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"Tell me about that guy you've been fucking," I commanded.

"His name is Larry and I met him on-line a few months ago. We met and went out for lunch, then one thing just led to another and we were necking and then he drove us to the park. We found a spot way in the back, away from all the other cars, and the next thing you knew, he had his hand up my dress. I guess I just let it get to me, and I came and then I had to return the favor, so I sucked him off."

She had whispered almost all of this confession, never once looking at me, her hands playing with the sheet, so I asked her about any other lovers she might have had during our marriage. Then she told me about the husband of her girl friend and how she would suck him off in the garage. Her co-worker and how she would do him in the parking lot after they'd clocked out of second shift, and finally, how her and one of my friends from work used to sneak away and fuck every time the four of us would go anywhere. Certainly more than I had imagined, but it did explain a lot of her actions over the past years we'd been married.

"Okay," I sighed, "here's what's going to happen now." Motioning her to be quiet, I told her that I was in charge now and that she would do as I said in everything and in every way. She wanted to be a slut and a whore, then she would be a slut and a whore, and she would act like it. She started to protest, but I told her that I would post the video on the web, as well as mail a copy to Larry's wife. I might even 'accidentally' lend a copy to her parents as well as to her brother.

"Tomorrow you will call Mary and invite her over, and you're going to wear that short, short skirt with nothing on under it. I want you put on a good show for us and then I want you to ask her to join us in bed. I've wanted to fuck her for months now and you're going to set it up for me to do just that. If you're a good little slut, then I might let you go down on her, or I might just make you watch.

"You can go to sleep now, slut. I'll be waking you up early tomorrow so get a good night's rest." With that, I flicked out the light and slapped her on the ass.

Written by: dak2742

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Category: Loving Wives Stories