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My Epiphany (Becoming a Cum Slut)

by HerLittlePiggy©

"You like that don't you piggy," Cheryl chided as she rubbed the lubricated head of her 8" strap on against my sensitive asshole.

"Yesss," I hissed excitedly, "I love it mistress."

It had been two weeks since my epiphany and we had replayed the scenario several times. Each time we did the urge to fulfill the fantasy became stronger.

Cheryl eased her big lubricated strap on into my ass with relative ease. She had fucked my mouth and my ass nearly everyday since my epiphany and it got better each time.

I moaned with pleasure as she filled my asshole with 8" of hard jellcock.

"That's it piggy slut. You love my cock in your ass don't you," Cheryl teased as she pulled my hair. My cock twitched as she spoke.

"Yes mistress, I love your cock in my ass," I panted as she thrust her strap on into my ass with long steady strokes.

"Tell me what you really crave piggy slut?" Cheryl demanded as she fucked my ass harder.

"I want a real cock in my mouth while you fuck me mistress," I answered honestly. The fantasy had consumed me. I wanted a warm throbbing cock in my mouth. I wanted to feel it spit juice into my mouth. I wanted to swallow a load of thick creamy cum. I wanted my beautiful wife to dominate me in every conceivable way.

Cheryl paused. She reached around my waist and snapped a cock ring around my cock and balls before she resumed fucking my ass with long hard strokes. Her sexy body shuddered as her body responded to her most powerful erogenous zone, her mind. She reached down and rubbed her swollen clit as she fucked me harder. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room until Cheryl's cries of pleasure drown them out as she came hard.

My sexy wife pulled her strap on from my ass and eased a big butt plug into my asshole making me groan. She moved in front of me and rubbed her jellcock across my pursed lips.

"Clean my cock piggy slut," my beautiful wife demanded and I opened my mouth wide and sucked her cock into my mouth.

My head bobbed over her cock and I closed my eyes and lost myself in the fantasy that her cock was real. Saliva ran down my chin as I slurped and sucked my wife's girl cock.

"You look so hot with my cock in your mouth piggy slut," Cheryl said as the doorbell rang.

"Oh good, right on time." Cheryl unfastened the harness as I continued to suck on the big jellcock.

"I will be right back piggy. Put these on," she commanded as she handed me a black leather thong. She dropped the strap on to the floor and sashayed naked from the room. She had not always been so confident but as we toyed with BDSM she had come to terms with her beauty and the power it held.

I heard voices downstairs as put on the leather thong. My heart leapt into my throat as I heard them approach the room. The moment of truth had arrived and my fantasy would, for better or for worse, be fulfilled.

Cheryl walked into the room with what could only be described as an Adonis. He was about 6' tall with a muscular athletic physique. He was shaved smooth with well defined pecs and abs and he had a cock that hung 6" flaccid.

"Piggy," Cheryl said playfully, "it is time to fulfill our fantasy. This is Logan. I found him on a swinger's website and I knew he would be perfect for you my little bisexual piggy slut. Why don't you get down on your knees where you belong."

I obediently fell to my knees and anxiously awaited her next command. Cheryl led Logan over to me and positioned him in front of me. I looked up at his tight rippled abs and I had an overwhelming desire to run my hands over his body as I sucked on his cock.

"Do you want it piggy?" Cheryl asked.

"Yes mistress," I replied honestly. My voice trembled nervously as I spoke.

"Tell me exactly what you want piggy."

"I want to suck his cock and feel it grow in my mouth," I said quietly. My confidence grew as I heard my own words. "I want to make him cum and I want to swallow his thick creamy seed while you fuck my asshole." My voice was thick with lust and felt myself losing control

"Beg for it piggy slut," Cheryl demanded. It was as if a dam opened and my words, my desire, flowed unimpeded.

"Please mistress," I said as I looked deep into my wife's pretty green eyes. "Please let me suck his big cock. I need to feel it grow in my mouth mistress. I need to taste his essence and I need to become my true self."

"What is your true self my sexy little piggy?" Cheryl chided.

"I am a cock loving whore, mistress. I am your cock loving whore mistress. Please may I suck his cock and swallow all of his thick warm cum," I begged.

"Yes you may piggy," she replied.

"Thank you mistress," I said gratefully as I leaned forward and took his soft cock into my mouth. I sucked it all in and buried my nose against his pelvis as my tongue massaged the underside of his growing cock. It was warm and oddly comforting in my mouth and I moaned softly as it grew.

