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Extreme Shopper

by Todd-'o'-Vision©

Disclaimer - Don't do this sort of thing, its fantasy not reality.


The Villain - Mike, the manager of the local grocery store. A married man with a penchant for extracurricular sexual activities.

The Heroine - Misty, the stay at home wife, well aware of her husbands growing infidelities.

The Scene - The local grocer where Mike works and owns.


Mike, a tall, well-groomed stud, 6'1, short, dark, curly, well-maintained hair, dark brooding eyes, solid build, is leaning up against cash aisle 3 talking slickly to the blonde teen cashier. A glint and a smile in his eyes, he talks lowly discussing the previous days sex. She has a seductive, naive little smile as she listens intently. A slight blush comes on her face every few moments. As they speak their hands touch gently, intertwining their fingertips on the counter top. Every once in a while he runs his fingers back through his hair. A slick snake oil salesman smile is smeared across his face. His face almost portrays a hint of wanting more and an invitation further, yet holding back in a public place.

Suddenly a woman, Misty, Mike's wife, dressed in a pink over sized nightgown and blue rabbit slippers, bursts into the store. She is a petite woman of 5'7 her dark hair cascading over her shoulders obviously not yet brushed, angrily unkempt. Her medium sized breasts heave with her breathing as if she had run a marathon to get there. She enters into the grocery store brandishing a shotgun, the butt and trigger is held low in her right hand the barrel held high to her chest in her left hand, phallically resting between her breasts. The barrel glints in the light of the store against her pink nightgown. She swiftly stomps over to the customer service desk and grabs the phone public address receiver and orders all the shoppers out of the store.

"Everyone out of the store now if you want to live," Misty screams over the microphone. As she begins people begin to scream and streaming out of the store in a panic, food drops everywhere a few bottles breaking as they hit the floor. Mike and the cashiers try to slip in the ground, but Misty see them and fires a shot into the ceiling, "You stay there dear love," she gives a grimace while jostling the gun in his direction.

She calls the three perky, young, teen cashiers and her husband to the front, near the big window where everyone on the outside looking in can see what is happening.

"You lying cheating bastard," she screams at him, "I didn't care that you were fucking around on the side or that you were doing it with these barely legal nymphets. But we had a deal that you would keep it out of my/our bed." Fire in her eyes, her cheeks flare in and out as she speaks and her chest heaves up and down. The gun arcing wildly from her husband to the frightened cashiers, she yanks a pink thong from the pocket of her robe. Immediately, the blonde gasps, squirming and blushing as she looks to the brunette and redhead on either side of her.

"But those are yours, dear, a present for your birthday", her husband tries to slick talk his ass out of a sticky situation.

"My birthday was 4 months ago and these panties are filthy dirty with barely legal slut juice," she cocks the shotgun in Mikes direction and without warning fires off a shot between his feet, sending him backwards on his ass. A small smile of enjoyment twinkles on the corner of her lips she sneers, "You want to fuck some young pussy you're going to do it for all to see, and you better make sure its good for them cause it will be their last."

She takes the gun and now aims it at the three girls about chest level. The dark spots of her soul show through her eyes, her lips snarl into a angry grimace looking at the three slut hoe cashiers, and tells them, "Get out of your uniforms and lay on your backs on THE conveyor belts." The girls begin to tremble in fear of what Misty might be about to do to them, a whimpering can be heard from each of them. Immediately they begin to drop their clothes as fast as they can as to not upset the woman anymore than she already is. Quickly dropping their clothes to their sides on the floor, the girls begin to tremble, their bodies visibly shaking. Slowly their nipples tighten, their breasts heaving as their breathing becomes shallower. The blonde whimpers, her knees shaking together so hard she'll likely have bruises in the morning, if she makes it until then.

The redhead is a small figure of a girl with tiny breasts and a very hairy, unkempt pubic bush. She has a innocent school-girl look to her, not the type of girl you would expect to see out fucking married men. Mike loves her innocent look, so childlike. The brunette has large overripe melons for breasts that seemingly defy gravity, jutting out waiting, wanting to be sucked and corrupt a married man. Mike loves her gravity defying boobs and trimmed bush with its heart shape drawing him downward. The blonde's body is perfectly proportioned with perky breasts and a shaved bare pussy. What man doesn't like a blonde, willing nymph, after all blondes are supposedly more fun and this one was no exception to that rule.

Misty snaps, "Hurry up girls, onto those conveyor belts NOW!" and the girls scramble to prop themselves into the demanded position. Their eyes are glued to Misty, wondering what in the hell she is going to do next. Misty goes over to each and roughly one after another drives the tip of the shotgun into their pussies, savagely twisting it around.

"Hey Red you like having something thick shoved up your tight, schoolgirl, wanna-be-slut cunt," she sneers, twisting the barrel in deeply. The redhead squirms and lets out a whimper, not wanting any part of this treatment inflicted by Misty.

"I can understand why he wants you, you're a younger looking me," she snarls in an obviously faked sweet voice as she roughly saws at the brunette's pussy with the barrel. "Stop, please stop it," begs the brunette to no avail.

"Blondie, look at you getting all wet. What are you one of those bitches that gets off on being hurt and humiliated and publicly embarrassed?" Misty lifts Blondie up from the conveyor belt with the tip of the gun in her pussy, one hand reaching down to cruelly grabs the girl's clit and giving it a rough twist. Blondie lets out a squeal that is a mixture of pain and pleasure. "You're a sick girl, Blondie," Misty laughs as she lowers her to the conveyor once more.

Misty turns to Mike and orders him to fuck the redhead first, "You better make it good and don't you even think of cumming or it will be your last. When you do cum it will not be one you soon forget."

