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Rugby World Cup Group Sex

by gandj130©

Gary had recently bought a high definition 42 inch TV and was looking forward to watching the Rugby World Cup final on it especially as England had shocked everyone by making it to the final against South Africa. I thought I would be in for a pretty boring Saturday evening and had contented myself doing some housework until Martin rang.

I heard Gary answer the phone and listened to him telling Martin he was more than welcome to come round and watch the match which made me smile as I heard him say it. About a year ago Martin had joined us for a threesome, something I fancied repeating, but as we had been pretty active swinging recently we hadn't had the chance for another session. We had promised him a repeat sometime so I hoped that maybe it would be tonight. As I continued cleaning in the kitchen Gary came in.

"Martin just phoned, he was supposed to meet some mates to watch the rugby down the pub but it fell through so I invited him and Stefan round here, ok?" Gary said smiling with a glint in his eyes.

"That's fine. Shame it's not just Martin though, I thought perhaps we could have some fun with him?" I replied.

I moaned a little as Gary walked up, pulled me into his arms, grabbed my bum and squeezed. He kissed my neck and moved his mouth close to my ear, it was a sure sign he had something sexy in mind.

"I'm guessing that in a couple of hours time you could be on all fours with a hard cock in your pussy and another one deep in your mouth," Gary whispered sexily.

"You're so bad!" I smiled. "You had this in mind as soon as he rang didn't you?"

"Yep! I want them to enjoy themselves they are good friends. I know you're game for a fuck with Martin again and you'll like Stefan. Do you remember him from the Christmas part last year, thick set blonde guy?"

"I think so?" I answered hoping I was thinking of the right person.

I felt his hand slide under my denim skirt and rub my pussy through my tights.

"You're wet already my little slutwife, you want it don't you? You're are such a slut Jayne and I love it, I want you to dress up for us too."

An hour or so later I was leaning against the shower wall letting the steamy water beat down on me. I reached for the small safety razor, looked down and carefully trimmed my ginger pussy leaving it hairy but tidy. When I had thoroughly scrubbed every crevice I got out of the shower, dried off, painted my nails slutty red and then chose my clothes. That's when I heard the doorbell ring and my heart thumped.

"Jayne, Martin and Stefan are here."

"Ok, I'll be down in a while."

After a while I opted to wear a very short black skirt, a red crossover top, hold-up stockings and black high-heeled shoes. I put on my make up a little heavier than normal, pinned my thick red hair up and checked myself in the mirror. My skirt barely covered my stocking tops and I decided I had achieved the slutty and available look!

I knew Gary was very happy to share me and I wanted to get fucked tonight. I heard them all cheering as they willed England on engrossed in the game. As I slipped on my high heels I thought I would be able to distract them!

As I clicked down the stairs in my heels I heard Gary call, "its half time Jayne, come and see the guys."

"Hi Martin, nice to meet you Stefan. I'll get some beers," I said standing in the doorway. I did recognise Stefan as I shifted nervously staring at the men who might be fucking me later.

"Hi and thanks Jayne. You look nice, going out? You look very dolled up for staying in." Martin asked.

"No, why do you think that I would want to go out?" I looked at him as he spoke and saw his leering smile as his eyes wandered admiring the way I was dressed.

"Stockings or tights?" Martin asked.

I love the effect that stockings have on men, so I slowly raised the hem of my skirt above the lace hold up tops and held it there showing them my trimmed ginger pussy and stocking clad legs. They went quiet for a moment until Gary spoke; "I suggested Jayne should dress up for us to keep us happy. Go get some drinks darling."

I nipped to the kitchen aware of Gary following me. He walked quickly to me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me deeply.

He pulled away with a smile. "Stefan look ok? Are you game for some fun with the three of us in a bit?"

"Yes I'm up for it. You ok with me being the entertainment then?"

Gary simply kissed me deeply again, I just knew he would be turned on by the idea of me being gangbanged. I felt my pussy throb as we kissed. I took a deep breath then got cans of lager and a bottle of whiskey, put them on a tray and followed him back to the lounge just as the second half started. I gave out the beers and had a good look at Stefan as I walked in, he was a younger blonde man with a rugby player's physique. He looked at me a bit nervously glancing at the way I was dressed and thanking me for the drink. Gary and Martin sat on the settee and as I handed them each a beer I saw Martin look at my chest then down to my legs undressing me with his eyes. I took my time and leaned forward so Martin would see my chest and Stefan would get a view up my skirt from behind. I felt very nervous and my heart was pounding but I knew I was already moist between my legs.

