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Mom Gets It Too

by jayrandolf©

My name is Joe, and I'm a confirmed bachelor in my mid-forties with an active sex life. My secret?

I approach girls from 18 to 60, shower them with kind attention and compliments, make them feel like the most special woman on earth--then I seduce them into whoring themselves on my fat, thick cock.

In my office, I work with a mother-daughter team in accounts payable. Patty, the mom, is a petite, proper stunner of a brunette who smartly covers her charms with tight sweaters and long skirts. For a woman of 45, she could easily pass for 30.

Dawn, the daughter, is the complete opposite of her mother. A gorgeous, sandy-haired, long-legged beauty of 20, Dawn wears tops that expose her bare midriff and short skirts that flash panties at you all day long.

Since I knew Patty was married, I worked my charms on her daughter instead. I took her out dancing one Saturday night, and Dawn slammed down booze like there was no tomorrow. We danced close all night, and I took every opportunity to run my hands over her ass and grind my fat prick against her soft mound.

I intended to take Dawn back to my place that night, but she had to get up early to take her dad to the airport the next morning.

I ended up parked in the family driveway, looking for signs of the parents being up while I planned my surprise good night move.

"Well,Joe, it's been fun tonight.Thanks for everything." Dawn smiled sleepily and leaned in for a goodnight kiss.

I took hold of her face in both hands, and layed a soulful tongue kiss deep into her mouth.

"Mmmmm." she mewled happily as I moved my hands under her sweater and gently squeezed her warm young tits.

As we broke the kiss, she pulled back and glanced down. With a start,Dawn grabbed my arms and took in my surprise.

There in my lap, unzipped and unsheathed, was a throbbing nine inch prick, fully engorged with blood. The crown of my cock was a magnificent purple, and the head was as big as a doorknob. Dark,gnarly veins snaked through the shaft, and my prick swayed and lurched, begging for her small hand to enclose it.

"Oh my fucking God." Dawn whispered anxiously.

"I thought you felt big when we were dancing, but I had no idea...." she trailed off with a hard swallow.

"Oh, Dawn," I coaxed as I stroked her auburn hair,"please don't send me away in this condition".

As I placed my cock in Dawn's hand, she began to tremble and stammer.

"J-Joe. No. My parents are still up.What if they look out the window?"

I started to pump her hand up and down the shaft, and Dawn licked her lips nervously.

"Your pre-cum is so warm and sticky." she cooed, and she traced a lazy trail of it across my throbbing head.

I think Dawn thought she was going to bargain her way out with a quick hand job. I had other ideas.

"Sit on it." I hissed, and I pulled her onto my lap. Dawn's short skirt was up around her waist, and only a thin g-string separated her steamy cunt from the pole now sawing against her pussy lips.

"Ughhh.Joe.My mom.." she pleaded, but Dawn offered no resistance when I pulled her sweater and bra completely over her head.

Now I took my prick in hand and deftly jabbed at her pussy, teasing her fat clit with my crown while Dawn whimpered and clung to my neck.

"I wish your mom could see you now." I taunted, and Dawn wiggled harder to get me inside her hot box.

With a rough yank, I buried my nine inches deep into Dawn's syrupy cunt, and I lifted her up and down on it like a rag doll.

"I'm-I'm cumming!" Dawn bucked harder and bit down on my earlobe with a whinny.

Here I was, fucking Patty's daughter in their own driveway, not even trying to silence the sounds of our lovemaking.

I opened the car door, and walked now naked Dawn, still impaled on my raging prick, right onto the front porch.

"Wha-what are you doing?" she whispered frantically,pounding on my back and trying to break free.

I could see Patty and her husband watching T.V. through the window curtain as I jabbed and grunted into Dawn's steamy fuck hole.

"This is great." I hissed. "Tomorrow I'm going to use this story to seduce your mom into worshiping my fat cock."

"But-what about me?" Dawn cried silently, her tears wetting my cheek.

"You'd better learn to fuck me better, then." I ordered, and Dawn stuck her finger in my ass and started licking my face.

Now my back was beginning to give out, so I bent Dawn over doggy style and drove for my climax.

The whole time I watched Patty through the window, totally oblivious to her sweaty naked daughter whoring herself into another shaking orgasm.

"Jesus!" I grimaced through clenched teeth and spurted a week's worth of boiling cum into Dawn's clinging pussy.

I pulled out with a plop and rang the doorbell.

"What the fuck are you doing!" cried Dawn, as she scrambled off into the darkness in search of her clothing.

Patty answered the door and looked surprised to see me. I was flushed, but I was as zipped up and presentable as a guy could be who had just used her daughter as a cum dumpster.

