Angel" she was damn hot. Both sisters was really sexy, and they made Sara's pussy drip. Before Sara started to play with herself she wrote a short message to "Mummy's Angel".

What if you turn the tables and YOU rape your daddy? I suppose you have a strap-on dildo.

Images of her dad fucking himself with a dildo flashed before Sara's eyes. The thoughts of that and the pics "Mummy's Angel" had sent made Sara cum wildly.

When Sara got back to her computer there was a reply from her newfound online friend.

Tee hee. You are a BAD girl, Sara. Great idea! I think I'll talk to Chrissy about it. Hey! Maybe I'll rape her too. And mom. Me as a fucking rapist! Dressed to kill, with my big black strap on between my legs. Hehe. I will take control in our house. Thanks for your support, Sara.

Sara smiled as she composed a short reply.

You go girl! Tell me all about it. I won't be home for a couple of days. But leave me a message to tell how your plan works out.

Then, Sara packed a bag and headed to Blondie's. She had decided to not see her daddy for a couple of days. If you don't wanna fuck me you will suffer from not seeing me at all, she thought. Before she left, she once again left her dildo on the kitchen table along with a note.

Wanna taste my ass, daddy? I know you want to.


Bill was sitting at the kitchen table staring at Sara's 12 inch dildo. He'd been pissed all day. His best friend and co-worker was fucking his beautiful daughter. His baby girl, he'd been raising by himself ever since Mandy ran off. Damn! Bill was furious with John. Trisha, John's wife, had been teasing Bill for a long time. She was a really hot lady. But Bill had never done anything with Trisha. After all she was married to John. So Bill had kept his cock in his pants. Although one time, at the company's Christmas party, it had been real close. Trisha had walked up to Bill, wearing skin tight leather pants and a white silk blouse.

"Tonight, I want you to fuck me." She'd said. But later on, Trisha had been too drunk to even stand up. Before anything happend she had passed out.

Bill could still smell Sara's perfume and cigarette smoke.The image of her kneeling on his bed wiggling her ass, hissing. "Come on fuck me daddy. Put that big boy cock in your baby girl. I'm so fucking wet!"

Sara had looked so much like her mother, blonde, beautiful and slutty. Sara was a gorgeous slut, just like Mandy had been. The sensation of his daughter's pussy had been beyond belief. He was committed. Bill was in lust, in lust for his own daughter. Slowly he picked up Sara's dildo. He was about to taste his baby girl's ass.

Written by: Sararamslut

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