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Spin The Bottle

by aly77r©

We've just gotten back from the liquor store, tequila in hand. I set it down on the kitchen counter and reach inside the cupboard for two shot glasses. You go into the fridge and get the lemon, and begin slicing it. I pour the clear liquid into the glasses, take my lemon wedge, and say, "Cheers." You clink your glass against mine, and we drink to the night ahead.

I am completely wasted by the time we leave the house, and you're not far behind me. We nearly finished the bottle of tequila and we're having a hard time to walk and talk at the same time. We're stumbling and grabbing hold of each other so we don't fall, but somehow that puts us more off-balance. Finally, we make it to the front door of the best after-hours bar in town. There is a lineup, and you're so disappointed and it shows on your face. But I try to reassure you that we will get in and the bottle of tequila will not be a waste—we'll finish it off if we can't get in and have a good time by ourselves. This girl that's standing in front of us overhears me mention tequila and a potential good time, so we strike up a conversation with her. She's obviously pretty trashed herself, as are her friends, but we manage to communicate despite it. We find out that her name is Tasha and she introduces us to her two friends Sammy and Sonja. When I tell them my name, Tasha throws her arm around me and tells me that her best friend in high school had the same name as me. We laugh as if we're old pals. You think it's a good time to ask them if they want to come back to the house for a good time and they whole-heartedly agree.

Finally, we're in. A round of shots for the whole gang, all five of us. And then another. Sammy takes it upon himself to open up the bottle of amber rum sitting near the wine rack. I search for some soda for him. As I'm leaning over looking through the fridge, Tasha walks by and swats my butt, asking me to get her a bottle of beer. It sends a tingle through my body. In the living room, you're busy entertaining Sonja, who's very drunk and very sleepy. You're going through the DVDs asking her what kinds of movies she likes. You ask her if she likes porn, and she opens her eyes and smiles. The rest of us come into the room and start shouting for the porn. You inform us that it's multi-angle and we cheer.

So we're sitting there watching this filthy movie and getting totally turned on. You, Tasha and I are sitting on the couch, Sammy's on the eggshell chair and Sonja's between his legs. Sammy begins to play with Sonja's hair and she leans her head back into his lap for better access. I tell Tasha that she has pretty hair, it's so long and straight and blond. I ask her if I can braid it, and she says sure. So I sit her up and try, but I'm so trashed I can't do anything but gather it into a ponytail. Seeing her exposed neck, you lean over and begin to kiss her there. She whips around thinking it was me, and I tell her that it was you. She smiles and says that it felt good, whoever did it. Then I get an idea. I ask you all if you'd ever played spin the bottle as kids. You all say yes. I run into the kitchen and get the empty bottle of beer Tasha had finished off. I come back in with it and instruct everyone to get into a circle on the floor.

Sammy asks what the rules are, and I say, "The only rule is that anything goes." He smiles. So we spin the bottle to see who goes first. It lands on Tasha. She takes the bottle and spins it and it lands on Sonja. Sonja giggles and dares Tasha to take off her shirt. So she does. She has on this cute little red bra with white flowers on it, sexy in its own right. She grins at Sonja. Then Sonja spins the bottle and it lands on you. You dare her to kiss Tasha on the lips. Sonja shrugs and does it, no problem. We all cheer and clap!

Next, you spin it and it lands on Sammy. Sammy ponders for a long time, but then dares you to take off Sonja's underwear. You start to laugh and you go over to her and reach under her skirt only to discover that she's not wearing any underwear. You are totally shocked and we all start to laugh. You pull your hand away and sit back down at your spot, and realize that you're semi hard. So, Sammy spins the bottle and it lands back on Tasha. Tasha exclaims that the bottle hasn't landed on me yet and I must be feeling left out. She tells Sammy that the dare has to have something to do with me. So Sammy thinks about it and dares Tasha to French kiss me. She looks at me as if to ask if it's okay, and I give a slight nod. So she turns to face me and we start to kiss.