"Where's Dawn?" Patty asked curiously while peering over my shoulder.

"Oh, she's out back looking for the cat." I fibbed.

"Well, come on in and meet my husband--oh, dear! Don's passed out in the chair again! Perhaps some other time?" Patty hesitated.

"Sure." I answered confidently, while I strode past her into the house. "Where's the rest room, Patty?"

"It's-It's up the stairs to the left. I'll show you."

Patty was wearing a conservative ankle-length nightie, yet it shifted provacatively as I followed her plump ass up the stairs.

I heard Dawn come in the house below us, but I was planning for new game now.

"Patty, I need to talk to you about your daughter." I whispered.

Patty gasped as I took hold of her dainty wrist and pulled her into the bathroom. I briskly closed and locked the door.

"Joe-what is this?" she hissed, wiggling to free her wrist. "If Don wakes up now we're both dead meat!"

"Speaking of dead meat," I intoned evenly,"look at the workout Dawn just gave my cock on your front porch."

With that, I yanked my pants right down to my knees in front of Patty. Only my cock wasn't dead. It sprang to life zestily in front of her frightened, tear filled eyes.

"Joe! Stop this right now!" Patty gasped urgently.

"Look at Dawn's pussy juice smeared all over my cock, Patty. And to think it was only our first date!" I chuckled arrogantly.

"You bastard!" Patty seethed, still speaking in a low tone. She knew if Don woke up now she'd be in as much trouble as I was.

"First things first." I replied quietly."Take off that fucking old fashioned nightie. Now."

Patty sucked in air like she had been sucker punched. "No!No one but Don has ever seen me naked!" she trembled.

I didn't have time for games. With an authoritive rip, I tore the gown open from neck to navel.Beautiful tan tit meat jiggled into the open now, her nipples distended and puffy.

My purple cock lurched forward at the forbidden sight, and Patty reached out to push it away.

"No-Joe-no- it's too big." Now there was a different tone in Patty's voice, more submissive, more urgent.

I forced Patty to her knees and rubbed my turgid erection all over her reddening face.

"Taste your daughter's cum juice". I sneered.

Patty moaned deeply and began to lick and slurp my crimson doorknob.

"This is so dirty." she panted, but now she wiggled out of the nightie and began to rub herself.

"How does Dawn taste?" I taunted, and I began an obscene face fuck that plugged Patty's mouth down to my root.

"MMMGH." she whimpered, as spittle, pussy juice, and my previous cum trace pooled between her legs.

"Tomorrow, at work, don't wear any panties." I dictated. I'm going to be fucking you over my desk and Dawn is going to watch."

Patty clawed at my ass cheeks and tugged on my nut sac in delirium.

Suddenly, there was a knocking on the door.

"Mom! Are you O.K?" Dawn whispered anxiously.

"She's busy with a mouthful of cock right now." I sneered,"come on in and watch." With that, I opened the door enough for Dawn to squeeze in.

"Oh my God! Mom!" Dawn squealed at the sight of her naked mother whoring on fat cock.

Patty looked up with pleading, tear filled eyes at her daughter,but she could not speak with my cock in her windpipe.

"Dawn, get on your knees and eat out Mommie from behind." I ordered.

Patty snorted and moved her head from side to side in protest, but the friction just caused a fresh glop of precum to burst into her throat.

"Joe..I can't eat my mom." Dawn husked fiercely, but at the same time she got on her knees and peered curiously at Patty's now dripping wet snatch.

I reached over Patty's hunched back as she serviced my cock and grabbed Dawn by the hair.

"Do It!" I ordered, and Dawn whimpered and began to slurp at her mom's slimy hole.

"UGH!UGH!UGH!" Patty exhaled around the cum snot building in her mouth.

Dawn started to moan in unison, and actually spread her mom's lips to get better access to the tunnel that birthed her.

It was sensory overload for all of us. I pulled my cock free from Patty's aching jaw and stroked it with urgency.

"Honey..honey eat-eat mommy good."trembled Patty as she thrust her snatch back around Dawn's smacking lips.

"Oh,Mom.I love to taste your pussy juice." whined Dawn as she reached under to pinch her mom's tits.

"Ughh-Fuck!Fuck!" I wailed, as hot sperm flew all over the obscene act in front of me.

Both girls reacted to the sensation of hot spunk hitting them like a lightning bolt.

Patty sobbed and shook as Dawn smeared my baby batter all over her mom's back and into her hot snatch.

They clutched each other in sweaty urgency, tongue kissing and fingering each other as one taboo after another fell away.

I left them in that state, smiling to myself as I bounded down the stairs past their sleeping dolt of a dad.

Tomorrow was another day. Another conquest.

Written by: jayrandolf

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