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Two Weeks in Cap d'Agde Ch. 01

by DanandMandy©

Dan and Mandy: our holiday in Cap d'Agde Chapter 1 (Arrival)

This is Dan. My wife Mandy and I spent a two-week holiday in Cap d'Agde in the south of France in September. We stayed in the naturist section, called Port Ambonne, which has a reputation as a place where couples come to have fun after the family holiday season has finished. We had such a wild time that we just had to write down our holiday experiences so that you can enjoy them too. Here's the result.

The sun was hot as Mandy and I packed our luggage into the bright green Renault Clio at Montpellier airport. On the flight from the UK we'd sat opposite another couple, Jim and Linda, who were also going to Cap d'Agde and they'd picked up the keys to their rental car before us. We waved to them as they drove away.

"See you later," Jim shouted out of the car window. We'd arranged to meet for a drink together later that evening.

The drive to Cap d'Agde was easy, and we checked in at the entrance to the naturist area without too much delay. We'd come here to relax and have some fun, though neither of us had been here before so we weren't too sure what to expect. We're not swingers – at least we weren't before our holiday. And it was the first time we'd sunbathed nude. But Mandy loves going topless whenever we're on a beach, and back home when I suggested we get an all-over tan this year, she happily agreed.

I warned her that the nightlife might be a bit wild, since I'd read a few stories about it on the internet.

"Don't believe everything you read," she said. "It might be as tame as Margate. But, don't worry, if it turns out to be as wild as you say, I won't spoil the fun."

And so we ended up coming on a holiday that was to change our lives and lead us into sexual adventures we'd only fantasized about before.

We found our apartment easily as it wasn't far from the main car park. It was the hottest time of the day and there was no one around as we carried our luggage from the car and took the lift to the third floor apartment. The apartment was not big but it had everything we needed, and there was a large sunny balcony overlooking the resort.

We rapidly unpacked our things. As I was putting my shirts in a drawer, Mandy wandered out onto the balcony to look around. Then she amazed me. I happened to look up and saw her pull her t-shirt over her head, unclip her bra, pull down her shorts and step out of her thong.

"What are you doing?" I asked, shocked by her behaviour.

"Just getting in the mood," she said. "From now on I don't think I'll need much more than what I've got on – except for special occasions. Come and take a look."

I walked out onto the balcony and looked out across the wide pedestrian street below us and the grassy area beyond. There weren't all that many people around, but those that were out were all completely naked – except for one older woman wearing a brief t-shirt and nothing else. What else would you expect at a nudist resort? Yet it was still quite a surprise to see 30 or 40 people going about their business with no clothes on.

"Come on then," said Mandy. "You're the one who wanted a nudist holiday. Strip off and let's get some sun."

I pulled off my shirt as Mandy unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans. In a moment I was naked too. Mandy put her arms round my neck and kissed me and I felt my cock start to swell against her body. Her naked skin against mine in the open air turned me on so much that I kissed her wildly, sticking my tongue deep into her mouth and holding her close to me as I stroked her back and cupped her bum cheeks in my hands.

The sun was hot and we were both sweating. The perspiration on our skin made our bodies slide against each other erotically. With her arms still round my neck, Mandy looked into my eyes then spoke softly. "Do whatever you want with me, right here," she said.

I slipped one hand between her legs, stroking her pussy. She was hot and juicy so I slipped a finger inside, then two. She took my cock in her hand, rubbing it backwards and forwards till it was rigid. I could hardly contain myself.

Then Mandy slowly dropped to her knees in front of me, letting her hands follow the contours of my chest and stomach and letting her fingernails lightly scratch my skin as she did so. She smiled up at me as she licked the end of my cock. Then she cupped my balls in one hand and gently massaged me between my legs with the other as she licked her way along my swollen shaft. Then she was wanking me again as she put the tip of my cock in her mouth and pushed slowly forwards so that more and more of it disappeared inside.

She pulled back then pushed forward again, then repeated the action several times – each time forcing her open mouth as far as possible along my cock. She was getting wilder and wilder, strings of saliva hanging from her chin as she pushed again and again as far as she could.

"Mandy, someone might see us," I said.

She pulled off my cock, smiled up at me, and said "Well I don't care if you don't." Then, with saliva and pre-cum dripping from her mouth, she spat on my cock and plunged her mouth deep onto it once again.

I was ready to explode. I pulled her to her feet and turned her to face the balcony wall. The wall was up to waist-height and she leaned forward, resting her arms on it. I pushed my cock roughly into her pussy from behind as she gazed over the balcony at the naked people walking below. Normally she likes a bit of foreplay to warm her up, but this time it was clear that she just wanted fucking. I pumped in and out as hard and as deep as I could.

"My god," she said. "That's fantastic. Fuck me harder."

I needed no encouragement, though I was dripping with sweat in the open sunshine. My cock pistoned into her again and again, and her body started to shake. She was still leaning on the edge of the balcony, looking over it, when she let out a loud moan as the orgasm rippled through her body.

