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Cherish the Inner Slut

by RedHairedandFriendly©

The hotel lights had cast a sparkling glow over the surface of the pool and the young woman wondered what it would be like to slip into the cool refreshing liquid and let herself go. No one was there, she could easily hop into the elevator, strip down and take a late night swim. She probably wouldn't get caught either. Her gaze drifted back to her friends, only two of the ten remained and they were passed out, oblivious to the world around them. The others had disappeared to their rooms to enjoy the privacy a Do Not Disturb sign ensured. Her lower lip was tenderly assaulted by her teeth as she contemplated her naughty thought.

One thing held her back though, a promise she'd made sometime during the night of drinking. She'd told everyone that no matter how much she drank she wouldn't leave the room unescorted. She knew she wasn't the strongest gal in the group, nor was she the smartest when it came to common sense. She was too trustworthy and easily manipulated. . .and she was drunk, not just a little either, but quite a bit. However, much to her disappointment, she was the last girl standing and even if it was with the help of the balcony railing, she was still awake and growing bored.

Another wine cooler found it's home in her hand and eventually made its way down her throat. Cherish turned back to the pool; a gentle breeze stirred her copper curls and she pushed them from her face. "You only live once," she told herself as she tipped back the bottle and drank deep of her favored beverage.

Back into the room she went, walked around the bed, barely missing the edge of one friend's foot and slipped the keycard into the waist band of her skirt. She tugged on her white blouse, smoothed out whatever wrinkles she thought distracted from her appearance and tiptoed to the door. Once there, she flicked the lock as slowly as she could, in hopes to make as little noise as possible. With a quick glance back to her passed out companions, she eased the barrier open and quickly darted out, closing it softly behind her.

The hall was quiet, the lights dim and the carpet still showed the remains of the day's guests. Sand, dirt, a few streaks of mud littered the worn surface, but Cherish paid little attention to any of that as she made her way toward the elevators. She licked her lips, watching as the number climbed from the bottom level to her floor. Inside her pulse raced as she imagined jumping into the water and then looking up to see someone watching her. That idea almost sent her spinning back to her room, but she balked at her cowardice and waited impatiently for the telling 'ding' that would signal her ride was there.

The sound of the elevator arriving on her floor brought a jump from Cherish and she felt her cheeks rise as she chastised herself for being a nervous ninny. The doors opened and the emptiness of the conveyance sent an unexpected wave of disappointment through her. Cherish stepped in, a small pout had formed on her full lips. As she rode her way down to the main level, she again returned to the fantasy of skinny dipping in the moonlight. She'd never done anything like that before. She'd always wore one-piece suits, hoping to hide the imperfections she saw every day; imperfections, that others had told her were non-existent, but Cherish knew they were there, even if no one but she saw them.

Again the doors were sliding open and Cherish was faced with another decision, step out or let them close on her and little fantasy. She stepped out and breathed a sigh of mixed relief and disappointment when again no one appeared to be waiting for her, lurking like an unseen assailant.

Carefully she walked toward the doors that would take her outside to the pool and it's well-maintained patio. She passed the recreation room; the sound of video games playing their luring melody did not deter her from her mission. However, Cherish did glance into the room to see if anyone was there. It too was empty. A sliver of excitement raced through her as she thought to herself that she was going to get away with her innocent frolicking.

The gate to the pool area opened easily; its oiled hinges barely made a sound as Cherish slipped through and let it close swiftly on its own. She began to pull her blouse from her skirt, felt the keycard slip and grabbed it up before it fell to the stone ground. It, as well as her shirt were placed carefully on the surface of a nearby table. Her green eyes glanced nervously around the space she was occupying and up to her balcony. Again she felt as if she were alone and she relaxed enough to slip her skirt off. The water called to her; she slipped in; instantly the lace and satin of her panty and bra were soaked, plastering themselves to her alabaster skin.