"Come and sit with us Jayne," Martin said as I poured myself a large scotch.

Martin was a slim brown haired man about our age. He was obviously feeling pretty confident I would be up for some fun again later and he nudged up close to me as I sat down between him and my husband. The rugby was forgotten momentarily as I sipped my drink and crossed my legs. My skirt rode high as I rested my right foot on Martins leg so he could see my silver anklet. It has a heart shaped disc engraved "slutwife" that Gary got me from America.

"Jayne, I love your legs." Martin whispered.

"Thank you, have you noticed my anklet?" I asked.

"Slutwife, brilliant. I love that as a way of getting a message across!"

I finished off my scotch and Gary immediately refilled it. Martin caressed my foot gently and I leaned back against Gary as we watched the last part of the game with England falling well behind. As the enthusiasm for the rugby from the boys waned I started to get more attention, Martins hand wandered higher as he stroked my thigh above my stockings and my husband squeezed my breasts making me squirm on the settee. My head was spinning as I gulped down the second large glass of scotch. Stefan was not sure where to look, distracted by what was happening on the settee as I hitched my skirt up high and spread my legs. Gary and I kissed passionately while fingers caressed my pussy.

A few minutes later the final whistle blew, "Oh dear we lost. Well what can I do to cheer you boys up then?" I asked smiling.

"Jayne," Gary whispered, "put your hands on our cocks."

I moved a hand to each man's thigh and slowly moved it up. As I felt their erections I smiled at how hard they were.

"That's going to be inside you in a little while," Martin whispered as Gary continued to kiss me. "I want to see you cum and completely fucked."

"Well," Gary said as he untied my top, "I think you need to get some clothes off and entertain all of us."

As my boobs came free from my top Martin and Gary started on me taking turns in squeezing my boobs or kissing me deeply. I closed my eyes enjoying their attention thinking about what was about to happen while Martin finger-fucked me.

I heard movement and opened my eyes and saw Stefan stand and walk towards the door, "I'll leave you guys alone for some fun. Thanks for letting me come round."

As he left the room I looked at Gary and shrugged my shoulders, "I hope we haven't upset him. Let me see if he's ok."

In the hall Stefan was just getting his coat and he smiled at me as I walked topless towards him. By now I was already so turned on that I didn't care that I was with this virtual stranger wearing a mini skirt hitched up to my waist, stockings and high heels.

"We're just playing around Stefan, you don't have to go. I'd like you to stay." I said

As I spoke the last words I took a deep breath and walked right up to him and started to massage his semi-hard cock through his jeans.

"Mm, that feels nice." I purred. "Do you like my tits Stefan?"

He pulled me tightly towards him, put a hand firmly in the middle of my back and with the other squeezed my bum. I looked him in the eyes and we started to kiss, his hand slid up my stocking clad leg and he squeezed my bum. I undid his jeans and took his big hard cock out and started to stroke it.

"Are you coming back in here? You have a couple of hard cocks waiting for you!" Gary called out.

"Come on Stefan, let's go in or I am going to have to let you fuck me right here."

Still holding Stefan's erection I walked back into the lounge to see Martin and Gary stripped off ready for action. The television was turned off, the lights dimmed and music was playing softly. As I walked in I was surrounded by the three of them, hands immediately began stroking my legs, fingers teased my pussy and one slid inside me making me moan. Stefan and Martin had their hot wet mouths engulfing my small breasts while another finger twisted into my pussy and someone's thumb massaged my clit as Stefan stepped back and quickly took off his clothes.

"You're sure you're OK, Jayne?" Gary whispered as he undid my skirt and dropped it to the floor.

"I am so turned on Gary," I whispered in reply.

I had enjoyed a couple of multiple cock scenes like this but still felt nervous being the centre of attention. Normally we did our swinging at a club and I enjoyed a few men through an evening or there were some other women around taking some of the focus away from me but my pussy throbbed with excitement.

Gary whispered sexily in my ear, "I want you to kneel on the floor."

Hands grabbed my shoulders pushing me to my knees, I was faced with three hard cocks inches from my face all three of them were all gently masturbating.

"I love watching men play with themselves," I said as I knelt between them.

