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Teasing Wife Ch. 02

by sharedhousewife©

I released Gary's cock and threw my head back in ecstasy. Just then Gary grabbed my head and shoved it down on his cock, just as he let loose of thick spray of his cum into my mouth. He must have been saving it up, because he continued to shoot what felt like a pint of his cream inside my mouth. I quickly began to swallow as fast as I could, but I still couldn't hold it all in. Some of his cum seeped out the corners of my mouth and down my chin. After he gave one last shudder releasing the last drop of his juice, I pulled away showing him his cum on my tongue. I licked my lips showing him how good he tasted. As Scott's now softening cock slid out of my swollen pussy, I could feel his cum oozing out of me. It tickled as it ran past my lips and down my leg. Gary thanked Scott for allowing me to take care of Bill and he. Scott told them not to thank him, but they should be thanking me. As we got dressed and situated, I asked Scott if he was ready for me to take care of him again. Scott told me that he wanted to let me rest; besides he told me that the night was young!

After a beer and some light talk about my experience with Bill, Gary lowered his head down my stomach, kissing every few inches, until his head rested between my legs. I uttered very few words, but my moaning led him to pursue his goal and push his tongue deep inside me. Slowly at first and then with increasing pressure, his tongue slid up and down once in a while, circling my clit and then finally pushing into my hole. The warm, probing sensation caused my abdomen to quiver and my clit starting to throb. He sensed this and slowly began kissing upward, along my stomach and past my breast. I felt his penis pushing and sliding at the folds of my labia until it found the entrance. As warm and excited that I already was, it was hard to believe how tight it felt when he began pushing his uncircumsized head into me.

I felt an extreme sense of pleasure again, which showed on my face. He peered into my eyes and lowered his mouth to my ear telling me to relax. His hips began gyrating, back and fourth until he sunk farther inside. Out of the corner of my eye, I could still see my husband sipping his beer and intently watching. I then returned my gaze to the eyes of our host. He continued his pushing until I finally gave way, feeling his penis fill my inside. The warmth and the pressure nearly led me to have an orgasm; but again, he whispered for me to relax. He continued his thrusting, occasionally pressing a little harder when he felt my cervix; all the while kissing me passionately all over my face. His breathing then became faster, more shallow, and I knew he was about to cum.

I then pulled him close and whispered to him that it was okay; I wanted him to fill me with his cum. He pulled his penis almost all the way out and then pushed it back in, my muscles began quivering and I yelled out; "OH Yes! Fuck me, fill me, I want to you to fill me, OH God don't stop."

He didn't stop. I felt his body tense up and then a big, warm load of cum flooded deep inside of my pussy; almost simultaneously. I had a major orgasm, pulled him close, quivered and allowed his cum to fill me. When we both finished our climax, we kissed each other deeply and he pulled out of me, leaving me with the feeling of emptiness. My husband then finished his beer and came to me. I began licking his penis, but I could hardly wait to have the feeling of a cock back inside me. Scott is so turned on that I can already feel him getting close to having an orgasm. I lowered myself on him. His cock slid into me quickly with the aid of our host's cum. I kissed him passionately, occasionally looking into his eyes seeing how much he loves me and is turned on by me.

I whispered into his ear that I wanted to feel him cum in me too. I then began kissing him deeply and riding him faster. The feeling of cuming in me again after I just received a load of cum from another man drove him crazy. Just then I felt him cum in me. Wave after wave of pleasure hit my body, as I felt his warmth fill me while our host sat back and grinned. My legs were so weak after such intense pleasure, that it took a while to get off of my husband. Cum slowly dripped out of my pussy, as I fell back on the couch nearly exhausted from the fucking I just received.

I looked over at Gary's cock and it had definitely turned to marble. A lovely shade of hot purply-pink marble. My hot pussy clenched and vibrated at the thought of riding his beautiful love muscle again. Just the idea of feeling it spurt hot cum against the walls of my vagina almost triggered a climatic orgasm deep in my womanhood. I continued to the job at hand and kissed his tree-trunk steel thighs, completely ignoring the heat emanating from his masculine rod. I knew that if I stopped, I would be sucking hot creamy cum from his cock. So as I continued, my tongue teased his stomach, gently tongue-fucking his navel. My hot saliva cooled, as I blew gently on his belly button. I felt his stomach muscles harden as I did this, and my hands began to roam slowly over his hairy chest.