Cherish shivered as the heat of her flesh adjusted to the cool temperature change. She treaded water for a few seconds, looked around, felt safe and then made her way to the deeper end of the pool. Once there she dunked herself and came up grinning as she welcomed the race of freedom she felt by being a bit wicked. Several minutes went by as she made a few laps back and forth between the midway point of the pool and back to its deeper depths. In time she felt even more sure of her surroundings and toyed with the idea of slipping her panty off as well as her bra. Timidly she did so, rolling the soaked material in a ball. A soft splat, a few seconds after she'd tossed the objects to the side, told her they'd landed safely on the patio flooring.

She giggled as her fingers ran over her flesh. Her nipples seemed to become harder and her pussy even felt colder, even though it had been resting in the same waters as the rest of her. Cherish felt delighted at the freedom and laid back, allowing her body to float across the pool several feet. She closed her eyes, breathed in the mixed scents of both chlorine as well as fragrant blooms from the hotel flowers. The breeze of the night touched her, sending a few shudders of coldness across her skin, but that did not do anything to deflect from Cherish's stolen moments of delight. She rolled to her belly and dove down into the water, coming up a few feet further from where she started and looked back. Her gaze rested on the edge of the pool and the deck, noticing a shadow that seemed to move.

Her eyes moved upward, but all she saw was an empty balcony. The sense of danger had been quick and when she appeased herself that she was still alone it disappeared just as quickly. She swam for several more minutes, then floated again, this time her arms were outstretched. Her fingers fluttered in the water, stirring little ripples that carried their way out to the sides and splashed slightly against the tile. The sound of music reached her and she spun herself upright, tread water and stared at where the invading noise had come from.

The hotel bar light was now on; quickly she swam to the darkest corner of the pool and though it wasn't dark enough for her to feel entirely secure, she felt somewhat safer than she had seconds before. She watched as a shadow moved about the room. How long had she been out there? She wondered to herself, mentally trying to gauge the time. The bar had closed earlier, she knew this because her friends had wanted to play pool, but had come back up bitching and moaning that the staff had shut it down because no one had been in there for hours and it was a waste of time and money. They all had agreed it wasn't a smart move on the hotel's management's part, but they also didn't want to make a fuss, so they simply decided to party in their room. Cherish now wondered what was going on and who was sampling a few house drinks on their own.

She moved along the edge of the pool, inch by inch, until she reached a place that put her right in front of the gate that could take a guest straight into the bar. Cherish kept herself tucked down low, only the top of her head and her eyes could be seen above the pool edge. Another light in the bar came on; this one illuminated the rack of glasses that hung from the ceiling. She was able to make out the shape of what she assumed were two men. As she studied them in secret, she found herself imagining them catching her. A tingling sensation stirred in her belly. She blushed as her thoughts continued to a more erotic nature; picturing the two men desiring her and wanting to take turns using her. Again her lower lip was tugged by her teeth as she continued to fantasize about rising from the pool and being led to a table, laid down and treated to the sins of two men.

Cherish watched one man move from behind the bar, toward the door that led to the pool. She squeaked, ducked down and waited. . .for what she didn't know. The sound of the lock sliding free made her eyes grow wide in their sockets. The door opened and then closed, but she heard no footsteps. Several agonizing seconds passed as she sat as motionless as she could in the cool water. In time she peeked up over the edge and glanced back at the bar. One man still stood behind it, this time nursing what to Cherish looked like a beer; the other leaned against the wall of the bar's interior. A phone rested between his shoulder and ear.

Once more Cherish was drawn into her fantasy world. The alcohol she'd consumed earlier was slowly easing its way from her system and the possibility of being caught naked in the pool had her quickly sobering up. She pictured the two men teasing her flesh, licking the water from her breasts, invading her pussy with their fingers and tongues. Her mind conjured up images of her splayed on the glass surface of the patio table. Her head hung slightly off the table; A cock was thrust in her face; she willingly opened her mouth as a warm blanket. During that same fantasy she saw the other man, a dark shadow of a man she couldn't describe, spread her legs wide and position his dick at the opening of her mound. A whimper slipped past her parted lips as she felt a thick, heated drop of her arousal slide from her pussy.

