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Mother in Law

by CanadianForLife©

Anna and I married young. I was 22, she was 19. It seemed inevitable though, considering we had known each other almost our entire lives. Anna was very conservative and came from a rich of the reasons I married her. Her parents bought us a house and a new car. She was an only child and her mother gave birth to her when she was only 17. Because they were close in age they got along great, and acted more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Anna is now 20, a tall gorgeous long haired brunette, with brown eyes, 34DD chest, and legs that go on forever. The downside is she has a near zero sex drive.

Her mother on the other hand is 37. Also a brown eyed brunette, she has a smaller chest at 32 C, which I prefer over my wife's. She, as I recently found out, has an insatiable sex drive. Her husband is always in other countries doing business for some government interest group leaving her to roam the area for hot guys to fuck.

Anna's mom, Janet, had been the focus of many of my dreams for quite a while. Little did I know one night those dreams were to become a reality.

We were at a family party. Anna was dressed in jeans and a tank top and was having fun chatting with her cousins. Janet was dressed to the nines. Black dress, with matching panties and bra, and knee high boots that made her look stunning. Her husband was out of town again, and she and I started going shot for shot. Within a couple of hours we were both pretty drunk and having a great time. Janet and I got along well all the time. We were always comfortable around each other. You could feel a sexual tension in the air when we were together, but nothing was ever mentioned or done about it. We were about to do another shot when Anna came over and tapped me on the shoulder. We stepped aside and she told me that she was going to stay the night with her cousins, and if I could take her mom home it would be a big help. I went back to Janet, and told her what Anna had said. We took the last shot and headed toward the car. The good thing about living in the country is getting caught for Drinking and Driving is next to zero. We were both pretty tanked, but at least I could still walk a straight line....relatively straight anyway.

We got into the car and headed towards Janet's house. About five minutes into the drive, Janet blurted out "Damn I hate it when I drink. I get sooo horny." I just about drove into the ditch I was so stunned. I knew she had a wild side, but never had I heard her talk like that. I looked over at her and she was rubbing her breast. I couldn't help but start to get hard.

"I wish Mark wasn't away, or that it wasn't so late. At least then I could call on someone," she said.

At that she looked over at me. Our eyes caught each other and she smiled at me. I could see her slowly lifting her dress up her thigh. I was having a hard time concentrating on the road. If the alcohol wasn't enough I had my sexy mother in law flirting with me. I tried to concentrate on the road. I was doing ok until I felt her hand start rubbing my cock through my jeans. I was so hard I was about to burst. I looked down and saw her unzipping my fly. Within seconds she had my cock out and was leaning across the seat sucking on it. That was it. If I didn't pull over now, I was sure to crash. I slowed down and pulled to the side of the dirt road we were on. Janet never stopped sucking. When I had the car in park, I turned it off as well as the lights. I pulled my jeans down, then reached over and started unzipping her dress.

She came up off my cock long enough that I could release her beautiful C cups from the dress and bra she was wearing. I immediately started sucking them and she shrieked in delight. I leaned her against the door and she spread her legs. I felt them up to her crotch and in once swift move removed the thong she was wearing. Her pussy was already moist. I rubbed a finger along it and licked it. She tasted great. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "I need to fuck you. I need to fuck my wife's mother."

"Then do it," she replied.

"Get out," I told her. She did, and we met at the side of the car. She swung her legs out the door, and I got on my knees. I immediately went to her pussy. She leaned back and spread her legs letting the night air get a smell of her amazing scent. I licked her pussy making her really wet. As I stuck a finger inside of her she came hard. I was in heaven as I lapped up the juices from her orgasm. She sat up and demanded to be fucked. I stood up and started rubbing my cock as she got up and leaned over the hood of the car. She stuck her ass out and spread her pussy wide. "Fuck me"

I entered her all at once. Considering how wet she was it didn't take much. As I started building up a pace, I knew I wasn't going to last long. I pushed her forward, her breasts pressed against the hood of my car. We started moaning in rhythm to the thrusts, and I told her I was close.

"Cum inside me. Mark never does. I want to feel my son in law's cum deep inside me. Fill me up."

A few more thrusts and I was ready. I came inside of her with a force I never felt before. It felt amazing. My wife has never let me cum inside of her before and to realize I just shot my seed inside her mother sent me over the edge. I leaned forward, holding my cock inside of her. We stayed like that until we saw lights coming down the road. We quickly removed ourselves from each other and got back into the car without getting dressed.

As the car passed, we looked at each other and laughed. I turned the key, and headed back to Janet's house.

Written by: CanadianForLife

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