I stopped what I was doing and swung my leg over his hard cock and gently sat on his rock hard abs, feeling his engorged cock against the crack of my ass. I was hard pressed not to rub my steamy pussy to an orgasm on his stomach. My thighs gripped him hard, as if I was riding a horse. I concentrated on my fingers plucking at his nipples, and I leaned down to suck on them with my mouth. My lips pulled them in and I licked each with the tip of my tongue. My tongue flickered against each hardened tip, and I felt his hips try to take control by lunging at my core and seeking his pleasure in filling my pussy.

"Please, Donna, I can't take this much longer." he pled as he added determination to his actions by jerking hard against my thighs. "Fuck me, FUCK ME NOW!" he harshly growled.

I too was almost at my breaking point with this foreplay, and my pussy throbbed, so I was ready, willing, and able. I climbed off of him and turned around so that my ass was facing him, and he definitely got a bird's eye view of my dripping pussy. I wiggled my ass in his face. God he smelled wonderful, his masculine scent seducing my already hot body. I quickly threw my leg over his hips and slowly, slowly I moved, placing my hot pussy on his equally hot cock. I moistened his erection with my drenched pussy. I listened to his heavy panting and matched his breathing along with the galloping of my heartbeat. Suddenly, knowing he had me where he wanted me, he lifted his powerful hips and sunk his huge shaft into my dripping hole. Once again we became as one person, moving heatedly against one another, reaching for the ultimate conclusion of our activities.

"My God, I don't believe how your fucking cock can fill into my pussy!" I whimpered lustily, feeling my pussy stretched again. I could hardly catch my breath and felt like I was running a marathon. "Fuck me, Gary!" I said, with a cry in my voice.

He put his large brawny hands on my hips and held me, as he continued to thrust his cock piston fast into my willing pussy.

"Auuuggghhhh, my pussy's cumming. Faster,! OH, HARD, please, please...." my voice trailing off, as I begged, needing all my breath just to keep from fainting. My orgasm was upon me, squeezing my husband's hand, as Gary's cock ravished the slick coated walls, of my vagina.

"Yessss, Donna, cum on my cock." He breathed lustily, heavily. "My balls are boiling with hot cum just for your beautiful pussy." My free hand trailed down his arm to his heaving chest, my hand limply holding on, trying to stay on this wonderful amusement park ride. "Oh God your pussy is HOT and TIGHT! Here it is Donna....Oh God, I'm cummming!!" His hot semen flooded my pussy, splashing against my cervix.

I fell on his heaving chest, my breast smashed up against his solid wall. His arms went around me holding me even closer than seemingly possible. I couldn't move a muscle as my head found its way to the area underneath his chin, my lips brushing against the sensitive area on his salty yummy tasting neck. I could feel his magical hands caressing my back. As I slowly regained my strength, I tilted my head back and he dipped his cool mouth to mine. As our passion increased, his moist lips ground against mine, his tongue fucking my mouth searching for the honey he knew was there. My tongue wasn't absent from this activity and began to softly caress his tongue, sucking on the tip like a miniature penis.

He raised his head, looked into my passion drenched eyes and said, "My cock's getting hard again, Donna."

I could tell that he definitely wasn't telling a lie. His cock was regaining new life, responding to the aftershocks rippling in my vagina along with the foreplay of our lips. I wanted him to take the reigns and participate more heavily in our love play. I hesitantly rose off of his willing cock. He positioned me back on the couch, quickly urging me on my knees. I grabbed a pillow and placed my burning hot cheek to the coolness of the cushion. The doggie position is definitely my favorite. I raised my head slightly from the pillow, my eyes centered, as were my partner's on our point of union; the point at which his long, thick cock thrust into my pussy.