She squeezed her legs together and flexed the muscles of her sex. Her lids fluttered closed for a moment as she enjoyed the sensation of excitement that coursed through her. One hand slipped from the edge of the pool and found a place to rest against the coolness of her pussy. She pressed the heel of her palm into the soft flesh and gyrated her hips slowly. The water rippled around her. Her lids closed and she took a deep breath. One finger slipped between the folds of her sex, finding a warmth that had not been entirely invaded by the water. The coolness meeting the heated core of her flesh brought out a hiss and she tried to swallow it.

The sound seemed to be magnified in Cherish's ears. She opened her eyes and stared at the bar. Two more men were there and she slunk back away from the pool edge; her fingers free of their earlier home. Leaving the pool was the only thing on Cherish's mind now. The beat of her heart sounded in her ears as she thought of the best way to slip out of the water and back into her clothes. She knew it wasn't possible, especially now that the men had lit more lights in the bar and their glow extended further out toward the pool.

She waited, again not moving enough to draw notice. The air grew cooler and she shivered at the lack of stimulating her senses and keeping her body moving for warmth. Goose bumps appeared; her hands moved to rub the cold flesh of her arms. She leaned against the edge of the pool and watched the men set up a table for a game of billiards. "Fuck," she muttered to herself. She knew that if the men were as good as her friends, and as competitive then she'd have a long wait on her hands. Cherish rolled her eyes and moved slowly back to where she'd been earlier, accepting the fact that for now, she was stuck.

The four men stood talking, occasionally tipping back bottles of beer. Two of them played pool, the others stood and watched, then moved to set up their own table. The added lighting aided Cherish. She made out their shapes better as well as some of their features. The bar windows were lightly tinted, but she could see that two of the men wore the hotel staff's uniform, another wore what looked to be the remains of a business suit. The white shirt was left partially unbuttoned. A jacket and a tie lay haphazardly discarded across the bar top. The fourth man had on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She wondered what had drawn the four men together and how did they know each other. It was apparent to her that the two hotel workers had gained access to the bar with their own keys, but what of the other two men?

She played with her imagination, eventually moving each man from one occupation to another, assigning them friendships, reasons for being employed with the company, even imagining them having affairs, meeting lovers, and planning how to rob the establishment of all its wealth. That idea made her laugh, because she knew the hotel wasn't fancy enough to have real wealth at its disposal.

One man turned toward the pool and Cherish blanched as he studied the area for several long seconds. It was only then that she made out the door, from the bar to the pool, was open. She stared with horror as the man who had heard her laughter, set his beer down and walked toward the opening. She heard him mutter something, turn his head to the others and then back toward the water's edge. She swallowed the lump in her throat. Her body shuddered as her internal temperature grew cooler. The man stood outside, his gaze drifting over the water. Cherish dipped herself down as low as she could, holding her breath, leaving only the top of her head and her eyes out of the water. Still he stood there; her lungs burned and she slipped up to take a deep breath. Their eyes met and held. She saw him smirk, tilt his beer toward her and then turn around, making his way back into the bar.

Her gaze followed his every movement. He didn't look back at her; shrugged his shoulders when one of the men seemed to converse with him. Was he going to keep quiet? She wondered to herself, as she kept her eyes on him.

Cherish shivered violently and knew she had to exit the water. The temperature was growing increasingly uncomfortable and her shivering coming faster. She waited for more minutes, willing the men to keep their backs turned long enough for her to emerge from her watery hiding spot. When the opportunity presented itself, she jumped up as quickly as she could, darted to the bin where the hotel towels were kept and wrapped herself up in one of them. She turned and faced the bar, already knowing deep in her gut what awaited her.

Each man one wore an expression she was too afraid to read. Their eyes drifted from her wet hair, plastered to her body, over the rounded breasts, barely hidden behind plush fabric, to her legs that were shaking as her muscles quivered, trying to warm her blood.

Cherish took a few steps, then stopped when one of the men called out to her. She turned her face toward them, the lights above her illuminated the fear in her pale features. "What's your name?" The question that had stopped her, was repeated.

