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Judy Set Up For Gangbang By Husband

by larson67©

My name is Dean, and I am a very lucky man. My wife, Judy, is a beautiful, intelligent and loving woman. She stands about 5'9 has beautiful chestnut colored hair, with eyes that match and full, soft lips. She is originally from Virginia and although has been out west for sometime she still has a touch of that Southern accent which drives me crazy. Although she has given birth to our five children she has kept her figure and looks fantastic with a nice slim waste, curvy hips, and a nice set of firm 36B size tits. We have been married for nearly 15 years and our sex life is still amazing!

When we were married she was technically a virgin. By that I mean she had never let anyone fuck her pussy until me. However, she deflected the pressure to fuck from her various boyfriends by giving them blowjobs. Over time she had become VERY, VERY good at sucking cock and loved doing it. I will always remember the first time she went down on me. Her soft full mouth wrapped around my hard cock, how her tongue played with the head while she eagerly sucked and bobbed on my shaft. She would deep throat me, which was not easy since I have an 8-inch member, taking it all in and then slowly draw back the full length of my shaft. The best part though was that she loved cum. She loved the taste of it and the feel of it in her mouth and she hardly ever let any go to waste. She drank it all, except for those few times she let me explode all over her pretty face.

As we got further along in our marriage, and more comfortable in our relationship she became more adventurous. While we were dating she claimed that she would never let anyone, even me, fuck her in the ass. Yet about year three as she was on top of me posting on my cock like she was riding in the Kentucky Derby she stopped, pull me out of her pussy and slid my cock right up her tight, virgin ass. She proceeded to fuck me like a woman possessed and we both came in a flood of sweet, moans and cum. I regularly fuck her ass now and she often cums while I'm doing it. We have also tried costumes; she has quite the wardrobe now, bondage, and various toys.

The one thing she has stood firm on, however, was multiple partners. I'd mention it from time to time trying to feel out if this was another proclamation like fucking her ass. She said she wouldn't do it but as time progressed and she became more adventurous she would try it, just once. But after 15 years her resolve was as strong as when I mentioned it our first year together. It was just something she would not do, period.

I had given up on the idea, but occasionally, when looking for different ideas of new things we could try, I would come across some great porn of a woman being taken by two or more men and I would think of Judy. How would she look being used as a fuck doll, a cock in her ass, pussy, and mouth all at the same time? I imagined she would look hot just having the daylights fucked out of her taking three cocks at once and satisfying all three. I started to really obsess about this fantasy and could not let it go. I finally decided that I needed to have it fulfilled, but I knew she would never do it, at least not willingly.

So if it were going to happen she would have to be forced. There would have to be a situation where three men abducted her and submit her to a good old fashion gangbang. That is when I started to plot and plan how this could take place.

I had some contractor friends that I knew would be all too willing to help me out with my devious fantasy. They were partners in a home remodeling company, Steve and Dan, the brothers, and Jason their big and very black partner. They were good guys and I had known them for sometime. Because they were friends of mine Judy and I used them to do some remodeling on our home. They did a great job, but I had, on more than one occasion seen them leering at my wife while they were working on the house. I had joked with them that if they kept it up I might have to let them have a go at her just so they would know what they were missing.

Dan was quick to ask, "She wouldn't ever do that would she? I mean she's your wife man, but if she wasn't whew I'm not afraid to tell ya' I would love to be with her."

"And it would be the time of your life if you were! She loves cock, loves to suck it, loves to have it in her pussy and ass!" I said. I didn't often talk about my wife's sexual tendencies but occasionally I had to brag about the sex goddess I had married. "And she has expressed to me a fantasy she has of being taken against her will be three men..." It was a total lie but I knew that they would never do anything like what I was trying to set up unless they believe at some level Judy was OK with it happening.

"Oh man she gives you the butt," asked Jason. "I would love to tap that ass."

"You're telling me. I bet she would love having all her holes plugged, huh Dean," asked Steve.

"OK, OK guys this is getting a bit carried away. Get back to work and stop fantasizing about my wife or I'll have to fire your Asses!" I said. But as I walked away I smiled to myself, the seed had been planted.