A naked couple walking in the street below heard her and looked up. They waved.

"Glad to hear you're having a good time," the guy shouted in English. It was Jim and Linda on their way to the beach.

Mandy waved back to them, her tits swinging free and my cock still buried in her pussy. "I'm having a great time, thanks" she shouted.

"And so am I," I called to them just as my orgasm came and my cock started pumping Mandy's cunt full of cum. They laughed because it was obvious what we were doing.

"Save some for later," Linda shouted as they walked away. "See you tonight."

Mandy pulled free of my cock, turned round and squatted in front of me. She licked my cock clean of its glistening layer of spunk and pussy juice. As she squatted, my cum dripped from her cunt onto the balcony floor. She dipped the end of her finger into the pool of cum and licked it clean. Then her hand went to her pussy and a couple of fingers disappeared inside.

When she pulled them out she pushed them as far into her mouth as she could and then slowly withdrew them, licking them clean as she did. "I feel like a complete slut," she said, "and I'm really enjoying it."

Then we were standing, embracing again. "Hey look," Mandy said, "someone's watching."

We'd got so carried away with our fucking that neither of us had bothered to check whether anyone could see us. In fact, several balconies overlooked ours, just as ours overlooked some others below us. A couple on a balcony above ours and to the right were watching us.

"Une belle performance," the guy shouted in French, then realizing I didn't understand switched to English with a strong French accent. "Great show," he said. "Maybe we can show you round some of the night clubs in Cap d'Agde." He said his name was Pierre and his wife was Marie.

"Yes maybe," I said noncommitedly and started to go back inside.

"Don't mind my husband," said Mandy. "He's a bit shy sometimes. We'd love to go clubbing with you. We're busy tonight but maybe another evening."

"Wonderful," said Marie. "We'll give you a few French experiences you may not have come across in England."

Inside the apartment I asked Mandy, "What do you think you're doing? We've never met these people before."

"So what?" she asked. "You wanted us to have a sex-filled holiday. I'm just making sure you won't be disappointed."

It was 3:30 in the afternoon by the time we set off for the beach – me in my swimming shorts to hide my semi-erect cock and Mandy topless in just her tiny bikini thong. We walked through the resort looking at the suntanned holidaymakers sitting outside the bars and cafés sipping coffee. It all looked quite normal really, except that the tans were all-over and you could see every bit of bronzed skin. Just about all the women had their pussies shaved, though a few had left a narrow vertical strip of close-cropped hair. And several had piercings in navel, nipples or pussy.

Mandy soon pulled down her bikini thong, stepped out of it and carried it her hand. She'd had her bikini line waxed before we'd come on holiday but that still left a small inverted triangle of short public hairs.

"Looks like I'm a bit out of fashion in the pussy department," she said. "Seems as if a bit more trimming is in order. I wouldn't want to cover up more than necessary."

On our way to the beach we passed a couple of supermarkets, a newsagent and a few souvenir shops. But what really caught my eye was the number of shops selling erotic clothes – especially for women – and the number of clubs that advertised that they were for swingers – including quite a few that openly promised gangbangs.

"This is amazing," I said to Mandy. "I can hardly believe that this place is so open about sex. I must be dreaming."

"From the look of the nightlife on offer, we may not get enough sleep to do much dreaming," she said.

"You don't mind trying some of these places?" I asked my once-demure wife.

"Not at all," she said. "I guess you brought me here in the hope that we could try them together. I don't mind. I'm quite looking forward to some exhibitionism and public sex – especially if I can be in the middle of it."

This kind of talk by Mandy made my cock grow hard again. I kept my shorts on till we reached the beach, found a quiet spot away from other people, and spread out our towels. Then I quickly pulled them off and lay on my stomach to hide my erection. The beach at this part of Cap d'Agde is several kilometers long and quite wide so it wasn't crowded. The family holiday season was over, but there were sunbathing bodies here and there – all as naked as the day they were born and not at all ashamed of it. It was so normal that no one took any notice.

"Come on," said Mandy. "Let's go in the sea."

"But I've got a hard-on," I said.

"So what?" she answered. "I quite like the idea of showing everyone what a stud I've got for a husband. See if you can catch me."

Mandy raced to the sea, her 36C tits swinging free as she ran. I chased after her, my erect cock swinging too as I tried to catch up with her. I caught her just as she crashed into the waves and I grabbed her around the waist. We fell into the sea together and then splashed side by side out to sea for 20 metres or so. For the next 10 minutes we were splashing, kissing, swimming, groping each other, and then we splashed our way back to the beach feeling as horny as hell. I walked out of the water in front of her. She called to me and, as I turned to her she put her arms round my neck just as she had on the balcony earlier. Mandy's nipples had hardened and I felt them brush my chest as she rubbed her breasts against me.