"Cherish." She glanced at the man who had caught her first. She wanted to move, but her feet refused to do as she told them too. One man tossed a cigarette down, smashed it with his foot and moved toward her. Still she stood there, almost waiting for what she knew was going to happen.

"That's a pretty name," the man that was walking toward her said.

The normal habit of thanking someone complimenting her on her name was routine, so the whispered "thank you" had been instinctive. She blinked as another of the men moved from his reclining position against the door. Her gaze shot from the one circling her left, to the one moving toward her right. Still she said nothing as her pulse raced and panic began to rise to an all time high, driving the alcohol completely from her system.

"Cherish. Are you out here alone?"

She shook her head toward the man who had asked her the question, then whimpered as she took in his smile. "I'm done now, though." She took a step back, completely sober and looking for a way out of the inevitable.

"Are you?" he asked.

She blinked and felt tears welling up in her eyes. "Ricky, doesn't the pool close at eleven?" the man who had tossed the cigarette asked.

"Yes, it does."

Cherish looked at the one who had answered. He wore the staff uniform, a name tag proclaimed he was indeed Ricky. "In fact, I think it says violators will be asked to leave the premises." Cherish's eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. "Or prosecuted if any damage is done. See any damage, James?" Ricky asked, his eyes shifting between Cherish and the other man in uniform.

"The bar looks broken into. Someone's been playing pool, drinking beer. . .not damaged, but certainly theft of some sort."

"You did that!" Cherish squeaked out, proclaiming her innocense.

The four men chuckled. Ricky and James stopped moving toward her, leaving only a few feet of space between the three of them. "Yes, we did," the man at the door said, then nodded toward his friend, who had moved to take a seat at a patio table, "but no one knows this but you and you wouldn't want us getting into trouble. Would you?"

Cherish blinked away her earlier fear and licked her lips. "No. I won't say anything to anyone. I'll just head back to my room." She moved toward the gate, only to be stopped by a pair of strong hands. Her eyes shot to Ricky's and she pulled her arm back toward her, trying to gain her freedom. It failed as he jerked her back toward him. Cherish fell into his chest, squealed and then froze when his other hand took a firm grip of her ass cheek. The heat of his touch was felt easily through the damp towel.

"I think we should have a drink on that. Just your way of showing your willing to keep your mouth shut. I mean if you ratted us out, then you'd have to admit to not only using the pool after hours, but also doing a bit of bottle tipping too."

"Ricky, that's a good idea. Look at it like... insurance for us, Cherish," James said and then moved to stand behind her. She looked back at him, shivered at the heat that radiated from his proximity and swallowed any thoughts of denying them their drink. Her head nodded her acceptance. Ricky's hand moved from her ass to her waist and he turned her toward the bar, leaving his arm hooked around her hips. He kept her tucked against him as they walked toward the bar and through the doorway. James followed behind them into the bar, as did the other two men.

"Cherish, a beautiful name indeed."

She glanced over her shoulder to the one that had spoken to her. It was the man who had caught her in the pool. "Thank you," she whispered again out of habit. "What's yours?"

The man grinned, extended his hand and shook her's softly. "Matt and this is Gregory." He nodded his head and Gregory winked.

"Hi," she answered, then found herself led to a bar stool. She slipped onto it's vinyl surface. A squeak sounded as she positioned herself to rest on it's edge, just enough that should wouldn't fall. Her towel tugged slightly down and she reached to hold it up. Her fingers clutched at the knot she'd made as she watched Ricky, Matt and Greg move closer to her. James walked behind the bar, and poured them all shots of whisky. She reached out for her glass with shaky fingers.

"To secrets," Matt said and then leaned over to whisper in Cherish's ears, "and new friends."

She whimpered and tried to ignore the heat of his breath on her skin. Cherish quickly tipped the glass back and down the fiery liquid. She sputtered and coughed, listened to the men's laughter and then watched as another shot of amber filled her glass. Again she drank it down, this time somewhat better prepared for the burn.

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