Martin was the most forward and held the back of my head pulling my mouth to his cock. I caressed Martin's cock in my hand then kissed the tip and slid it into my mouth, licking it and squeezing my lips around it. As I sucked Martin's cock another rubbed my face smearing my cheeks with sticky pre-cum, vaguely I could see the cocks surrounding me, I was in heaven!

"You've got a nice mouth Jayne," Martin moaned.

I felt Stefan's cock touch the side of my face and as he lifted my hand to his cock and I squeezed and stroked it until holding it by shaft I moved across and began to lick and kiss it before sliding it into my mouth. I wanked them one after the other, alternately sucking them noisily, I felt such a whore as I put on a show for my husband noisily slurping and sucking his friend's cocks.

Gary knelt down behind me and I opened my legs for him to rub my already sopping pussy. He put a finger on my clit and rubbed making me squirm.

"Having fun?" He whispered.

It was obvious to Gary that I wanted to do them all but I was pleased he continued to check I was okay. I pulled off Martins cock, turned to face my husband.

I looked straight into his eyes and nodded, "I'm fine darling. Now fuck me."

"See guys?" he said mischievously. "I knew my wife was up for all of us. Now why don't we take turns to fuck her?"

I turned back to Martins cock and sucked it again and pushed my bum back against Gary's cock, closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling as he squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples. Martin lowered himself onto the floor so I was in the doggy position with his cock in my mouth as Gary gripped my hips. Stefan joined in feeling my tits and pinching my nipples.

"Jayne, are you ready to fucked senseless?" Gary said with a snigger.

I said nothing but just eased back onto his erection, his cock sliding in and filling my pussy. A cock in my mouth and another deep in my pussy, certainly not the first time I had experienced this but certainly it is my favourite. I noisily and sloppily gave Martin the best blowjob I could while I ground my hips back against my husband. He suddenly upped the pace and started to pound into me holding my hips tightly to get deep inside. It took my breath away as he fucked me and Martins cock slipped form between my lips as he I fell forward ready to cum.

"God yes, fuck me. I'm gonna cum" I moaned out. My body shook and tensed as I had a really strong orgasm. My face was already on the carpet and I fell forward limply as Gary pulled out and let go of me.

"On your back babe," Martin said gently pulling me sideways. For a moment the three of them looked down at me expectantly and I smiled as I looked at their hard cocks. I lay back feeling such a slut as I waited for the first one to climb between my thighs instead they began by nuzzling my neck, stroking my body, hands on my breasts and my thighs above my stocking tops. My legs drifted apart as fingers massaged my very wet pussy.

My husband leaned down to kiss me and I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him deeply. After a moment he pulled away with a smile. ""Okay Jayne, it's time you got fucked by our friends."

Martin rolled on a condom and quickly positioned himself between my spread thighs. He ran his hands up and down my body, squeezing my tits and he gave me a deep, wet kiss.

"Fuck me." I said reaching down. I took hold of his cock and guided him inside me.

I was so wet now he had no trouble ramming straight into me. He put his hands on my hips and we began to work together as I pushed into him, his cock slipping deeper into my pussy. He grabbed my hips and began to pound me hard, held me tightly, fucking me deep. He lifted himself up on his arms and immediately as he did so I felt a hand on each of my breasts, as Martin fucked me Gary and Stefan massaged my tits.

Martin looked to Stefan who still looked nervous, "She really is something special Stefan, Gary likes to watch her get it don't you Gary?"

Gary nodded and smiled at me, "Yes I love her being a slut."

"I'm nearly coming, hold on." Martin said slowing down and then climbing off me. He looked at Stefan and nodded down at me. "C'mon, don't you want to fuck her?" Stefan tried to laugh but looked nervously down at me. He had his thick cock in his hand right in front of my face. I licked my lips and moved forward and slid my mouth over it. As I started to suck he put a firm handhold of my hair and pulled me down and I took his cock into my salivating mouth. Wrapping my lips tight I licked and sucked and felt it pulse in my mouth.

I heard Gary speak, "I told you, she wants all of us Stefan. Your turn to fuck her and make her cum."

Suddenly Stefan moved away from me and laid on his back, his thick cock sticking upright from his belly. Gary handed him a condom while I looked at his solid and very big body, his solid chest was huge and his cock matched the rest of him. Gary placed a hand on my back and manoeuvred me so that I lifted my leg across Stefan and lowered myself onto him. I reached between my legs, took hold of his shaft, lifted myself on my knees and guided his cock inside me. His cock was as big as anything I'd had before and I rode up and down slowly taking him deeper into me.

