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Glory Hole Slut

by elia_cdl©

I introduced Margie to glory holes three years ago. It was on our second anniversary. I had been renting movies once or twice a month almost from the day we were married. We watched them at home.

I still remember the first one I brought home. It opened with a girl asleep in a bed. She was tossing and turning like she was dreaming. Then she started feeling herself. When she finally opened her eyes her tits were bare and she was pinching her nipples. Then her hand moved down her body and between her legs. She started squirming around as she rubbed her pussy, shoving her panties between the folds of her cunt lips.

When she pulled her panties off she got real serious about fingering her cunt. She spread her legs wide and reached to the side of the bed and picked up a dildo. Looking at her wide-open snatch Margie said, "Oh how gross. Are you really supposed to get turned on by looking at that?"

I didn't say anything and Margie started to get up. But then a nude man walked into the bedroom. His cock was just hanging between his legs, but you knew when it got hard it was going to be huge.

Margie gasped and sat back down. The guy and girl got together on the bed and ate each other and fucked until the cum shot. The girl got half the cum in her face and half in her mouth. As soon as that happened Margie jumped on me and we screwed like a couple of bunnies.

That was the first video. Margie never said "gross" again. She watched every movie I brought home and she never failed to get super horny.

I've always thought it would be hot to watch some fucking and sucking live. You know, be in the same room so you could smell as well as see and hear the action. I knew I'd never go to Amsterdam or any other place where you can watch shows like that. And really it seemed to me it would be more exciting if you actually knew the people. So that naturally led to thinking of watching Margie.

When I told her I'd like to watch her she misunderstood. She was very happy to let me watch her masturbate. I didn't clear up the misunderstanding. I figured I'd do that some other time.

Next I introduced her to flashing. Of course she was nervous as hell at first. The first time was a trucker. Before I pulled along side I reached over and pulled her tube top down. She just thought I wanted to see her tits and didn't realize what was happening till the turcker blew his horn. She was embarassed but got over it pretty quickly. And she liked it. Eventually she even did some flashing on her own and told me about it later. That always led to some hot sex.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to see some other guy fuck her. But I did like the idea of her sucking some other guy. On the other hand I didn't want her meeting some guy and maybe getting to like him too much. That's when I got the idea of using glory holes.

The night of our second anniversary I had her dress in a tight mini-dress with no bra or panties. By then she was used to me trying to show her off and had become somewhat of an exhibitionist herself.

I'm sure that all the movies we watched helped. Even some of the mainstream ones, like Basic Instinct, and that other one where Sharon Stone pulls off her panties in the middle of a restaurant.

We went out for a nice dinner and over coffee I handed her a slave bracelet for her anniversary present. She giggled and put it on and then said, "I'm your slave, now what, master?"

I smiled at her and said, "What" will come later. Right now let's finish our coffee." She gave a nervous little laugh and drank down her coffee.

When we left the restaurant instead of heading for home I turned in the direction of the video place. "Where are we going?"

"Ssshhh. Slaves aren't supposed to ask questions."

She squeezed my leg, "Oooohh, this sounds interesting."

When I pulled into the parking lot at the video store her fingers dug into my leg. "Are you going to rent us a video?"

I didn't say anything. I got out and walked around the car and opened her door. "Come on, slave."

"Honey! I can't go in there."

I just stood there looking at her. The light in the car was enough to see her turning red as she sat there looking at me. Finally she got out of the car and I took her hand and we went into the store.

There were only a couple of guys looking at the video rentals and a girl behind the counter. Seeing another girl in the place eased Margie's mind. I bought some tokens and headed for the booths.

Margie didn't ask anything but she was really squeezing my hand. I picked out a booth in the middle so there might be someone on either side of us. I sat down on the chair and pulled Margie down on my lap.

She was so busy watching the screen she didn't notice the glory holes. I raised her up a little and pulled her skirt up around her waist. I put my hand between her legs and felt how wet she was alreadyt. She was squirming around on my lap when a light went on in the booth on our right and she saw the glory hole.

"Honey, what's that?", she gasped.

"That's a glory hole." As soon as I said it she tried to cover herself.

She whispered to me, "Someone might be watching."

I whispered back, "I know." She gave a nervous giggle and tried to hide her face in my shoulder.

"Look." She couldn't help herself; she had to see what I was talking about.

"Oh my God." There was a 10" cock poking through the glory hole. Margie was spellbound, staring at that pulsating hunk of man muscle.

I turned her around even more and started leaning closer and closer toward that massive cock.

"Feel it." I urged her.

Her hand tentatively reached out and touched that big hard-on. She jerked her hand back like she had been burned. We heard a soft moan from the other side of the wall.

Margie looked at me. Her nostrils were flared as she inhaled deeply. "Touch it."

Her head snapped back around in time to see a large drop of pre-cum hanging from the tip of that giant tool. I could feel her tremble and her pussy squeezing my fingers. I leaned forward more and she put her hand out to touch him again.

I kept leaning until her face was just an inch or two away from the angry purple cock head. I almost came when she wrapped her little hand around that monster. For the first time in her life my wife was touching another man's cock. And I liked it even more than I ever thought I would.

I leaned forward more and whispered in her ear, "Do it, slave. You have to do what your master tells you."

She didn't ask what I wanted her to do. She could feel me pushing her forward. Her tongue darted out and moistened her lips as her mouth drew closer and closer to touching that hot piece of flesh.

I watched her lips part and the tip of that cock slipped into my wife's mouth. The stranger with the monster cock groaned when he felt those soft moist lips engulf the head of his pole.

Margie groaned in response. I put my hand over hers and started stroking the length of his shaft. After a few moments I let go and watched Margie start stroking his shaft and bobbing her head back and forth at the same time.

I pushed my chest against her back, forcing more of that monster into her dainty little mouth. Margie didn't resist me. She just started working harder with her hand. Her cheeks were sunken as she sucked as hard as she could, while still bobbing her head back and forth.

I knew no one could last much longer with the way she was voraciously sucking on that monster. Watching over her shoulder I could see his ball sack tighten as he neared cumming.

His fist hit the wall and he barked out a loud groan as his cock erupted, filling Margie's mouth with hot white sperm.

I could hear her muffled gagging as her mouth was filled to overflowing. She was swallowing as fast as she could, but it was like a river was flooding her mouth and the overflow was spilling out the corners of her mouth. It seemed like he would never stop spewing out cum.

Margie shuddered and groaned as a massive orgasm coursed through her body. Her ass grinding against my dick caused me to cum.

The stranger finally stopped quenching my wife's thirst and she reluctantly let his cock pull out of her mouth and back through the glory hole.

She collapsed back against me, forcing me back against the chair. We were both too weak to move. I briefly saw the stranger's face looking through the hole, "Thanks." And then he was gone.

I had to hold Margie up and help her out to the car. When I sat her down on the car seat she reached up and grabbed my head. She pulled me down to her and clamped her sticky mouth on mine. Her tongue probed my mouth and I could taste the sweet/salty cum that had so recently filled her mouth.

After a minute she let me go and I got in the car. We went home and straight to bed. We were both too exhausted to do anything else. But in the morning when we woke up we spent four hours fucking. It was as hot as our honeymoon, if not hotter.

We've never tried swinging and I've never watched another man fuck Margie. I'm not even sure I want to. But once every month or so she's a glory hole slut. We've never seen that guy again or another one with such a giant cock. But we keep hoping.

Written by: elia_cdl

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