Mike begins to thrust his scared stiff cock in and out of the redheads very dry, scared, trembling pussy. Tears are running down her cheeks, this was more of a savage forced rape. His cock was burning her dry pussy, her lips were getting red and dry blood was starting to become evident. She was receiving no enjoyment out of this. Trying to bring her off quickly without himself getting off in fear of what Misty his wife may do, a sweat breaks out upon Mike's chest and forehead. His chest heaving with the effort, his lungs heaving in exertion, a grimace of determination comes upon his face. At the same time a sheen of fear sweat develops on the redheads body. She is silently whimpering "No, no, no." as he continues to rub her clit into orgasm with his thrusts. Her eyes begin to roll into the back of her head. She tenses up and reaches her hands and digs her fingernails into his shoulders and begins to let out the first soft whimper of her orgasm. As she opens her mouth to make a scream, Misty drives the barrel of the shotgun in her mouth and pulls the trigger. "Enjoy your last taste of orgasm," she says to red as she stares maniacally into Mike's eyes. The redhead's body goes limp and Mike's body instantly still. Mike now realizes the fullness of Misty's words.

The brunette begins to sob hysterically at watching her coworker, her friend be brutally shot before her very eyes. Her eyes red with tears, her body convulses with her sobs of terror. The blonde's hand seems to be caressing her own body softly, slowly actually getting off on what is happening.

Taking the barrel from the redhead's mouth she points it at Mike and nods her head to the brunette, "It's her turn now dear, doggy style."

The brunette with a forlorn look upon her face gets on all fours on her conveyor belt knowing full well her end is near. Her body still quivering in terror, she does exactly what Misty is ordering her to do hoping desperately that her compliance will save her life. Mike comes from behind, grabs her hips and slowly slides his average length cock into her with only the lubrication of Red's pussy orgasm juice on it.

"No in her ass." Misty speaks from behind him. A jolt of trepidation goes through the brunette's body, her ass has never been fucked, nor had she ever had intention of letting it get fucked. She lets out a panicky "No" and tries to scramble away. Misty drives the butt of the gun upside the brunettes face and shouts, "Too bad bitch!" as the brunette whimpers in submission. Mike slowly drives his barely wet average sized cock into the brunette's ass.

Misty with the butt of the gun goes behind mike and drives his full length and girth into the brunette's ass with one shove. The brunette screams as the cock violates her cherry ass, as it burns in and out. Mike begins the rhythmic thrusting in and out starting to lose himself, letting out a few primal grunts. After all what man does not love busting a cheery be it cunt or ass and this one is no different even if its being forced.

As Mike is stroking, Misty rubs the butt of the gun against her clit and pussy, she is getting a bit turned on by this and enjoys the sensation. She nudges the small of his back with the shotgun, "Don't cum you fucking bastard, I know you would love to blow your load in this hot young brunette's ass but if you do it will be your last."

Misty walks in front of the brunette and says teasingly, "Go ahead play with your clit and enjoy your ass reaming. "The brunette reaches down between her legs, her hand shaking she reaches for her clit and begins to rub softly as ordered by Misty. Slowly she builds up her own pace as she gets herself hotter and hotter, soon bringing herself with the aid of Mike's thrusting to a screaming orgasm. Closing her eyes tightly as it ripples through her body, her breath ragged, the brunette is momentarily removed from her fear.

"Enjoy your first and last anal experience, slut!" Misty snarls as she puts the gun to the girl's ear and pulls the trigger. The brunette's body slumps to the conveyer and Mike's cock, hard from fear rather than enjoyment, pops free.

"Now for the blonde, I know she's your favorite. This is her thong you left in our bed. Start fucking her, feel free to enjoy yourself and cum your load in her wet willing pussy," Misty purrs with a glint of evil enjoyment forms in her eyes. "You want this slick bitch who seems to love watching her friends get fucked and killed. Show me how you fucked her in MY bed."

Walking over to the blonde he begins to stroke into her. A smile comes on Mike's face as he does so -- this has always been his favorite piece of barely legal pussy, always willing, always ready for his cock. Blondie begins to moan in delight the instant his cock touches her sopping wet, wanting yearning cunt.

"Suck her tits man, you love sucking on tit. You always did love sucking tits, show me how much you want and love this bitch's tits." Misty coos with a deep, threatening laugh. Leaning forward Mike takes a breast in his mouth, the nipple hard and swollen with the excitement of the sex and the moment. If the blonde had any fear from watching the other two girls it was gone now. Blondie moans in disappointment as her nipple falls from his warm inviting lips. Mike turns to the other and repeats the process to Blondie's loving moans. Soon Mike's and the blonde's breathing becomes labored. Thrusts are becoming more erratic, fast and slow hard and soft, unpredictable in what is going to be next. Blondie moans while Mike lets out some primal grunts. Misty grinds the butt of the shotgun into her own dripping snatch. Soon Blondie and Mike let out a knowing simultaneous orgasmic moan having fucked together many times. As he orgasms, his ass checks tighten, his teeth clench his body stiffens and he shoots his load of man juice into Blondie's wet tight quivering pussy.

Misty drives the barrel of the shotgun in his ass, "Did that feel good Mikey? Did it feel good to shoot your cum into this slut's, willing wanting cunt? Cherish that feeling Mike," she snarls and pulls both triggers blowing out his prostate and manhood. "I hope you enjoyed it Mike, because if you live it will be your last memory of sex. After that last orgasm you won't being feeling one against you bastard."

Reaching down in her gown, her hand in her panties she strokes her juices and brushes it on his mouth, "Enjoy, luv."

Written by: Todd-'o'-Vision

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