So I had willing participants, at least the desire was there. I would have to close the deal a little later but I needed the right set of circumstances. I didn't want this to happen in our home. I had a feeling that once Judy had been fucked by these three she would change her tune about multiple partners, but if not...well I didn't want our home to bring her bad memories. It had to be someplace she would feel safe at being alone, but that we could avoid forever if we needed to.

So I waited and waited. Several weeks had gone by and I started to think this would never happen when one night I saw the opportunity. We were having dinner and Judy brought up that her best friend Emily was going out of town and had asked her to house sit for a couple of days.

"I know it's kind of weird love but she's worried about her ex-husband coming over while she's gone and taking her things," said Judy. "It would just be for two days and I can have my Mom watch the kids so you won't have to do it without me."

"Well can I come over and we play babysitter and boyfriend?" I teased.

"Honey" she squealed "it's my best friends house I can't screw you in her house!"

Maybe not me, I thought, but someone will be screwing you in that house, in fact three someones.

It was the perfect set-up. She would be alone, in someone else's house, the kids would be away so I could be there to video the whole thing, and if it went sideways she would blame it on her friends crazy ex-husband and his wacko buddies. It was just what I was looking for. I only had about a week so I began to get things set-up.

First thing I did was invite Dan and his partners out for a beer to discuss the "scenario".

"No fuckin way!" This was Dan, "you are not serious. She wants to carry out this rape fantasy of hers?"

"Yep she sure does and she wants it to be you guys." I said.

"Why us" said Steve "why not some other guys."

"Because she knows you. Well sort of knows you. You've been in our home, you're my friends and she figures nothing will get too carried away. You'll not hurt her in any serious manner. Look if you don't want her I guess I can find somebody else..."

"No, no, no we're in we're in" Jason interrupted. "I can't wait to get me some. She is one fine piece of ass. Tell me, has she ever hard a black cock before? You know once she gets some of my anaconda she may not go back buddy!"

I laughed, "well thanks for that but I'm not worried. She's never been with a brother before, which was one of the reasons she chose you guys. She's rather fond of my 8-inches though so I'm not worried about you big guy. She just wants to experiment a little and see what this is like. Now let's go over the details."

We spent the next hour, and several beers going over the plan. The address and layout of the house, what time they should "break-in". I decided that we would do it on Judy's second night in Emily's house rather than the first. We also went over what they would need to have with them and that they had to wear hoods. I told them this was to keep up the fantasy, but actually I Just didn't want Judy knowing who they were.

I explained that she was going to fight them and fight them hard. That she was clear with me that she would not go easy and may even try to back out, but that she wanted this to happen and they should use all force, without hurting her of course, needed to fuck her brains out. She was not going to just lie there and cry and whimper while they ravished her. This made Dan a little skeptical of the whole deal but I was able to convince him that it was all part of the fantasy. She had to feel it was real and that she was being raped by these three intruders, or she would not be able to go through with it.

So the stage was now set for my little plan.

Judy's first night in the house was uneventful. She called about 10:30 when she was heading to bed to let me know she was fine, loved me and would talk to me in the morning. I could not help but think, by this time tomorrow you will have been fucked into oblivion by three men. The next day dragged on forever. I spoke with Dan about 4:00 in the afternoon just to make sure he and the boys were ready. They were, but they were going to the bar about 6PM just to get a drink and steady their nerves. They would go to the house about 9PM and have at my beautiful wife.

I pulled up to the house a few minutes before 9:00. I wanted to make sure the guys got there and were not drunk. If they were this could get WAY out of hand and I didn't want my wife hurt. I believed that once her barrier had been broken down, and she had cum from a gangbang that she would be willing to do it again, but this time with me in the mix. As I walked up to the house I peered in and saw Judy in the den watching TV. She picked up the phone to make a call and to my shock heard her leave a message on our home answering machine.

"Shit" I thought, "I didn't forward the phone." I wondered how that would play out, but at that moment Dan's truck pulled in just down the street. It was clear they had had a few beers but they were not drunk and seemed in control of themselves. After sizing them up a minute a decided to move forward. I told them where she was in the house and the best way to get in.