This lean muscular man was beginning to moan that he was going to cum in me. His head bent back and his eyes rolled upward, as he began to growl and fuck me even harder than before. I felt the throbbing of his cock, as he shot his load into me. I licked my lips with excitement, as I stared at the muscular body, balanced, cradled, pumping between my spread thighs. His orgasm went on for close to two minutes before his body began to relax behind mine. It was surprising to me because this was his second load.

"Roll over, "I said, "but don't pull out of me. I want to cum too, before you soften."

We rolled over onto the floor and, from my position on top of him with his cock still hard inside me. I tightened my stomach muscles and ground my clit against the base of his cock. He reached for my tits, swinging in front of his face, and rubbed the left one with both hands while he sucked on my erect nipple. In a moment or two, I had the orgasm I wanted. "Oh, fuck! Oh, cum. Ohhhhh. Oh, God, I'm cumming." The waves of my orgasm seemed to envelope my entire body. Then I lay still on top of him.

I rolled off him, feeling his softening cock slide out of my pussy, thinking about the next position in which we might fuck. Missionary was good for a first fuck but we could be more creative. "That was exciting, having you that deep in me. Would you like another blow job? I'd like another fuck if I can get you up hard again."

"Here, let's do a sixty nine. I'll get hard faster if I lick your pussy while you suck me."

He positioned himself above me, his limp cock dangling above my face, and buried his face between my thighs. Even before I could start sucking, he began to lick the mixture of his cum and my pussy juices from between my pussy lips. Then he stroked my clit shaft with his tongue. It created a wonderful, tingling sensation in my hips. I realized I might cum again, soon. I licked his cock head then began sucking on it steadily. As he began to harden, his hips began to move in a fucking motion again. I enjoyed having my face fucked and relaxed, letting him pump his hardening meat into my mouth, running my tongue around it, as it entered and left and re-entered my mouth. I tightened my stomach muscles and began to cum as he licked me.

Scott was fully hard and I was orgasmic. I pulled away from Gary, sliding to the side and out from underneath him. "Fuck me again. Stick it in me from behind. Hang on to my ass and get it as deep into me as you can, and fuck me hard; I'm already cumming."

I knelt on the couch, my hands on either side of a pillow, as he positioned himself behind me. I felt the head of his cock between my pussy lips and then, with a single thrust, he buried all eight inches of thick meat in the warm wetness of my pussy. My orgasm, which was well underway from the pussy licking, swept me away. He was giving me long, fast, deep strokes. I reached back and began fingering my clit. I could feel my tits swaying with the thrusts, my nipples brushing the pillow. I wondered how long it could last. In the positions that were to come, the fuck lasted a long time. He fucked me hard and deeply for more than five minutes when I decided I'd like a different position.

"Let's switch," I said. "I'll lie at the edge of the couch with my legs over the side. You put your feet on the floor and lean over me, brace yourself on the couch with your hands."

He pulled his cock out of my pussy and I slid to the edge of the couch, my pussy at the edge of the cushions. This position would stress my tummy muscles even more and the orgasm I'd enjoyed would be even more intense. Then he was in me again. This time he fucked me with a slow, steady stroke, and as deep as before. He was able to lean forward and suck my nipple, first one, then the other, and kiss my breasts. The orgasm was even more intense than I had expected. I could feel my pussy going into spasms. It had happened to me only twice before.

The contractions in my pussy made it even tighter around his cock. As much as he tried to hold back, to delay cumming for a third time in me, his beautiful, big titted blonde wife, he couldn't contain it. He came again; waves of beautifully agonizing spasms seized his cock, as both of us bent our heads to look at our fuck. It was too extreme. He had to pull it out of me. As he flopped down on the couch near me, I was in a frenzy. I grabbed his still hard rod and began sucking on it. He screamed as he went back into orgasm again, but he didn't pull away, continuing to cum in my mouth for a full minute before I stopped and turned to lay beside him.

"That was a great fuck, " I said. "I think I'm really going to enjoy this weekend!"

Written by: sharedhousewife

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