She tastes like beer and mints and her tongue is soft and warm. I put my arms around her and undo the clasp of her bra, letting it fall between us. She responds by putting her hands inside my shirt and touching my breasts under my bra. I moan. Suddenly, I feel other lips at my neck…you've decided that you've had enough and leave a trail of kisses down my neck and across my shoulder. You reach under my top and undo the clasp of my bra. I stop kissing Tasha just long enough to take my shirt and bra off, and then I reach for her again. We're really getting hot now. You look over and see Sonja giving Sammy head, and wonder how this all happened. You leave me and Tasha to our own devices, and crawl over to where Sonja and Sammy are. You flip up Sonja's skirt and touch her with your long finger. She moans and pushes herself against your hand. So you insert your finger in her moist folds and start to finger her. She's loving it and Sammy's loving how she's moaning against his cock. You're so caught up in giving Sonja pleasure, that you don't see me and Tasha take off upstairs.

Your bed is cool against my back as Tasha and I tumble into it. We're kissing furiously now, and stripping as fast as we can. I whisper that I want her so bad and she agrees. I tell her to wait one sec, and I reach under the bed for my pink vibrator. It's about 6 inches long and it's studded for increased pleasure. I tell her that I've always wanted to be with a woman and she says the same. She's naked finally and I take a minute to look at her. She's looking at me and starts to laugh telling me to get my underwear off. I laugh too and tell her that I forgot they were on. I lean back and raise my hips off the bed and she reaches over and helps me get rid of the garment. But she doesn't let go of me.

She bends down over me and kisses my neck, my arms, my face and finally my lips. We're clutching tight to each other and I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. She trails a finger along my stomach and over the patch of hair between my legs, finding my center of pleasure. I arch my back and beg her to taste me down there. She responds by sucking on my nipple and stroking my clit until I practically falling off the bed. Finally she kisses her way down my body and licks my clit. It feels so good and I spread my legs even more. She puts her whole mouth on my pussy and licks and sucks and she takes my vibrator and settles it against my straining clit. Eventually I'm coming into her mouth. I clutch her hair and hold her there until I just can't take it anymore and drag her up to kiss her. I taste myself on her lips and it makes me wild. I flip her over, grab the vibrator again, and tell her I'm going to do the same thing to her.

Meanwhile, the three of you have gotten naked and are in a tangle of arms and legs on the floor. Sonja has finished giving Sammy head and has turned her sights on you. You lay back and prepare to enjoy all she has to offer. She bends forward and puts her lips around your thick, hard shaft and sucks and licks with such passion that you know you'll come really quickly. Suddenly, in a swift move, Sammy gets behind Sonja and sticks his cock inside her dripping cunt. She groans and you groan and she sucks harder and Sammy thrusts into her with gaining speed. After about 10 minutes, you inform her that you're going to cum and Sammy tells you that he's not far behind. Sonja keeps sucking until the last possible moment and pulls back and you shoot a load on her tits and neck. She smiles at you but can't move because Sammy's on the brink of his own explosion. He pulls out of her and jerks his cock until he shoots his wad all over her back. She is a sticky mess, and you tell them both to come upstairs to get cleaned off.

Tasha and I hear you three bound up the stairs and we immediately sit up and peek around the corner. We see three naked bodies running into the bathroom. We get up to investigate. You all turn around, and Sammy mentions that it looks like we need a shower too. I'm a bit shy and I cover up my breasts. Tasha peels my hands away and tells me that my breasts are beautiful and I should be proud of them. I insist that I am and thrust them forward for everyone to see. You lean over and start the shower running, and we all agree that Sonja should be the first on in. She in she climbs, and while she's soaping up, you insist that Tasha and I get in with her and help her scrub her back. So the three girls get in and soap each other up and wash each other's backs. Sonja brings up the fact that the shower head, if placed in certain positions, can be lots of fun. We agree and she lowers the spray onto the lips of my pussy. The sensation is wonderful, especially after coming so many times. I feel my muscles contract and an orgasm hits me with such force that I get dizzy. I sit down in the tub between the two of them. They laugh at me, but not for long because I get up on my knees and start to lick Sonja's wet slit and finger Tasha's dripping hole. They start to kiss.