"Go through the back bedroom. You'll walk down the hall to the den, which is where she is watching TV. Find some small item a knock it on the floor. She'll get up to see what happened, come down the hall and then you can grab her. Make sure you bring her into the den to do her. I want to watch the whole thing."

"You got it brother. Now that's go get us some," said Jason.

He seemed a little too eager and that made me nervous.

"Listen up guys. We're friends and all, but I'm taking a big step, as is Judy in doing this. If it gets out of hand I'm calling the cops and will deny I ever spoke to you about this. Judy will call it rape and I'll see to it you are all locked up with some biker that needs a new bitch! We clear?"

"Clear" they all said.

"OK, go get her"

As they made their way to the back I went to my car and retrieved my video camera. This was something I was not going to miss.

I got back to the window in time to hear the breaking glass and see Judy look up from the TV, down the hall towards the sound. She got up and started walking down the hall.

It all started a few second after that,

"Hey, who they hell, what are...HEY GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" I heard Judy scream.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? " sneered Dan. They were moving towards her slowly, backing her up the hall back into the den. Judy was wearing a short, thin, negligee that look like a very short toga. We would use it when we role-played where she would be the captured slave and I was the roman general who now owed her. She looked spectacular in it and the effects were clear in the bulges in the men's pants.

"Looks like we found the whore of the house all alone. Whatever should we do with her" followed Steve.

"Mmmmm I Haven't had me a white bitch since I went to prison. I've been looking to dip my snake into some white ass." Nice touch Jason I thought.

At this Judy bottled down through the den to a heavy metal lamp sitting on a nightstand. She whipped around, ripping the cord out of the well and swung on the first guy to her, which was Steve. The speed of the swing took everyone, including me, off guard. Steve ducked at the last minute, which probably saved his head, but took the shot on the shoulder knocking him over the couch.


Dan lunged next but was driven back by Judy's wild swings.

"Get the fuck out of this house you bastards or I kill you I swear it!" Judy yelled back at them. She was winding back to take another swing at Dan when Jason lunged under the arch of her arm and tackled her to the floor. The hit was not gentle and Judy lost her grip on the lamp and her breath from the blow. She lay gasping for air on the floor, her eyes wide with shock.

"Get the bitch up and get the ropes" stated Dan. "take her over to that table."

Jason grabbed my wife and yanked her hard off the floor, this was starting to get a little too rough for me but I held firm. Judy was still gasping for air and trying to get away but could not muster enough strength to do both. Steve came over, still nursing his arm, with the ropes I told them to bring. Dan yanked them away, "now hold this sluts feet to her thighs, I'll tress her up like the pretty little bird she is. Steve pulled Judy's legs up to her thighs and held them there as Dan tied her ankles to her thighs. She was now in the perfect position for them to have at her pussy and her ass.

At this point Judy found the strength to star to lash out at Jason who was standing there transfixed on my wife's pretty pink pussy and her trim landing strip bush. Judy caught him across the forearm gauging three deep scratches into his arm. "Let me go you pigs or I swear I kill you!"

Jason yanked his arm back, "You fucking little whore! I'm gonna teach you a lesson for pulling that shit". Dan moved quickly and caught his hand as it was coming down towards my wife's face.

"NO! You know the rules!"

"But look at my arm man! Resisting is one thing but this is something else!"

"RULES! What are you talking about? You creeps have rules for robbing someone?"

Dan and Jason just look at each other.

"OH we're going to do more than just rob this house slut," said Steve. We'll take what we want and right now what we want is you!"

It hit her right then. These men may have been here to rob the house, but they had a new goal in mind. They intended to rape her, all at once. Judy started to scream "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP, HELP ME!!!" "HEL..mmmphhh!" Steve forced the ball gag into her open mouth and quickly slipped the strap over her head pulled it tight. Judy's eyes bulged at the surprise intrusion in her mouth. Steve then grabbed her arms and hissed at Jason "Now finish tying this bitch up. All this fighting has made me horny. I'm ready to fuck this whore."

