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Playing With My Sister Ch. 15

by KenJames©

"God, Daddy Leo!" Suzie cried. "Give it to me now! I'm ready for your cock up my ass, as rough as you want to make it!" Dad lubricated his 7" long, 2" thick pole and pressed his wide head against her rosebud. "Oh God! Oh Fuck! Oh fuck oh God!" Suzie moaned as he stretched and filled her with a half-dozen not-gentle thrusts, finally slamming his balls against her buttocks.

Ruth was kneeling with her hairless mound inches above my face. Her long neatly-rolled pussy lips were puffy and dark red. I pulled them open with my fingers and thrust my tongue deep inside, lapping the hot juices leaking from her trembling walls.

Suzie moaned as she licked and sucked Ruth's big firm breasts and long hard brown nipples. Dad and I felt each others' sliding cocks through a thin layer of flesh as we fucked Suzie's twin holes.

"Cum for us, Little Sister!" Angela cried. She was kneeling beside the bed. Mom was behind Angela, fondling her breasts and fucking her with the strap-on. "Come hard for us!" Angela added, stroking Suzie's swollen little pink clit.

"Oh God!" Suzie sobbed against Ruth's chest. "Angel! Oh my God! . . . Fuck me Leo . . . Paul! Shoot in my pussy and ass! God, I'm cumming!"

Ruth pulled her crotch away from my face to give me air as I reached up to play with Suzie's long pink nipples, pinching and twisting them roughly. "Oh Jesus!" Suzie moaned as her throbbing cunt muscles gripped my driving rod.

"Fuck yeah, Baby!" I gasped. "Cum for me! Cum while Dad and I fuck you!" Thick jets of hot semen burst from my cock-tip and splashed Suzie's pussy walls. Dad bellowed like a bear as he hammered her from behind.

"Oh God Paul! Oh yeah!" Suzie cried. "Fuck yeah, Leo! Shoot your hot cum in my cunt and ass! Oh God! Oh! . . . My! . . . God! . . ."

Dad and I stayed hard after our orgasms and continued fucking Suzie, keeping her screaming and thrashing until she was exhausted, hanging limp in our arms with her eyes closed.

After we gently lowered Suzie to the bed, Dad and I turned to watch the action on the floor.

Angela was on her back with Mom kneeling between her spread thighs, fucking her with the strap-on's dildo. Ruth was sitting on Angela's face and playing with her own heavy tits.

"Come here!" Ruth whispered. Dad and I stood on opposite sides of the group. Ruth took a still-hard dick in each hand and jacked us off while Angela ate her out.

Angela and Mom were already cumming. Ruth screamed and jerked our cocks faster and harder. Suzie rolled off the bed and crouched beside us, thrusting rough fingers up her snatch and climaxing along with the other women.

My cock throbbed, but I couldn't shoot again. It hurt as Ruth continued masturbating me roughly and I grabbed her hand to make her stop. Beside me, Dad was doing the same.

Dad and I spread pillows on the floor and we all cuddled together. As I lay with my head on Mom's chest, Suzie curled against me with her nipples pressing into my back and her crotch grinding against my buttocks. My penis hardened briefly, but a warm haze descended over everything, carrying me away . . .

When I woke up, it was 9:30 PM. Angela was still fast asleep, with her head on my stomach and her thick black hair flowing over my chest. Mom and Ruth were standing together by the bedroom door. "I guess we'd better wake them up," Mom said.

Angela's eyes snapped open when I slapped her butt. "Time to rise and shine, Sis!" I said heartily.

"Jesus!" she gasped. "You'll pay for that, Squirt!"

On the bed, Dad and Suzie were asleep in each others' arms. Mom and Ruth woke them gently, bending over to kiss their faces.

We paired off to bathe and go to bed. Suzie had permission to spend the night with Angela and go to school from our apartment in the morning. She and Dad stayed in the master bedroom, while Angela went upstairs with Ruth. I showered in the hall bathroom, then joined Mom in Angela's third-floor apartment. We kissed and fondled briefly, then held each other, talking softly until we drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up in the dark, I was alone. The clock said 1:45 AM. In my half-awake state, I wondered if I'd been having a long wet dream. Could Suzie and I really have fucked my father, mother, sister and aunt? Did I even have a wildly sexual girlfriend like Suzie? It all seemed so unreal . . .

The toilet in the hall bathroom flushed and water ran in the sink. More awake, I realized I was in Angela's double bed, rather than the single in my own room. A naked woman stepped through the door. Even in the dim light, I recognized her full figure instantly. "Mom . . ." I whispered as she slipped into bed.

Mom's big smooth breasts pressed against my chest as she kissed me. Her open mouth was hot and wet. "Call me 'Mary' while we're doing this," she said, gripping my already-hard pole.

"Feel this . . . Stud!" Mom continued, guiding my hand to her bare mound. It was already slick and my finger slipped easily between her folds and into her snatch. "Fuck!" she gasped, as I worked my finger in and out, quickly adding a second finger and rubbing her clit hood with my thumb.

She was close to cumming when she rolled onto her back, pulling me on top of her with my chest flattening her big breasts. "Give it to me hard and fast!" Mom begged, lifting her legs and placing her feet on my ankles as I pressed my cock-head against her pussy-mouth.

"Oh yeah!" Mom cried as I filled her hot tight cunt with one swift thrust, slamming my balls against her slick mound. "That's right, Stud!" she whispered, rocking her pelvis as her pussy muscles gripped my cock. "Fuck me hard! Don't worry about pleasing me, just shoot!"

In the dark, her face was a white blur framed by her thick black hair. Mom's hard nipples rubbed my chest and her hot female scent filled my head. She moaned as I drove into her fast and rough.

As I was getting close, she wrapped her muscular legs around my back, drawing me deep inside. Mom's spasming snatch gripped my cock as I rammed her over and over, shooting with each violent thrust.

"Sexy Stud!" Mom purred, stroking my hair as I lay on her, gasping for breath. "It turns me on when a man just . . . takes . . . me!"

"I can tell, Mom . . . uh, Mary!" I answered, lifting myself on my elbows and kissing her.

We made love for another hour, slowly and tenderly until the end, when our screams split the dawn air. Finally spent, we fell asleep with my arm wrapped around Mom's back and her face nestled against my shoulder.

It was still dark when I woke up at 5:45 AM with an immense erection. Mom was still asleep beside me. For a few minutes, I lay still, enjoying the feelings in my swollen pole. My need to pee finally forced me out of bed. In the bathroom, I spent a long time thinking about math homework before my penis finally softened so I could use the toilet.

When I returned to the bedroom, the nightstand light was on, filling the room with a soft glow. Mom was sitting up, holding the sheet over her chest but leaving her back and buttocks bare. "Good morning, Mary," I said, feeling myself stiffen again as she surveyed my naked body with a sultry stare.

"Good morning, Paul," she answered, letting the sheet fall and revealing her big breasts and hard nipples. "It's Monday. Soon, you, Suzie and Angela will have to get ready for school. Leo, Ruth and I need to open the store."

Mom wrapped her hand around my hard cock and pulled me gently to the bed. "But we have time to do something else first . . . Sexy Stud!"

As we embraced, I thought about Dad, Suzie, Angela and Ruth. Somehow, I knew they were sharing some early morning passion, too.

The last few weeks had been wild for our extended family, but that was only the beginning . . .

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright (c) 2007 by Ken James

All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual people is coincidental.

This story depicts a world in which AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are non-existent. In the real world, please practice safe sex.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

Many thanks to Wayde for his constant love and support.

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Written by: KenJames

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