Logan's cock grew to a hard 7 inches of thick throbbing flesh as I noisily slurped on it. I ran my hands up his tight body over his rippled abs and his broad pecs as my head bobbed on his hard drooling cock. I drank his precum as my fingers raked down his muscular back and clutched his hard clenched ass cheeks. I opened my throat and pulled him to me forcing his big cock down my throat until my nose pressed tightly against his shaved pelvis. My eyes watered and I fought my gag reflex as I deep throated his hard throbbing cock.

"You are enjoying this aren't you piggy," Cheryl teased.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned around the thick turgid flesh as I slid his dick in and out of my throat. I felt like a wanton slut and I loved it.

Logan held my head and began fucking my mouth as Cheryl stood behind me and pulled off my thong. She rubbed the lubricated head of her strap on over my puckered asshole and I pushed my ass against it begging her to enter me.

"Here you go baby," she teased. "Do you want my cock too?"

I moaned loudly as Logan continued to fuck my mouth.

She sank her cock into my needy asshole and I groaned around the thick hunk of meat in my mouth. Cheryl pumped her cock into my ass hard and fast as Logan did the same to my mouth and it felt incredible.

I knew he was close and I wanted his cum badly. He held my head tight and thrust his cock down my throat as he came.

I gulped his delicious seed like a whore as my beautiful wife fucked my ass hard and fast.

Cheryl unfastened her harness but left the dildo buried in my asshole. She lay on the bed and I crawled onto of her magnificent body. She removed my cock ring and I sank my cock into her warm wet pussy as I looked deep into her pretty green eyes.

"I love you Cheryl," I said softly as our bodies moved together as one.

"I love you too baby."

Logan slipped behind me and secured Cheryl's harness around his waist. He started pumping the jellcock into my ass in perfect time with my thrusts into my wife. The dildo massaged my prostate with each stroke and I felt my orgasm start to build as Cheryl's body shook from her climax.

"I'm gonna cum baby," I said breathlessly. "Where do you want it?"

"Fill me up piggy," Cheryl replied. "Cum inside me."

I grunted and came hard inside my sexy wife as Logan continued to pound my ass with the strap on.

Cheryl pushed me off her as Logan pulled the strap on from my gaping asshole. She pushed me onto my back and straddled my face with her cum filled pussy.

"It's feeding time piggy," she said as she lowered her pussy onto my face.

I groaned with pleasure as gravity drained my cum into my mouth. My tongue lapped up the thick cream and I swallowed it down as I strummed Cheryl's swollen clit.

My sexy wife ground her cum filled cunt against my face as Logan rubbed his now hard cock against it.

I yielded to his cock and watched as his thick rod parted Cheryl's meaty pussy lips. I licked his hard shaft as it sank into my wife's pussy. I sucked his smooth shaved balls tenderly once he was all the way inside her.

It was the first time since we had been together that another man had been inside my wife but instead of feeling jealous I was overcome with raunchy lust. I pressed my tongue against Logan's cock as he pulled back and then renewed my assault on Cheryl's clit.

Cheryl's juices ran down his cock and balls and covered my face as they fucked and I licked them both.

Logan slammed his big hard cock into my beautiful wife's molten pussy hard and fast while I licked her clit until she cried out and came hard. He slowed his pace after Cheryl's climax allowing me to concentrate my attention on his big dick. I licked his cock with each stroke until he was ready to cum.

"He's gonna cum piggy," Cheryl said playfully. "Where do you want it piggy slut?"

"Everywhere mistress. I want his cum in my mouth and on my face," I panted.

"Beg for it piggy," Cheryl commanded.

"Please mistress my I drink his cum. Please Mistress Cheryl I need to taste more of his juice. I need him to cover me in thick delicious cum," I begged.

"Beg your master too piggy."

"Master Logan, please cum in my mouth and on my face. I am your cum slut master Logan, please allow me the pleasure of drinking your creamy delicious cum."

"You may drink my cum," Logan said as he pulled his cock from my wife's pussy and thrust it into my waiting mouth. His cock blasted three big shots of cum into my mouth before he pulled out and shot more into my eyes and over my face.

Cheryl lowered her pussy onto my face and rubber her juices all over it. "Clean my cunt piggy," she said as I licked her shaved pussy clean.

Logan left soon after he came and Cheryl and I talked long into the night. I crashed hard from the euphoria of my night as their cum slut but as always Cheryl picked me up.

We both agreed that it was a hot experience that we wanted to build on. The question was where we could go from there. We both had

Written by: HerLittlePiggy

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