"NO! PLEASE NO!" Judy screamed into her gag. It did little good. Her hands were quickly tied together over her head. I had rarely been so turned on as I was at that moment. Seeing my wife in that pretty negligee, tied, gagged, trussed and ready to be fucked. It was thrilling.

Dan was the first to move towards her. Neither Steve nor Jason said anything so I assumed they had worked out the order for the night. As he approach Judy he began to unzip his pants, letting them fall to the floor when he had moved between her legs. Judy's eyes grew wide and she screamed into the ball gag, causing little bits of drool to start ozzing from the corners of her mouth.

"It's time you got that lesson my friend was talking about whore. We're going to fuck you all night long." With that Dan ripped her panties off in one yank. It must have hurt a little because Judy winced as he did it. He then spit on his hand, rubbed it on his cock and position himself at the open of my wife's sex.

"Now if you had been a good little whore and not hit my friend with a lamp this would be a lot easier, but seeing as you like to play rough we'll just have to keep up that theme for this little party." At that Dan plunged his cock fully into my wife's cunt.

"UNH! There you go you whore take that!"

Judy arched her back in shock and pain as Dan shoved his cock balls deep into her cunt. He was not a huge man but he was not small. The fact that the only lubricant was his spit did not help the process much.

"UNH, UNH, UNH YEA BABY UNH" Dan began to pound away at my wife while she fought to roll off the table and reached to grabbed his hair, shirt, face, anything to fight back and stop this invasion.

"Somebody hold this bitches hands," Dan yelled.

Steve and Jason both grabbed her arms and held them tightly over her head while Dan pounded away.

"OH man...oh shit...her pussy is like silk, unh, unh yea baby. Oh yea she feels so fucking good. Oh shit, oh yea, I'm about to cum. I hope you're on the pill baby because I'm gonna explode inside your cunt." Judy started to struggle harder and scream louder into her gag but Steve and Jason held her firm. "MMMPPHH!!!"

"Oh yea, oh yea, I'm cumming baby, unh, unh, uuunnnhhhhhh! YEEEEEAAAAAaaaaaaaa!" With that Dan drove deep into my beautiful wife and emptied his load deep into her womb. Judy's shoulders started to shake and I could tell she had started to cry. I started to go in and break it up but stopped. There was no way I could do that now. How would I explain to Judy that I was there, how long had I been there before I intervened and stopped the attack? Certainly Steve and Jason would protest me breaking it up now. What if they told her I had served her up to them like a prize to be given away? No I couldn't stop this now, it had to run its course. The rock hard bulge in my pants told me, somewhere part of me wanted it to go on.

"Next" Dan said as he pulled out of my wife.

"That's my cue!" said Steve as he quickly removed his pants and moved to take Dan's spot between my wife's thighs. Steve's cock was bigger than Dan's and closer to my length and girth.

Judy, despite having just been taken by a stranger still fought and fought hard. It was taking Jason and now Dan all they could to keep her arms above her head and her body still enough so Steve could slide inside of her. Which he did with as much force as Dan.

"Mmmmmmm. Oh yea this slut's cunt is nice!" Steve grabbed Judy by the waist and proceeded to pound her faster, harder and deeper than Dan had. "Oh fuck yea, yea baby take this cock, unh, yea!" He was fucking her so hard the table she was laying on was slowly sliding on the carpet. With each brutal thrust Judy's thrashing eased, just slightly. I started to notice that Dan and Jason's arms were not as firm and hard as when Steve started. They were not having to hold her as tightly as when he started.

"Oh shit, uhg, oh man I think her pussy's getting tighter," Steve said between thrusts.

When I heard that I turned my attention to my wife's hips. They were slightly off the table, and with every other thrust from Steve she would gyrate them slightly. She was starting to reach organism.

"Oh shit yea, her pussy is getting tighter. She's squeezing my cock tight. I think this whore is starting to enjoy this!" Steve took that as his cue to start fucking Judy harder, faster, and deeper. Each thrust had his full weight behind it and moved Judy and the table a good two inches each time.

It was clear now my wife was on the edge of an orgasm. Although she had turned her head away from Steve and had her eyes clinched tight her hips, almost involuntarily, rose to meet each of his thrust, forcing his cock ever deeper into her womb.

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