"Oh yes, just like that." I moaned.

I ground my hips into Jason and knew I was going to cum and my whole body seemed to convulse as Martin and Gary caressed me at the same time rubbing their hands all over my body.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" I moaned. I shuddered and clutched Jason's neck, my body spasmed as I came moaning softly. As my pussy throbbed it stretched and I slid all the way down onto Stefan's lap. I felt so full with his cock pushing up inside me, I was delighted that I had managed to take it all in.

I opened my eyes to see Martin wanking his cock inches from my face.

"Suck me," he whispered.

I licked my lips and inched forward just a tiny bit and extended my tongue. Twirling my tongue around his cock head before slowly moving forward to take it in my mouth. I heard Martin take in a sharp intake of breath and take a hold of my hair. He gently fucked my mouth and I could feel it twitching and knew he was about to come.

"Jayne. I'm cumming."

"Cum on your slut's face." I teased him. "You'd like that? Cum on my face."

"Yes, oh fuck. Yes." He moaned as I wanked his cock inches from my lips.

I moaned quietly when the first jet of hot spunk splashed across my face, then another into my hair before I sucked him in my mouth again. His cock was salty and wet as it shrunk between my lips. He pulled his cock from my mouth and wiped it across my cheek.

I relaxed for a moment and then felt Stefan's fingers dig into my soft arse cheeks.

"How do you like it best Jayne?"

"Get on top and fuck me Stefan."

Stefan got down onto his knees and spread my legs wide apart, he looked huge over my small frame and his thick cock stuck out firmly in front of him.

"Lift your hips Jayne," Gary said a moment later. I did as I was told and he slipped a pillow under my arse. "That'll help him get deeper inside when he fucks you."

He got on top of me and took his weight on his arms and then pushed forward. I was so wet by now that he had no hesitation in ramming it into me as far and hard as he could. I shut my eyes as Stefan and gasped as he entered me.

"Is that what you want Jayne?"

"Yes. Do it, please! Fuck me hard!"

My fanny felt so full as I pushed against Stefan's hips. He spread my legs even wider as he entered me, he slowly pushed his cock in and I loved it. I moved my hips as my pussy adjusted to his size and he kept pushing till he was deep inside. I wrapped my arms around his big strong neck as he fucked me harder. I loved the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy and I groaned with pleasure as he increased the pace.

"Are you enjoying that?" He grinned down at me.

Before I could answer Stefan suddenly slammed into me with the full length of his cock, it was a feeling so intense that it actually took my breath away. Stefan carried on at this pace for what seemed like ages until I could feel his hard cock throbbing inside me, I loved it and I wrapped my legs around him as much as I could.

I knew he was getting close to cumming and whispered in his ear, "fuck me and fill me with cum. Do it in me."

The dirty talk was all it took to push Stefan over the edge. I felt him tense and I knew I was about to get what I wanted as he held me tightly fucking me harder pinning my bum against the pillow.

"I'm going to cum! Where do you want it?" Stefan moaned as he fucked my pussy with greater intensity.

"Do it! Cum in me!"

"Ah! Take it Jayne! I'm cumming," he grunted and made one hard deep thrust into me. I felt his big cock throbbing and he thrust into me several times before he slowed down and came down fro his climax cradling me in his huge strong arms. He withdrew his still semi-rigid cock from my now worn out pussy and gave me a final deep kiss and rolled off me.

"Your turn," he said with a chuckle and then he shook Gary's hand.

"I need a drink please," I said.

Martin gave me a drink that turned out to be another scotch with lemonade and I sat up on the floor to gulp it down. I looked down at my laddered stockings, streaks of cum over my body and face and knew I probably looked a total slut.

I finished my drink and looked at Gary and watched my husband sitting on the settee stroking his hard cock grinning from ear to ear.

"I'm very proud of you my lovely," he said. "Come and sit on this."

"Be gentle, my pussy is so sore now."

I shuffled onto the settee facing him, grasped his shoulders and lowered myself onto his thick erection that stood up proudly from his groin. I bit my lip as I felt him open me up again as he held my hip with one hand as his cock with the other. I felt it part me a little more and I slid down onto it with a long low moan

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