You and Sammy are sprawled out on the floor, jerking off to the sight of three girls going at it in the shower. Again, you ponder how this situation all came about. Sammy is in heaven, jerking furiously to attain release. All of a sudden, the shower stops and we get out of the tub and ask for towels. Sammy is annoyed since he was just on the brink and was denied. We tell him we'll make it up to him. So you reach over and hand us some towels and we dry off as best we can. Then, I take Tasha's hand and she takes Sonja's hand, and we run off to the bedroom. You and Sammy are close behind us.

All five of us are on your queen size bed and there's lots of room to spare, funny enough. We waste no time and frantically begin touching and kissing each other. I lean down and start to lick Sonja's clit, already moist with her slick juices. You stick your head under me and start to lick my clit. Tasha positions herself above Sonja's mouth and lowers her pussy to Sonja's straining tongue. Sammy's sitting there looking at your hard cock, left all by itself, getting no release. You feel a mouth around your shaft and mistakenly think it's Tasha, since you didn't see her get on Sonja's face. You're loving the sensation of the tongue circling your slippery head until you feel a little prickly sensation. You stop what you're doing and lift me up a bit to see what's going on, and you find Sammy performing his magic with your cock. You whisper, "Oh my God," and bring me back down to your mouth.

You can feel yourself about to come, and you start to flail your arms. I jump off you and sit up and you yell, "I'm gonna cum," and the two other girls stop what they're doing to watch this cool action. Sammy has his mouth around your straining shaft and his hand is going up and down at the base. Finally, when he's certain that you can't hold back for much longer, he says, "Fuck her," and grabs me and I climb on top of you. You are thrusting like a maniac by this point and it feels amazing. I shout that I'm going to cum too and finally, you shoot your hot load inside me. I collapse on to top of you. But the fun's not over. Sammy flips me off you and tells me that he wants to eat my cunt and taste your cum. He wastes no time licking my pussy clean and brings me to yet another orgasm. Tasha and Sonja are mesmerized by this action and start fondling and kissing each other. You lean over and help Sammy lick me clean, your tongues touching in the process. I orgasm again, over and over. Finally, I beg you both to stop. And thankfully you do. But not after a long, lingering kiss that tastes like a mixture of me and you. We collapse in an exhausted heap and begin to laugh and hug. We've had a good time.

We go downstairs and start straightening up. They're putting their clothes back on and you're in your robe and I'm in a towel. We open up the door to let them out, thankful that it's still pretty dark. We go out on the deck, hug them all individually, a few kisses here and there, and we exchange phone numbers. You tell them you'll let them know when the next party is. Then we go back inside…

But that's not all. Inside, you and I clean up and turn the lights off and make sure the door is locked. We start to giggle and we run upstairs into the shower again. It's only now that you realize we forgot the condoms. I assure you that I didn't fuck or suck anyone but you, and you're pleased that you're the only guy that got my attention. We soap each other off really well, and finally, cleaned up, we jump into your bed and lay in spoon position. I hear you fiddling with something, paper maybe, and then you start to kiss the back of my neck, just where I like it. You stop for a second, reach down and then you slip your dick inside me. I tell you you're insatiable and you laugh this evil little laugh. You trust in and out of me as I whisper all the things that we did tonight, which turns you on to no end. Finally, you cum but I don't feel any in me. I roll you over and sit up and you grin and say, "I finally got you to use and condom!" as you toss the rubber in the garbage. I playfully smack you in the arm, and then I lie back down and nestle against your chest. We fall into a really restful sleep.

Written by: aly77r

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