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New Panties For Him with a Twist

by jennycnnn©

I buried his head in the pillows and began rubbing his back, ass, crotch and legs. While doing this I was discreetly pulling the strap on and KY jelly out from under the bed. I stepped into the strap on and knelt down on the floor, pulling it up around my waist. I pulled the belts on either side tight and secured it in place around my hips. I was still rubbing his legs and I looked down between mine and saw a nice sized pink jelly dildo sticking out from between them. It was roughly 6" long and a little over 1 ½" in diameter. I felt an incredible amount of power and control looking down at this new addition to my body.

I stood up carefully, to be certain that the tip of the dildo didn't touch him and ruin the surprise. I then picked up the KY jelly and generously lubricated my "cock" from the base to the tip. I felt a little silly stroking myself when I looked in the mirror, but I was still very turned on, much more than I thought I would be.

"You ready for me Pantyboy," I asked?

"Oh baby, this feels so good," he moaned.

"Good, because I have a little surprise for you." I pulled down the waistband of his panties and stroked his cock with my dry hand and placed a moderate amount of KY jelly right above his awaiting hole. At this point I think that he figured out what was going to happen next, but I surprised him again, by pulling his panties back up around his waist. I looked down again to be sure that the opening in the back of his panties was over the right spot, and it was.

"Are you trying to be a tease Mistress Jenny? My panties are going to be awful messy if you do much more of that."

I then grabbed the base of my dildo with my right hand and his left hip with my left hand and pressed the cool tip of it against him. It took him a second to realize that his panties were still up around his waist, but he was about to get taken from behind.

"I made you a male version of crotchless panties for tonight, and I am getting ready to take this ass of mine, just like in Vegas. Do you remember how much fun you had that day. If I remember, you filled your panties up with cum a couple of times. Lets see if you can do that again Pantyboy." Then I pressed a little harder and watched the tip of my strap on disappear into his ass. It was turning me on more and more to see it disappear inside of him. Then I surprised him again when I took my right hand and placed it on his right hip. I grabbed both hips firmly and helped pull them back onto my half buried strap on. With a little more pressure he was able to take the full length of it inside of hip. Once the front of my legs were resting on the back of his legs I began to slowly pull out and gently press myself deep inside of him again.

All he could say was "Oh yeah, yeah, that feels so incredible."

Within about a minute I found my rhythm and I was actually fucking my husband in the ass with a strap on. The feeling was intoxicating. I could tell that I was beginning to stimulate his prostate. He began to moan more and more and I was getting wetter and wetter.

I stopped abruptly and flipped him over in the bed, just like he had done with me the night before. This time he was on the receiving end of things. I pushed him back in the bed and crawled in between his legs. This was the first time he had a view of what I was fucking him with from behind.

"How am I doing so far?" I finally asked.

"Yeah, that' feels really...good," said Steve.

I then asked, "So you want me to keep fucking you, Pantyboy?"

"Yes..please don't stop yet." He responded.

"Ask properly." I commanded, as she gave him a little slap across the ass.

"Please Mistress Jenny...fuck me...fuck me...because I am your little Pantyboy." He always knows exactly how to answer me when I am in this kind of mood.

"That's better. Are you ready?" I asked.

"God yes, do it." he said. I applied one more coat of lube to my jelly cock and then I moved into position. I put the head against his asshole and his body quivered again. This time I could see his face. I pressed forward a little bit and the shaft bent. I grabbed it just behind the head and pushed with my hand as my hips moved forward. Soon I was taking nice long, slow strokes in and out of his ass. I was amazed at the facial expressions he was making. He seemed to be really enjoying getting fucked in the ass. It gave me an incredible feeling of power. I could now understand why some women like to do this to their men, they liked the power. I reached my hand down and took firm hold of his cock through his panties and began stroking it. Steve whose eyes had been closed, looked down and saw me stroking his cock as I fucked his ass and smiled.

I had imagined this would be so thrilling. We had done so many new things together, and like so many of them, I had to wonder why we had waited so long to do this.

Pre cum was now oozing freely as the tip of my dildo must have been massaging his prostate. "Oh yes! Ahhhh." He moaned over and over.

This was all the encouragement I needed as I began to relentlessly fuck his ass. He started bucking up against every thrust making them deeper and faster. My hands grabbed his hips and his ass moved up and down as I thrust my dildo in and out of his ass.

"Oh I'm close, so close." He screamed.

Again and again I thrust my weight forcing him to stay flat on the bed. I then grabbed his legs and put them over my shoulders just as he had done with me many times before and it let me get a little deeper inside. Suddenly with a grunt he began to shutter and his ass clenched down so hard on the dildo that I could barley move it in and out. He began to cum. The small quarter size area of pre-cum suddenly quadrupled in size as I continued fucking him in the ass. When his orgasm finally subsided, I quickly released the belts and let it drop on the floor next to the bed. I pulled his panties to the side and hopped on his still engorged cock. I was so wet he slid right inside of me and I came on the second or third thrust. I collapsed on top of him, neither of us ready to move.

I eventually rolled off the side of him and tucked him back inside of his panties. The entire front panel was soaked in cum and garter belt was turned a little sideways.

"So how do you like your new panties honey? I made them just for you and I have decided that any time you are ready for a good ass fucking, all you have to do is put them on and I will know what to do. Stand up and take a peek."

He stood up and looked in the mirror. He saw the hole for the first time and read "Take Me" right above it. He smiled, you got a deal, but that felt so good, I may need another pair or two, or you will need to start doing laundry more often. We both laughed and cleaned ourselves up. Two and one-half hours had passed since we had gotten home in what seemed like only minutes.

We stepped out of the shower and I picked a full length black slip to sleep in and I handed Steve his babydoll from Victoria's Secret. I helped slip it over his head and then pulled the panties up to his waist. It fit perfectly and maybe would lead to a little fooling around in the morning, but that's another story.

Written by: jennycnnn

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