"Fuck me again," she said. "Fuck me right here."

She didn't normally use the "f" word and now she'd used it twice in one breath.

"We can't do it here," I said. "People will see us."

"In that case," she said, "I'll suck you off."

I was facing out to sea, the water lapping round my thighs a couple of inches below my balls. Mandy slid her body down mine and knelt in the sea up to her neck. She put my cock in her mouth and then spat into the sea.

"Too much salt water," she said. "Wank on my face instead."

I'd never known my wife like this before. We'd only been here a few hours and she was already turning into the exhibitionist slut I'd always dreamed about.

"Cover my face in your cum," she said.

No one on the beach was near enough to take much notice of us, though one naked couple were splashing in the water not far away.

"Go on," Mandy said. "No one's looking. And if they are, you can show them what a slut your wife is. You want to, don't you? That's why you brought me here, isn't it? I know you fantasize about having sex in public. Well, use me as your public sex-toy and shoot your jizz on me."

My hand was on my cock, wanking it, rubbing it across her face. She opened her mouth and sucked my cock again, then spat out some more of the sea-water.

"You think you're the only one who looked up Cap d'Agde on the Internet, don't you?" she taunted me. "Well I did too," she said, "and my French is better than yours so I've read a lot more than you have. I know all the horny details – I've read all about the exhibitionism, the swingers' clubs, the gangbangs. And if you're game for it, so am I – all of it. I assure you, Dan, I've really been looking forward to this holiday."

I was wanking hard at this stage.

"I know that in the evenings the women dress in their most erotic outfits," she continued. "That's what you're hoping I'll do too, isn't it? I know you like the idea of showing me off in public. Well, don't worry Dan, you won't be disappointed. You can show me off as much as you like."

I was nearly at boiling point, oblivious to the fact that we were in a public place.

"You'd like to buy me some of those erotic clothes we saw in the shops as we came down to the beach, wouldn't you? Only you're not sure whether I'd wear them, are you? Well I promise you I will. You can buy me a dress with the highest hemline and the lowest neckline and made out of transparent material if you want. In fact, I'd like you to buy me a dress like that so I can wear it for you and everyone will see me. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

I nodded as I wanked.

"You want to take me out for the evening in an outfit that shows my tits and pussy to everyone, don't you? No problem. I won't let you down. In fact, it'll be fun to do that."

My cock was rigid as my hand worked the foreskin back and forth an inch from the mouth that was taunting me with erotic promises.

"You didn't see me pack my suitcase, did you? If you think I've brought jeans and t-shirts with me you're mistaken. You haven't seen the new clothes I bought specially for this holiday, have you?"

I shook my head to indicate no, as my hand moved faster and I felt like I was about to cum.

"I've got skirts that show my pussy, tops that show my boobs, and dresses that show everything," Mandy said. "And I'll wear them for you, and I don't care who sees. In fact, I want people to see me. While we're here I'm always going to be either naked or dressed like a slut, I promise you. And I'm looking forward to it."

I could feel the pangs of orgasm starting to well up within me.

"I'm looking forward to the clubs too," Mandy continued. "I'm looking forward to stripping off on a crowded dance floor. I'm looking forward to having you fuck me in front of other people. I'm looking forward to giving you a blowjob while people watch us, and then I'll chat with the people at the bar with your cum on my face. And as for the swinging and the rest, I've made up my mind I'm going to do anything you suggest sex-wise. I'll do everything you say – and more. I want us to have the maximum sexual excitement this holiday. So, before you tell me to do something, be sure you really want it, because I promise you I won't say no. So cum on me now and launch the wildest fucking fortnight of our lives. Shoot your spunk all over my face. I really want you to."

And I did. Even though it couldn't have been more than a couple of hours since I'd emptied my cock into her pussy, I still had enough cum in me to coat her cheeks and her forehead in the sticky white stuff. She licked the rest of it off my cock end. Then suddenly she submerged and a moment later came up again with most of it washed off.

"Wow," I said. "You really turn me on."

"And you turn me on too," said Mandy. "And so does this place. I think we're going to have a pretty hot time this holiday."

It was only then that I realized that the couple who'd been in the water near us had come nearer still. They'd obviously seen what we were doing yet they came and chatted to us as if wanking over your wife's face in public is a normal everyday occurrence. They were German. The guy was Gunter and his partner was Christa. He was about 40 though she was younger, and they came from Hamburg.

"You should try the stretch of beach over there," he told me, pointing to a densely crowded part about 500 yards away.

"It looks too crowded," I said. "We'd rather stay here."

"Please yourself," Gunter said, "but if you're looking for some real action, make sure you go to that part of the beach tomorrow."

"What he means," said Christa, "is that there'll be lots of public shagging going on. Gunter always likes to fuck me with people watching. See you again I hope."

"I hope so too," said Mandy as went back up the beach to lie in the sun.

Written by: DanandMandy

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